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  1. Everyone at work keeps asking me why I’m so tan.
  2. What a fun day! Highlight of the day was waiting at the top of the 6 pack for the rest of our crew, and a bald eagle flew slowly right above us. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day, and Blue did a great job considering the hand Mother Nature dealt them.
  3. Interesting. Was the ski area part of what is Big Pocono SP now?
  4. I was less than motivated this morning after 2 12 hour shifts of shit I can’t even make up. Weather said heavy rain wasn’t going to hit until noon, so got on the snow around 945, just in time for the r@in to start. I’ve skied in the rain a lot this season, but this was in a class by itself. Top stayed dry thanks to Gortex jacket, but everything else soaked almost immediately. Took 9 runs, called it a day. What’s left of the snow is actually pretty nice, they’ve lost a lot since I was there Wednesday. Back tomorrow for the last day of the season at Blue
  5. I did notice it seemed to rain every Thursday.
  6. Skied today and yesterday. The morning was glorious. Snow wasn’t bad later in the day, just the run outs got so sticky. Unfortunately, a giant brown patch on Main Street and at the bottom of Switchback. Had fun tailgating both days. Was planning on Saturday and Sunday. Weather not looking good Saturday.
  7. I heard a rumor Sunday last day? Nothing on website
  8. Wow, I hope Butch is ok. Hopefully he was just a little dehydrated.
  9. Lots of fun today. Morning was frozen solid cord, haven’t skied that in a while at Blue. Around 11 am started full out blizzard conditions. Made some areas a little sticky, but for the most part a great day.
  10. We only had one beautiful blue sky day when we were there. That being said, I can’t complain. Had one day when it was too foggy to venture to the top, stayed on the lower lifts. Had some fresh snow 2 days, not too deep between 6-8 inches depending on where you were. Lots of untracked, but not so deep you were struggling or had to rent wider skis.
  11. I skied from 10-3. Definitely hero snow everywhere. It was foggy, but not awful. I’m a little disappointed, seems this next snowstorm gonna miss us. ☹️
  12. Lunch doesn’t look bad. And who can argue about a free hazy IPA.
  13. Thanks for the report. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything working today. Maybe a Nor’easter Monday -Tuesday. 🤞🏼
  14. Nice to see posts about Bear. It’s a great little hill, I had many good times there.
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