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  1. the pics from today thread

    My hubby got some State of the art purifier. I admit I skeptical initially, but so far works really well.
  2. the pics from today thread

    The only problem out there is lack of water. You can backpack just about anywhere on East coast, and as long as you have a good water purifier, you will never be thirsty. But, yes, that is the beauty of southwest. Pretty much drive and hour and a half and be in another world.
  3. 3/22/18 - Day after Perder Merder

    Got bumped up pretty quick. Didn't notice it to be very sticky til around 3 pm, and that was only at the very bottom.
  4. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    I'm hoping for Saturday am
  5. 3/22/18 - Day after Perder Merder

    Yeah, Arizona is beautiful. Hope to get back out there soon. Saw a post on IG, snow in Sedona. Breathtaking.
  6. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Roads definitely got worse later 78 always seems a clusterf@ck.
  7. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    I never look in the mirror once I have my gear on. I'm in too big a hurry to get out and ski.
  8. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    And exactly what do moms that ski look like ???
  9. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Black jacket and black pants. Orange FKS bindings and Armada twin tips. I don't ski fast. I like to make lots of turns.
  10. Kilington 3.17-3.20

    Looks like a great trip. I really like Bear Mountain
  11. Mount Snow 3/16-3/18

    I think we stayed at Snow Lake Lodge couple times. And yeah, it is like the lower deck of the Titanic 😂 One time I was there with my daughter when she was16 and the people upstairs started having loud sex, I mean it didn't even sound human. I think I pounded on the ceiling and told them to knock it off.
  12. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Well, if your ride home was an adventure, mine would have been a double adventure. Why did you take turnpike home? Was up And over the hill impassable?
  13. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Yeeeeehaaaaaa. I will be there tomorrow. Just thought the ride home would be a little too risky today
  14. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Pics don't look like it's snowing hard. And not as much pow in the woods than I expected.
  15. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Doesn't even look like it's snowing there. We probably got a foot of snow here.