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  1. I’m confused. Did Eaf love or hate Bell? And seriously, it’s run by the state, in an area that’s run down. What kind of employees can you get there? The trails above the lodge were “stupid western groomers” What does this mean ?!
  2. It had some nice bowls. Would rather ski Deer Valley than Park City. Canyons was good. Loved Alta. And the scenery at Sundance was AMAZING.
  3. Had a great trip with all the ladies
  4. Don’t shit on Deer Valley. It actually had some pretty serious terrain.
  5. The undertaker looks a bit more svelte than Elk dude.
  6. I just saw this. OMG that guy was there when we at Elk last March. I think he hangs out at Chet’s! He’s definitely a character.
  7. I’ve been unfortunate enough to work the last 2 storm. Between work schedule, iffy weather and getting ready for trip next week, I haven’t skied in a week 😡. Hoping to be at Blue early tomorrow , unless the roads are total crap
  8. Have fun everyone! I’d join you, but working tomorrow.
  9. Past 2 days were sooo nice. Coming Soon lots of fun, there were a few rocks sticking out by end of the day yesterday. Not sure it will be open this weekend. Had a marathon session yesterday, on the snow at 930, had a great tailgate break, more skiing, more lot. Didn’t leave until 5. VIP line on 6 moved quickly. Won’t be there this weekend, picked up a shift for bonus $$$. Have fun everyone. ⛷🏂
  10. I really like Lehigh. It’s like a nice walk in the woods. Good scenery and every time I’ve been on it I had it to myself.
  11. I’m working Monday and Tuesday 😤. I wouldn’t risk driving to Blue in this. So upset, we finally get some real snow and I HAVE TO WORK. I love snow, don’t even mind shoveling it.
  12. I wonder if Coming Soon will be open after all the natural snow.
  13. A coworker told me they’re charging $30 to park on weekends? And not even preferred parking.
  14. The conditions at Blue are consistently inconsistent. I just tell myself it’s making me a better skier. And it keeps things interesting, ya never know what you’re gonna get. But seriously, snowmaking and grooming are so much better than they were 10 years ago.
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