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  1. WTF. A Doctor should see sick patients. I understand not mixing them with people there for routine check ups, but have the sick people come in the morning and everyone else comes in the afternoon, or something like that.
  2. Covered concrete patio is the way to go🙂. Just occasional pressure wash and sealant every few years
  3. We are also in the middle of some projects. Having some mold issues upstairs 😡. We had to move everything upstairs to the attic or downstairs. Downstairs is like an obstacle course. We hired someone to do the mold remediation, he’s extremely busy, so it will be done sometime this month. Tore off all the trim, discarded it. Hubby removed all the nails, so trash people wouldn’t get a nail through their hand. We will do the painting and replace trim when mold issues dealt with. Oh, and we’re opening the pool. The joys of home ownership, but definitely worth it.
  4. Our Brussel sprouts are lovin the cool weather. Tomatos and peppers not so much. We don’t typically plant any greens.
  5. Temp on my way to work this morning. Wasn’t it 90 last Sunday?
  6. I didn’t fly for many years, just couldn’t afford it when the kids were home. Started flying couple times a year in 2013. No flying at all since Nov 2019 due to pandemic, but will definitely fly to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and trip in the works to Montana in March.
  7. Wow, still? My son lives in Atlanta. Last week 1 out of 4 gas stations had no gas.
  8. Yes, flying is exhausting. But think how exhausted you’d be driving a long distance, unless you had a month off.
  9. Just enough time to make a mess. 😡
  10. Probably not 6 feet, but definitely not that close either. Some people just have to say something. If you’re that paranoid, you should stay home.
  11. Had to take a second look at it, yes it does resemble that.
  12. I’ve had two people jump my case because they thought I was too close to them at the store. Neither were middle aged white woman.
  13. 👍👍. They got dumped on this past winter!
  14. He took Bear from a local hill to being more of a destination.
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