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  1. momskeeztoo


    Good beer is best room temperature
  2. momskeeztoo


    Hmmmm. I will drive to Elk to ski, and we’re looking for something to do this weekend. May hit up Elk Octoberfest.
  3. momskeeztoo

    18/19 Opening day predictions

    Watching this makes my knees hurt.
  4. momskeeztoo

    18/19 Season Update

    Yes, I enjoy a day trip to Elk. Met some folks there last winter, snow was perfect, and zero crowds
  5. momskeeztoo

    Boulder Trip Report

    The term "PASR day" no longer is a thing for me. Way back when, when I was at Jackson Frost PASR days were a thing cause it was a big deal getting you, Jeff and any other Blue regular to come up. Fast forward a few years and everyone on this site have since become Blue regulars. I rarely not see another PASR to ski with. Trips out west are always PASR days too. With the exception of my kids, everyone I ski with posts on or is affiliated www.paskiandride.com Actually, I never ski with anyone from PASR. Not that I don’t want to. I just don’t ski fast enough 😝. I’ve met some very cool people that ski during the week
  6. momskeeztoo

    Boulder Trip Report

    They are charging enough. I think they have this all figured out. That being said, what do you think they should charge?
  7. momskeeztoo

    Skison 18/19

    I would never want to own my own business. Yeah, sounds great, your own boss...I like my job, it sucks a lot when I’m there sometimes, but my days off are just that. 🙂
  8. momskeeztoo

    Boulder Trip Report

    Then why do you think they should up the price for s season pass?
  9. momskeeztoo

    Boulder Trip Report

    I’m not sure if season pass holders are the ones contributing to crowds. Aren’t most of the crowds day trippers? That’s where they are making the money.
  10. momskeeztoo

    Skison 18/19

    Maybe. Haven’t done a WROD in awhile. Or hiked the stairway at Killington to download.
  11. momskeeztoo


    Love butternut squash. It makes really good pie and bread, too.
  12. momskeeztoo

    the pics from today thread

    Is this a beach in .... New Jersey?!
  13. momskeeztoo


    You grow your own beer?! I’m impressed.
  14. momskeeztoo


    I’ve eaten so many fresh beets, I’ve had red pee! That being said, our garden kind of sucks this year. Between the weather, husband working a lot and working Saturdays except when we have hiking trips planned. Garden has been ignored. We also tried something with a cover crop this year that I’m not liking. We could have stayed home this weekend and worked on it. Opted for overnight on Old Loggers Path instead🙂
  15. momskeeztoo

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Wonder how the Loyalsock/ Worlds End area doing. Planning a trip there this weekend. Can’t seem to find any info online regarding flooding there