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  1. I’ve really treated myself this year. New skis, bindings, goggles. Snagged a pair of Goretex ski pants on Backcountry for $178! I’m thinking maybe new boots, as well.
  2. Yeah, alcohol, weed and firearms sounds like a great combination.
  3. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I have an Ikon pass, but thinking maybe not renewing next year, as it can limit where you go. Definitely won’t get Epic. Maybe opt for some kind of Northeast value pass. And a Blue pass, of course.
  4. Beets doing well this year. Also cucumbers, jalapeños. Looks like we’ll have lots of spaghetti squash and tomatoes. Japanese beetles are all over our raspberries 😡
  5. Did you see or hear any rattlesnakes?
  6. No AC for us, but we have a pool. First time in this season yesterday. Normally in daily in June. What a weird summer so far.
  7. Our yard is full of clover and I’m loving it. I guess some of y’all are apoplectic looking at it.
  8. Looking at Blizzard Sheeva 9. 92 mm underfoot. I have Look Pivot 12 bindings, 95 mm. Will this work?
  9. If anyone is familiar with Loyalsock Trail. First pic is a bit downstream from the metal bridge. 2nd pic is Sones Pond yesterday. Last picture is close to the Lehigh Tunnel yesterday. Today was greatly improved at our house.
  10. I’ll bet she hasn’t. Scary as hell. At least today seemed improved a bit. We could see across the farmer fields near us.
  11. We just came back a day early from camping. Sitting around a campfire in the haze didn’t sound fun. But this is a bit scary. Never have seen anything like this, and we really need rain.
  12. Do you go only on weekends?
  13. Meadow View also sounds great
  14. We’ll have to check Misty Valley out
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