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  1. I like your way of thinking.
  2. Yes, I never understood why people got timeshares. Seemed like a terrible idea.
  3. I could look at old pictures for hours. They’re always fascinating.
  4. I imagine it can get really cold there at night.
  5. I have been watching these caterpillars grow. Hoping to have some chrysalis soon. I think this generation is the one that migrates.
  6. Sky was beautiful this evening. Maybe from Hurricane Dorian?
  7. Have fun and post pics! Try to hit up Wildcat when you’re there. That’s a fun mountain.
  8. That seems to be an issue no matter where you work.
  9. Can’t say too much about the vegetable garden, but the flowers are happy
  10. Yes, I’ve heard Colton Point has better views. We are going to Cherry Springs and Ole Bull State Park when we’re there in September. Hope you get some good night sky viewing 👍👍
  11. Grand Canyon Pa is beautiful! We are headed out that way in September. Very excited.
  12. Ride, I think they’re all taking you on a ride. Ugh. Ignore them.
  13. We’re all very lucky to have Blue so close to home. It could be much worse.... you could live in New Jersey 😱
  14. On my Limoges places to check out
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