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  1. All facilities, bathrooms, pavilions and playgrounds are closed at all the local parks and Pa state parks. Trails only are open.
  2. If you have a lot of trees, invest in a chipper/ leaf shredder. Definitely worth it.
  3. Like the Alpine Slide at Camelback. That thing was crazy. To make it safer, we’d drink mass quantities of beer in the bar there prior to getting on the slide
  4. I’m in the parking lot at BJs, hubby ran in to get coffee. I’m in the Jeep guarding the toilet paper we found at Aldi. Lots of folks with bandannas around their faces.
  5. Yes, I just heard something about coyotes being more prevalent in towns since this started.
  6. Yeah, and the Qmart is open. I’m thinking maybe just the produce places and meat places, but still.
  7. And this is unprecedented. The closest thing I can remember to this was when HIV came up. We had to wear the gowns, masks, face shields.
  8. Hospitals also have to worry about the state inspections and JCACHO getting on their asses about expired equipment.
  9. Is your neighbor elderly? Maybe people check on him/ her routinely. My brother checks on my mom and my aunt twice daily.
  10. Hard to believe only 3 weeks ago, we were at Chet’s having s great time.
  11. Yeah, Drs offices have it a little easier. “Oh, you’re sick? We can see you next week. Go to the ER if you need to be seen today” We had a great PCP, then Lehigh bought the practice, and things changed a lot.
  12. Unfortunately, I’m not financially able to retire. And I can’t just quit, that wouldn’t be right. Just give us the equipment we need, and management could be a little more supportive.
  13. I wasn’t worried about this initially, I’m not one to panic immediately. And I’m very distrustful of the media. Mainstream and otherwise. But I did take all the recommendations seriously, hand washing, stay away from crowds- but I practice social distancing when there isn’t a pandemic 🙂. I’m hoping 30+ years of people coughing in my face has given me a great immune system.
  14. Yes, we got an email saying to use the N95 mask for multiple patients and several days, unless visibly soiled. We are to put it in our brown paper bag when we’re not using it. We have 4 dedicated covid rooms, expectation is one nurse can care for all 4! I’m like WTF, if all 4 are seriously ill, how can one person do that. I said something, but was ignored.
  15. Doug, you spend zero time doing anything outside. When is the last time you were in a state park?
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