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  1. Quakertown has lots of swampy areas around it, and the water table is very high. Box turtles don’t really like water that much. Painted turtles and snappers do. I just don’t see box turtles that much.
  2. Had a box turtle in our yard today.
  3. Big Solo Stove out on patio
  4. Ever since we put irrigation in the garden, we’ve had really wet summers
  5. Ski club is taking a trip to Utah in February, looks like a good deal. A couple people I ski with at Blue are interested, as well. Ski areas are Canyons/Park City, Deer Valley and Sundance.
  6. And stay super hydrated and avoid excessive alcohol.
  7. Nope. We managed to get him on a snow shovel and put him behind the houses, where it’s a wooded area. For some reason he kept heading towards the road.
  8. This was in my neighbor’s yard this afternoon
  9. We don’t have central air. Have window unit in bedroom, not installed yet. I’m actually not a big fan of central air, and we spend most of our time outside anyway.
  10. Finally planted veggies today. Got the zinnias in last week. Ground finally dried out.
  11. How did you do that? I actually had a great summer the year I broke my wrist. Couldn’t work, but was able to do lots of camping and hiking.
  12. What?! Is that you? That looks like it sucks😡.
  13. Too bad he doesn’t want to stay in Hawaii.Wouldn’t you rather visit him there?
  14. Is this the same kid that wants to move to Florida?
  15. Not hard to get off and on at all. They do sell roller things you can attach on your pool to make it easier to get off and on. My only worry, if small children around and they got in the pool could become trapped under the cover. Funny you open your pool in April. We did the same when our kids were young, and yes, they swam when it was like 65 degrees out.
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