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  1. momskeeztoo

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Not hard to get off and on at all. They do sell roller things you can attach on your pool to make it easier to get off and on. My only worry, if small children around and they got in the pool could become trapped under the cover. Funny you open your pool in April. We did the same when our kids were young, and yes, they swam when it was like 65 degrees out.
  2. momskeeztoo

    Is alpinezone gone?

    I still don’t put much value in “top 10 lists” in a lot of these news magazines.
  3. momskeeztoo

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Yeah, they are great. Keep the chemicals stabilized, and prevents evaporation of water. We’ve always had one.
  4. momskeeztoo

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Our lawn looks nothing like this. We don’t put any chemicals on, or feed it. But it still f@cking grows.
  5. momskeeztoo

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Ugh, our grass is so long, furthest part of our backyard is like a swamp. Riding mower is in the shop, and I’m not even gonna try pushing our little push mower through this crap. This is a repeat of last summer 😡
  6. momskeeztoo

    the pics from today thread

    Or chew on Bullysticks.
  7. I took some kids up there several times around 10 years ago. He actually had a pretty nice setup in his yard. Seems to be a bit of work to maintain, also.
  8. momskeeztoo

    Tuckerman Ravine

    Lots of pics on IG of Tucks, looked very busy this year!
  9. momskeeztoo

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    Darn tough make great socks. I used to only buy Smartwool, Darn tough are better.
  10. momskeeztoo

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Drinks on you? I doubt $100 would cover it.
  11. momskeeztoo

    May Day, 5/4/19

    And what does any of this have to do with May Day🤔. I had to stop and check the topic.
  12. momskeeztoo

    May Day, 5/4/19

    Wow... snarky. Give it a rest, guys.
  13. momskeeztoo

    Camelback Snowtubing Report - 11/24/2017

    They need to get a room....
  14. momskeeztoo

    the pics from today thread

    We invested in a chipper/ leaf mulcher, love that thing. Leaves make excellent compost and mulch.
  15. momskeeztoo

    Old Phartz do Whitefish 3/2-3/9

    Thanks for the pictures! I enjoyed them, looks like beautiful country there.