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  1. momskeeztoo

    3/20/19 -- A few runs on my way to the pass

    I did see a few rental skis yesterday.
  2. momskeeztoo

    Crested Butte 3.19.19

    Hope your Mom is ok. Glad you don’t have to go to New Jersey 🙂
  3. momskeeztoo

    Gore 3/21-23

    Have fun! Gore is a nice mountain.
  4. momskeeztoo

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Just buy the pass and commit yourself to going. Do it, you’ll be glad you did.
  5. momskeeztoo

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    I am a fan of the window seat flying out west. Flying up and down the east coast doesn’t really matter. Can’t see anything.
  6. momskeeztoo

    3/20/19 -- A few runs on my way to the pass

    Spring skiing and tailgating is fun. I was a little sad today out in the parking lot. No buses, no one on the hill. I wonder if they’ll be open during the week next week.
  7. momskeeztoo

    BC 3/20

    Hahahaha. They did something like this about 5 years ago.
  8. momskeeztoo

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    I grew up in NJ. Still have lots of family there. Trust me, you don’t want to live there.
  9. momskeeztoo

    3/19/19 Sunny

    Hope tomorrow is this grand.
  10. momskeeztoo

    Zee Lights

    Ugh. My niece’s baby shower is the 7th at noon in New Jersey. I haven’t committed to the shower yet for this reason.
  11. momskeeztoo

    Zee Lights

    Website says pond skimming 3/31, last day of the season. Would be great if the reopened the next weekend. I was there today, not many people there. Bottom lodge bar is closed.
  12. momskeeztoo

    St. PASR Day

    Looks nice out. 🌞⛷🏂. Just walked outside, nice temperature, and not a cloud in the sky.
  13. momskeeztoo

    Blue Mountain 3/16/2019

    I know how you feel. I’ve met tons of people there past year. It’s hard to remember everyone’s name, especially if they don’t ride with me routinely.
  14. momskeeztoo

    Trip 3/6-3/7. Better late than never

    Yes, there was lots of squalls moving on the horizon that day.
  15. momskeeztoo

    RMNP tour

    Take it to the food thread!