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  1. Guess I’m not missing anything working. Hopefully better conditions on Monday
  2. And biggest flock of snow geese I’ve ever seen just below Egypt.
  3. Trip report for today. Only the quad running, blowing on NM to DW, Upper Main, Switchback. The snow wasn’t great, but not horrible. Lazy greatly improved since Wednesday, and if I can ski down Challenge and Razors full of marbles, it improves my confidence.
  4. I’m hoping when I return Monday, Switchback will be open. My favorite.
  5. We have stayed at Mountain Sports Inn several times. It’s not fancy, no bar, but nice common room with wood burning stove and you can BYOB. Nice hot breakfast included in am, but not an all you can eat deal. Local owns it and seems invested in the area. I haven’t been to Killington in about 2 years, hopefully place hasn’t been sold. If you just want to ski, and don’t care about nightlife it’s a pretty good deal.
  6. NM to DW. Upper Main and Switchback. Appeared to be great production from time I got there at 930 til when I left at 330. All of the above were closed.
  7. The 6 was not running today. I figured they didn’t want to run it because of high winds. Around 330 lines became a little too long for me, so I left. But I ski mid week, so any line is too long.
  8. Just looked at the trail map. Looks pretty intense 😳
  9. Twice daily grooming long before my time I remember going to Blue at night when I was first learning to ski, a sheet of ice and I was petrified, and truly hated the place Somehow I became a season pass holder 🙂
  10. They actually did do a nice job on everything else. It has been a rough season so far, considering the weather. I can’t complain.
  11. Believe me, I’m not complaining!
  12. I actually don’t want some big corporation buying Blue. Look at JF/BB. Are there any improvements there? And guaranteed, no more tailgating, increased season pass cost. Just not wort it in my opinion.
  13. I think it was college week last week. $30 tickets with valid student ID.
  14. So Powder Mountain off the agenda ☹️ Most folks wanted to go to Alta/ Snowbird, So I’m going there.
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