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  1. Southwest gives 2 free bags. Why would you have to stuff the ski bag with non ski stuff?
  2. Whenever I go there, it’s like a culture shock. The amount of money in that area is obscene.
  3. Big Snow looks good when it’s 90 and humid!
  4. How long does it take you to get there?
  5. IDK. Superstar and the vibe at Killington look like a lot of fun
  6. I’ve only ever been with a group. Last time I was there, I had a lot going on, and was already exhausted. Then got nominated to drive, which wasn’t helpful. I might give it another try.
  7. Last time I was there, I swore I wouldn’t go back, not worth the drive. IDK now, been really missing skiing.
  8. Whatever they give their employees, I want some. They’re always so happy.
  9. Went to check on the eagles nest yesterday. We were looking with our binoculars from bottom lot, security was there immediately. He was nice, but I think he was just checking we weren’t going to try and approach the nest. Apparently Pa Game Commission aware of the nest, and security is making it a priority to look out for it, fine by me. Then we walked top of Blue-still a pile of snow on Lazy
  10. Is it a wrap because they’re closing, or are you over it?
  11. We ate at a place called The Rack on the access road last night. Great food, beer list and crowd was lit IMG_8964.mov
  12. We’re only have this place one more night. My son has to be home sometime Saturday. We’re thinking of skiing half day tomorrow and heading home.
  13. Wow, Barb sounds like a great trip. You meet so many interesting people.
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