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  1. Burton0688

    The journey and cold continues

    Another weekend up north. I drove up to Whiteface on Friday night to chase the storm. The drive up was sketchy. It was interesting at 7:30am driving to the mountain in 7" with a Kia Forte. I only had to go 1 mile as I pulled off in a parking lot. They ended up with 6-8" after all said and done. It was a gamble with the 2" of rain the day before and 50 degree temps. I went for it and it ended up being a pretty fun Saturday. Some areas were extremely variable, but I'm just happy it snowed. At 1am it was still sleeting. That's actually a great sound to fall asleep to surprisingly. Last night and this morning was brutally cold. I woke up to it being -16 degrees and more snow in the car. The cross ventilation and fresh air is key to a good nights sleep. It makes the car 5-10 degrees colder, but if you're in the proper gear it won't matter. Sucked driving home because I couldn't get my windows fully up until I got into NJ LOL.
  2. Burton0688

    1/7/18...starting to get warm..carpet and chalk..

    I was there for the first time this year. Decided last night I was going to Blue for the morning. Would have sent a message earlier if I knew I was going. Great first 3 hrs! Hit 62.7mph on Challenge my first run on ski tracks app which is a record for me at Blue. I didn't feel my face for an hour after that run.
  3. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    I am taking a weekend off from VT. It's suppose to go down to -28 this weekend with high winds and I'm starting to feel like a homeless person.
  4. Burton0688

    Whiteface jan2-4

    Nice! Always like Whiteface. The place to stay is Ledgerock at Whiteface right across the street. Cool owners. Place goes lights out after 6pm LOL.
  5. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    Definitely agree with you!! I don't feel luxurious sleeping in the trunk of a Kia though LOL. Upgrading next year to a Crosstrek from Subaru.
  6. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    Right? Haha. I love GoPro, but you figure they would have solved the shutting off after 3 minutes in cold weather. Maybe they fixed it in the Hero 6. I have the Hero 5 black. Apple figured it out apparently in the iPhone X. Too over priced for me to get though. Everybody on the mountains up here all the iPhone X's are working in -5 temps.
  7. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    So I thought I'd update on the sleeping adventures in the north east. I've now tested the Marmot Never Summer bag at -10. I had to add a blanket over top. I was only wearing a thin long sleeve shirt and pants. This weekend I'm looking to head up to upstate NY and or possibly ME. I'm switching over to the Marmot CWM as the temps this weekend will be between -20 & -30 at night. The bag has a -40 degree rating with 800+ fill down. This baby packs some serious heat!! I can't tell you how awesome Marmot bags are. Great quality and will keep you warm! I changed my spark plugs and battery LOL. I have to say it is brutal outside in these temps. GoPro batteries last 1 run before shutting off. I carry 5 batteries and I got a total of 5 runs before all batteries were shot.
  8. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    GSS, I've slept in cars for half my life chasing epic journeys from snowboarding to surfing. It is to save money. Sometimes if it's a weekend getaway the first night I drive I sleep in the car and the 2nd night I get a hotel. It wasn't easiest waking up to -3 and getting into wet frozen gear I'll tell ya that haha. Gotta do it to chase the dream and keep the journey going. Probably in two weeks I will be at Blue Mountain. Would definitely be cool to meet up with you guys. Driving to Killington tonight! First 2-3 hours tomorrow morning should be awesome!!
  9. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    Yes they started opening up some woods. I saw some people ditching off early Saturday morning. Since I brought a brand new board I tried to stay on everything that had a solid base haha. Anything that was labeled thin layer I stayed off. GSS - First night I slept in Rutland and blended in at one of the bigger hotels. Second night I slept in one of back parking lots at Hill Side Inn. 5 minutes from the mountain. Perfect parking lot for that stuff FYI. I knew some people that were staying there and they do take down license plates, but if you go in after 11pm and leave by 7:15 the next morning I don't think anybody will know or say anything.
  10. Burton0688

    Killington 12/16-12/17

    So my first stop on the MAX pass this year was Killington & Pico this past weekend. Saturday morning was decent with 1-2" overnight softening everything up, and Sunday was bluebird AND COLD!! I drove up Friday night, slept in my car both nights. Saturday night I was pushing the limits of a 0 down bag with it being -3 out. Have to say if anyone is looking for a good sleeping bag for cold weather I would recommend the Marmot Never Summer bag. Added a blanket around my feet and slept like a baby! Decent coverage at Killington for earlier season with 80+ trails open already!
  11. Burton0688

    12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    I got some untouched in my backyard on a bodyboard this morning. The hike was harder than I thought with the wind over night making it tough to break trail. Decided to go beacon, probe, shovel, avalung just to be safe. Can't be too cautious. IMG_2386.MOV
  12. Burton0688

    I like trains!!! Train thread...

    The train set is up, the snow is coming tomorrow, and the conductor is enjoying a few too many IPA's this evening!
  13. Burton0688

    Valdez AK 160"

    Agreed!! If anybody has a dance or technique they use that has worked in the past to bring snow i am all ears lol
  14. Burton0688

    Valdez AK 160"

    Bridger would be awesome! Montana predicted to have a really good winter! Just read an article they predict the jet stream will stay this way through the end of December. SoCal is having the 11th driest Oct - beginning of Dec in 120+ years
  15. Burton0688

    Valdez AK 160"

    I was suppose to do an extended weekend trip to Utah next week, but canceled it tonight. Why bother when Snowbird only has 5 trails open, and Snowbasin is opening I believe tomorrow. I have another trip the last week of Jan to Utah. That's sweet that you lived in Montana. I feel like Big Sky is one of those places where you need to go with a local or someone that really knows the mountain unless it's all time conditions. When I was there we thought the one day the conditions were okay, then saw pictures from a local at a bar and it looked like a different mountain.