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  1. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    I got some untouched in my backyard on a bodyboard this morning. The hike was harder than I thought with the wind over night making it tough to break trail. Decided to go beacon, probe, shovel, avalung just to be safe. Can't be too cautious. IMG_2386.MOV
  2. I like trains!!! Train thread...

    The train set is up, the snow is coming tomorrow, and the conductor is enjoying a few too many IPA's this evening!
  3. Valdez AK 160"

    Agreed!! If anybody has a dance or technique they use that has worked in the past to bring snow i am all ears lol
  4. Valdez AK 160"

    Bridger would be awesome! Montana predicted to have a really good winter! Just read an article they predict the jet stream will stay this way through the end of December. SoCal is having the 11th driest Oct - beginning of Dec in 120+ years
  5. Valdez AK 160"

    I was suppose to do an extended weekend trip to Utah next week, but canceled it tonight. Why bother when Snowbird only has 5 trails open, and Snowbasin is opening I believe tomorrow. I have another trip the last week of Jan to Utah. That's sweet that you lived in Montana. I feel like Big Sky is one of those places where you need to go with a local or someone that really knows the mountain unless it's all time conditions. When I was there we thought the one day the conditions were okay, then saw pictures from a local at a bar and it looked like a different mountain.
  6. Valdez AK 160"

    I'm not sure if anyone is following the storm that is going on in AK right now, but it's incredible. Since Saturday a few sections have received 160" in the mountains with another 40+ on the way. Yes I realize it's AK where final snow totals for the year can reach 1200", but 200" in a week? Yikes! Fun to follow when you're stressing over the high pressure and no snow over 85% of the west coast for the next 12 days! Common Utah snow more! MORE!!!!
  7. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Great photos!
  8. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Hahaha. Yes!! The waffles are awesome!!
  9. Drones at Blue

    I agree with you! Thanks for the input.
  10. Drones at Blue

    Curious to see what the thoughts are if I were to write a letter prior asking permission to put a drone up at Blue Mountain for footage. In the past I've done this at resorts out west and gave them the footage for their social media. Most have said no, but a few have been really cool about it as long as all the filming was not in bounds. I'm trying to make a video of east coast mountains this year. I doubt many will even ponder the thought. Just have to stick to gimbals, gopros, and SLR's for the traditional approach.
  11. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

  12. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    I'm a Monday - Friday work guy, so definitely will be looking out for a role call to meet up with some of you on the weekends!
  13. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    I have been planning this since last December and yes you're correct a lot of vacation saved and a lot of flyer miles and hotel points used. Here are the dates this year for the trips. I can give anyone more detail if they think they're around the area on those dates. Blue is a home mountain for me and definitely wouldn't mind meeting up with you guys. I live in the Allentown area. Just a 29 year old guy who loves extreme sports and is easy going. (surfing, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking) Jan 17th - 21st CO (Copper, Winter Park, Loveland, A-basin) Jan 27th - Feb 10th (Snowbird, Snowbasin, Solitude, Brighton, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee, Mammoth, ) March 3rd -10th (Telluride, Snowmass) Possibly trying to squeeze a 3 day Whistler session in the beginning of Jan, but might push that back to 2019 for the heli package up there to have more time in British Columbia.
  14. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Thanks guys! GrilledSteezeSandwich I got 3 days out of a 6 day trip. It was a trip to remember. Mother nature always gives ya just enough. Two of the days were all time. So much snow and drifting they shut the tram down half the day because the snow drifts at the top were to high the tram couldn't clear. Later in the afternoon they limited to 50 passengers. This year I'm doing the Mountain Collective & MAX Pass. Out west 32 days this winter across 6 trips. 5 Days at Jackson Hole. Anybody doing trips out west this winter let me know dates as I might be out there. Wouldn't mind meeting up with some of you!
  15. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Can't wait to get out there to Jackson Hole again beginning of Feb. Last year I was out there Feb 7th when the power went out. I was on the 2nd last Tram going up. They never should have let anyone off it was that dangerous. 100mph wind gusts came through that night, took down 17 poles, and a serious avalanche occurred on Teton Pass making an easy ride to Grand Targhee a nightmare!