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  1. Elk Mtn Law Suit??

    Reviving this....I heard yesterday that Elk cannot make snow due to the ongoing dispute with VOFS. I cannot find any news online, though. Any more information out there?
  2. 01/14 - powder day

    JF usually comes through with snowmaking. Glad to hear there were some glades open. I was at Montage with @guitar73 and Ness and the whole North Face was soft powdery blown snow.
  3. TR - 1/14/18: Cold PA Pow, Crowds

    Nice soft gun powder and bumps on Boomer and White Lightning made for a great day, despite the cold toes!
  4. 12/2..variable conditions..snowmaking, lots of PASRs

    You guys were fun, Main Street was pretty nice and carveable, Midway teetered between skiable bumps and a shitshow of flailing people depending on the run. The rine frost on the trees make it actually look like winter....a nice touch for Dec 2. Too bad I don’t like IPA. The cider on tap in the bar was a good way to end the day.