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Found 8 results

  1. Hey All, It’s almost another weekend and ski season. Is anybody planning on skiing Blue mountain the true mountain this Friday-Sunday? Looks like nice comfortable temperatures and some legit upper mountain terrain open. Maybe even some hard cider will be consumed in the parking lot. JADIP
  2. PennLive.com: Here's what new at Roundtop, Camelback, Liberty and more ski resorts in Pennsylvania. https://www.pennlive.com/expo/life-and-culture/erry-2018/10/065606b1971974/heres-what-new-at-roundtop-cam.html I'd be interested to see this new Scarab trail and how much it's just a rebirth of the old cross mountain trail.
  3. Arrived around 3. This isn't a trip report yet, just a holla to get out here if you can. It's warm, sunny, and soft. Some asshole on rental skis tried to maim me at the Main st. chair but I'm still here. More on that later. Git some snow while it's here.
  4. Skied this morning at blue. Challenge and terrain run were being groomed. First runs on NMDW and Razors were cookie heavy, razors improved by mid morning. When challenge opened it was post grooming death cookies. Bumps were very slick, every thing else was very good, switchback was excellent.
  5. Hey All, I'm back from day 4 of the Blue mountain the true mountain ski season. I arrived at the upper lot around 7:20AM and the temperature was around 30 degrees under partly sunny sky's with light winds. In the house today we're Atomic Jeff, Slim, JFBBDan, Tarponhead, Indiggio, Guitar73, TinyMoose, a few ski divas, West Chester guys, Nastar Glenn, Tele Matt, MBike Mike, GahSkier George and many others. First civilian chair and second one down..early on easy out and vista was nice smooth sugary cord, similar conditions on come around, midway was lipstick on a pig first run..cookie push piles rest of the time could have gotten better with warmer temps this afternoon and lower Main Street was not bad as it had been blown on. Guns were blazing in the valley and on lazy mile and one gun going at the end of upper Main Street. Crowds on the trails were pretty heavy but no real lifelines this is the weekend everybody is buying Xmas trees and there often isn't even skiing yet the first weekend in December so I'm calling this a bonus weekend. I quit a little after 10 after two solid hours then had some beers and chips in the parking lot and by the time I left a little after 12 the temperature was in the mid 40s. Props to blues snowmakers looks like they'll really be able to get busy beginning Wednesday night. JADIP
  6. I'm looking to buy a pair of discounted skis I've got an eye on and then have the bindings taken off my old pair and put on the new. BUT, I also want to put a 2mm or so shim under the toe of the bindings to fix a ramp angle issue. I ski at Blue mostly, and have had their shop do some minor work; JD is great, and the shop guys are super nice, but when I asked about binding shims, they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. The shop seems more retail-oriented than tuning-focused beyond waxing and running the Montana. But maybe I'm wrong--is there a tech there that I should talk to? Buckmans: forget it. I went to try on a pair of boots there and the "bootfitter" yelled at me for asking for a size down from my brannock measurement, then he literally, and I'm not kidding, fell off his stool. The other options I see are the Loft near CBK and Alpina near JFBB. I've had a good experience at one of those places, and a bad experience at the other. One place was super aggressive in telling me what I should have done instead of doing what I was clearly, unambiguously asking for. It was very unpleasant. (And yeah, I knew exactly why I wanted what I wanted. I enjoy discussing gear and tuning and I appreciate helpful advice, but this wasn't helpful, it was pushy and condescending). So, since I'm fairly new to the area I thought I'd put it put to you PASRs: is there a shop that people generally trust for serious work?
  7. zzslope


    Morning session at blue today, decided to get some before the weather poops again. Surprised by the shape the trails were in, way better than expected. I skied most of the groomed runs from paradise to burma, some were a little better than others but generally everything was good, except the moguls, they were frozen solid. ROTD; Upper sidewinder, Razors a close second.
  8. AM session from 8:30 to 11am. Not many people there today, more were there yesterday morning. Close to a half inch of snow fell while I was there, for about four laps it was coming down hard enough to cover me during the ride up on the six. Razors was closed right away for racing but no racing took place up to 11am. Switch back was open with small cookies but skiable, the bumps had random ice patches on every line. Lazy was good except the far left side was oddly rough, possibly from snowmobiles? Everything else was pretty good due to the fresh snow.
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