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  1. RyGuy19

    2/16/19...sunny..not that busy.

    Lol I should’ve just made my screen name AntMans’ cousin. Here’s a pic from the woods by lazy. It was icier than an ice rink.
  2. RyGuy19

    Roundtop 2/9/19

    I’ll have to give it a try. The drive succccks with all the trucks and the three hours out
  3. RyGuy19

    Roundtop 2/9/19

    Hey everyone, I’m Antmans cousin. As many of you know, he can’t ride the rest of this season which is a huge bummer. Can’t wait till next season to ride with ya again cuz. We were both peak pass holders this season so I decided to head out towards roundtop today. Was not sure what to expect at all considering the trail map doesn’t show you too much detail. Rolled outta my house at 630 and got there around 830. Not too crowded at all. They were blowing snow all night and still when I left there which was a super nice touch. They left some trails not groomed so there was a few trails that had some major whale sightings. All in all the mountian was very similar to Jack Frost. Snow was super nice. Trails were too long and lifts lines were very fast. Terrain park was a little on the smaller side but still fun. Below are a few pics from the mountian. After this I ran over to liberty which is also on the peak pass. Place was jammed packed. Snow was beat up. The mountain looks like it has so much potential to be a lot of fun but it was just too crowded and icy today to really experience it all. Cheers!