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  1. RyGuy19

    May Day, 5/4/19

    Really considering going depending on the layout. Would be cool to say was able to SNOWboard in May instead of skateboard
  2. RyGuy19

    BB 3/23

    Definitely would. JF is open all week but BB is closed until Sat Sun. Not sure how the conditions were at JF but they were great at BB when I was up
  3. RyGuy19

    BB 3/23

    Halfpipe was tons of fun. Been hooked on them since I was up at Mount Snow.
  4. RyGuy19

    BB 3/23

    After a long night of drinking last night thanks to picolo and of course beer pong I decided to head to Boulder since they opened at 10am this morning. I saw in the weather reports that there was some fresh snow up there but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Made first chair up as well. Conditions were absolutely great. Only real bad thing was the wind which kept me back from going huge on any jumps since it was blowing straight up the mountain. When I got there they were still grooming a few trails. They also had the absolutely huge features still set up from Ms. superpark but they were closed to the public. Didn’t have any lift lines. Think they only actually scanned my pass once maybe twice. One funny thing I found was on the one chair was a sticker from roundtop (another peak resort). They still have the entire mountain covered and their half pipe is even more on point then it was before.
  5. RyGuy19

    BC 3/20

    So Carinthia has me craving parks now so I figured I’d hit bear since I’ve seen on their IG this boxzilla. Had no idea what to expect. Conditions were typical spring. Not all too bad. Entire mountain still has covering. Only one real park set up through cascade. They have a decent jump set up at the start. Then you run into the boxzilla. My first chair ride up I saw skiers ride this thing leaning all the way back. Let’s just say it’s pretty hard. Got to like the second rail and bailed off. Overall not a bad end of season run to bear considering how close it is
  6. RyGuy19

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    Antman and I should be in attendance
  7. RyGuy19

    Pi Day Report

    Negative. Working in the cubbie all day
  8. RyGuy19

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    https://www.instagram.com/libertymtn/?hl=en Click on the bubble that surrounds their logo. That is just for liberty
  9. RyGuy19

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    likewise my guy
  10. RyGuy19

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    Agreed. Even when I was in school we had a trip up to Vermont or some part of the Catskills for an extend weekend. Plus on the NY Through-way there are signs posted all over the place about Hunter
  11. RyGuy19

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    Also, with the Peak Pass you are given the option to ride at any of the Midwest locations. Don't get me wrong I'm not going to take a special trip out to Ohio or Indiana to snowboard, but it is kind of cool to see that they honor your pass.
  12. RyGuy19

    Anyone else getting 2019-20 Peak Pass

    So it looks like Liberty, Rountop, and Whitetail workers took a road trip up to Hunter as they are posting it all over their Instagram accounts. My guess is to try to get people to see what the Peak Pass has to offer. Sort of a smart marketing move I'd say
  13. RyGuy19

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    Stump and Dizzy Bat are the best for what we call a "Darty" and can never forget the classic beer pong
  14. RyGuy19

    Mount to the Snow

    Thanks cuzzie! We’ll take a nice little road trip up to VT next year 🤙
  15. RyGuy19

    Mount to the Snow

    So me and my squad got back late last night from snow. Saturday was such a blue bird day. No clouds in the sky but my two friends who both ski wanted to try snowboarding (dumb move). Needless to say it took over an hour to get down the mountain with them and the one ended up breaking his foot somehow. So I spent most of the day Saturday on the North side of the Mountain and it was awesome. Had some icy patches but the diamonds were challenging and fast. Roller coaster was a dope run with it set up almost like a boarder cross trail with huge turns and whales to pump off of. Saturday night we ended up going to the snow barn. No idea what to expect but they had a soul funk band playing. Was a little different speed but tons of people around. Sunday made the trip. Woke up to a fresh 2 inches of POW falling fast. Got to the mountain and they had three of the four lifts to take you to the summit closed due to wind. Me and my one friend got to the summit and it was mad windy. Snow still falling probably ended up around 4-5 fresh. This made for a great day in the glades. The super pipe is no joke. Super icy up on the tops of it but was still fun to hit it. By the end of the day Sunday my legs felt like death but heading out later today to possibly boulder.... Cheers all!