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  1. Per Google Maps 2:15 to Montage vs 3:10 to Hunter (I can do that in 2:45 early morning - but doing so got me a $250 ticket last year) So much more do-able for day trip. Due to limited days I would only use Montage when going with girls
  2. Montage addition has me contemplating getting Epic + Indy passes for me and just Indy passes for the girls - who ski with me only half the time as they split time with their mom and like Montage a lot. Ski the more crowded Epic places when I go solo and can use singles lines and the less crowded Indy places when with girls. Save a good amount of $ compared with 3 Epic passes and Montage is a real nice option that is closer than Hunter for a day trip or could be combined with Greek for a weekend with some variety. Also I could check out lots of places I have never been - Jay, Bolton, Magic, Greek, B.East.
  3. Had this been announced before Montage pass prices went up would have seriously considered doing Montage pass and this as add on (with $100 discount you get that way). Maybe next year.
  4. It's 25% off 3rd day
  5. Montage def boosts Indy appeal big time for the NJ/E.PA skiier.
  6. Sounds like they could get a foot or two of fresh snow in Southern / Central VT before weekend. Mt Snow (Carinthia only) and K still open.
  7. At 55 any hair is great hair, especially with some color still in it
  8. Don't tend to take pix when on snow in gloves - we have some nature shots too though
  9. Sorry here are some of the pix we took
  10. Back from Vail Set my record both for Days: 41 (up from 31); and Vertical: over 600k (never hit 400k before) Epic! That's a wrap til November
  11. Thanks Toast for the ticket. Nice to say hi to all of you briefly, though I remain most comfortable in masked gatherings. Nice conditions today for what the weather has been - and much better than Hunter today from all reports. Got in 12 runs, with my fav (the one I did 2x) being Widowmaker > Chute > Main St. Good to be back at Blue after 2 years. Hope I get some decent conditions in New England Thurs-Sun. Sounds like there could be snow Thurs.
  12. I figure Montage is about 15 further than Frost from Central NJ or Philly, but the issue is it's only 30 min closer than Hunter from Central NJ.
  13. I counted it - but doubt I will go back. Only real plus I can say is it was good to find out my daughter needed larger seasonal rental boots before we were somewhere further.
  14. Day 34 for me tomorrow - then planning 4 days in VT and 4 at Vail - 42 days weather permitting, shattering earlier record of 31
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