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  1. Oops- bad link- new page is actually https://facebook.com/JoyRobBeagles
  2. Doing an album as "Joy & Rob with The Beagles" and want to promote that. Still gonna do some stuff as The Beagles not involving Joy and wanted to keep up a page focused on that and the last album as well. FB pages are free, so . . .
  3. If anyone is in the mood for some live music from Joy & Rob with The Beagles while waiting for their skison to start - show on for Sunday - details here https://fb.me/e/1IUv1gEu0 Also you are invited to like our new page https://facdbook.com/JoyRobBeagles
  4. Actually made a Hunter reservation for Friday
  5. Speed so high it is almost a blur
  6. Thats how I did most of my early skiing at Little Gap when I was in HS 75 min away. $10 weekday night tix.
  7. Except PA is now the state that has announced the most stringent rules prohibiting entry from out of state of any of the states I am considering skiing in. Even quarantine will not do to enter PA - a negative Covid test within 72 hrs is required - with fines for non-compliance. That is one factor that has me reconsidering keeping Epic pass. And I am over the top annoyed at PA as well as VT. But yeah if you live 10 minutes from Blue it is a great place to ski from 8 to 10 am.
  8. Hunter opening Wed with reservations for pass holders opening Mon. If we are going to stick with Epic I expect we will start our Skison somewhere between Thursday and Saturday depending on how forecast evolves. So need to decide for sure by then about pass plans.
  9. Frankly I'd rather be sliding down a snow covered mountain - W.C. Live2Ski
  10. Fortunately I am a mile closer to upper lot
  11. Right but at present there are quarantine restrictions that make VT a challenge to go to and PA is actually requiring proof of a covid test within 72 hrs of entry. If I want to avoid either quarantining/testing or violating rules (admittedly who knows to what degree they will be enforced) then the NY Mtns are my best option. Still on the fence. Gotta decide ideally before Dec 1 when ORDA prices go up and def by Dec 7 (last day for Epic refund). Or may just bag pass this year entirely - instead using things like ORDA Freq Skier Card, maybe an Indy Pass. Hopefully will get some
  12. I figure it was the possibility of three day ticket sales and a hot cocoa that got them to do it. They don't care about you pass holders - especially the ones that tailgate - they got your $. Willing to up the ante and buy separate cocoa for each daughter if they open tomorrow. 6 pack should be nice and spacious riding up in a group of 3.
  13. If you drive to VT after quarantining from home you can make food/toilet/gas stops. Seriously considering seeking refund from Epic and instead getting ORDA passes and doing Belleayre/Gore/Whiteface this year.- as NJ/NY seem to have agreed on no travel restrictions between them. Cause it looks like the only place I will be free and clear to go any time on Epic is Hunter - and it could be very challenging getting reservations there if VT remains as locked down as now.
  14. Hey man Hot Cocoas don't buy themselves. If they want to be in the ChocoBiz they gotta lay down some icing for us to slide down to the lower lodge on.
  15. I am available to ski Saturday if they care to open
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