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  1. No twins with me this coming weekend. They got theirs in VT the last 3 days.
  2. For Elk's 60th they are doing $30 tix 1/25-26/2020. Considering taking a day off from Epic resorts and hitting Elk on Sunday.
  3. Lines werent bad Sat at Okemo or Mon at Mount Snow. They got bad Sun at Okemo (and reportedly at Mt Snow too) - longest one was about 30 min and waited 15 min several other times - but no surprise when the middle day of a long weekend is the warmest and has 6" of fresh snow. Still got a good amount of great skiing in with my girls. Stayed at the Hampton Inn in Brattleboro Fri and Sun nights (nicest of 3 places I have stayed in Brattleboro this year, but not nicest Hampton I have stayed at) and at Colonial Inn in Ludlow on Sat (more expensive and much lower quality than Hampton but wanted to be a mile mountain to get out in 6" of fresh snow Sun). Lots of traffic in CT on Fri eve and on NYS thruway on Sun eve. Exhausted by end of packed weekend skiing 3 full days.
  4. If they at least break even - which seems likely - they will keep them going. Though they may not give any of them particularly great attention, as they are pretty much the only game in town for day trippers from Baltimore, DC and Harrisburg. Even if they didn't break even if pays to keep one open to sell Epic passes to folks from those area. Whitetail is the natural choice tonshow the most love, as the newest of them and the highest vertical (skiers who care about vertical or more likely candidates to buy Epic passes than those content on smaller hills).
  5. They did a long time ago. I skied there once in the early 80s - ome of the first places I skied. Was staying there so I did a some free runs there one day and then the next day got a lift ticket to ski JF & (pre-park) BB. Under 200 foot of vertical I'd say. I think they had a chair, but I believe only a surface lift was running when Inwas there.
  6. It stinks to keep it running even if it doesnt have long lift lines and over crowded slopes? I wish there were more local places that were not overcrowded on weekends.
  7. I don't really see a need for larger crowds. Even if it doesnt make money, Vail would keep Frost running as a way to get more PA skiers buying Epic passes. That is its real point now. And BB is there to get PA Park lovers to buy Epic passes.
  8. Bummer. Bet it will keep the snow fresher on Thunderbolt though. No way to lap it without a traverse on either the top or bottom. While not a huge traverse, not really worth doing for such a short run. Basically only ski that run on my way over to the East lift now.
  9. Was quad ever open this season? What happened to it?
  10. Yep there are better places for sure. For me it is not worth going to them for only a 3 day weekend. Might make a game day call and road trip from Okemo up to Stowe one day if the conditions seem a lot better there and roads are not too snowy. Hitting Vail in April.
  11. I seriously considered Stowe and Wildcat/Attitash for this weekend. This plan won out due to a combination of driving time and ability to book a place with a shuttle to Okemo that will reduce need to drive in the snow on Sat and Sun. Doing Mt Snow on way home Monday when snow is not in the forecast. Kids surprised me by preferring Mt Snow to Okemo last time, even with the one ridiculous lift line and the long traverse needed to avoid waiting in it more than once.
  12. I will report. I noted I waited in one horrendous one (over an hour) at Mt Snow a couple weeks ago, then avoided anything over 5-10 min the rest of the day there and the next day at Okemo. The horrendous one was a result of all the detactchables being out of service due to an ice storm the day before. My experience with Blue on a holiday weekend anywhere between 930 and 3 is typically 10 min waits with VIP line, and 20 min without VIP line, for shorter runs. When I didn't have a pass anywhere, I typically skied Montage on holiday weekends as I have never waited more than ~2 min on their Nothface (Phoebe Snow) lift.
  13. Booked 2 days at Okemo and 1 at Mt Snow with kids for MLK weekend. Supposed to get a pretty nice snowfall Sat night so Sun is especially promising.
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