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  1. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    friday storm...all rain, or some snow?....

    On Sunday Plattekill is giving free lift tix to anyone with a current season pass to another mt - though if you want to use Blue pass I suggest bringing receipt as there is no year listed on pass.
  2. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Zee Lights

    Live music from a DJ? Does this mean he is spinning Frampton Comes Alive?
  3. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    No they have not been to Hunter. I dont find the crowds or patrons there any worse than at Blue. I view Hunter and Blue as Catskills/Blue equivalents - the largest and most crowded places in each with the most folks skiing beyond their abilities. Though as with all things Catskills, it is larger and more challenging than PA "equivalents" If they dont like Hunter, they will do more Frost and Snow. Hunter will most likely be my go to place without them. Def the most challenging high speed lift served terrain I can day trip to.
  4. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Will more likely have more 2 ski day weekends next year due to trips to Hunter and Snow
  5. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Oddly there is no way that this year - my first with a pass - I will hit the 31 I skied last year (my record). Largely cause last year had a bunch of snow days mid week while this year I have skied only weekends and holidays. Plus extended season with late April trip to Sunday River piggybacked on work flying me to MA.
  6. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Four Lift Tix 4sale

    Ski2Live just got a Peak Pass at Whitetail Sunday, so no. But even at $35 each it is a nice of offer and cool for someone to post to share it with folks on our site.
  7. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Not me
  8. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Antics with pass dates and quantities are BS. These things arent rare earth minerals, just arbitrary self created shortages designed to manipulate prospective purchasers. Weaker even than the farewell tours that the Who have been doing for more than half of their career. You announce a date things are available til, you should stick to it.
  9. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Zee Lights

    Apparently for some reason the $99 6th grade passes stopped working after 365 days due to some glitsch they could not solve, so they offered as many comp passes as we need. I said fine figuring VIP line no longer an issue this late in season. We were alread getting a late start Sat, knowing lines not an issue this late in season. Then 30 min into trip my daughter said "Dad, where are your skis?" Set back another hour we did not want to deal with Frost both being further and closing at 4, so back to Blue instead.
  10. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Zee Lights

    Had to go to the lift ticket line and deal with a supervisor on Sat because there was an issue with my daughters season passes so they put comp days on them instead, and they asked how many we would need given that Blue closing day would be 3/31/19. So I take that as pretty definitive closing date.
  11. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Whitetail awesome on closing day 3-17

    Took 2:50 from Jenkintown to get there, so about Elk distance. A plus in the event of snowy conditions is that the drive there was completely flat. Truly driving through nowheresville farm country with large mounds of what smelled like manure fertilizer as we neared it. We did not wait in a single lift line. Oddly, for the first hour, at least the main lift had nobody outside the booth to even scan our pass. They had a cool lift for the green stuff (which we rode once for a free ice cream giveaway event, but then skipped ice cream due to line) which had you stand on a moving carpet going almost as fast as the fixed grip lift when boarding. It is nice that they have sep lifts servicing the green, blue and black stuff - though the blue lift is the longest vertical and only high speed one
  12. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Whitetail awesome on closing day 3-17

    Some of the views
  13. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Whitetail awesome on closing day 3-17

    Not the best form for sure, but making it down that, loving every minute, and asking to hit it again is quite an achievement at her age
  14. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Whitetail awesome on closing day 3-17

  15. Ski2Live Live2Ski

    Whitetail awesome on closing day 3-17

    More views of that trail - Exhibition