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  1. Kids are pulling for staying on Epic. Hope they keep their Teen Pass rates.
  2. It's a steal at that price. Def considering doing that plus 199 Indy add on. Hope we get Epic and Ikon details before March 4 so as to make an informed decision.
  3. Also nice that Montage is offering $399 season passes to all this year (no discount for legacy pass holders) and throwing in the rest of this season. So you can get a Montage pass with an Indy add on for $598. Not a bad deal at all. Indy also added Big Bear to its lineup since I was last on it - so 3 places in NEPA and tons of others in the NE and Mid Atlantic all for the price of a Blue pass.
  4. Very nice that they are offering the early access and reduced pricing even to lapsed pass holders - as I took this year off to do Epic for all.
  5. Those of us with Epic Passes are just gonna be driving or flying more. PA skison shorter every year unfortunately.
  6. Yeah hit RT sat and Hunter Sun. Excellent conditions both placed both days - Spring like at RT, firm but carveable at Hunter. Between the two we wound up driving as far as we would have hitting Mt Snow, but that was not an option as kids had a Gospel Choir performance on Sat Nt. The way this season is going we get in the turns when we an. Also had a guy I met my last trip to Hunter who is training for PSIA cert give the kids a complimentary private lesson while we were there which was a wonderful way to improve their form. Tried to offer him $ after but he declined. Expect he is quite well off as he has a trail side condo at Hunter.
  7. I lived in 3 different towns in Hudson County, all places within a block of the cliff overlooking the Hudson River across from Manhattan I moved to Central NJ when my employment shifted from NYC to Philly - though Central NJ works for either and I now work (Hybrid - couple days a week in office) in Jersey City
  8. Y'all should've followed my tip and migrated south. Beauty soft spring conditions and nary a line at RT. Soft bumps on Ramrod n Lafayette. 18 am runs.
  9. When I lived 45 min from MC I lived abput 1:30 from Hunter Windham and Belleayre. All well worth the extra drive
  10. Many places want us well behaved families and seniors on the mountain more than 20 somethin millenial lift and lot beer swillin' hoodlums. At least the Epic resorts do.
  11. Parents of kids turning 17 this spring get the shaft yet again
  12. Never real crowded on the Ramrod Triple lift. Thinking of heading there tomorrow as Pokes will freeze up while they will stay thawed. Probably last time I will hit RT this season - barring a South Central PA March blizzard - as the forecast for this week of 2 rainy days in 60s will at least sharply cut into their open terrain and the two week forecast shows this Sat Nt as their only snow making opportunity.
  13. I'm not sure how low they would have to go to get me to buy a pass but they have not gotten there yet. When I lived 45 minutes away I would go there occasionally but more often hit Hidden Valley a mile away (no longer open to publoc). Big crowds, dull terrain (especially once they closed pipeline), long hike from the lot, and the only TTB lift for the non park peak makes you remove skis to stand up in the elements for your ride up. They should consider a combined pass with Big Snow, which they own and could compensate for their ever shortening season.
  14. A lot less difference for me 3:40 RT to Blue or Cbk 4:00 RT to JF or RTop 5:30 RT to Hunter Given my strong preference for Catskill skiing it is often worth it to go to Hunter - particularly with option of going for 2 days and staying at Snowed Inn 10 minutes away for $70 Yeah Windham may be off Ikon next year - one of the things we will see when Ikon goes on sale and why I am waiting til then to make my decision. If there is no Catskill option (Plattekill seems the only likely replacement, or maybe Catamount which is more NY Berkshires), I will likely stick with Epic.
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