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  1. Definitely owe my life to having driven a 73 LTD (grandpa of the crown vic) my dad got me as a teen, and that long hood 100% served as a crumple zone when it saved my 17yo life. Gonna stay in Lincoln NH for 3-4 nights and ski some combo of Cannon, Waterville and maybe Jay with girls. Driving up Sat (or Fri if forecast clears for Sat). GSS should definitely spring for a 2nd car for my girls.
  2. Safest vehicle on the road for my girls. Built like a tank & police depts follow vehicle maint scheds to the letter. 2011 Crown Vic with 145k miles
  3. Magic was completely awesome soft hero snow today. My girls were doing double black bumps and glades in fine form. Also bought their first wheels on the way there on Sat.
  4. See CBK is turning 60 next year. Is BB the only older place still open in PA? How old is Elk?
  5. Stowe was awesome. I may have posted more details closer to the trip.
  6. There may be some folks who actually lurk here hoping to pick up useful information about PA skiing and riding rather than details about tailgating at Blue. I posted more useful info than 99% of the content posted here.
  7. You were discussing what it would cost you to ski elsewhere in PA after Blue kills its season ahead of the PA hills that actually try to give their pass holders their $ worth.
  8. Montage has $40 tix rest of season
  9. Gonna be open through this weekend and try to re open April 1-2. Rentals included with tix if you arrive before 3
  10. Camelback also open to 2nd per employees there. Elk closing after 26th
  11. First skis/boots/poles I owned were Little Gap used rentals. Main differences: - rental gear is a lot better 4 decades later - I paid for my skis myself (ok I paid for theirs myself too) - cooler Camelback logo They've been skiing on seasonal rentals for 9 seasons (after 1 of daily rentals). Now they will have pretty equivalent skis and boots to keep as their own and take to college in 2.5 years, rather than returning them each May. When they decide to upgrade that is on them Next I'm going to look for a car for them to start learning to drive on in a month. It will also be well used and the best deal I can find that will keep them safe. SMH at taking my kids skiing 120x and getting called cheap by someone who lives in a motel and whose most consequential financial decision is what beer to open at 10am
  12. Happening at Cbk now https://www.camelbackresort.com/mec-events/equipment-sale/ Picked up skis and boots for my two kids - moving on from getting new seasonal rentals every year. $150 for a set of skis & boots ($125 if kids sizes).
  13. Cute edit. Certainly would not call Blue steep. But it is better than JF or BB when it is not over crowded.
  14. What other areas are in Carbon County? I'm sure it doesn't include Elk so the only contender would be Camelback. Nothing wrong with Blue as a ski area. It's just too crowded for my taste during peak skiing times 10-2 non work days. But crowds are a sign of an otherwise good product.
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