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  1. I am on quite a roll actually. I wrote a song in Feb, 2 in April and 2 in May.
  2. Can't say what the future holds in that regard. But yes I am delighted to be wfh
  3. It is. Fortunately 3 hrs of it was seated on a train doing whatever I wanted on a phone and I usually went in only 4x a week. Even more fortunate I am unlikely to do it again. It does pay about 65% more than the prior job I had 20 min away.
  4. Almost as crazy as getting A-Basin reservations was getting reservations for Great Adventure's "what's old is new" Drive Thru Safari - but the kids and I are in for admission at the 9am members only opening tomorrow. Maybe we can ski down a giraffe.
  5. Our company has strongly suggested they prefer most WFH forever. Will not miss commuting 3.5 hr RT daily.
  6. No but we did have a socially distanced outdoor jam that day
  7. 31 days for $560 including 21 in NY VT or NH. I am more than happy with what I got for $19/day. Even if I were to discount PA skiing as worthless that is $27/day to ski Hunter or better And got an even better deal on each kid's skiing. They came out to $16/day More per day on the pass to be sure than when we got 3 blue passes last year for a total of $600 - but then we spent a bunch more in VT and CO. Epic passes were well worth it IMO. Gonna fo it again next year if there is a skison.
  8. 31 days skied on pass (including 3 in Spring 2019) and I get 20% refund and better (and free) pass insurance for next year. Awesome move by Vail. And 20% rebate is actually pretty close to the usage I missed as I expect I would have skied 4 more PA/NY/VT days in addition to the 4 I had booked at Vail. So I got in 31 of planned 39 days - very close to 80%
  9. Gonna go back to hippy look from my 20s
  10. Largely just doing stuff with Joy due to social distancing. She wrote a poem and I set it to music. She leans more to "deep" than I do.
  11. Not the full Beagles during Lockdown - but Joy and I have "a new" tune
  12. They never fog up on me. That's about what I care about in goggles.
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