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  1. Might hit Hunter briefly on Sunday AM. Gonna be taking Joy to Roxbury Motel for birthday getaway. She likes to sleep in, so if I get up early I will get in 5-6 runs while she sleeps.
  2. Went Sat instead of Sun as it seemed the dry spot yesterday afternoon would be better than potentially icy conditions today. Skied right on to the express lift 12 runs down Pennsylvania in 90 minutes then called it a day when rain came back. Nice first day out. Smooth and carve-able with no bare spots.
  3. Cover was fairly thin but no bare spots or ice. Started pouring just as we were getting into car. Hope it holds up. Open tomorrow then closed for the weekdays.
  4. We skied on a trail at Shawnee called "Blue Mountain"
  5. Similarly we got in 12 rain free runs at Shawnee with no lines
  6. Actually gonna aim for the non rainy part of afternoon today at Shawnee
  7. Will be skiing this weekend but at Shawnee with girls
  8. Cause for some odd reason a PA Skiing site that even has a Bear Creek forum lacks a Shawnee one - and this is useful info to folks considering going to Blue.
  9. Sure could change, worth looking at data available. Warmer is better.
  10. Shawnee should dodge freezing up between Sat and Sun
  11. Even with Friday being better skiing than Sat or Sun I can't bring myself to take off work and drive 2 hrs each way for 3 x 400' vert runs that are "green", "may as well be green", and "would be green but saddled with park features". Maybe if I hadn't been to Hunter Saturday.
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