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  1. Really dont care terribly much about how ski area owners earn the money they use to buy ski areas, but would be glad to be able to use my Peak pass at Blue.
  2. We're hitting the NH resorts over winter break. But wont make it out West til the following years passes come out. A decade younger than me and hot and wild AF 🙂
  3. Well that's rude. You folks are just jelly we wont be settling for barely skiing next year.
  4. Are they gonna connect the dots?
  5. Had fun singing together at the big Communiversity ArtsFest in Princeton yesterday
  6. Will consider it, but gonna spend the night before with new GF who is away the 4 prior nights and it will be 1 month anniversary and we have been keeping busy most nights til 4 or so going again and again so that may preclude it.
  7. Thanks. Time to get back on the bike and get in better shape for next one.
  8. About half their open trails were too sketchy coverage to ski with kids. But there was plenty to keep us entertained.
  9. Sugarbush was awesome today. Kids skied more vertical than any day yet including a mogul filled black from the top. That's a wrap for the 5 month Skison
  10. Still on the fence about the VT thing for Thurs. If we go I am leaning towards SB largely as its open terrain is all consolidated together while K would require more traversing between pods. SB being cheaper while K is closer is pretty much an even trade. The issue is the uncertain weather. As of now the forecast calls for rain ending about 9-10am Thurs, which would be fine if that's what happens. But Weather forecasts can change a bunch in 40 hours and it would bite to drive all that way for one day of skiing that got washed out. Need to decide by tomorrow AM as aw would be driving up to do Six Flags N.England tomorrow on our way there.
  11. I said an extra 80 min r/t. Is it under 40?
  12. Never had a gig in Lehigh Valley, no. My preference is always doing the originals. That's the best we have to offer Nd what makes us unique. Actually considering K over SB, though I would have to pony up more $ for lift tix. Cutting 80 min off the r/t drive is appealing, and kids would enjoy going somewhere they have not yet been. Will see what the reports from each place looks like as we get closer.
  13. Playing all originals for this one
  14. No Live Aid, but we are playing an event that draws 40k to heat live music on streets of Princeton each April.
  15. Ski season ideally lasts right up til playing big outdoor concerts on the weekends season which starts April 28 for me
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