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  1. They never fog up on me. That's about what I care about in goggles.
  2. Kids are remarkably at ease about it. They let the parents do the worrying for them. Saving grace is they were able to do one show - for a reduced audience but streamed for others - of the Frozen Jr school musical they had been rehearsing since Dec - on March 12 - the night before they shut schools down. They had starring roles as Young Anna and Young Elsa. So glad I got to see them do that. They would have been devastated if that got cancelled.
  3. 1 year is fair if the mountains can re-open next year, which remains to be seen. Joy and I were delighted that Gov Murphy included visiting "romantic partners" in their homes and engaging in outdoor recreation with them while socially distanced from others among the exceptions codified in his "Stay At Home" executive order - we are legally in each other's social bubbles. Perhaps unprecedented for "romantic partners" to be granted a legal status.
  4. Odds on Breck re-opening late April or early May (not yet ruled out per Vail)? Under 10% IMO
  5. Cancelled my trip. Evergreen Hotel in Vail gave a credit I have 2 years to use (after I complained about 1 year credit - wanting cash back). Jet Blue gave a credit I have 1 year to use. Frontier I believe will refund my miles in full. I am worried about buying Epic Pass as I am concerned what happens if they can't re-open next season. Figure long run this should at least be good for tombstone biz
  6. Working and shepherding e-learning for 2 from home here. And had to get my mom at the ER at 230 am last night (not C19 related but ER was a zoo as a result). Thank God I have such well behaved kids.
  7. The email I got goes on to say the following: Dependent on the situation with COVID-19, and pending weather conditions, we will consider reopening Breckenridge in Colorado, Heavenly in Lake Tahoe and Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia in late April/early May.
  8. In my mind I'm goin to Colarado Can't you breathe the thin air Can't you just feel the snow And ain't it just like a mountain ambassador to take me by the glove Cause I'm goin to Colorado in my mind
  9. I am really not expecting them to re-open and not sure I will go if they do - the way risk analysis and pandemic progress changes every day it is impossible for me to forecast where things will be at in 17 days. 17 days ago this was an Asia issue. But I expect I am either going to decide it is safe to fly and ski or not. I think I have one stop one way and direct the other. If I decide to go, 2 vs 3 flights would not change my analysis. A more likely change would be to rent a car rather than taking shuttle van between DIA and Vail.
  10. I have not asked yet. I figure once it gets closer and they officially extend the shutdown period to cover when I would have been there they will change their policy at the hotel from the current "credit to a later stay" policy to a "refund" policy (now in effect only for currently announced closure). Similarly it will be easier to get airline refund once they decide to cancel flights or there are orders to not travel. Or if things miraculously go the other way and Vail is open and the consensus is that it is safe to fly I will take the trip - but I really doubt that will happen.
  11. State closed them down at end of today Bathabathabathaba-that's all folks Pretty confidently assuming Vail will not reopen for April 4-7 dates we planned to ski there - and even if they do there is no reason to believe flights will not be cancelled
  12. Yep closing at 4pm tomorrow (unless they change their mind again and close after today which seems like at least 50/50 odds). Re-opening April 2 only for non Snow activities Closest place that may be open after Tues = Smugglers Notch?
  13. Have not seen any alien pass announcement. Not all that much incentive to do it when they are about the only place open on the east coast and folks who do come are likely to brown bag it.
  14. Talked to someone on the phone from Camelback and they say they are staying open mid week and planning to go through March 29. Of course not really counting on that as that is what folks who worked at JF were staying yesterday. May check them out Friday if they make it that long. Hard to know what to expect from anything these days except more stuff closing down unexpectedly every day though.
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