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  1. Nah, their upgrades are free. $70 is all for me. If they want to go to a non Epic Mt next season they can kick in for that. But it seems unlikely. They are kind of over Blue.
  2. My total cost to upgrade 3 Peak Passes to 3 Epic Local passes
  3. They will take my $70 for 3 season passes to the bank if this goes through
  4. Quite likely Vail could impact BB's first to open last to close practice, as I doubt this is real profitable and Vail properties are generally not the first/last in their regions.
  5. Best case scenario is of course that the hordes stay at Blue. I was being pessimistic.
  6. I expect it will increase crowds at JFBB as more PA skiers will opt for Epic Pass instead of Blue or CB pass. I dont imagine it will have much impact on Hunter crowds as it was already the biggest draw in the Catskills. The math would suggest that, but I expect it is unlikely. $70 total price for 3 upgrades will be fine for me.
  7. Having paid $629 for my Peak pass I should be able to upgrade to Epic Local for $70, and upgrading my kids will be free as I paid $399 for each of theirs and Epic Local is $369 for 12 year olds. So a grand total of $70 for 3 upgrades - less than we would spend skiing American Dreams for a few hours if it ever opens. Looks like we will be spending winter and spring breaks in CO and you can add 3 to your count of NJ skiers who upgraded.
  8. Or upgrade to Hunter if in NJ/NYC or enjoy Whitetail if to the West of Philly. No doubt the folks in Allentown will stay Blue
  9. Those from NJ and NY may well up their game to Hunter, as is my plan. Those west of Philly may find Whitetail attractive.
  10. Won't have an impact on Blue this coming year as most have bought their passes. I imagine after that it will lead to Blue and CB losing a good number of their advanced skiers who would like to get a pass that covers Western resorts as well - unless Blue or CB joins Alterra - I doubt Vail is really pitching to own more than 5 PA Mts.
  11. Nice, look forward to seeing what they charge to upgrade my Peak passes to Epic Local. Glad I decided to go Peak for next year.
  12. Really dont care terribly much about how ski area owners earn the money they use to buy ski areas, but would be glad to be able to use my Peak pass at Blue.
  13. We're hitting the NH resorts over winter break. But wont make it out West til the following years passes come out. A decade younger than me and hot and wild AF 🙂
  14. Well that's rude. You folks are just jelly we wont be settling for barely skiing next year.
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