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  1. Seriously jonesing to ski. Even with Indy and Epic purchases in hand - none of those places open for 5 weeks and I could be tempted to go "off pass" for a trip to Killington if they open much sooner. Big Snow didn't really cut it for a satisfying pre-skison adventure last year and they are still closed from fire damage anyway. Also waiting on my kids season rentals as local Ski Barn closed through October on account of being submerged in about 3 feet of toxic flood water from Ida.
  2. If I were planning just a few weekends of New England skiing I would go with Indy instead of Epic. Also gets you into Montage and Bkue Knob in PA. and you can do New England weekends at Magic, B.East, Bolton, Jay, Cannon, Waterville.
  3. Seems these new chairs are for 22/23. And bummed to realize the E & F chairs are not the ones I thought they were (East Mountain) but are actually the 2 beginner area chairs. I would have thought the A chair most needed replacing. Wasn't it out of service pretty much all last year?
  4. Hopefully they will be a lot faster than the existing snail lifts even without being high speed.
  5. Could see doing a combined Cbk/Blue pass in a future year
  6. Can we ski the new trees?
  7. Yeah I booked a trip to do Vail and Beaver Creek in Feb with a friend (not with Joy this time as she suffered from the altitude). With having already gotten myself an Indy Pass if I wasn't gonna do a CO trip I probably would not have gotten the Epic Pass to use only alternate weekends. But with 4 days in CO the Epic pretty much pays its way right there and the rest is gravy.
  8. They like it better than most PA places and not as much as places they have been in VT, NH and CO. They like Montage a lot and are psyched to check out a bunch of new places on Indy, though a little bummed they won't get to CO this year.
  9. Wound up getting Epic Local for me and Indy for the 3 of us
  10. Those lifts are ancient. I first rode them in 81.
  11. NE skiology group had a report about a 6 pack replacing the 2 Main St chairs for 22-23
  12. Blue Mountain Resort Resort is kind of redundant. Is the idea that if they say resort twice we won't notice that it's not actually a resort?
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