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  1. Sounds like they could get a foot or two of fresh snow in Southern / Central VT before weekend. Mt Snow (Carinthia only) and K still open.
  2. At 55 any hair is great hair, especially with some color still in it
  3. Don't tend to take pix when on snow in gloves - we have some nature shots too though
  4. Sorry here are some of the pix we took
  5. Back from Vail Set my record both for Days: 41 (up from 31); and Vertical: over 600k (never hit 400k before) Epic! That's a wrap til November
  6. Thanks Toast for the ticket. Nice to say hi to all of you briefly, though I remain most comfortable in masked gatherings. Nice conditions today for what the weather has been - and much better than Hunter today from all reports. Got in 12 runs, with my fav (the one I did 2x) being Widowmaker > Chute > Main St. Good to be back at Blue after 2 years. Hope I get some decent conditions in New England Thurs-Sun. Sounds like there could be snow Thurs.
  7. I figure Montage is about 15 further than Frost from Central NJ or Philly, but the issue is it's only 30 min closer than Hunter from Central NJ.
  8. I counted it - but doubt I will go back. Only real plus I can say is it was good to find out my daughter needed larger seasonal rental boots before we were somewhere further.
  9. Day 34 for me tomorrow - then planning 4 days in VT and 4 at Vail - 42 days weather permitting, shattering earlier record of 31
  10. Got it - thanks Toast! I'll look for you folks in the lower lot tomorroa
  11. Appreciate it! Let me know if you can figure it out! You can e-me at rfreeman18@yahoo.com
  12. If anyone still has a buddy pass that would otherwise go to waste I'd be psyched to ski Blue the last day of their season instead of hitting Frost or Hunter.
  13. I'd make use of a Blue buddy pass tomorrow if anyone has one to spare. Hit the old stomping ground once this season.
  14. Shawnee was a great place to get kids up to speed on skiing. Skied there countless times when kids were in 2nd and 3rd grades as they had a "kids under 42" ski free" special. But other than skiing the trees when there is enough natural snow (pretty rare) there is nothing there that really interests me as an adult skier. If I were lookng to get an affordable PA only pass I would go for Montage - which is $399 if purchased by Sunday. Best expert terrain in NEPA with possible exception of Elk and almost never a line.
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