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  1. Blue Knob announced $599 passes too. Seems like the popular # for PA
  2. Got shot 1 today and booked to ski Vail April 6-8 (after shot 2) using flight and hotel credits from cancelled trip last year that are about to expire. Basically a free trip other than parking at JFK, ground transport from DIA, and $60 to check skis and boots r/t.
  3. Reserved Roundtop for Sat as forecast shows rain ending by ~ 1130 AM there. Ski some slush in the PM.
  4. That's shocking if true. I would think any ski area would incorporate to limit the owners' personal liability. What kind of legal entity are they - a sole proprietorship or partnership?
  5. Given folks here believe Blue is the best skiing in NEPA, it is hard to see why folks would not feel they should charge as much as CB. Would be nice for them to match CB in offering cheaper rates for under 30 passes or off hour passes - but I guess they believe they are better than CB and don't need to match their deal in every respect. If I were getting a PA only pass it would be Montage. Smaller lines, lower prices and Boomer is my fav trail closer than Elk or Hunter. But doubt I will get a PA only pass. Awaiting pricing of Epic, Ikon, ORDA, Indy options.
  6. Or for a new pass $599 Includes the rest of this season. Probably sets a lid on how much Blue will raise their pass prices
  7. Love Montage when no line - as usual - but up to 15 min line for a 625 vert. run off a fixed grip lift doesn't sound worth it to me.
  8. Shoveled 4" of dry powder, got another 1" of wet snow on top. 24 more hours of frozen stuff to go.
  9. Thanks for the shots and write up. I always havd wanted to check this place out as the closest place of this size I have never made it to - generally because Elk, Hunter, Windham and Plattekill are all closer to me.
  10. I was trying to convey how excited he sounded in a funny way
  11. Would have enjoyed it for sure and glad folk got to. I had just as great runs at Whitetail yesterday. Plenty of powdery goodness to go around PA the last couple days.
  12. I presume it sounds like straight porn minus the sounds of women pretending to come
  13. If you just listened you would think that was gay porn
  14. Drive home from Liberty today took longer than some drives home from S.VT. Spent a good part of it doing 25-30 behind a line of plows - and was glad to have them right in front of me as slick and snowy as it was.
  15. So in a nutshell Whitetail - fun place to ski but a bit far and weekend crowd is a bit much. Only prob is it's further than Hunter and doesn't compare - except in a situation like this weekend when it had a much more bearable tempersture and more fresh snow. May ski it again under such circumstances while I have Epic. Roundtop - has character and 2 nice steep trails off Ramrod triple. While I have Epic it is a good alternative to Frost when I want something closer than Hunter - it is only 10 min further than Frost.. But only go if Ramrod triple.is open, and especially if Upper.Gun
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