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  1. Montage making snow

    Boomer will be the best run open in PA
  2. These idiots at CB

    Both are real into it. One is advancing a bit faster and she was the one with me today for a "daddy daughter day", as it was the other one's turn for a "girls day out" shopping and dining fest with grandma. About 4 times a year we split them up for some 1:1 time and today was such a day.
  3. These idiots at CB

    Was particularly cool at CB to note that my 10 year old daughter was skiing better than at least half the people out there today. Just zipping swiftly and stylishly around all the out of control fools, both the ones who were on their board/skis and the ones struggling to get back up.
  4. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Yeah you get flamed around here for anything other than mad devotion to Blue. Fortunately online flames do not burn and it remains a good place to hang out to talk skiing and pick up tidbits of info about the PA resorts and weather.
  5. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Lines up to an hour for a Little Gap run? Glad I was doing 6 runs an hour at CB.
  6. These idiots at CB

    Where is image from?
  7. Trip Report - 12/9/2017

    13 runs and done. Updated intel: CB shoots to Hava all of the Sullivan Mt open by Sat with 6 chairs running.
  8. Trip Report - 12/9/2017

    Was en route to Blue when I read the horrendous lift line reports and continued down 22 to 33 north. No lines at all at CB. Very nice conditions. Snowing lightly Taking a break with my daughter after 8 runs. Making snow on all but the open trail and they say they expect to have most if not all of the mountain open by sat.
  9. December 9-10 roll call....

    No way I will get there super early. Have to drop one kid at parents then bring other skiing have crowds been bad?
  10. December 9-10 roll call....

    Probably hit Blue tomorrow with the extra terrain added. Lazy will be a nice run for my girl.
  11. Montage making snow

    You walk down the steps from the lot/north face area to get those things. Do you not generally remove your skis and walk a few steps to get those things?
  12. Montage making snow

    They wouldn't need snow by the lodge to open the north face. It is right at the lot.
  13. Montage making snow

    They could open a trail in the North Face area without covering the water park. One of the single blacks could be the way to go.
  14. Opening Day Trip Report - 12/2/2017

    No doubt. Will not be boring for me tomorrow as I will be skiing with my daughter which is its own reward, and it will be her first time for the season doing something other than Shawnee.
  15. Opening Day Trip Report - 12/2/2017

    Going to ski tomorrow instead of today. Not sure if it will be Blue or CB.