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  1. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    So someone can give me crap for not taking pix while I ski?
  2. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    Heading to Winter Park with the kids
  3. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Empty in the AM got crowded on the front lift by 1, but the lift by the better stuff stayed pretty free. Left at 2.
  4. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Enjoying BC. They say they got 16 and I believe them. All the blacks and some blues ungroomed, and it is deep in trees.
  5. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Heading out to ski with girls today. Most likely Blue though if they want to try someplace new to them we may head for BC which could be nice with some of the new snow likely staying untracked longer. Gonna excavate car now then wake em up and make the call.
  6. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Don't want to risk the drive home today. May well be there tomorrow.
  7. CB pitching powder day without driving in it

    I have never looked at weekday not holiday rates. Weekends are high enough thst I never considered it.
  8. CB pitching powder day without driving in it

    Free of charge, just like CO and 40+ other ski days.
  9. CB pitching powder day without driving in it

    $159 to stay over tonight and they throw in 4 lift tix. A big advantage of a place with on site lodging. If schools cancel tonight for tomorrow, I may do it. Includes water park passes too.
  10. Hey Salty..

    Hampton Inn about 3 miles from Montage works nice for my standards. Definitely the hotels I stay at the most.
  11. Elk - 3/15/18

    Ski2live did you ever consider how posting up an itemized report for every facet of every damn thing you do sorta sets you up for some of this ridicule? This is a ski forum not a form 1040A. Take your kids out and post up what a memorable and awesome it was. The dollars and cents spent (and by whom) report is your business but when you put it out there you have to expect people are going to react. But whatever. you do your thing though. It's definitely entertaining. Fortunately being ridiculed in an online forum really doesn't bother me and I am glad to he fodder for conversation, though I would rather folks keep it civil. We do our family thing and have a grand time doing it.
  12. Elk - 3/15/18

    No they are way luckier than I was starting at 12 or 13. Paid for lots at 10 that they don't pay for. I was an independent guy riding my bike and taking trains to malls, bowling alleys, arcades and movies while they largely get chauffered and treated. That's not acceptable today, but I try to give them as many opportunities to make spending decisions as I can, and I feel good about this one. They are now paying for their own movies too unless it's something I really want to see.
  13. Elk - 3/15/18

    I have spent thousands of dollars taking my kids skiing. They want to go somewhere that was going to cost us money to ski and be an extra two hours of driving, instead of somewhere we all can ski free, I think it is good parenting for them to be exposed to a little of the cost rather than thinking everything comes free. What they spent was their allowance from this week and next, and I bought them each a ski pin that was the cost of half of their contribution. You know how many lift tix my parents bought me my whole life? 2 or 3.
  14. Elk - 3/15/18

    Throw in gas, tolls, food , ski pins I easily spent $100. They contributed $10 each and each took home a $5 ski pin and got an awesome day of skiing. They feel good about how they spent their money. Awesome day