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  1. lolol I saw that. A lot of effort when into bedazzling that. Really wouldn't bother me as long as it still put out nice lines.
  2. I got it from Big Boulder. Not sure what lift it came off of but somebody else might remember. Black Forest seems to be floating around in my head but I haven't been there enough to know actual lift names.
  3. I think it finally might be time for be to freshen this up and figure out how to make it usable outside. just pulled it back out from my basement. @Benm have you done anything yet?
  4. Really wish more was going on with this that we could see or hear about. Looks like Main Street cam is down now.
  5. Sneak peak of the Summit Safari Supreme.
  6. Miss it greatly šŸ˜ž
  7. I can only imagine that was purposefully done, and I'm not too pumped on it. Going to need some @Benm recon
  8. This is very good for stoke, but that camera angle change would make a world of difference.
  9. Iā€™m convinced they are selling those to another mountain or scrapping the vista chairs.
  10. It really is amazing the difference between eating from the garden or the store. I've noticed it most significantly with lettuce/greens of any sort, our carrots, and blue/raspberries. Just incredibly fresh.
  11. Not sure what their plans are, but they are usually late to plant every year. They are required to farm something, though. It is part of the Northampton County Preserved Farmland
  12. Fresh cut Friday āœ‚ļø
  13. Did you ever find your second grade report card?
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