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  1. New chair coming to 7 Springs.
  2. So dramatic. I haven't cared for anybody intubated because of their Covid vaccine yet. HTFU.
  3. It’s snowing here. And tomorrow it’s gonna be May.
  4. I support this bet. I hope you win!
  5. A wise man once told me that opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.
  6. Less than. Ya never know. We’ve been told every year for the last decade that Blue has been sold. Yet, here we are.
  7. BB will be closed in <5 years.
  8. A lot of the decisions that some of these people make does not make sense to me...
  9. I think you would like it there. It is one of my most skied at places other than Blue. It is a gem.
  10. You have up to 42 days, if that make you feel any better.
  11. I think camelback would benefit fro ma new lift....
  12. Nice lines today. Good day to sit in the deck and drink.
  13. Annual bloom of flowers in the cemetery I run by almost daily.
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