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  1. Damn. Details? I want a chair so badly but I would want one from somewhere like Blue... if they would ever sell off chairs.
  2. This is accurate. If beds aren't available because of COVID, then that takes away beds from other medical emergencies. But yeah, 10k cases a day is not sustainable for healthcare.
  3. 11,406 today. Well we're movin' on up....
  4. its just the fan guns at those intersections.
  5. They need more guns on vista. I don’t know how many years like this that it is going to take for them to realize that. Line both sides. Open with vita lift ASAP. Expand terrain from there.
  6. its fucking wild that this is going on still. I was told that this would be gone after the election.
  7. The only good thing to come out of that (other than the laughs) was getting King Law to be a part of our crew.
  8. They need to utilize every opportunity they get now. Even if it is only for an hour. I saw they upgraded the drive train for the 6pack, so hopefully it only breaks down once per ride instead of three times.
  9. It was hilarious to watch Doug dig a hole way deeper than he could get out and when Chippy went in to help big brother Doug he got eaten alive. If the same thing happened today, Salty would be the Chippy.
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