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  1. Nice sunrise walking in to work this morning.
  2. Agreed. Great time. Good food. Good drinks. Unfortunately I misplaced one of my seltzers. As always, thanks for hosting @AtomicSkier
  3. He could probably just drive down 22 and stay with his buddy Doug in the hotelhouse.
  4. Weak. I guess buying that Yoohoo was a waste of your money.
  5. I dunno. I'd be willing to bet that you'd get a day skiing in Vermont at Elk this year.
  6. I should have. There were a handful of people up there with dogs. I rode up, so I'm dogless.
  7. Leaves changing up here. Another day closer to snow. Still enjoying this fall weather as long as I can 👌🍂🍁
  8. Yep. Saving a boat load of interest money by doing that.
  9. Yeah it is pretty crazy right now. I see what other homes around me sell for and it would be wild how much I would get for my place (especially with this finely manicured lawn). It would be great to sell and net a nice profit but there would be nowhere to go for a reasonable price in the current market. I also hate moving so in reality I have no interest in moving.
  10. Pumped to have some brews and seltzers with you folks this weekend!
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