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  1. wow I guess this is all a hoax.
  2. Our raspberry bush has been producing like crazy this fall we’ve never had a second harvest from this thing and in the last two weeks we have gotten multiple pints from it. It was also a good day to cut some lines.
  3. Wow that’s a lot. A jar should end up at Blue this year for burger topping.
  4. Wtf are you going to do with all of those?!
  5. I wore a short sleeved shirt and shorts this morning, but thanks for your concern regarding my wardrobe.
  6. Saw 38° this morning. Sunny and 60° now. This weather is fantastic.
  7. Ski Alta and Bird at least. They're technically on the same ridge...right next to each other. You can even get a pass that let's you ski over to Alta from Bird and back. Then next year do a Solitude / Brighton trip...similar set up. He would do better with that reversed. Brighton this year. and every other time you go out there IMO
  8. Oh, you are counting each dose 😂 I knew you would find something from an anti-vax site. Vaccine schedules have changed to be more effective with increased frequency of booster shots for some for antigen reintroduction, but there are a few new like HbA/HbB, rotavirus, and meningococcus.
  9. Please inform us of all of these ‘way more’ vaccinations.
  10. When COVID isn't as bad or is gone in the next ten years you should check out Pittsburgh. It is probably a top 5 'major' city in the US that I've been to.
  11. Nah that’s still next to @Johnny Law and @JFskiDan
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