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  1. Tomorrow morning is going to be great. See you there.
  2. Should be good. Snow incoming? Have a good time.
  3. I believe that is where the American Legion is, if not the same exact buildings. the image is looking south. The road continues to the right of the man on the switch and goes back to the pavilion and banquet hall. The left side of the screen shot that I posted.
  4. For those of you familiar with the Ironton Rail Trail, here are some photos from when it was in operation. Some of these photos should be familiar spots.
  5. I think that might be right near Capitol Hill (surprisingly) and 15. If so, there is an awesome Mexican place called Red Iguana right on Temple.
  6. It looks pretty crowded up there right now - especially compared to yesterday. I imagine they will have a very good weekend with most of the region expecting snow and a lot of people having off on Monday.
  7. Valid question. I'd be lying if I said I didn't visualize myself cutting those blades of green yesterday.
  8. That would require it being green and lacking snow all season.... which it has... and probably will for a long time...
  9. I’m ashamed to say that it is actually greener than my lawn. I’d be willing to bet they will be 100% It won’t take much to resurface and build base on what is already open and temps not making it out of the 20s for 5 straight days makes production much better than normal. Only time will tell, but I think they’ll maximize their efforts with this cold spell
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