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  1. I couldn't find the initial study with a quick search that this article was based on, but it is still a good read about distancing while running / walking / biking / etc. https://medium.com/@jurgenthoelen/belgian-dutch-study-why-in-times-of-covid-19-you-can-not-walk-run-bike-close-to-each-other-a5df19c77d08
  2. Almost 2,000 deaths today in the US. A new daily record. Low numbers from the past few days most likely due to lack of reporting over the weekend. Still on the upward trend. Stay home.
  3. Closing them and keeping out now will help open them up sooner. Same thing should happen here.
  4. We used to do mulch but it seemed like such a waste of time and money so we started slowly replacing all mulch with landscaping stone. Just finished last year and it’s nice not having to shovel and spread anything this year.
  5. I'd take 65 degrees and sunny every day until fall weather returns.
  6. I really like that shade of green and the stone wall in the back.
  7. You're looking good, buddy! Love the cart!
  8. Blue needs one of these as their next lift.
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