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  1. Like I said earlier, let the guy know what you like and don't like about the skis. They may be able to find something that works for you that nobody here is suggesting. The best ski is the one that works for you.
  2. gotta love the email to let you know about another email. classic boomer move.
  3. Absolutely. Everyone wins. People are happy there are still some precautions and feel safe. People are happy they can still ski. Blue is happy that they are stuffing their pillows with Benjamins.
  4. saying the only reason they are around is a little misleading. It might also be because of the 1/2 million people that have died from it... but yeah, they are definitely benefiting from increased prices and their limited ticketing scam that they have going and like I said earlier, I see that continuing.
  5. This is right up your alley Salty! Better than a visit to the mint! https://www.parkcitymag.com/arts-and-culture/2017/12/past-and-present-collide-with-historic-mountain-tours
  6. its a long 10 minutes.
  7. glad I can create some laughs for you. I can't stand wearing ski pants when driving. I get too warm.
  8. Salty did you check out any of the mining relics at PC? I think they are off of the Thaynes lift and bottom of Jupiter area. Edit: probably other places too, but those are the ones I remember.
  9. I obviously don't have that answer, but I believe mitigation efforts will continue as long as it is around.
  10. Life will not be back to "normal" next ski season. This pandemic will have long-term implications that will result in changes that will last a while. I imagine the reservation system might be one of them.
  11. That’s a gorgeous home if it’s the one I’m thinking of on Hahn’s Dairy Rd. Needs more landscaping. Their grass needs work, though.
  12. Sushi is always a must do stop when we go to Whistler. Especially with pitchers of strawberry sake margaritas
  13. I'm curious to see what you actually enjoy skiing out of your demo selection tomorrow. Demoing skis is a fun because you can see the difference from one ski to the next pretty quickly, and if you tell them what you like or don't like about each ski they can usually find something to meet your needs.
  14. Glad you're enjoying PC so far! It's a pretty cool town.
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