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  1. Death Valley is the best detour I've made on a trip. Badwater Basin is pretty cool being so far below sea level. Really underrated park. Glad your car took you there!
  2. Pretty sure I just felt an earthquake. I'm on the 3rd floor of my building and it shook for a solid 10-15 seconds. Wild.
  3. toast21602

    Sale rumors...

    I would be pumped to see Elk show up on the Indy!
  4. Does anybody know if Blue's ski shop can mount touring pin bindings? They don't answer the phone and I can't find anything on their crappy site...
  5. pics and video from the Key bridge collapse in Baltimore. Crazy to see that. https://www.yahoo.com/news/baltimore-bridge-partially-collapses-collusion-075148049.html https://www.mcall.com/2024/03/26/key-bridge-collapses-into-patapsco/
  6. @RidgeRacer you should probably do that...
  7. Oh, forgot to include some food pics for GSS.
  8. First time at Stratton for a quick trip and really, really enjoyed it. It was fun to rip groomers with some decent vert and great grooming. Had a blast and look forward to getting back there again thanks to this lovely new Ikon pass.
  9. Impromptu road trip to West Mountain for some random hill skiing today. Super reminiscent of the old Blue Mountain vibe. Small place with not a lot open but thanks to Indy I got to check it out. I love these little gems that remind me of what skiing used to be. The snow was nice. Coverage good in some spots, thin in others, non existent on a few trails. A lot of fun runs here and fully open would be a total blast. If anybody gets the chance to swing by this joint I’d recommend. JADIP?
  10. I hope you rode the funicular.
  11. ¡Gracias señor! Yo aprecio.
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