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  1. 99% chance they won't pay to go there either..
  2. Looks good! How was coverage there? I might be doing that on Thursday.
  3. Go to Village Sushi and get pitches of strawberry saki margaritas
  4. This morning was really fantastic. No real lift lines, not much traffic on the slopes, sun shining after the first few lift rides, good grooming, freshly blown ditch, chatty boomers, mild temps. Quite enjoyable.
  5. Really nice day up at Montage. Probably the most crowded I have ever seen the place but 75% of the people were on the learning hill. Lots of buses. I thought they started allowing uphill but it was just gapers trying to get off of the harder trails because they got lost. Long Haul was running and I rode that for the first time in my life since it was never open every other time that I have been there. Even thought the lifts there are slow, I can't really complain about the place. The snow was great and the trails are a lot of fun there. Nice to get back there and always a good time. 8.5/10 for a PA day.
  6. Yikes. Glad I went to Montage today.
  7. Got the XC skis out along the D&L yesterday morning after a work meeting. Quite lovely and really enjoyed how peaceful it was with the quietness of the snow and nobody around.
  8. Not bad today. I enjoyed the heater being on for the top 1/2.
  9. Should be up this afternoon. I did some ghetto boot work so hopefully that helps a bit 🤞
  10. Always enjoy the pics from out there! Looks great. Enjoy that snow tomorrow 😍
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