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  1. @JFskiDan already covered the gross misunderstanding of how police cars at treated. I'll cover the safety part. Crown Vics aren't safe. "Built like a tank" ... not always a good thing. Crown Vics barely have side airbags, let alone curtain airbags. Crown Vics are body on frame cars. The safest cars are ones with very soft front and rear ends, with a very rigid passenger cell. The idea is that all the energy can be absorbed by those crumple zones. When you have a frame ... there really isn't a crumple zone. You've never been good with the details.
  2. Skied Snowmass today. 5" overnight. Was very soft underneath after they got 20"+ a few days ago. Could point them straight down anything and you wouldn't feel any bumps. Did Gowdys like 6 times today.
  3. @mbike-ski and I took a chance and toured up Bearpen Mountain ... about 25 minutes from Hunter/Windham. There was some liquid precip yesterday and the temps were cold last night, so our backup plan was a tour up Windham. We arrived in the middle of nowhere and did a quick snow check. It was *ok* with a slight crust. We hoped it was better up high. About 2/3 of the way up we came across a skier coming back down the snowmobile trail and he said he dipped into the woods and it was rough so he bailed. We were that far, so to the top we went. The grade was perfect. Nothing as steep as Hunter/Windham's uphill routes. After reaching the summit and enjoying a beer, we scoped out the lines from earlier in the week to have some knowledge for a future trip. The top half was still firm, but the lower half was insanely fun spring snow. Had we waited 30-60 minutes at the summit, I think most of our run would've been like that, but we both had a huge smile on our face at the bottom. It was fun. 10/10 would do again.
  4. ya that's pretty old ... That was Dave Amirault / ozskier's genius at work.
  5. The quad lift line was basically dirt. Maybe 1/2" of snow to speak of. Coming Soon was the ROTD for me. Could crank turns straight down the fall line right into Paradise.
  6. Was @Benm there? His stats say he hasn't skied since 1/8. @GrilledSteezeSandwich as the stats manager you should be all over this.
  7. Today was 12/10 ... no wind, sun was out, and the trails were perfect. NMDW was the run of the day. The turns were perfect. I was really sluttin' it up for the lift.
  8. Today was day 50 for the year for me, and day 900 at blue since the start of PASR.
  9. TP4 is a corporate bro now. Money ain’t a thing.
  10. Today was a pleasant surprise. Shicola to Midway to Main was quite a nice run.
  11. A nice improvement from yesterday. Coming Soon was pretty nice given it's in complete sun. A pleasant AM with plentiful sunshine and no wind.
  12. Damn! I only hit 1K because of the lower requirements last year, so hoping that i do enough polaris intl travel this year to get to the PQP threshold w/o having to sit on 54 flights. Ya, the new changes are nice, now I don't feel bad about using awards for personal travel at the expense of not earning PQP/PQFs. The PQFs are more valuable to me than PQPs. 1K has been working nice ... didn't travel much in Jan, but confirmed at the 24 hour mark 3/4 flights in the past two weeks.
  13. You do security at PHL/EWR. At least on UA, your checked baggage is screened at ABE, so when you arrive at EWR, you just have your carry on luggage and they take care of your checked baggage for you.
  14. but @pcklein31 you only earn PQPs for the bus, not PQFs. Sad.
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