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  1. That's the second time you've used that joke. It's also the second time it wasn't funny.
  2. The people I manage that have been on site a few days a week to maintain equipement couldn't be happier that I'm at home. I, too, take the approach of not asking them to do anything I wouldn't, and when they ask for help on field issues, I'm right there helping them. But, otherwise, they know I can work from home, and couldn't care less that I am. I don't have anything to prove to them, nor do they to me. 🤷‍♂️
  3. A few observations....given that I have no distractions at home, it's great to get work done. My counterpart has a 4 year old at home and his wife works for an accounting firm and has to bill a certain numbers of hours per week, so she actually has to work. He's stuck trying to work while he has a 4 year old climbing on the back of his chair pulling his hair out. We certainly have different opinions of WFH. It's also interesting to see how many IT people have (or, had) shitty setups at home. I already had dual monitors on my desktop at home, great wireless, nice desk, nice chair, etc. I had coworkers who were obviously working from their kitchen table and sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs. Some have since established better working environments. What I have noticed is not that I'm any less productive at home, but rather, how much time I wasted at work. I'm getting the same amount of work done, but have time to go for a run in the middle of the day between meetings or cut the grass when I feel like it.
  4. My house is 100% safer than Wawa, or my office. The only person other than my mom who has been in my house since Mar 1 has been @toast21602. I'm glad you're so hard. I have a job that I can WFH. Why would I rush back to the office?
  5. Sucks that you can't work from home. It's been nice....and safe.
  6. I've never even thought about wearing a mask while running. Especially now as we now risk is low outdoors and passing someone while running/biking is such a short encounter. Our office is reopening first week of August with WFH subject to supervisor approval. A few weeks ago I said I'd go back middle of August after I see how the reopening has an affect on daily cases. Granted, we're in a different situation than Texas/Arizona who really never had a spike to be begin with, but the lack of care by young adults is just staggering. I haven't once thought about eating outside (let alone inside, come Friday). I have a beer outside once, with two friends, and we were the only ones there. These millennial/GenZ social butterflies just can't sit still, and that's what worries me most about returning to work and coming in contact with irresponsible 18-21 year olds. It's not my coworkers I worry about, it's the students. @toast21602?
  7. Delco talk @Benm
  8. I snuck in via their emergency fire entrances on all the roads that border the hideout. Once I'm in, who is going to stop me? It's a nice plan to run. Rolling hills, and people driving slow. As long as you act like you belong there, nobody is going to bother you while running.
  9. I ran past the hideout ski hill the other day.
  10. He is? Halzeton is so far away. I'm in for Thursday....anyone else? @toast21602 @mbike-ski. We'll start at @toast21602's house this time.
  11. Also, it took time to spread to inland. The northeast is pretty good now, but the areas that all had low cases while we were hunkered down are now experiencing their spikes having thought they had already weathered the storm. It just hadn't got there yet, and now they've already experienced their lockdown fatigue.
  12. Lines look like they could use some refreshing.
  13. My local giant did away with one way aisles weeks ago.
  14. those aren't shin splints, thats just muscle usage.
  15. Just east of the hump yard, with the train heading west towards the hump. It was moving faster than I've ever seen a train move through that area.
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