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  1. @saltyant he’s trying to tell you that if you ask for advice, don’t just ignore it, like you normally do, because you think you know best. @GSSucks lived there. Listen to him.
  2. Awesome food as always by Chef @enjoralas. Snow was meh.
  3. In continuing the EPIC theme from last weekend, I stopped at Roundtop on my way home from a work trip to DC. Figured it was only a few minutes off of 15, I might as well make some turns as I’ve never been there before. Arrived at 4:30ish, got a spot next to the lift and enjoyed some beautiful conditions. Snow was extremely grippy. Lift lines were nonexistent. Lighting wasn’t nearly as good as Blues. I skied for an hour, am currently enjoying a beer, and enjoying the beautiful evening.
  4. @eaf is a freakin jerry for parking at the top.
  5. Correct. They don’t interfere with your binders at all.
  6. I had the honor of skiing a run on @GSSucks S2P1 skis. Extremely impressed that he was able to make those in his basement/garage. They ski like skis, and perfectly matched my kit. Couple more tweaks and he'll be ready to make a pro model for me...rocket ships and all.
  7. Hunter liftees were rigorously enforcing masks today. If your nose was showing, you got called out.
  8. Where was @Ski2Live Live2Ski ?! Didn’t see him out there.
  9. EPIC day at Hunter w/ @GSSucks and @Justo8484. @GSSucks caught up with me somewhere on 87 and arrived at Hunter ~6:50am. Geared up started our skin right as the sun was coming up. This was my first real skin adventure, as my Jacobsburg State Park adventure with @toast21602, @mbike-ski, and @Mixilplix was more to test the gear, and practice changing the skis from uphill to downhill, etc. It was low 20s when we started with a nice breeze which helped regulate body temps. The alpenglow was spot on as we headed up hill. It's a ~1.75 mile tour with 1600ft-ish of gain (I think) and it took us
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