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Community Answers

  1. Those aren’t mow lines. I was spreading fertilizer.
  2. Shed is in, fence is done, and the grass is looking 👌. Landscaping to come in the spring.
  3. Oh shit I forgot to mention @Barb ... @Barb you're invite so I can avoid any shit from @theprogram4
  4. I’ve heard that @NMSKI and @Johnny Law are in
  5. We take the parking lot to my backyard.
  6. wow @mute1080 and i rode past there yesterday
  7. After a hiatus last year, it's time for the party return ... thinking October 16th ... work for everyone? Tagging some people who might not see this otherwise @toast21602@mute1080 @saltyant @GrilledSteezeSandwich @mbike-ski @JFskiDan @enjoralas @Benm@NMSKI @Johnny Law @Schif @indiggio @RidgeRacer @GSSucks @theprogram4 My house anytime after 6:30pm? Bring a wrap if it's chilly.
  8. oh ya, i didn't even see your post, but ya, AQUASHICOLA LITTLE GAP INC is the key to the western land.
  9. @Benm blue owns a lot more than that picture ... somewhere deep in the archives i did a very exhaustive search and posted a picture from CC's GIS. They own a lot of land to the west, in the valley.
  10. FWIW - StarLink is now available in PA. For $100/month it surely kicks ass in rural areas where DSL is the only game in town, if it is at all.
  11. I think @eaf may have been?
  12. @mute1080 and I got some skiing in on Sunday AM
  13. hey, at least he used "less" correctly there 😂
  14. It's fewer. Fewer limousine liberals. If you're going to snark, at least do it correctly.
  15. no bunk beds on the master floor.
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