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  1. Most airplanes can, but not all crews can. IIRC, most/all regional can't do CATIII landing (autoland) as their aircraft and/or crews aren't certified. Very very few landings are auto landings despite popular belief. They're not nearly as smooth as hand flown landings (the computer goes for a "positive touchdown").
  2. Oh, and @GSSucks had easter eggs for everyone ... blind drawing, and i got the 24oz bud heavy. 😔 I think it was my first Bud Heavy ... ever. And of course it was a 24ozer.
  3. Yesterday was a blast. @toast21602 @mute1080 and I left my house promptly at 4:40am planning an arrival just shy of 7:30am. Two pee stops on the way, and he arrived at 7:27am, right on schedule. Quick boot up, we hit the snow at 7:45am and toured up to the top with @Justo8484 and @GSSucks. Despite being 20F when we arrived, we were all sweating our asses off after the first 1/4 mile. We all met up at the top, had a celebratory beer/truly, and enjoyed a well deserved run down before heading back to the car for several beers before venturing out for the ski day. A bunch of bump runs, and i
  4. The biggest differentiator seems to be Pfizer vs Moderna. The latter giving younger individuals a harder kick on their second Fauci Ouchie.
  5. probably boomers like @indiggio
  6. Hard to find a better vaccinated group (with the exception of @saltyant) ... hard to find a PASR in the parking lot who hasn't received at least their first dose.
  7. where the hell were you? your car wasn't there when we pulled in and it wasn't there when we left? nice afternoon bump session with @mute1080 and @NazarethSkier
  8. take it to the cheap-asses trying to save $50 thread.
  9. What the hell are you talking about?
  10. wow this is grate news. unsure which pass i'll get next year ... the Northeast one is nice, but it almost seems like a waste to spend $480 when for $780 you have the option to ski any resort. at this point, i enjoy the flexibility of having both ikon and epic, which basically allows you to ski anywhere in the west.
  11. It just boggles the mind that one would not get the vaccine because there *might* be long term side effects, but at the same time would protect you against a virus that *does* have long term side effects. The logic is flawed.
  12. Who is bringing the SPF80? Going to be lovely. Almost 60F and a slight breeze.
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