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    only has fat skis now.
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  1. AtomicSkier

    Jackson hole 2018

    I'm sure they'll never forget...but I bet they wish they could.
  2. AtomicSkier

    May Day

    I'm not. I'm in full summer mode.
  3. AtomicSkier

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Well, when I mean count calories, I didn't just watch my diet, I counted every calorie. I don't quite remember what my initial daily caloric intake goal was, but when I was down in the low 170s it was ~1600/day. That was...tough. Now I burn more than that on a long run.
  4. AtomicSkier

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    You're going to have to harden the fuck up and have a life style change if you're serious about losing weigh. You're going to undo any weight loss you experience during those 5 days with 2 days of bad habits. A buddy of mine has lost a ton of weight eating as few carbs as possible. And, I don't mean he just cut out bread. It's pretty amazing what's high in carbs that I would've thought is low carb. He seems to be happier because he can still eat a decent amount, rather than "starving" on a calorie counting diet. To each his own.
  5. AtomicSkier

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Speaking from experience, you can lose 50lbs without exercising. I didn't run, ride a bike, etc. But from June to December 2008 I lost 51lbs counting calories. Obviously, doing both at the same time is the best, but if you have to chose one, dieting is far more effective.
  6. AtomicSkier

    Does the PA skison have legs?

    With today and tomorrows weather, I'm no longer thinking of skiing.
  7. AtomicSkier

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    And what I meant was the post counts rival PASR of old, but thats only because of the GSS/Salty love affair.
  8. AtomicSkier

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Agreed. Post counts aside, this season rivals the PASR of old in terms of participation. Next January 4th marks 15 years of PASR!
  9. AtomicSkier

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Toast was doubting that I skied at Blue more than 50% of the days they were open. I skied 59. They were open 112, apparently.
  10. AtomicSkier

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    You should have your photographer take some of you.
  11. AtomicSkier

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Get after it GSS.
  12. AtomicSkier

    April 2nd Perder Merder.

    nice copy/paste from google. you could've at least changed the font to match.
  13. AtomicSkier

    April 2nd Perder Merder.

    Isn't the far left gate a season pass only gate?
  14. AtomicSkier

    April 2nd Perder Merder.

    Wow just wow Last run of the day over the head blower on Widow Maker. Well, it was still top to bottom untracked at 9:40 on Widow Maker. Awesome for (perhaps) the last run of the year to be fucking titty sparkles.
  15. AtomicSkier

    3/31..PASR day..a little bit of everything!!

    Somehow this picture didn’t make it in here..: