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  1. I think @eaf may have been?
  2. @mute1080 and I got some skiing in on Sunday AM
  3. hey, at least he used "less" correctly there 😂
  4. It's fewer. Fewer limousine liberals. If you're going to snark, at least do it correctly.
  5. no bunk beds on the master floor.
  6. Their business model would say why operate two when one will do? At least that's my opinion. If you have a house near BB now, you're most likely going to just move your skiing to JF, and still buy an Epic pass. Seems like an easy decision to me.
  7. What about all of Vail's midwest properties? Their other resorts in PA? Vail has two different types of properties ... destinations and feeders. They really don't care too much about the feeders other than those feeder pass holders vacation at Vail properties.
  8. I want whatever you're smoking. What is "super weird" about the Pocono market? I think the bean counters at Vail know *exactly* what they're doing. They're not just buying places because they're guessing at a business plan. It's all calculated.
  9. We will never get to 100% with anti-vaxxers. Anti-vax talk @saltyant
  10. I couldn't imagine checking a bag on a non-ski trip. But I've only been on two ski trips where I didn't check two. One was a quick weekend trip to CA and the other involved public transit (train + bus). Both were only one pair of skis.
  11. Two pairs of skis in the bag is almost exactly 50lbs. So no room in the ski bag for anything else. I fit boots + all ski clothing in my rollaboard. When you’re on a 7 ski day trip, it’s generally more than you can fit in a backpack. I too don’t pay for bags so if I’m already checking one, might as well check two.
  12. he claims he'll never go ... we'll see how desperate he is.
  13. Most airplanes can, but not all crews can. IIRC, most/all regional can't do CATIII landing (autoland) as their aircraft and/or crews aren't certified. Very very few landings are auto landings despite popular belief. They're not nearly as smooth as hand flown landings (the computer goes for a "positive touchdown").
  14. I'll fix it for him.
  15. Oh, and @GSSucks had easter eggs for everyone ... blind drawing, and i got the 24oz bud heavy. 😔 I think it was my first Bud Heavy ... ever. And of course it was a 24ozer.
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