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  1. I've been having fun exploring this: https://www.openrailwaymap.org/
  2. Did you even read the article you posted? It says that "Despite an uptick of cases in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, New York officials said on Tuesday that travelers from those three neighboring states would not be required to quarantine, though each state meets the qualifications for the restriction.". That sounds like we're "not on the list".
  3. It's still not according to the NY DoH website that was just updated today.
  4. More fake news. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory
  5. The statement made by the NY governor yesterday about "NY having the best skiing in the US" was downright hilarious.
  6. Heat was running this morning. Why be uncomfortable?
  7. These just showed up ... ready for some adventures.
  8. I much preferred the single digits in Lehigh/Northampton.
  9. The Bird shared their operating plan: https://www.snowbird.com/winter-experience-2021/
  10. Then nevermind ... sucks to suck.
  11. Hah...the tile in the mall is dangerous. But, in normal conditions, you're not allowed to walk in the mall with ski boots, or even bring equipement into in the mall. In pre-covid times, you dropped your stuff off in the parking garage with a ski valet, who would take it up a freight elevator, I believe. @GSSucks almost ate it getting off the escalator.
  12. should've cancelled your pedicure and joined us.
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