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  1. I guess nobody is getting an invite to @mbike-ski's timeshare at Greek Peak 😂
  2. Got some new boots
  3. Stopped by Blue Mountain for a quick pic yesterday. Weather was absolutely perfect.
  4. I just finished my ski season like 10 days ago...can't start thinking about next season for at least a couple of more weeks.
  5. I drove by Abasin one year ago yesterday and it was their closing day. Little bit different story this year.
  6. Might have to do Killington in October to make it 9/12.
  7. I've never been a season chaser, but the IKON pass has given me an excuse to do so. Prior to this year, I had never skied in May, let alone June. I skied May 5 with Law, GSSucks and Justo. Today's excursion was a solo trip. After dinner last night I decided to drive to Albany. I left at 8:30pm and arrived at the hotel off of root 90 at 11:30pm. I hit the road this morning at 6:40am and arrived in the parking lot at 8:40am thinking they opened at 9am. The 8am opening could explain why there were so many people there when I pulled in and had to park in Kansas. It was a beautiful drive in the morning with fast moving cars and nice scenery. I booted up and hit the snow. A lot had melted from nearly a month ago, but there wasn't huge puddles/dirt in the lift line. There was, however, an insanely thin cover 5 feet below the top. Down to dirt/rocks. Some where watermelon sized. Tons of double ejections. I carefully picked my way down and then the skiing was awesome. Pretty smooth and soft with some glacial ice mixed in. Some nice sized bumps towards the bottom. First picture is people picking there way through the rocks. I skied a bunch of runs, headed back to the car, enjoyed a de-boot beer then headed off for a trail run outside of Rutland. It was high 60's and the trail was pretty fun. Some fire road, plenty of single track, and a massive hill. I packed it up and then set off for home. An easy 4h 45min drive and I'm back home. Short session but I wanted to get my June skiing in
  8. I went out a little after 4pm...I ran fast(er) and only 3 miles. The sky looked pretty angry.
  9. I started the morning with a 8 mile lap around Jacobsburg State Park, followed by 5+ hours of yard work. I just took the bike out for a rip before the rain comes. Beautiful day.
  10. Sure. I think Killington will as well.
  11. I’ve never skied in May, and with the Ikon pass this year, there was no excuse. The plan was to go up Saturday night and ski Saturday and drive home. Plans changed and we had to turn and burn it. @Johnny Lawmet me at my house a little after 5am and we were on the road by about 5:15am. It was fucking nautical until we got into VT, but we were the only car on the road for miles at a time from Root 78 all the way into VT. The most traffic we had was a coyote crossing root 287. By the time we got into VT, temps were climbing into the high 50s and the sun was peaking out a little. We turned into the access road at 10:15am and pulled into our reserved spot thanks to @Justo8484 and @GSSucks who skied Tuckerman’s on Saturday (and didn’t write a trip report) and met us at Killington for some Cinco de Mayo skiing. They had beers (and Smirnoff) waiting upon our arrival. In the house were also bumper Rick (from Blue) and @thedude4bides We parked steps from the Superstar lift. They had 3 trails open. Superstar, (upper) Ovation and Skyelark...aka 11 trails. Conditions were very wet sugar, glacial ice, dirt, rocks, etc. It was a blast. Skyelark was down to the dirt in some places. To get to Ovation you had to ski across about 0.0001” of snow on top of dirt, and then you had to walk out at half way down. Superstar on the other hand had an insane amount of snow. The pile at the top was at least 50’ tall with easily 20’+ of base most of the way down. We skied for almost 3 hours then stopped for some food and beers. We did a couple more runs afterwards and then 3 of us not (not me) skied Ovation to the bottom which included “skiing” 30 feet or so across dirt and rocks. They had to walk back to Superstar after that run. We were back on the road by about 4:15pm and we were back at my house at 9:25pm. More insane rain on the way home. GSSucks and Justo have some actual skiing pictures, but figured I’d start the thread.
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