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Community Answers

  1. right, but you'd still need to buy the blue pass.
  2. what do you think is going to change, besides the price going up? ikon will be 5 or 7 days. only ikon places that are unlimited are Alterra owned resorts (aka KSL capital). Blue is owned by KSL Resorts. All KSL resort properties are just partner resorts with 5 or 7 days. as for the ski carry ... you should thank me for trying to help you. very ungrateful.
  3. lol ... have fun elsewhere.
  4. Conditions were awesome this morning. Packed pow everywhere.
  5. Quick test last evening of an easily accessible and relatively smooth "backcountry" PA line not too far from Blue with @mute1080 @Dirtwolf and @mbike-ski. Topped out at near 18 degrees, so figure middle of Paradise? Maybe?
  6. today was tits mcgee boner doner ... great midweek conditions at blue with light crowds.
  7. AtomicSkier


    was awesome this morning. so soft, and smooth. challenge was ROTD. was nice to be able to let them run a little at blue with the new terrain.
  8. ahaha that's great. he was waiting for us.
  9. The cloudy weather gets me down a little bit, as I love to rip in the sun, but having a JH virgin in @Dirtwolf gets me excited to show him around tomorrow.
  10. It was good … when are we going to see you at Blue?
  11. today was one of the few days that was better than expected ... the "cookies" were soft. Could actually let the skis run on Coming Soon. Not terrible.
  12. Skied at Camelback today thanks to Ikon pass. Didn't realize there is no free parking there. Makes me really appreciate the "old school" skiing vibe we have at Blue. CB definitely goes after the resort/polished vibe. To each their own. 2-3 chair wait, hero snow, and sunny. Hump was the best snow, but damn, I forgot how short the runs are there. Those runs are like Midway. The new lift is fancy, but can't sit on my poles so no thanks. Only Bluer I saw was TeleMatt. Merry Christmas!
  13. I thought MS was the best of the year today. I love that you clowns all start on the quad for some reason. There is no way that Paradise or CS is going to be better than MS. And that held true today.
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