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  1. Awesome pics @toast21602...where is that first picture?
  2. Did @Justin forget where he put his season pass?
  3. Let us know how much time you spend in lift lines.
  4. @GrilledSteezeSandwich you forgot about @theprogram4
  5. Only if you stop complaining about the bumps at Blue 😃
  6. My first time there we drove from Denver. Not fun. The drive from Montrose is easy (and pretty).
  7. I love Telluride. The views are spectacular, the skiing is awesome, and getting turnt up at the Gonorrhea Ranch soaking up the sun is fun. Friends of ours have a ski-in/out house in Mountain Village that I can use whenever. I do promise that I will arrange a PASR trip at some point...I know @mbike-ski is interested. If only they were on the IKON pass.
  8. You kidding? The conditions are going to be great this weekend.
  9. You don’t have the “low light” that we have here (night skiing)
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