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  1. AtomicSkier

    PPL Surcharge

    You should email the PPL guy and get their side.
  2. AtomicSkier

    the pics from today thread

    So does that mean we’ll see you at Blue sometime soon?
  3. AtomicSkier

    PPL Surcharge

    It wasn't their post...they re-shared someone else's story via their story.
  4. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Avalanche mitigation. Similar to the Gasez system that JH has... http://www.tas.fr/en/products/avalanche-products/535-gazex-gazflex-en
  5. AtomicSkier

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    For sure. It was part of their waterpark plan to build a NG power generation facility on site.
  6. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    I tracked it after the fact. UA's small RJs don't have wifi.
  7. AtomicSkier

    PPL Surcharge

    Saw this on instagram earlier...apparently JFBB has been handing out these cards with ticket purchases? It explains why someone on here had to pay $3 (or whatever it was) on top of the their voucher. I don't think it's right for JFBB to be airing their dirty laundry and making it their customer's problem.
  8. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    After an awesome perfect trip in terms of travel, we had a slight delay out of ORD because of an antenna issue and ended up departing about 20 minutes late. Near Slippery Rock, PA the cabin altitude started to climb indicating a pressurization issue. We descended at ~4000ft/min down to 10,000 ft. Some worried passengers, but all I cared about was that we didn't divert 😂
  9. AtomicSkier

    Ikon Pass

    Now that Toast and I have used our IKON passes....it's better than having to go to the window even once. Most IKON resorts are direct to lift with your pass. Scroll down for the short list of "go to the window" resorts. https://www.ikonpass.com/en/how-to-use-your-ikon-pass Deer Valley required getting a ticket (1 or more days, didn't matter) because they don't have automated gates.
  10. AtomicSkier

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    I don’t think Blue’s target audience is cheap asses like you.
  11. AtomicSkier

    Sunday 1/13..great snow and mad PASRs!!

    I haven’t heard of the iPhone S9.
  12. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Blue had more new snow then Alta, sure. Did Alta have more snow? Sure. We met up with Ryan at Alta today for some turns. He gave us a rowdy tour of the place. We sidestepped/traversed all the way out to Eddie’s High Nowhere/East Greeley bowl which had variable conditions at the bottom. We also skied Spiney Chutes in Catherine’s which was heavy, but soft snow. Towards the end of our day, we saw someone skiing down East Baldy with no other tracks to be seen. Up the mountain we went. 15 minutes later we made some great turns through a chute that lead to some glorious wind buffed pow. Ryan and I look the same in photos. I have the brighter blue pants.
  13. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Skied a nice little chute that required some careful maneuvering...here is @toast21602 below said chute.
  14. AtomicSkier

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Brighton is fun as shit. I enjoyed myself today. Current status:
  15. AtomicSkier

    1/12/19....busiest day of the year

    Just wanted to start the report for GSS. Photo taken at 9:20AM.