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  1. or that they're going to start blowing snow tomorrow night....
  2. I'd love a Vista opening if they opened before BB. Show Vail who's boss.
  3. Are the lifts inspected?!
  4. This is for @JFskiDan ...aerated and over seeded the yard on the 18th to help improve density in some thin areas. Already starting to see some germination.
  5. They're available to tune, mount, etc. Just drop stuff of at the front desk / ticket counter for the bike park. I already have my stuff back 😀
  6. According to Jim D a pipe burst and there was some serious water damage in the True Blue shop. When I went up 2 weeks ago it was a hard hat zone. Very confusing as to where to drop stuff off.
  7. I have more then 3 beers and I feel like shit in the morning. Bottle of wine? I feel refreshed.
  8. What are you having for your second drink?
  9. Some of us don't live in hotels and have central AC with variable speed fans which are nearly silent.
  10. Just dropped off the new skis at Blue for a mount. New boots are in progress. It's all coming together 😍
  11. Sunrise run over the Lehigh River this morning. Felt like fall 😀
  12. I hate wearing socks inside. I like to walk around in tshirt and shorts indoors. Why be uncomfortable?
  13. I leave my AC/heat pump on heat/cool all year round. Cool at 72, heat at 68. I like a tightly controlled environment. I'm sure the heat will come on tonight 😀 I don't understand you people who like to suffer in the effort to save a few dollars.
  14. If you get annoyed by people using their vacation time you should rethink staff levels so a single person taking a random day off doesn't impact operations. They've earned their vacation and they should be able to use it as they please. Granted, I don't manage non-exempt service level positions, but the employer should always encourage vacation time. It's good for moral and a happy employee is a good employee. I'd take off to play with my new tractor.
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