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  1. 1 hour ago, AirheadD8 said:

    👍 It was a good day. Second photo I’m trying to figure out what the neat pile of things is about a 100yds up from the parking lot. Sheaves or maybe Rebar cages for poles footers? 

    if you're talking about in front of the learning lift, its likely chairs. when i was there, some were in that spot. mixilplix also posted a photo that showed some there. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, theprogram4 said:

    I’d prefer to wear shorts today, but I only own cargo shorts and since I have a social event tonight, I can’t wear them as Ive been told they will drive women away faster than my personality 

    yes, I’m not a fan of men showing exposed toes.  Socks with sandals is fine

    what about crocs.

    i forgot to announce that i joined croc nation like a month ago and i'm loving it.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

    Crazy and I’ve never even used a coozy.  My delivery guy and his family are going to the pocono race.  He assumes it will be cooler up there and his tickets were well under $100

    he'll probably be pretty low.

    you'll be doing him a big favor by telling him to take earplugs or, if he has them, earmuffs like one would use at a shooting range.

  4. 21 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

    Wow BenM even brought his famous coozy

    the paper bag one? that's not it.

    you're right tho, it does have a very distinguished history related to nascar -- i got it at the sept 2013 dover race from the skoal tent. it was meant to be.

    i've tried and failed to find an identical one to replace it.


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  5. actually i lied, short of the tippy top where the spotters sit, this is probably the best seat in the house.

    maybe 4 years back, we managed to convince some kid checking tickets that we were allowed into the 'victory club'. it's maybe a 4 story building with seating at victory lane.

    we had weird tickets that we got for free from a vendor that just had a big ass A on them and nothing else. no one staffing wise knew what it meant (we did, it was just a general admission ticket). so that kid let us in like whatever.

    so that was cool. shaded area up close, open bar, free food. then we saw a stairway that said 'media only'. naturally, we tried to sneak up. got denied. that guy had to run down for some security thing, so we ran up quick.

    no one bothered us, private bathroom, fuckin FOX camera crew all that. it was the most amazing thing ever. and i got a pic with richard childress. the other randos were dudes that also snuck up, there was only a handful of other people. we were all beyond hype. 

    we also found out that they had some truly fuckin bizarre velvet room at the bottom of the building. we were hammered and just started opening doors and walked in. a couple people were in there like uhhhhh. we were like uhhhh. then some pit crew member ran in to use the bathroom. we did a 180 and went home.





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  6. Just now, Schif said:

    Can we talk quickly about how they let you bring in your own beer at the track? If there is any place in the world that embodies leaving money on the table it's them. 

    i always feel sorry for the people who are buying $6 beers at the stands. either they didn't do their research or their friends forgot to give them the 411.

    but yeah it's a huge aspect in terms of making it worth going. that's prob why they allow it. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Schif said:

    This is a serious question. What makes a good seat better than a meh seat at Pocono? Ive been a few times and no matter where I sat it was always just a blur of cars shooting past me followed by quiet and the faint view of cars a mile away until they came back. 

    all a matter of opinion.

    generally though, highest up possible, closest to S/F line. at least you can see most of the track if you're in a row in the 40's.

    that faint view is when you should be slamming a beer.

  8. i'll let yall know how it goes.

    still trying to sort out the ticket situation since it's really, really weird this year. 100 level sold out and there's next to nothing decent for $95 retail further up near start finish. i don't know if scalpers will be out in force like usual.

    normally i'd drive up around 9, find two rando tickets for $40/pair, be back home by 10, start party rockin and getting ready, then head up around 11/12. 

    we'd just sit anywhere, the tix were just to get in. that might not be an option this time around with the crowds and limited supply of cheap tix. im freaking out a tiny bit at the thought of having to pay $200 for two 'meh' seats.

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  9. 19 minutes ago, Kyle said:

    I don’t know what these are, but the bulbs popped today and they look great. 

    Looks like lilies. 

    Maybe stargazer variety after poking around on Google 

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  10. Hole looks bigger than before. There is a concrete square in there but might be for a pole rather than the terminal.

    No poles or anything but they could be up top. Ton of Spartan race stuff sitting in the lot tho




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  11. 29 minutes ago, JFskiDan said:

    someone is going to need to show me where/what this thing is.  i like to think i am fairly aware of things, but i have no idea what you guys are talking about.  

    this rusty thing


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  12. 4 hours ago, enjoralas said:

    Vey nice. Really shows the line top to bottom for the first time. Interesting that they are running it right up half of the learning hill with the crowds that sees. 

    I think the towers are sitting on the “water park” parking lots maybe. At least it looked like it in that one video

    ah shit i actually went over the mtn and never thought to check the top lots.

  13. 1 hour ago, toast21602 said:

    I think it finally might be time for be to freshen this up and figure out how to make it usable outside. just pulled it back out from my basement. @Benm have you done anything yet?

    nope, just disassembled everything so that i could transport it on my own into the garage. maybe i'll get to it one day this summer.

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