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  1. Doug missed the whole part about all pasrs making it through the gates and he crawled underneath. Just sayin.
  2. lighten up guys, it's just that front plater mentality.
  3. just putting away the wheelbarrow itself requires me to either (a) make room in my shed, which there is none of becuase there is too much disorganized stuff in there or (b) walk it 300ft to my garage which i don't feel like doing. pic is lawn vacuum it's amazing everyone should get one instead of you doug since you aren't responsible for the yard.
  4. yah it's mainly picking up shit that i never ended up putting away. there's a wheelbarrow that's been sitting in the same spot on it's side for 3 months in my backyard. if it were to dry up enough, i have a big ass weird lawn vacuum thing that I want to get up the rest of the leaves with.
  5. neat, maybe i will be able to finish up the yardwork i put off in late nov.
  6. Didnt hear that but there seemed like a lot of commotion at one point near what looked like the quad.
  7. Benm

    Zee Lights

    Posting this before I lose my phone.
  8. Benm

    Zee Lights

    Good morning. Wow it is windy out.
  9. Benm

    Zee Lights

    Fyi I don't know how many more sleds we will be seeing. There was a big placard / sign saying that only people with tickets are allowed on the snow. Maybe it has been there but I don't remember it.
  10. i took a ride on that chair for the first time since express opened yesterday or the day before. i forgot how much faster those chairs come at you lol. wasn't paying attention, almost took me out.
  11. wow upper lot. Blast from the past
  12. Benm

    Zee Lights

    It is absolutely dead here. I didn't see a single other person until I got under the six pack on that flat trail coming in from lazy mile. They were on the lift.
  13. How do you equate a car trunk to a ballsack Asking for a friend.
  14. Pretty sure they are in your trunk @GrilledSteezeSandwich
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