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  1. wow just wow the vis today.
  2. ok 12/5 - Arrived at like 6PM. Ski bag zipper mostly frozen shut but got it opened enough so that i could wrangle them out one by one, jerry tier mistake. Ghost town. Did some runs. Left. Main highlight was finding out omw back that the only biz open on my way there will make me a hoagie starting at 5:30AM.
  3. Benm

    Zee Lights

    Anyone going up tonight?
  4. Benm

    Skison 19/20

    yah i know what it means pen day ho
  5. Benm

    Skison 19/20

    lo-que-dijo.jpg or is this not the right place for that meme?
  6. i want to say yes but prob not, at least not in AM. 😢
  7. yuge upgrades between 1pm and 3pm from NWS- bust out the shovels in malvern.
  8. Anything untreated here was icy by the time I got back. Roads were all treated tho. Pretty sure I'm going to ditch work tomorrow and will be at the true mountain instead.
  9. I'm right at the bottom of the purple.
  10. huge jump up from last afternoon (4" in monroe and much less below the carbon line). usually they update this product around 8am and 4pm daily so i'll be checking it in the AM for sure. I've found it to be the most accurate reporting for my area over the last couple of years and i don't think i've met anyone who knows that it exists. i'm really looking forward to my day off of work on monday -- https://www.weather.gov/phi/winter
  11. Benm

    Skison 19/20

    tried that once. didn't work too well. our vet said to don't even bother washing the dog, unless it gets skunked or something...
  12. I'll be in delco for the holiday fml. hoping to get in some night skiing on Fri when i return. Otherwise I'll need to wait until Sat. also, mark your calendars. 12" snow on evening of dec 16. I know this because I have to go into the office Mon/Tues outside PHL and that's my luck.
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