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  1. Tunnel turn entrance of the racetrack. I emailed Keating and he actually wrote me back a cpl of times with updates. Met with him there too, seemed genuinely nice.
  2. That's my 2nd option. Closest is basically Jonas at 115. And it was 23c, why not give it a shot. What should really be concerning is canned roast beef from Brazil that smells like cat food. ...It's delicious.
  3. big day for me today. paging @saltyant
  4. forgot about that one. the one i'm talking about is less than a year old, basically at long pond / 115. and ya they have everything. i found herring filets on discount for 23cents/tin (half off already clearance sticker price). they were doused in hot sauce, so it was all good. went to the club and ate them at the bar.
  5. the newer one on 115 near the racetrack? shit is fukkin mint i love that one. better than a wawa on every corner. are they really trying to build that new one? i thought it was just an urban legend.
  6. i wonder what the bidding will start at, that's awesome
  7. i dunno, looks like a woodchuck to me.
  8. I introduce to everyone Le frattail
  9. I can assure you that, as of an hour ago, you do not want the whole trip report.
  10. i'm still waiting on @saltyant 's video edit from his trip out west. haters gonna hate
  11. this post is fuckin gold lmao
  12. When it comes to porno locations -- Most bizarre pornoesque shit I've seen in a long time -- I got super lucky one Pocono race a couple years ago, was able to watch the race from a media only spot, fuckin kino, even got a photo with Richard Childress. My wife and I were fuckin like Yolo, so pumped from it all, when we left, we opened a random door and it was some weird velvet room in the winners circle building. I still have no idea wtf was going on there. People were looking at us like deer in headlights, as if theyd been found out. We just 180ed and went home super confused. 10/10 would def open that door again tho.
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