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  1. Ok so a bunch of rich brahs in Colorado and elsewhere can't ski at a-basin. Man that sucksss
  2. Do you have a second hotel house there or something?
  3. How do I get a chair tho Mr Blog, that is the question.
  4. today will be a new high score by a lot if they're using the same metrics that i used in the past. seems like they keep mixing things up / missing / combining days so i'm not certain. im too lazy to do it anymore, but i was using the county result PDFs. They're usually uploaded to the server around 9am (website updates the link around noon). just change the date in the url in to today's for the most recent file. copy/paste into excel, take difference between yesterday and today and thats the new number.
  5. just saw camelback's newest promo email encouraging new yorkers to come visit the poconos for vacation. reeeeeeeeee go home
  6. Cute pupper. Mascot material for sure!
  7. can someone please elaborate on this
  8. Just flat out ask them in the comments. I don't think they meant anything by it tho.
  9. i'm willing to bet that they're just registered and insured in PA because it costs less than NY
  10. i'm pretty sure it's just a travel 'advisory', nevermind, they're all advisories. even though PA fits the rubric for mandated quarantine, they're not enforcing it, it's just discouraged. been on the news here the last couple days.
  11. I'd prefer it were the other way around.
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