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  1. Can you fit 203s in your car
  2. Someone plz buy these. Perfect for the east.
  3. A Saturday that I wldnt be able to attend. Wtgai
  4. I'm glad I brought the opening good luck, I had nothing to do with the closing tho. It'd be a huge flex by blue to open as early as possible with all the new snowmaking. A 3 day sub freezing snap - I think they'd take advantage. And I'm not saying Oct, but early Nov I'm ready to explode.
  5. Stojo risin' Was outside this AM like damn it's gonna be cold soon. Hoping for a cold stretch late Oct. Could you imagine blue being like 'lol opening day halloween'
  6. Are you in an HOA or is it a state thing regarding the permits and cutting? Good on you tho for just doing it. We had a tree disposed of recently and I was stunned with what diameter they could grind. I would've liked to keep a bit more.
  7. I'm not sure if you'd be going that direction for anything, but if you get to that light at Jonas and 115 (CVS) and turn north 115, it's clear as day. Like 1oclock position. The top is the (I think) southernmost point of Sierra view development. Map isn't recent enough, but the gray marker top left Sierra view.
  8. i hope so. they're laying new pipeline down. one spot i had always considered skiing if there was a lot of snow now has a fresh 30ft wide swath of flattened dirt parallel to it if that makes any sense. as in its not overgrown yet
  9. how big is your mower deck
  10. I want that big ass meteor to come so bad
  11. Benm

    Zee Lights

    anyone have more specifics as to what the issue is?
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