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  1. I'd bet we'd get upper and lower "Eventually"
  2. Article that they have the guy who started it in custody. Man who allegedly started Pipeline Fire burned toilet paper, claims he didn’t see ‘no campfires’ signs (azfamily.com)
  3. Maybe rigging from heli lifts?
  4. Has anyone thought about the possibility of the double lift lines now being a new trail(s)??
  5. Does PASR have boots on the ground with live updates?
  6. I think a 2x4 would do fine up front...
  7. One in sport mode and one in leisure mode.
  8. I agree. A few extra steps isn't the end of the world.
  9. When I was passing through LAX in Feb I saw some interesting mask combos. The most extreme I saw was what looked to be triple mask + face shield. Plus lots of double masks.
  10. Interesting point. Seeing how lifts bounce around from place to place maybe they are looking to get some cash for them...
  11. Seems silly if they are just removing it at some point.
  12. Ahhhh now they are there... Spinning slowly. Maybe they are taking them off now?
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