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  1. they must have received my handwritten letter very nicely asking to stay open until my return.
  2. Good shit today for sure… fingers crossed for opening on the 25th….
  3. No bueno for me... I'll be away the from the 13th to the 26th
  4. Still waiting for my greatest hits mixtape to arrive…
  5. This morning is probably in the top 5 days of the season for me.
  6. lots of the bumps last night had exposed fast grass in the troughs... home strech was also looking quite thin...
  7. Should be nice a spring like later!
  8. Had a blast last night. Arrived at top lot around 6 and went until close with perfect spring conditions. Groomed stuff was good as to be expected but the weird and obscure was the most fun. Spent a lot of time in the bumps and random ditches.
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