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  1. It's not telecom. It's electrical. There was another reel at just slightly more linear ft.
  2. I saw something and I feel like I am reading into it way too much but can't shake it. Notice the 'project'. Why would it specify the side? Why not just 'blue mountain'. I can't see it being instructions for where to dump the spool. Im wondering if the Vista chair will be coming down - just not until next season. Blue, if you're reading I will pay you $$$ for that spool after it's unwound
  3. It's way better than whatever I was expecting them to drum up.
  4. i was thinking earlier... i realized that i had completely neglected to consider was was happening at the top terminal of the lift... perhaps blue was focused there as opposed to the bottom? then i looked at Jeff's pic lol
  5. @enjoralas One thing that stuck out to me, though it was hard to see with where I was at, was that the spots that were dug out for the towers on the learning hill looked refilled and had grass growing. I could be wrong.
  6. I think it's some kind of frame in front of it, but who knows at this point.
  7. might help people from the LV get to the valley in record time but idgaf.
  8. @Lift Blog, thoughts?
  9. Gonna be a chilly start tomorrow
  10. No, it was just really bad, but so long ago I can't even remember why. I'm good with it being slow as long as I have some chips and salsa to get at.
  11. we actually have a chilis near us. i always forget about it because we had a terrible experience maybe 5 years ago. i need to head back.
  12. I'm trying to determine which one is salty and which one is Doug.
  13. if you're talking about in front of the learning lift, its likely chairs. when i was there, some were in that spot. mixilplix also posted a photo that showed some there.
  14. @AirheadD8 thanks for those photos
  15. i'm willing to bet they still have a shitload. just waiting for a new biker video to pop up. there was a recently posted one, but i don't think the video itself was recent.
  16. what about crocs. i forgot to announce that i joined croc nation like a month ago and i'm loving it.
  17. he'll probably be pretty low. you'll be doing him a big favor by telling him to take earplugs or, if he has them, earmuffs like one would use at a shooting range.
  18. the paper bag one? that's not it. you're right tho, it does have a very distinguished history related to nascar -- i got it at the sept 2013 dover race from the skoal tent. it was meant to be. i've tried and failed to find an identical one to replace it.
  19. actually i lied, short of the tippy top where the spotters sit, this is probably the best seat in the house. maybe 4 years back, we managed to convince some kid checking tickets that we were allowed into the 'victory club'. it's maybe a 4 story building with seating at victory lane. we had weird tickets that we got for free from a vendor that just had a big ass A on them and nothing else. no one staffing wise knew what it meant (we did, it was just a general admission ticket). so that kid let us in like whatever. so that was cool. shaded area up close, open bar, free food. then we saw a stairway that said 'media only'. naturally, we tried to sneak up. got denied. that guy had to run down for some security thing, so we ran up quick. no one bothered us, private bathroom, fuckin FOX camera crew all that. it was the most amazing thing ever. and i got a pic with richard childress. the other randos were dudes that also snuck up, there was only a handful of other people. we were all beyond hype. we also found out that they had some truly fuckin bizarre velvet room at the bottom of the building. we were hammered and just started opening doors and walked in. a couple people were in there like uhhhhh. we were like uhhhh. then some pit crew member ran in to use the bathroom. we did a 180 and went home.
  20. 💯💯💯💯💯💯🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🇰🇵
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