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  1. Glad someone could use them. I just sent them via email
  2. I've got two weekday night skiing vouchers that I am not going to use as Blue is closing this weekend and I am heading to Orlando tomorrow. If anyone is going to Blue over the next couple nights and was going to buy a ticket, PM me your email address and I will email the vouchers. Just post a note in this thread that you PM'd me so folks will know that they are gone. Seemed like a quick season...
  3. Vouchers are gone. Glad they can be used
  4. I have 3 mid-week vouchers, each good for an extended day lift ticket M-F, that I am not going to be able to use. If someone can use them, PM me your address (and how many you need) and I will mail them over. We were skiing BC the night of the power outage and ended up leaving after about an hour of the lifts not turning. They offered a voucher for every ticket purchased, so I ended up with a few as I was skiing with the kids.
  5. Here is a thread with the details in the first post - http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/travel-discussion/1199795/?start=0 You can start at Step 2 to get an Australian address (I just used the address for the Westin in Sydney when I did it for my brother) Seems to still be working based on the most recent post and the status should still be good for your trip this winter as it looks like you will revert back to silver in May 2013
  6. I've stayed at that Hilton Garden Inn (on points) and it is a reasonable spot to stay. Make sure you are Hilton Honors Gold before you go so that you can get free wifi and breakfast during your stay. I think you can still get Gold through a virtual move to Australia if you don't currently have it. You are going to want a car though - to get to the slopes, dinner, and getting to/from the airport. It will save a ton of time and it is definitely worth the cost. If you don't get an AWD or chains, you can always take to UTA bus up LCC/BCC if restrictions are in place. I've taken the bus on snow days and it isn't too bad although you will probably be standing if you grab the bus at the canyon entrance.
  7. Yes, they were pretty nice! Boot deep snow, nicely spaced trees on a mellow pitch. It was funny becase earlier in the day we were skiing the black forest trees (PCMR) which are a bit steeper and thicker, and it was tough to find a decent line of untouched snow over there. This area of the 10th mountain trees is visable from the McConkey's lift and didn't see nearly the same level of traffic. It worked out well for us as we skied these trees until last chair.
  8. Quickturns

    Elk Blowing snow?

    I think tomorrow is going to be a zoo as WVIA members ski free. I think this is always a very busy day for them. I thought they would want to have a bit more open to spread out the crowd.
  9. Quickturns

    Elk Blowing snow?

    Is anyone up at Elk this week? I am heading up Friday for Winterfest and am curious how they are making out with their snowmaking. It looks they have had a few good days weatherwise but it doesn't seem to have translated into additional open terrrain. Does anyone know if they are blowing on everything or just a few trails at this point.
  10. Thanks for posting this Night Rider. I just picket up two card, and this should go well with my son's SnowPass as we are we were already planning to hit up a bunch of different mtns this year. I saw that someone is already trying to see the cards on eBay for $150...
  11. Is the pass transferrable? Are the any personal identifiers on the pass that would prohibit you sharing your unused days with someone else? I might hit JF twice and Sno but that is about it. I'm sure I could find someone who could use the pass at the other areas though
  12. Thanks for the input guys. It is good and bad to see that there in no concensus, as it means these are probably all good places to stay, but makes the choice harder. It is just hard to pick a place based on mtns (PC/Solitude/Brighton) I haven't skied. Toast, I like the idea of Ogden, but I was a bit concerned about the daily drive to Snowbasin through the canyon. From what I have seen online it takes about 30 minutes in good weather and potential an hour in snow. As we will have our Honda Odyssey minivan, I would hate to be forced to stay home or go up late because of the snow. Have you had any experience making the drive in snow? Is it reasonable in a ft wheel drive with chains. I'll need to be a bit conservative with my driving as the kids don't have enought strength to push dad out of the snowbank just yet. Justo, having skied Snowbird and Alta on powder days, I agree with you about the entitled locals and their attitude, although it didn't compare with the line up for the Peak Chair at Whistler. I appreciate your feedback on all the mtns, and I am seriously looking forward to the snow cat assisted skiing at Powder mtn. It appears low key on their videos and looks like it would make for a fun day after a storm. You mentioned that the Canyons would be better than Park City, why do you think that? Do they have better terrain, are there less crowds or something else? I just saw the mid-mtn housing layout and was thinking of Sunrise Mtn at Killington with the trails running next to people's condos. Did anyone have any issues with the crowds while skiing at the Park City resorts? I can't imagine that this isn't an issue with all of the housing they have right next to the mtns.
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