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  1. I'm actually a "millennial" but God do I wanna put an "ok" sticker on the Boomer trail sign
  2. Sunday was pretty good Saturday was terrible. They made a good amount of snow overnight. I agree Boomer was the best run
  3. Yea that's not really a deal considering the lowest price for a seasons pass is $299 if you buy early enough
  4. I'm thinking of going tomorrow and using my WNEP card. I would rather go to Shawnee early season than mid season when it's swamped with jerrys
  5. I don't know for sure, but they are coming to montage for "Winterfest" which is basically just a normal ski day with live music and food specials and demos. So I want to say yes but who knows 🤷
  6. It might be in the lodge like it was for brewfest
  7. jeff


    Elk looking nice for mid November. Looks like they blew on Tunkhannock Susquehanna East west and probably Tioga. The rest is natural. Photo taken 11/15 at 4:30pm
  8. jeff

    Skison 19/20

    Jeez, even montage fired up the guns last night.
  9. The wnep card was just posted. $139 gets you a single pass to Greek Peak, Jack Frost Big Boulder, Montage Mountain, Mountain Creek, Shawnee, Ski Big Bear, Ski Sawmill, Swain Resort, Tussey Mountain and Whiteface. Price is a little higher than previous years but I think it's usually only 6 or 8 mountains. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wnep.com/2019/10/21/wnep-ski-card-2019/amp/
  10. Yes the north face still has a very deep base...up top...not so much
  11. jeff

    TR 1/2/19

    Bloodies sound like the same price as when I was there. Beer seems to go up every season. Apparently the owner passed the torch to his daughter/ children-in-law and they have "big plans" to modernize the mountain. I guess Wi-Fi is a start. I'm surprised it's free...
  12. I'm about 15 minutes north of Scranton/ montage. Was about 4 inches when I got home at 4:30 and hasnt let up yet. Just now changing to sleet/mixture
  13. jeff

    Saltyant Rides Vermont

    Yes elk is closer to 900 believe it or not
  14. I took advantage of this amazing deal last Sunday. Mountain was nice. Beers were cold...
  15. jeff


    Elk vert is roughly 920 even though they advertise 1000'. Blue might have more vert but elk is higher elevation.
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