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  1. jeff

    Skison 19/20

    Jeez, even montage fired up the guns last night.
  2. The wnep card was just posted. $139 gets you a single pass to Greek Peak, Jack Frost Big Boulder, Montage Mountain, Mountain Creek, Shawnee, Ski Big Bear, Ski Sawmill, Swain Resort, Tussey Mountain and Whiteface. Price is a little higher than previous years but I think it's usually only 6 or 8 mountains. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wnep.com/2019/10/21/wnep-ski-card-2019/amp/
  3. Yes the north face still has a very deep base...up top...not so much
  4. jeff

    TR 1/2/19

    Bloodies sound like the same price as when I was there. Beer seems to go up every season. Apparently the owner passed the torch to his daughter/ children-in-law and they have "big plans" to modernize the mountain. I guess Wi-Fi is a start. I'm surprised it's free...
  5. I'm about 15 minutes north of Scranton/ montage. Was about 4 inches when I got home at 4:30 and hasnt let up yet. Just now changing to sleet/mixture
  6. jeff

    Saltyant Rides Vermont

    Yes elk is closer to 900 believe it or not
  7. I took advantage of this amazing deal last Sunday. Mountain was nice. Beers were cold...
  8. jeff


    Elk vert is roughly 920 even though they advertise 1000'. Blue might have more vert but elk is higher elevation.
  9. jeff

    Current conditions

    unfortunately couldn't make the drive to elk, so I settled for montage. I was one of about 8 people there and the snow was great. When I left at 2 there was probably about 8 inches of heavy powder. Overall montage was pretty good. Elk was probably amazing though
  10. For pa at least, elk will be the place to be tomorrow. I'm thinking I "won't be able to make" to work due to the roads...but I will have no problem getting to the mountain! Waxing the skis right now
  11. jeff

    Current conditions

    elk forecasted to got 10 to 14 inches from this storm. If that happens and it cools down like they are saying, they will reach 100 days no problem, which I think is march 23. Praying for a dump. The deepest I've skied all winter was 6 inches at Shawnee. Nothing beats elk on a powder day, although this snow is supposed to be heavier...at any rate, they will be back to being 100% open which is great this late in the season.
  12. Yea your right skiing in November sucks balls
  13. Lights are on and the guns are blowing
  14. Mount snow said on Facebook that once they open they plan on remaining open through April.
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