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  1. Whitefish today pic

    Perfect morning corduroy.
  2. Whitefish today pic

    It's not always foggy. Yesterday and today.
  3. Montana 2/22-3/3

    Not often. Probably post more here. I'm on Pugski. I looked at some others, but really nothing has clicked.
  4. Montana 2/22-3/3

    Yes. Having a bad, bad year personally. The skiing is great. But I'm having a ton of migraines and my brother died, so have not racked up much.
  5. Montana 2/22-3/3

    No surprise. I'd never stay there again. It was back when Siblet was racing and the team stayed there.
  6. Montana 2/22-3/3

    Omg, have stayed at the Royal 7. Did they ever have a maid do your room? Probably ten years ago, it seemed to be an issue.
  7. Skis for the West: where to start?

    Lake Louise is more gorgeous. Less snow I think... Yeah, only 77", Sunshine at 72. I think they are open later than us. Maybe a month later. We've got a griz issue. Then again, they've got a passport issue and, I hear, DUI screening. But the loonie is still pretty low, so $ might be okay.
  8. Skis for the West: where to start?

    "Bad days" are caked in snow. But you can't see where the hell you are. This is almost a month back. More now. Husband on the injured list from shovelling.
  9. Skis for the West: where to start?

    It's been super frigid this year, so we've had plenty of days with them.
  10. Skis for the West: where to start?

    We already have our season (300") in. Base depth of 140, which is a new record I think. They had to extend the snow stake, anyway. Unfortunately, the body count is two so far, the second guy has not been found after a week of searching. I've been having a rough year, however, and not been out anywhere near as much as usual.
  11. Skis for the West: where to start?

    Er. I'm not exactly active these days.. And, judging by this thread, the reason is obvious.
  12. RIP epicski.

    Basically, Wikia bought Huddler. Huddler is no longer doing forums. The transition would have cost Vail money. Vail never really wanted the forums, they wanted the name Epic being under their Epic umbrella. They let the forums exist until it meant money. A huge number of content posters had already moved to pugski and although tuning and instruction content was probably still better on Epic, the equipment content was better on Pugski. So, many were on both. Which meant Epic was losing increasing ground. What I was seeing was more activity on Pugski, even though lurking levels were very high on Epic. But it had to mean decreasing ad revenue. Faced with the hassle and cost of a move to a new platform, they bagged it. It would have been nice to have had more notice FROM SOMEONE. All that content will be gone. 18 years worth.