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  1. They close due to the Forest Service officially. Unofficially because the resort starts to look pretty empty and sad. People just stop coming.
  2. Day 61 and that's a wrap. Fresh snow and fog
  3. Day 60. Fresh but set up snow on the back, mud and glop on the front.
  4. Day 58. Another bright blue day.
  5. Day 57. Forget Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Day. The new "skier's secret" day is Easter. 19 chair rides and I only rode with someone else twice. No one here. On a day like this.
  6. Day 56. More fresh snow, but heavier than it has been. Dense fog on one trail had me choosing the trees in self defense. It's been a few years since I did that.
  7. Day 55. Some fresh snow, but overcast and foggy.
  8. Once things got going. But, the lower, south-facing slopes are already closing. They never really got bushes covered and those bushes are re-emerging. I had to do "falling leaf" down one today when I rounded a hidden corner and was presented with a mess. Surprize!!! Day 54. -
  9. Day 53. Another storm. Nice, silky conditions.
  10. Day 52. Winter is back, thank god. I skied Monday and left after 3 runs because conditions were too high risk. Got 7" since then I and more on the way. Visibility left something to be desired, but snow quality was excellent.
  11. God, no. I'm spoiled rotten. Not a chance I'd take a run again. I'd have to hire the whole resort for myself. Day 47
  12. I'm meeting up with a Camelback skier on Thursday.
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