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  1. Thanks for the bump dude. Nice sig pic btw. What do you drive?
  2. Back from the dead, Looking to buy a new (bigger) board and would really like to sell this one first!!! Throw me an offer!
  3. Selling this straight up. Ridden 3 times and completely mint. FIRST $250 can come pick this up, i'll even drive to meet you.
  4. Well, i'm thinking about selling my new board. I bought it back in november, but i haven't ridden at all this year because i don't have time. It's this year's model, and i got to ride it all of 4 times. It is definitely a fun board, but a little smaller than i like. It's a 147. The board is absolutely mint, probably saw about 10 rails since i bought it. I would like to get $375 to make it worth me selling. OR...if you have a park board in a slightly larger size in good condition, i'm willing to negotiate trade + cash. I will get pictures up if there is any interest.
  5. Libtech boxscratcher...thread closed
  6. Oh is it? Well i don't want to cheat now do i? You're the boss
  7. I'm finally going to buckle down and get a new board this season. With all the hype of reverse camber and magne traction, i'm definitely trying to get more insight on the two. To anyone that has or has ridden magnetraction- how is it in the park? How is it on ice? My budget is right around $400, and i've narrowed it down to two. A-the GNU Carbon Credit series B-Nitro Swindle. I haven't really paid too much attention to the snowboard industry lately, so any insight is appreciated.
  8. I'm trying to think of who works snowmaking and drives a vw enough to be on vortex......i think i have an idea. . . get that thread linked up
  9. wrong there buddy. I've been straight edge for the past year thank you very much.
  10. i passed out last night with my contacts in. They dried out and stuck to my eyes, which is why they were (and still are) beet red.
  11. 60-65 feet there. Speed seemed to be an issue for a lot of people today. Yesterday was better.
  12. I didn't get struck, but that stuff messes with your stomach...
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