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    boards: '05 head iXRC 1100 177cm LD12's AM cruiser 116/68/100 r15.6m '06 fischer riu 180cm x10's twin tips 112/80/104 r16m '07 volkl racetiger sl 165 atomic neox412 scalpels '10 dynastar legend sultan 85's 178 cm look px12 fluid bikes: '13 Giant trance x 29er 1 trail bike '00 GT aggressor HT
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  1. mbike-ski

    1-20 Sunday fun day

    I like their wings, smoked AND fried to crispy perfection! Son in law 2B had above but only 2 meats I think Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. mbike-ski

    1-20 Sunday fun day

    Headed up after shoveling the driveway, radar and hourly looking good. As I approached the true mountain sprinkles turned to downpours so I figured I’d settle for some fresh sausage and eggs. BMDI was closed ?! So continued on in hopes maybe it was sleet on the north side / summit, nothing doing. Jeff looked like a drowned rat. Decide to go for a run or two, ended doing a long 9-1 session, conditions and weather just getting better and better until temps dropped into the mid 20’s. Kids showed up around 11 and topped it off with lunch at on point Phillip. Not exactly a pow day but a damn good one for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mbike-ski

    1/12/19....busiest day of the year

    ok not that i'm counting but that's the 2nd report i wasn't mentioned in as many weeks... i guess it really doesn't count as a ski day if i don't have bees lol
  4. mbike-ski

    Weekend roll call thread 1/12-1/13...

    headed up in a bit, Saturday (no beer), Sunday
  5. mbike-ski

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

  6. mbike-ski

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    I never use them but Mrs SnoBunski likes to crank my seat up to make me think I crapped myself
  7. mbike-ski

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    Do "confused", "sad" and "haha" count on the like-o-meter? certainly lots of lerfs wirth yur klerns over ther yers !!!
  8. mbike-ski

    1/4/19 - Glucose Tolerance Test

    ugh, may head up after work for a few (un)happy hour runs since tomorrow am looks lik e a wash, beer will be cold
  9. mbike-ski

    Sausage Sunday..12/30

    ‘‘Twas a good day, thanks enje! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. mbike-ski

    12/27..nice snow..nice weather. Another PASR day.

    i got up just after 7, snow was good along the sides of the trails, upper main was pretty smooth. weird foot cramps cut my night short. it was nice to be back having a beer looking up at zee lights
  11. mbike-ski

    12/26-27 roll call thread.

    maybe Thursday night
  12. mbike-ski

    Sunday 12/23/18... PASR Day...

    Salty do you sit to pee ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. mbike-ski

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    we gots new bathroom doors! I will no longer be able to stowe my skis on the trapezoidal window trim when i pee
  14. mbike-ski

    Catskills - Poconos Analogous Mountains

    platty is nothing like elk - i cant think of a single similarity in terrain, policy, grooming, vibe, etc, etc, etc they both have fixed grip lifts though
  15. mbike-ski

    12/9/18..better snow..Sunday

    hah only missed it by a day muffuggers