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    boards: '05 head iXRC 1100 177cm LD12's AM cruiser 116/68/100 r15.6m '06 fischer riu 180cm x10's twin tips 112/80/104 r16m '07 volkl racetiger sl 165 atomic neox412 scalpels '10 dynastar legend sultan 85's 178 cm look px12 fluid bikes: '13 Giant trance x 29er 1 trail bike '00 GT aggressor HT
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  1. I love canned sardines in both mustard and hot sauce, awesome on an English muffin
  2. bring one to the next bike/beer ride
  3. yea I'm in the middle of a bathroom reno, barely got mine in fathers day weekend. Usually I have beans and tomatoes by now but not this year
  4. or this? https://unofficialnetworks.com/2021/07/08/pennsylvania-ski-resort-opens-1-5-miles-of-slip-slide/ PASR Day anyone?
  5. slugs into the beans?
  6. mine is currently a lawn ornament. The other day I walked by it and decided it needs some hanging planters so it serves a purpose and looks like it is supposed to be there and not just yard junk... i'm guessing it weighs about 250# google says ~150# but it seems heavier than that
  7. On closing day a guy let me try his one wheel around the lot - such a blast!
  8. I don't think they did it this year but Greek used to do an uphill snowmobile race the first week after closing, never went but heard it was a huge party
  9. No real information but the writer has a great understanding of the situation... https://www.stormskiing.com/p/camelback-manager-ksl-resorts-adds?fbclid=IwAR1NTJLZch0yuGzkYvLDl_g50iADuAYjQ9r8jzeJnL6i1GypMEKLwN5UqLc
  10. Ive ridden mtb at Big Pocono from that lot and the pizza place down by the loft delvers there for apres
  11. There was a bar in Fishtown in college that had ceramic tile on the front that just went down to a trough. It wasn't in use but back in the day when the mills were active those guys didn't have much time on break!
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