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    boards: '05 head iXRC 1100 177cm LD12's AM cruiser 116/68/100 r15.6m '06 fischer riu 180cm x10's twin tips 112/80/104 r16m '07 volkl racetiger sl 165 atomic neox412 scalpels '10 dynastar legend sultan 85's 178 cm look px12 fluid bikes: '13 Giant trance x 29er 1 trail bike '00 GT aggressor HT
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  1. guess it was just a matter of time
  2. bump for stoke https://www.northcentralpa.com/life/ski-park-to-be-brought-back-to-life-in-potter-county/article_ad222f4e-5306-11ee-81a8-e32ce1c78324.html?utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2GMGBrdPdGLDDApbecrgvqXnUaMrPk2ebQsFeP8tT_2RWj6lUCoU_7u7s
  3. I mistakenly caught a skunk in the trap some years ago and had it "professionally" removed, I asked the guy jokingly if he was gonna dump it at the end of the road so it would be back next week, he said nope can only release on state property, either state park or gamelands. Said he was taking that fucker to Jacobsburg SP
  4. even better get yoself a splitting maul https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-4-lb-Premium-Log-Super-Splitter-with-34-in-Fiberglass-Handle-HD-SPF4-5LB/206768943#overlay
  5. Wascally wabbits have been my problem this year
  6. looks like a lot of pine you don't want to be burning anyway except maybe in the fire pit
  7. Glad to see Masa back at it, I think his tear was the day I saw him at Belle
  8. blew out my 3-pin XCD boots last season so snagged some purdy red replacements at 50% off
  9. i gonna miss the dark spots on switchback and lazy
  10. fucking deer devoured my rasberry bush
  11. Ain’t pretty but she’s in - rototiller- 1 / fence and forearms -0 Rhodos and azaleas poppin’ have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, thanks to those who sacrificed
  12. everywhere i have gone lately with recently improved snowmaking has those new stick guns with the orange anodized heads like the ones on coming soon
  13. it looks like they expanded the width of the park too?
  14. my wife and daughters calk it "shacket", apparently a thing now. whodathunkit?
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