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  1. This on my way home yesterday from the new (not sure about improved) CBI for a post mtb perogie and beer stop! Sorry Jlaw no titties and most of the kistchy charm is gone, perogies were still good though!
  2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hah i had a beer with Beau at celtic fest
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  5. we dont want to know what goes on in that hotel room...
  6. sad.. we were just commenting when we went by Sunday how fun it was with the kids. Bike train ride 10/9 or 10/11?
  7. y'all sound like a bunch of old pussies
  8. you never know... he did go to VT last season!
  9. Some fine construction there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. you may want to keep that ion the mini fridge!
  11. yea fuck you guys 😝 lol Ive probably been up there there 3 times in the last 5 years, been tough snow years for them. But I just got a $32 check for last month! Fractional ownership can be but is not always a "time share", our 1/4 share is deeded real estate. It came with RCI time share privileges for the first few years but we never used it and let it lapse rather than keep paying into it. Ours is set up as a hotel condo so we get use 13 weeks / year, if we don't reserve or use our weeks we get rental revenue less housekeeping and admin fees. If we want use other than our designated weeks we just pay $30'ish/night housekeeping fee as long as there not over 85% occupied, which never unless its a holiday or event. It worked out really well for this dumbass over the years when the kids were small and the the lake effect machine was pumping as well as alot of nice trips to the finger lakes region for wine tasting, mtb, and leaf peeping.
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