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  1. I'm always down for an east coast trip! Preferably a resort with some descent night life! Justin M recently contacted me and mentioned that dbamf and him were trying to plan a trip.
  2. 4:20pm on any platform always works for me!
  3. I recently got back from business trip in Canada. Our hotel was located right at the bottom of Mont St. Anne. Cool little area, mountain looked pretty cool, not much to do after 10pm unless you want to drive the 40 minutes to Quebec City. My goal this year is to ski once every week and do some kind of trip out west. I was thinking Alta, Park City, The Canyons, Deer Valley, Vail, or Jackson. Also planning on picking up a pair of fatter skis this year, something between a 102-110mm waist.
  4. Thinking about skiing Blue Saturday morning, but that sleet or freezing rain doesn't sound too promising...
  5. Thanks Justin! It's definitely hard to have a one quiver ski for east coast use. I'm not into park as much as I use to be, but still find myself going back to the park when I'm bored with just taking regular runs... that being said I probably ride park more than anything. I'll look into the on3p's. How do you feel about the Armada ARV's as being more of a one quiver all mountain ski?
  6. I've been looking into getting some sort of one quiver ski for this upcoming season. Looking for something a little wider between 95-100 in the waist, nothing super stiff or soft. Right now I'm riding 181 Armada Ar6's... Also the new Nike goggles are definitely on my list of things to get. Any suggestions on skis will help. Thanks
  7. Still looks like rain on Sunday, I'll be up around 8:30am tomorrow. Anyone gonna be up tomorrow morning?
  8. I've been planning for Sunday the 22nd for a while now. Hopefully the weather changes for Sunday later in the week. If not I'm going to try to get up there for Saturday morning.
  9. I plan on riding Montage, December 27th. I'm really only looking forward to the bar area
  10. Hahaha, never will forget those days!
  11. I deleted Facebook 4 years ago... I have IG and LinkedIn if you want to see what I've been up to. I'm doing good, got my BS degree last year...so been doing "BS" work ever since. How about you? Maybe we can catch up on some skiing this year!? Oh and beer!
  12. I'm hoping to get back on my skis starting this Thanksgiving weekend! From there on out hopefully I can set at least one day a week where I can go skiing throughout the rest of the season. I've just been so god darn busy anymore! Priorities!
  13. I was up montage this day myself! Snow was great, park was way better then expected. Ate it pretty hard on the c box which was fun lol. Hopefully things at sno turn out well for them within the next year. Wouldn't like to see that place get shut down after riding there my whole life...
  14. I'm still not sure where I'll be riding on Sunday, but if I end up at Blue I can make it there between 9-10 AM.
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