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2014 Burton Nug 154 Snowboard

ron m

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2014 Burton Nug 154 Snowboard



Nug has been ridden twice (in like new/excellent/ridiculously good condition).

Here is what Burton says about the nug:
What is known about this potent little number, and all strains of Nuggetry for that matter, is that you can downsize 8 to 10cm for a quicker, more maneuverable ride. Optimized geometry means it will out-tweak, out-maneuver, and out-spin your normal board due to a complete retooling of shape, flex, and effective edge. Continuous rocker only adds to the habit-forming pleasure of riding this exotic freestyle subspecies.




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53 minutes ago, saltyant said:

Lol I'm laughing so hard

I always laugh at ding dongs with like 9 posts that try to sell shit on here.  I always cockblock them by saying,”don’t buy from this person could be a scammer”. Reminds me of a PASR who tried to scam Moe Ghoul and ended up working for Lehigh university and the. Ghost them. 

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