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  1. Be sure to bring in your Ylang-ylang plants tonight.
  2. Not good, Blue left money on the table. I think I'll donate them the extra money I owe them for inflation.
  3. Idk, maybe. I like going for the free food. Sometimes they have shrimp cocktails. I don't want to make a speech or participate at all.
  4. My friend has been dating the same girl since high school and he just posted his engagement, after he said they would never get married.
  5. Maybe those are the chairs for the new 6 pack superb safari lift and they are going to put 3 chairs side by side.
  6. $30 parking scam at Stowe. Funk that!!!! Looks like I won't be going Fridays anymore. Once this becomes daily then I won't be skiing at Stowe ever again!
  7. If PASR wants to start a Go Fund Me to pay for my bike park lift ticket to tour on my new mountain bike and record GoPro footage, I won't be opposed to this.
  8. New Mexico Lottery?
  9. In the video correct but I have skied down from Choot to those crappy double chairs
  10. Nope, when it snowed a lot I skied everywhere including under the entire doubles line. That was easy compared to the trails @enjoralas and I went on in the bike park. Now those are quite gnarly.
  11. 1000% wrong, I have skied that section numerous times.
  12. When it snows that's one of the best trails around. It was featured in my haters gonna hate video. @GrilledSteezeSandwich haters talk.
  13. For all PASR Camelback superfans, this is grate!! Exciting times ahead for the best mountain in Pennsylvania!
  14. Maybe Big Snow is going to buy the towers and cables and install brand new fancy chairs with plush velvet cushions. I request the chairs also provide direct to lift chair teleportation services for those who are required to park in free parking lot and walk long far distances in ski boots. Then I would sell my Blue season pass and buy one for Big Snow.
  15. The vista lift is dumb. On a perder day I skied thru a gap in the fence and the attendant said yOu HaVe tO gO aRoUnD nExT tIMe even though there were zero people in line. I say get rid of the Vista lift!!
  16. That'll be difficult to drive thru the dirt and potholes.
  17. Every PASR should be protesting this absolute travesty that we're being relegated to parking in Timbuktu and then having to walk long, long distances in uncomfortable ski boots and bearing the heavy burden of carrying skis and poles. We might as well be Napoleon exiled to Elba. I've been a loyal, unwavering Blue Mountain season pass holder for many, many years (like 3) and this is insane! And I'm utterly appalled at the laissez-faire stance of PASRs. We must establish a united front and work together to ensure our sacred domain is permanently designated as the PASR parking lot and a national historic site.
  18. But I'm very pro free parking as paid parking is the devil like foosball.
  19. Can't imagine having to ride that dumb golf cart like some plebian.
  20. I just said I'm done skiing. I'm still planning on coming to the parking lot every single weekend to hang out with you and JFDan.
  21. JFDan gave me a purple cucumber for protesting this outrageous parking travesty. I'm super stoked he's showing full support. Maybe we can start a sit in protest in the middle of Razors Edge and a hunger strike where we eat nothing but Captains Wafers until our parking rights are fully restored.
  22. Funk that, I only do things the most efficient way possible. That's the antithesis of efficient and a colossal waste of time. Only gapers put their boots on in the lodge.
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