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  1. Ok. We get the two ends and Matt Edge and Atomic Jeff can get the two middles.
  2. Scenic lift rides sound rad. It would be amaze balls to ride those chairlifts into the high alpine peaks of Blue Mountain. I would probably ride two times in a row.
  3. Correct. Wao, grate recalling of facts. I was shoving all my gear and clothes in the 190 cm bag, but then I heard Southwest is cracking down on loading up ski bags with non ski gear. So now I just check 2 bags, 1 small ski bag and 1 clothing/gear bag and put my boots on my carry on. Less stressful
  4. Yes yes for @RajeevGuptaSucheeta $69 I will offer this ski bag when he transfers from the hill station in Mumbai to the local Blue Mountain ski slopes. With such a large bag both he and Jaya Singhvi can fit their Burton Snowbords and only have to check one bag. On their return trip there will even be extra space for them to smuggle Tobyhanna Dunkin Donuts donuts through customs back to home town in India
  5. @AtomicSkier or other mod: Feel free to move this to classified. I forgot to check whch forum before posting. Whoops.
  6. Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag, 190cm (Used) - $75 This soft, large roller ski bag can be yours today! It is in great condition and only has some signs of minor wear. All zippers work well. I don't need it any longer as I bought a smaller bag. A new one retails for around $110 so this is truly a terrific bargain and deal. I will drive to meet you within approximately 30 miles of Hazleton. If further, I can ship for a small fee.
  7. @GrilledSteezeSandwichsoon it will be getting good.
  8. I'm not really sure what's happening right now but I love this post. Is it almost ski and ride season yet??
  9. Only if they groomed the perder last night. I dont ski @moe ghouls
  10. @GrilledSteezeSandwich This is getting good
  11. No off season if you ski at da mall.
  12. Maybe next year try a ski fari at somewhere closer with lower altitude. For example, there are six places to ski within an hour of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The largest ski area from that article is Little Switzerland in Slinger, and it features a vertical drop of over 200 feet. There are a whopping 18 runs for your skiing enjoyment and it also offers a Chalet Restaurant.
  13. I put my skis away for the year. It's bike riding season!
  14. This is grate. @GrilledSteezeSandwich Be sure to mark a flag if you're safe
  15. saltyant


    Maybe but this video alone accounted for a 5,000% increase in go-pro's
  16. I don't think Kyle skis, he just comes on here to troll once in a while.
  17. Yes, I'll do the payment plan since they shouldn't get all of my John Cash at once. Grate ideas all around
  18. Thanks, I'll be sure to ask you if I ever need to remember what model of car I rented on a ski trip.
  19. I love eating at restaurants alone. Sometimes I sit at the bar area if it's not too crowded and always have a book or something to read on my iPad. Reading the menu gets boring after about 10 minutes.
  20. There are some really nice restaurants in Rutland like Dominos Pizza. I ate there when I went to Killington in 2023. It was really nice to check out the local cuisine.
  21. How were the free cookies? Were they Oreos, Chips Ahoy, or generic brand? Were you allowed to take more than one cookie each day? Could you take another cookie after each run? Were the cookies better, the same, or worse than the sugar cookies at Camelback in 2017? Did they serve hot cocoa with the cookies? If so, how did the hot cocoa taste?
  22. WJW, $149 a night is pretty cheap for being close to Vail. You must have saved a lot by taking the Frontier red eye flight.
  23. Thanks, today is the 5 year anniversary of when Vail bought Blue Mountain Hill stations.
  24. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot the day of unkindness was last weekend and not this weekend.
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