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  1. Yes, I think it'll be fun when PASR alternates mountains each weekend this season. We can finally ski Marjorie's Delight together.
  2. This is grate! Maybe the Blue Mountain dog mascot and the Camelback camel mascot will make sexy time and we'll get a brand new mascot for both mountains.
  3. So Camelback people can ski both, but Blue Mountain people can only ski Blue Mountain?
  4. I'll sell them my pass for three fiddy.
  5. Wao maybe some day I'll be rich like Toast and Atomic Skier and own fancy grass to post pictures of.
  6. @GrilledSteezeSandwich This is our chance to have dinner with JFDan in Malvern. Too bad I had a bad experience at the Flying Pig and cant go back so you'll have to substitute for me.
  7. Last year I biked from Hazleton to Jim Thorpe, Leighton, up Blue and then up Big Pocono. It was radical seeing Blue from CB since I'd just biked between the two. There's also a grate hike to the top of Big Pocono from the southside which I did.
  8. I dont plan on buying lift tickets this year since I have 2 season passes. Hopefully Camelback is added to our Blue Mountain pass so we can go there on alternate weekends and high five a real life camel.
  9. Correct. And the neighbor has 9 tires stacked and other water collecting garbage. I kicked over the sink full of water and called the township and they took some pictures. Hopefully this shit gets cleaned up very soon or there will be hell to pay.
  10. No but I cant go in my yard without getting swarmed no matter how many I kill with the zapper, and no matter how much bug spray I spray and how many tiki torches and repellent sticks I light. It's bullshit
  11. Ho Lee fuk, absolutely cannot wait for cooler weather next week so these fucking mosquitos start dying.
  12. Malvern is a grate place to meet friends for supper
  13. I've been to both of those and didnt realize they're that close to one another
  14. @RidgeRacer This is grate!!
  15. Oh wao that would be grate. If I get to solo by winter I plan on flying over Blue Mountain the true mountain one morning and I'll take photos of you guys skiing from the aeroplane. Of course it'll be from 1,000 ft above the ground to comply with FAA regulations so you guys will look like tiny ants.
  16. Is that Bactrian or Nile Mile?
  17. That's certainly a nice spot for plane watching. Maybe one day I'll bring my red chair and sit in the grass with a root beer. Yesterday though I couldn't wait to finish the ride at the end because I was dying of thirst even though I drank my two full water bottles.
  18. Getting hit on any road is always a concern of mine, but I felt pretty safe going around Harvey's Lake as the cars arent going very fast and it's a popular biking loop. I watch approaching cars in my mirror and if they're not moving to the left I look for the nearest exit. Plus had my high viz and rear blinking camera on. It was a nice ride, the climb leaving Edwardsville was pretty tough with grades of 17%. Didnt see any airplanes at KWBW but looks like a really nice spot to watch planes landing on runway 25.
  19. Biked from Kirby Park in Kingston to Harvey's Lake and back to explore the Back Mountain and surroundings. Schiff's was near the paved trail which follows the river.
  20. Correct, it was in Forty Fort and not too far from the river
  21. Thanks for helping that poor baby mouse. I've moved a few turtles off roads while biking.
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