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  1. The fan guns cover more ground though so maybe they are thinking bang for the buck and throw down more coverage on the flat spots. Throw more guns at the intersections and cross overs which generally are the toughest. Somebody else said it too but fans don't require compressed air so again more bang for your buck. The far side of razors is always thinner and I can see the groomer being like yo pushing this slop across is dumb but I'd throw all these guns up high on the flats and same down low. The new sixer was thin all year.
  2. That's cool AF, I'm normally a very cool customer but there are definitely a couple peeps it would melt my brain. The short tie too is a very tough look to pull off so job well done......unbutton the top button and hide it with the tie is my method.... it looks a little worse but who am I the king of England ?
  3. Dude is that actually him ? Nyc has a million look alikes but mad cool..... you know they are an actual person but even up close your brain almost can't believe they are actual people
  4. Looks like a Patagonia or Prana based on the color and one if the 100000 famous rays....... I argue that you could fall into a rando place in NYC and the pizza will be better than 99% of west of the Mississippi. Subarro not included
  5. I took Monday off originally to ski sugarloaf but my lazy ass wanted to take some time off the clock driving home and went to Stratton. From the first run down standard it was perfect, absolutely empty and super smooth perfect corn. Run after run just me and myself harvesting the corn. I ran standard top to bottom 8 or 9 times as the gondy was empty but really everything outside of captain Janeway was 11/10. This was one of the best spring trips I've ever had and I can't remember a better 4 day stretch skiing the east in a long long time. I agree if possible I would like to end my season up there. I fucking despise the end of skiing, I hate when Blue closes and I super hate when my season is getting to an end.......Winter should be 9 months long
  6. It doesn't snow much at some of those places. Telluride in particular only does 250 or so most years. Every 1 in 10 years or so the flow will favor the San Juan's but those are relatively rare years. The front range too is getting the old drier parts of the storms that have now been up and down a series of mtns as they move west to east.
  7. This will be it for alot of people, I think the next one is 20 or 30 years for the US
  8. You can almost always tell its magic ! Looks like a super nice day. ‐--------------------------------------------- I wanted to go to Sugarloaf but when I woke up at 5 and realized I could sleep 2 more hours if I went to the River that made it easy. Score two more points for being lazy because it was le tits. Super sunny with nobody around the trails baked up to a super nice smooth corn around 10am. I rode mostly empty trail after empty trail as the river has alot of horizontal terrain. The shots are a little shorter as its like 40000 peaks but some really nice wide groomers you could uncork it on. My legs were trash from all the bumps the last couple days but I did take two on Top Gun and it was super nice soft easy airplane bump turns. It was a very very nice spring day and man I gotta get up to the river more.
  9. Another fire day in the Mad River Valley. I forgot how vertical the bush is but first run down heavens in the kinda stiff and I remembered. NM had called gatehouse like 2 days ago and it was prime, super soft miking it kinda turns. Super nice soft bumps and just super fun everywhere you go. The beer everywhere is redic but super glad we stopped at Lawsons both for the beer and intrigue. The rest of the crew is headed south whereas my destiny lies east across the border but it was most excellent to rip with such a fine crew. I've skied more bumps in two days than two years and there may be no higher compliment.
  10. Today was doooope ! Classic VT like 16 different snows on the hill, super super perfect corn and then the next turn is boilerplate, then grass, then firm groom etc etc and its all up to you to navigate. Outer limits was very very good, one run I got in a good line and it was lazy falling airplane turns all the way down. Vagabond was also very good with the perfect amount of skankiness. I think this has been the longest I've gone between visits but say what you will its a fantastic mtn. There is that millisecond in skiing where you can feel your shit going south because something unexpected has occurred in the snow. The more you ski the less it happens as you get better at predicting what to expect but I think at no mtn have I spent more time in the oh that's interesting place in seemingly non threatening terrain than Killy. Like the rodeo in Mexico it's gloriously sketchy. Proper fucking crew and a gorgeous day in the mtns.
  11. I rode this morning, classic PA day, grey and windy and colder than the temps. They blew last night maybe but to little effect. There was some blown on some ti rarees and slow spots but only the same stuff was open. All the north face stuff went but was closed for 10ft patches of brown. I rode everything open but mostly cannonball a thousand times. It was a super fun rolly Brownstown with a little bit of ripping. Absolutely nobody was there but super nice of them to stay open.
  12. Nice ! I'll be up tomorrow morning if anyone else is around.
  13. I'll be up Sunday morning and probably hit up Montage tomorrow morning
  14. Today was super dope and once everything warmed up it got really good. Huge props to Ben for getting the skis signed and killing it on Razors. I despise the end of ski season, skiing as a lifestyle is my dream of dreams but we did take what was a very shitty weather season and make it tremendous fun. It was an honor and a pleasure.
  15. That's super super cool and if I'm not mistaken the old lady died last week. Apparently some dude on an early Burton board derailed the single and the rest is history. It's a super cool place to ski, paradise is legit af and it has cool quirks like mad brown outs while the trail is open.
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