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  1. Today was hyper goldilocks, great weather decent snow and a super nice parking lot. I'd always want more snow but a real nice opening weekend so far.
  2. Today was super good for opening, decent grip and good Temps for soft snow. Tits Mcgee to see everyone, plus veal and pork belly and getting a hall pass to ride the lift..... today was a good day
  3. I'll be there all 3 days, can't fucking wait to see everyone and get the worst turns of the year in. Anything other that a brutal death field of cookies and I'll be disappointed. Shit is excellent though for real, 60 degrees out December 2nd and tomorow we can ski.....tits Mcgee all around
  4. Did they actually limit the number of passes sold this year ? I find it hard to believe they care how many people are out on the trail and it seems like a Debeers artificial demand thing. It will be interesting to see what happens the next lean year where demand isn't so high.
  5. You are the God damn man ! Your daughter too and I owe you a solid for sure ! As long as it wasn't 8000 I don't care about the price I'm just super happy to have gotten one. If you, the wife or the kid need or want a piece of gear or something just let me know, my sister is working for J Lindberg and I'd be happy to pay it back
  6. Fuuuuuck this is my punishment for falling of the grid a bit lol lol I don't really care what it costs if it's reasonable but never have they ever limited passes and I've had one for like I don't know how many years. I'll keep checking and hopefully I can snag a pass.
  7. It was a McChicken but that is a good memory, that was glorious and I would for sure buy all kinds of stuff to eat on the lift. I could even order and pay through and app just deliver it to me at the bottom of the lift so I can just keep going lol lol
  8. I've always wondered what it looked like inside as I think it's original but I like GSS says they just circle jerk in there and I can go without that.
  9. Fuck I've been all over the place since the end of ski season and they go and make bold moves. Interesting to see where this ends up but it makes too much sense not to happen. I liked junk show blue but I'm still surprised it didn't happen sooner.
  10. Killy way back had Juanitas burritos mid Station of skyeship, I heard many stories of people hopping out, getting a burrito and hopping back in. I think at most it's maybe 30 seconds with the door open so doubtful but it was still dope af to get a taco and be back on the lift in like 5mins. I agree tacos, hotdogs, coffee sell all that shit in line.
  11. I even wore the night cap like Bert. Most fun I've had in a bedroom with no funny business
  12. Went up today for an afternoon session, pretty sure Atomic and Mute were there too but never could find them. Brown town for sure but really coverage is pretty good. Icy granular soft stuff, good bad snow and it was t-shirt weather. Sad to see the number of days left shrinking.
  13. Yesterday was what its all about, super fun, sun and dope ass eats. My ass came home and promptly passed the fuck out. Enjo as always what a feast ! Nobody anywhere at a ski area eats like we do and the smoker in the truck is all time. BenM that top tier shenanigans and way to rock the long straight skinny skis. To everyone, its been a weird year but we fuckiny rocked the shit out of this season like true Detroit players.
  14. UT and DE are pretty much wide open, with the exception of under 16's all 33 members of my family are now vaccinated and almost all of them got it in UT
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