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  1. Yesterday was sick bird ! Junk snow skiing is super fun, the ski never sits still and is in the air as much as your legs can handle. Moguls arent my fav but this kinda day they are exactly perfect. It was awesome skiing with you guys and fucking around. Next year I'll bring some pam for the skis for the fast grass sections.
  2. So I'm in Tahoe and long story short, a trust worthy fellow I know told me two weeks and you'll hear news about an investor or purchaser at blue. I know of no other details but I don't believe he would be lying but take it with a grain of salt.
  3. I was wondering if you were going, have a blast dude!
  4. Trip looks awesome, I'm super happy to be in Tahoe but I do miss aspen in spring.
  5. Lots of killington is nbd. Rams head is big blue groomers, mouse trap lift is more of the same. K1 has some gnarly stuff but also easier skiing blues. Killington has a bit of everything for everyone.
  6. That was as perfect as a spring day can get. Snow was pretty decent even first thing and the afternoon session was really nice soft spring snow. Enjoralas, holy fuck dude, I would wager there isn't a ski area parking lot in the world where someone eats better. You are a saint.
  7. I was looking for you but figured you left I do, orange one
  8. I got up at 1210 and it was super nice. Snow was soft and the trails empty.
  9. I'll be there Sunday normal time, Sat around noon.
  10. Its not marketing its a $$$$ thing, once they hit the number they need for early pass sales aka float them a loan its behooves them to raise the price because they aren't saving any money on taking a loan.
  11. They will close the 31st and reopen the next weekend unless the weather is just awful. They gotta sell the hype.
  12. That shit is gold jerry.....gold
  13. Today was what it's all about, the food was God Damn ridiculous, enjorales dude that was a straight up feast. Lift shenanigans was funny as shit, huge props to Dan for the ultimate walk of shame. Shit was perfect.
  14. I have a pink and a purple helmet, two separate not one multi color. I normally dress in pretty bright colors. I have a beard, just yell johnny law or something. If you ever see me just say hi......also we didnt try to put 7 on, some zincy with the biggest gaper gap tried to hop on so he could be with the cool kids. Transformer crew is cool but they aint having creme brule tomorrow. PASR does it legit. Mili I was dressed in purple and had a Miki is a babe hat, I said hop out and say hi
  15. Holy fuck that is alot of food. Do you think we still need lobster tails ? I can bring pretty much anything so sombody let me know.
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