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  1. Johnny Law

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Its not marketing its a $$$$ thing, once they hit the number they need for early pass sales aka float them a loan its behooves them to raise the price because they aren't saving any money on taking a loan.
  2. Johnny Law

    Zee Lights

    They will close the 31st and reopen the next weekend unless the weather is just awful. They gotta sell the hype.
  3. Johnny Law

    St. PASR Day

    That shit is gold jerry.....gold
  4. Johnny Law

    St. PASR Day

    Today was what it's all about, the food was God Damn ridiculous, enjorales dude that was a straight up feast. Lift shenanigans was funny as shit, huge props to Dan for the ultimate walk of shame. Shit was perfect.
  5. Johnny Law

    Blue Mountain 3/16/2019

    I have a pink and a purple helmet, two separate not one multi color. I normally dress in pretty bright colors. I have a beard, just yell johnny law or something. If you ever see me just say hi......also we didnt try to put 7 on, some zincy with the biggest gaper gap tried to hop on so he could be with the cool kids. Transformer crew is cool but they aint having creme brule tomorrow. PASR does it legit. Mili I was dressed in purple and had a Miki is a babe hat, I said hop out and say hi
  6. Johnny Law

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    Holy fuck that is alot of food. Do you think we still need lobster tails ? I can bring pretty much anything so sombody let me know.
  7. Johnny Law

    Sugarbush Advice

    Rhus Ovata or Sugarbush is an evergreen shrub to small tree that grows in chaparral in dry canyons and south-facing slopes below 1300 m in Southern California, Arizona and Baja California. Rhus ovata ranges in height from 2–10 m (6.6–32.8 ft) and it has a rounded appearance. The twigs are thick and reddish in color. Its foliage consists of simple, dark green, leathery, ovate leaves that are folded along the midrib. The leaf arrangement is alternate. It blooms in April and May, and its inflorescences which occur at the ends of branches consist of small, 5-petaled, flowers that appear to be pink, but upon closer examination actually have white to pink petals with red sepals. Additionally, the flowers may be either bisexual or pistillate. The fruit is a reddish, sticky drupe, and is small, about 6 – 8 mm in diameter. Rhus ovata looks similar to Rhus integrifolia, but Rhus ovata can be distinguished by its leaves generally being folded rather than flat and more pointed than blunt as compared with the leaves of Rhus integrifolia. The main Rhus ovata population range is from the central and Pacific region Baja California north into Pacific coastal Southern California, and also in the central Arizona region of the Mogollon Rim. Rhus ovata prefers well-drained soil in a sunny location, with little water once established, being a very drought-tolerant plant. It does not respond to formal boxed pruning well; however, as needed for wildfire fuel reduction or rejuvenation, occasional autumnal cutting, down to above the base crown, is done for new basal sprouting. My advice would be to pick another plant or perhaps think about growing indoors, Sugarbush are not a good choice for our climate and growing season.
  8. Johnny Law

    Weekend prognosis?

    I believe cement is referring to a slow and heavy but grippy snow. The most prominent pond is down by the sixer normally, guard is maybe the RFID turnstiles ?
  9. Johnny Law

    Zee Lights

    How someone gets to your age with such little understanding is beyond me. Life is not about maximizing roi, money itself is nothing more than a tool, a group delusion we all participate in. Its certainly your right to take such an accountants view of buying a pass but ultimatley its something you can't understand and what makes you a shitty skier. Skiing is not about edge angles and turn radius, those things are actually simple. Skiing isnt from the mind but from the soul. You can think all day about laying arcs and nothing happens, it's a doing and like Zen Buddhism says doing and thinking aren't the same thing. To you the lot is a place to get some free meat but for us it's the equivalent of the town square. A place where like minded individuals although different in many ways can come together to have a good time. Other people that ski blue 3 times a week and can talk for five minutes about lower main st. Community, our tribe, now that is pretty rare in this world, infinitely rarer than a thousand bucks So no slightly cheaper access to mtns I already have access to is not worth that community but based on the way you ski that's not something you'll be able to understand. Its passionless, ski by numbers.
  10. Johnny Law

    Zee Lights

    Vail resorts ? Really ? That's so.......basic. If there is one thing Blue mtn isn't it's basic. Weird means different and different in this sense is mostly good. I can't knock her at the end of the day if she takes the $$ and runs, the ski business is shitty and who knows if anyone else would want it. That said I would be disappointed if she sold, Blue is Blue, it has character and is interesting, Vail is wonderful but does the EC need another Disney type place ? What about another faux Austrian village like Stratton or a billion other places ? 5 high speed 100000 packs won't make the skiing any better and it's sure as shit going to make almost everything else worse. Does blue sometimes make some rather interesting choices ? Sure but they also employ people almost entirely from the area. Think about if you can even name another resort that does that. Besides skiing fast on Paradise they let us do pretty much whatever we want. When it snows they have never once said a word to me about skiing wherever. Fuck this weekend there is a dude who's going to make Creme fucking Brulee in their parking lot. The owner walked into the parking lot and asked a bunch of men drinking beer at 1030am what we thought if she asked us to move and when we were not so thrilled did absolutely nothing. Think about that for a second, what if we did Sausage Sunday outside of a karate dojo, in most of the world that shit just doesn't fly. I've been lots of places, there is a place for Vail resorts but there is also a place for slightly weird places that break the mold. Skiing shouldn't be golf and if saving a couple hundo on traveling places is something you'd give up alot of things money can't buy than Vail resorts is right up your alley. Vail resorts loooooooves bubble lifts, what more do I have to say ?
  11. Johnny Law

    RMNP avalanche class

    I like being in the Mtns and camping itself so I've had two trips were we couldn't do anything but tour around and take pictures of stuff for next time. That can be super fun in an of itself. Do you have a topo of the area ? If the terrain is conducive you can always just stick to stuff that is flat and do some fancy walking in the woods.
  12. Johnny Law

    RMNP avalanche class

    That's super sick, the classes are actually fun at least I think and now with some knowledge your probably feeling more comfortable and capable in terrain. Dynafit bindings take practice to get in and out of, nobody is good at it at first. Some people swear by the roll your foot line up one hole then rock straight back method but i could never get that to work great. Shovel makes a huge difference, I know that sounds goofy but it really does. Metal blades weight a bit more but abs can and does break. The flatness and size of the blade also makes crafting the faces in shovel shear alot easier. I like the BD deploy 7, the shovel your using looks like the handle is kind of short, no offense intended what so ever, maybe its just the picture but the length of the handle makes a huge difference, its a longer lever so you can throw more snow. Did you like the skis ? Width is generally your friend touring, lots more 3d snow. If you found boots that work you are golden that's maybe the hardest part.
  13. Johnny Law

    3/9/19..the day everybody waits for.....boots

    Dude free boots ! Lol I can't think of anyone in the group with head challenger 120's
  14. Johnny Law

    3/9-3/10 weekend roll call thread..

    Those titty's are shopped for sure LOL I'm out this weekend, apparently I must have lost my job because I'm going to party rock in VT with my brother and friends. I'll be up tonight.
  15. Johnny Law

    Montage 3/2

    I always love pics from Montage because there is nobody else even in them. Looks like an awesome day.