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  1. The stock market is not the economy, if the repo market locks up it will be in complete free fall before anyone can say Bob's your uncle. DE is apparently closing their borders though I imagine enforcement will be nil still pretty interesting. I know lots of nj and NY were at the beach. I see math says the peak is two weeks away pa somewhere in the 2 to 3k a day range which isn't terrible. Anyone got any good reasons why we won't see those numbers ? DE is so quiet it's hard to believe anyone could be passing it around but I did see the buses are still running. Berks a shit ton of people are out at the parks which I totally get but seems counterproductive to me.
  2. Good, bored af, I like a life of movement but its good to be bored right now. Work is stupid busy for a world doing nothing. How's Allentown? Did you close your work ?
  3. I dont for one second disagree that he was negligent nor does it forgive his behavior but he ran on that platform so then it would be my fault to expect something else plus and this is a huge plus, it speaks to the actual problem. Beyond politics, beyond party human beings have not agreed to address the lynchpin in everything. The economic system in this country is failing not the stock market which is all make believe, the most important make believe buy make belive non the less. It's not failing because of markets or Corona not even poor people. Its failing because its asking too much of humanity and its exposing and widening faults, it's the ice in the cracks of the society we have built. Humans have to have a conversation about what capitalism 2.0 is and particularly debt and banking. The economists around here listen just go look at the numbers in personal debt, corporate debt, the fact that the fed has been blowing money into the furnace in a desperate attempt to get to that magic growth number for at least a decade. Where does the math go ? Exponential growth at 3% is a doubling rate of 31 years ? Check my math but the problem in this economy is the why in the inventing new money. New markets new products new people are not entirely keeping up with need to invent new money. That's CDS magic in 2008, it was a reason to make new money with almost no natural limit because it wasn't reliant on an actual physical resource. Capitalism isn't bad but parts of this have to change or humans will inevitably implode under the pressure. This directly relates to Corona, all the shit I was talking about in the previous post, heath care, how it moved across the world and where it came from, there is a thread that ties them all together. What for the life of me is that I can't understand ever is the under pinning of the shit that really can cause chaos at a global level, shit like wall street is 90% made up. Its not physics, who else cares ? Aliens ? Other animals ? Then why not have a conversation about how we can stop rigging the system for .1% of us but for all of us. Make the system serve humans not the other way around. I am at some level a servant to the economic system, I exist to serve it not the other way around. Anyone ask yourself the same. This system is for humans by humans of humans so why the fuck does it not serve humans ? That's the problem, corona is go around 968679992 of just another symptom of the disease.
  4. How do you feel about the 1.5 to the banks ? I'm not a trump fan by any means but a national closure of sorts is one of those things that is so easy to say but vastly more complicated than anyone person or organization can even comprehend. How far down the essential workers do you go ? It's a global economy at some level everyone is essential. Gotta have power, water, trucking, mail, banking etc etc etc etc and they rely on a giant web of things that also rely on even more things. You want the cheeto in chief deciding that ? A M&A guy by most definitions is not essential nor is the local pizza shop but economics makes for strange bed fellows. Its not the case that you can cut off even one little sliver and not have ripple effects through all the other sectors so even the idea of what's essential is alot harder than just I know it when I see it. What's your enforcement mechanism ? Rolling out the national guard is extremely dangerous, armed soldiers patrolling streets is bad juju, now add into the mix people that are bored as shit and home for 10 days straight and oh boy could you take a 1 and make it into a 100. The police ? Do the math, in every country on earth that has ever existed you rely entirely upon 99.9 of people doing what their told and if you piss them off even if its for totally justifiable reasons you risk them figuring out there aren't enough people to do the enforcing. Law's and law enforcement are largely illusionary. What about the economics of the whole thing ? Does killing 10x as many people over 8 months because the economy took a shitter better than a virus doing it ? What about all the people that live paycheck to paycheck, hourly wages workers ? Going to work for them is essential to feed their families and what not. Five below being open isn't essential but for the person that works there it very well maybe. What about all the people that are in business that rely upon steady weekly income ? Chefs for example, restaurant is closed, rent is due, still gotta eat but you can't collect funemployment and that shit takes weeks to process anyways, plus is the state worker essential ? What about the random who issues the banking card or processes the payments ? You can in the process of trying to prevent deaths by corona cause x1000 deaths if you stall the economy. These are difficult questions that are unprecedented in alot of ways. The president, any president would have a fucking hard time with this question, this president just does whatever he thinks makes him popular, he's mostly ignorant and is prone to reactionary behavior so even if the argument is he should have I'm not sure how relevant it is. I get the hospital bed math and projections from Italy, from a pure conceptual point of reference I agree with what your saying but you entirely discount the most important part. How ? Its like deep water horizon, everybody bitches when they spill it, almost nobody has any idea how it works, even less people have any ideas on how to improve the process and even less people than that can see that the only fucking reason they are down there drilling and spilling is so that everyone else can do the fucking bitching in the first place. The real answer, the real actual answer is to not build a shitty ass society in the first place but that ship sailed and sank long before we were even alive.
  5. That dog is particular is extra awesome......always better to ask for forgiveness than permission !
  6. Apparently not, rajeev use a VPN so it's probably not GSS....maybe ttc6 or whatever that guys name was. He held a serious grudge for years since we wouldn't car pool with him
  7. I know you swear you weren't rajeev but I still say odds are.....could be DHarrisburg or whomever that guy was
  8. Is this a GSS troll ? Who was rajeev or whatever ? Just come to Blue sometime or something and say hi, if you bring good beer we'll probably like you LOL
  9. Today was le tits for real !!! Water to wine level The food was insane, pink salt block filet, fucking creme brulee, shrimp, brisket, breakfast I could go on and on. The wow factor is always on display with empenadas but never more than on closing. Super shout out to Schiff those skis were an absolute riot, I gotta get them tuned up but they were so fun in the mush lol Everybody a round of applause for yourselves that was stupid fun
  10. Sick bird! I got some champagne, if you guys need anything just let me know
  11. I'm in for sunday, if you guys need me to pick anything up just give the word.
  12. First of all with the 106's you look Euro as fuck ! This was a sicccccckkkkkk fucking trip, just the view of the mountains alone, let alone the good snow, excellent food and drinks and they gave you a reason to come back !
  13. Ryce is really good food !! Hope you guys get 6"+ and have a super awesome day.
  14. CB is a dream, way to get the goods !
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