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  1. Johnny Law

    April 2nd Perder Merder.

    Hahaha I only lived downtown during college which was less eventful crimewise then you might think. Heard lots of gun shots but only saw two people that were shot. Junior year I lived on 11th and Marrion and two undercover federal agents buying drugs got shot and dumped in the street about half a block down.We heard the shots, the car peel out and saw the dudes laying there. Later that night we after getting super high and playing grand theft auto VC for like 10 hours we went to the 11st Wawa across from Rockland Plaza and there were more cops then I've ever seen. Most of them were just drinking coffee shooting the shit but apparently a couple hours later they found the shooters and killed them over by Johnny and Hons. Lots of random weirdness but reading was cool. I never lived in the super ghetto part of reading though but it was a great place to buy drugs.
  2. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    It was a very good day. Plus I've now been to like a ton of closing days which are always at the very least a party.
  3. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    We rode for about 3 hrs, he talked alot about being quicker in getting to the down hill ski. Also a bunch about weighting the ski correctly in the bumps but he's so far ahead its like Einstein trying to teach a monkey.
  4. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    I ran into him in the morning when he was with the intermediate group from my sisters old shop. First thing he said is hi I'm jonny, like I don't know who you are lol....After that he said that he was going out at 130 with better skiers, I did ask him to make mad tricks 2 but he said he's too busy selling sunflower seeds lol
  5. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    I never enjoy them, your right though next season I should try to be semi competent.
  6. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    The funny part is he gave me some tips and I still can't ski moguls.
  7. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    Today I skied with Johnny Moseley, dude isn't as fast atomic on groomers but dude skied bumps on one leg wicked fast that I could barely ski on two. Plus he threw a huge 360 off a snow covered electrical box into the wine bar party which is the most legit move I've ever seen in skiing. Excuse my face it was super warm and I had to look directly into the sun to get the chair lift selfie.
  8. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    I've never been though there before and it was oddly beautiful. I would have liked to stop at some of the towny bars but we were on the rocket docket.
  9. Johnny Law

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Snow changes constantly with all kinds of stuff. Temperature is most important generally, which is influenced by all kinds of things aspect, solar radiation, snow depth, etc etc. Temp relates to water content which is paramount. When you understand these things you can always follow your nose to the best snow on the mtn. When you go skiing pick up the snow in your hand, look at the crystals and think about how the weather and other factors made it that way. GSS sweet fucking trip dude, Aspen is good but not as good as loveland. Snow is more spring like.
  10. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    No ewr to Jackson direct then drove to aspen last night. 8 hrs drive, got to aspen at 2am. Drive was super cool through a part of the country I'll probably never get to again. Southern wyo is a mix of meth, cows and nothing.
  11. Johnny Law

    30 second Jackson tr

    I'm in aspen now getting rad but yesterday I was in Jackson and it snowed a bunch. We saw a moose out of saratoga. Full disclosure the pic of my brother is the powder mag, scoot and shoot lol
  12. Johnny Law

    April 2nd Perder Merder.

    Looks fucking a sweet
  13. Johnny Law

    Closing day at Blue?

    Even if they were open to July I'd still be salty when they close but I'll try to remember mid Feb when it looked like they may not make march 15th.
  14. Johnny Law

    Saturday 3/31 roll call thread!!!

    Its gonna be the last day for me, last day the snow has to be ragged. The more sketchy it is the better. Pound beers get lit, let'r rip.
  15. Johnny Law

    Magic Mountain 3/29

    No that ended awhile back I believe. Sally you need a touring rig. Ascutney died because the people that owned it kinda sucked and owned the now defunct Blue Marsh Area, PA trash. That's nice because the lifts don't run but the trails are still clean.