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  1. Snow was way better than yesterday and the low crowds was absolutely spectacular....glad I didn't stay in bed
  2. Snow was pretty rowdy today but the lot and enjo's sublime cooking made it an excellent one to spend at blue
  3. I haven't used those but my cousin who is a professional dancer has a hyperice which is the same principal and it amazing how it improves how your muscles feel.
  4. I rode from 330 to about 6, snow was super fast night skiing stuff but way better grip than yesterday. Falls is still interesting with some bigger holes. The winch cat appeared to be broken down on the side of challenge as they had 3 cats trying to pull it out. Lift lines got wild around 430 and tons of dick tippers/ no mask at all. I'm not a rule stickler by default but 200 people butts to nuts with no line person half of which arent wearing any mask is asking for trouble
  5. Work meetings meant i couldn't do opening so I figured afternoon session. Sun was shining and the Temp was super comfy. Snow was a dusting over absolute boiler plate which made for super fun shit snow skiing. Big ass full width root roller on homestretch is a nice touch though I like the lumpiness on sidewinder. Upper lot sucks, why be butts to nut just to get first tracks on Vista
  6. I rode this morning with Ben M, they were blowing all over and first couple runs where an absolute carpet. Softer and drier than their normal slop for sure, it went to smaller cookies pretty quick after that. Big ass piles on NM/DW
  7. I heard you were getting rowdy with the ladies, I hope its OK I volunteered our buddy passes
  8. Totally agree, its tragic that someone had to die for such stupidity. Absolutely nothing was accomplished. I'm not sure if we are talking about the same video but that women and parts of the mob were trying to break into the secure area that had pence. The capital building was designed to be open and transparent and is alot of glass. So when they started breaking though the glass they were repeatedly commanded to back off and when they didn't and that women tried to break through he shot her in the neck. The dude was scared af and I'm sure was amazed he even hit her but still you fuck
  9. Its actually totally and completely against the law to run any kind of state boarder based enforcement. They haven't specifically gone to the supreme court on this rona issue but it's pretty clear you can't simply pull people over for having out of state plates and fine or detain them. You could likely talk to them and remind them of things like the governors quarantine order and what not but generally they haven't done any enforcement of said orders because if it goes it court they will lose and there goes their ability to threaten entirely.
  10. Because if I have 12 bullets and 24 people to shoot I have a big fucking problem on my hand. Do you remember Somalia ? When they ran out of bullets they got turned into meat puppets. DC is federal which means under the direction of the executive branch (aka trump) All week DOD, national guard all the alphabet soup repeatedly asked if they required assistance and were denied. The capital police established a perimeter but when they came to the conclusion that they either had to start shooting to maintain the perimeter or let them in they did not feel they had the forces necessary and
  11. Absolute titty sparkles ! Your core work is amazing ! A person could make good skis and never rabbet the tips and tails, your getting super high level !!! If you ever want to make any ski in your head for others I'll gladly commission a pair. Whatever you want to make.
  12. Looks empty and thats the best condition
  13. Tours off the top of my head when they get snow. Usa bowl Roman's in Wolvey (you can cheat and go from brighton) Bear trap Fork Circle All peak Coalpit headwall Greens basin (stay in the tight trees) Only the coalpit and Roman's are more dangerous, the others are safer tours.
  14. Sick bird !!!!!!! Way to get the goods, Palmerton pow is sicccccckkkkkkk
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