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  1. As long as you get to the bottom lol That's legit grade a stoke
  2. That's a Benz wagon they are nice lol Today was super super awesome and considering how bad it was yesterday the snow was really good
  3. The snow today was hilariously rough lol nmdw I'm not sure where else I've ever seen something like that before. First two runs on challenge were a perfect carpet too lol Hopefully this precip will at least smooth things out, surface could be firm
  4. Today was le tits !!!! Warm shenanigans, dudes yapping in the lift line, the marquee route paying out and even a group shot. That's a well lived morning.
  5. I love the drive from Denver but it's long, full of mule deer though. Telluride is so god Damn cool, only thing more beautiful in the lower 48 is the Silverton to ouray.
  6. Must have been me, pink helmet ? Challenge has been good the last couple days which is strange
  7. I'll be there sat/sun Thursday I have interviews so I'm out for Thursday morning and maybe Friday morning as well.
  8. I was up today later in the afternoon. Shit was popping, lots of terrible skiers in the house. Nm/razors were closed. Blowing on razors/lower park. Soft sugar pretty much everywhere except lower main.
  9. I was up this morning, they had guns on lower park, razors and the learning hill next to the quad. Minor production. Nightmare and razors were closed and had groomers on them. Most of the rest of the hill was sugar, lower main was firm, looked like they had blown on it last night
  10. I parked next to you but never saw you. It was such a nice day with the sun and snow. Challenge looked bad but even was pretty good.
  11. Nmdw was rotd for sure, the brown out at the top yesterday kept traffic low. Smooth and fast and good grip. The god Damn food though, enjorales is all time pasr. Nobody eats like we do in any ski area parking lot any where. Salty dude no bullshit we do care. Come skiing come hang out, whatever. It was good to see you dude.
  12. I'm out this weekend, have fun dudes, I hope Sunday ends up dry
  13. Today was awesome, main st was le tits. Throttle down effortless arcs. Good to see them working on bumps, like most things it will take some time.
  14. Merry Christmas, Merry Chanukah, may all your days be tits mcgee
  15. I got 2hrs in this afternoon, very spring like but the parts in the shade were pretty firm when I left. Main was more choppy then yesterday but good choppy. I'll be there opening tomorrow
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