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  1. Johnny Law

    1-20 Sunday fun day

    Damn, I tried to leave around 830 but the wife was going out and I got fucked. Glad the core mofos got out.
  2. Johnny Law

    1/19/19...nice snow..PASR Day

    Today was pretty awesome, new trails, pretty good snow and an excellent parking lot scene.
  3. Johnny Law

    Weekend roll call thread 1/19-1/20

    I'll be there sat, and MLK sunday is a mystery box. I'm a gambling man though most times
  4. Johnny Law

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    This storm is a real shit stew but it is the perfect base for the real pay off which would be a real humdinger with this stuff on the ground.
  5. Johnny Law

    Taos 2018

    It happens so rarely, the bird was the last one I can think of. It really means its a light news day but Eurp got crazy snow, 99 I think was the super crazy year when half of small mtn towns were buried.
  6. Johnny Law

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    I don't see there books so who knows but my best guess is she's leveraged out at like 75% of max revenue. You can see it in some of the things they do, gotta make those bank payments. If you can't lend anymore money you can't build condos or a hotel or whatever and while you can get a quick injection of cash your also increasing risk and daily costs. They are proceeding with caution when it comes to any thing grandiose which is a smart play, they put there money were it most counts, snowmaking.
  7. Johnny Law

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    They don't have any money lol
  8. Johnny Law

    Sunday 1/13..great snow and mad PASRs!!

    Today was the best snow of the year, first run was a perfect carpet of titty sparkles. It finally feels like winter is here, new trails will get open soon.
  9. Johnny Law

    1/12/19....busiest day of the year

    Today was probably best snow on main st all year. Crowds got crazy but nice to see them make some loot. They should really be able to get some stuff open soon. Headwall on razors/challenge could use some more snow. Beers as always were first class and bmdi after is the cherry on top.
  10. Johnny Law

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Fucking A that's sick. I'm jelly.....
  11. Johnny Law

    the pics from today thread

    That's crazy, San Juans are generally considered the slideiest in the lower 48. Do you know where they were ?
  12. Johnny Law

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    DV is fucking cool, way to get out there and put your thing down. Enjoy the bird.....what a place.
  13. Johnny Law

    Weekend roll call thread 1/12-1/13...

    I'll be up for sure
  14. Johnny Law

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    Sick bird !!! Get some gents for all of us in the low country.
  15. Johnny Law

    Skison 18/19

    Of course I am, its more fun that way but there is an element of truth. The bottom of the caynons resort looks like VT. Parts of Park City ski like VT, short blips and then meandering. PC is a world class hill surrounded by even better world class hills. I know he's going to Jackson he told us Sunday. But if someone else was going to UT just to go to PC i sure hope somebody would have said hey this is pretty amazing but it's waaaay more interesting like 30 mins that way. That's all I'm saying but the spicy version lol