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  1. Went up today for an afternoon session, pretty sure Atomic and Mute were there too but never could find them. Brown town for sure but really coverage is pretty good. Icy granular soft stuff, good bad snow and it was t-shirt weather. Sad to see the number of days left shrinking.
  2. Yesterday was what its all about, super fun, sun and dope ass eats. My ass came home and promptly passed the fuck out. Enjo as always what a feast ! Nobody anywhere at a ski area eats like we do and the smoker in the truck is all time. BenM that top tier shenanigans and way to rock the long straight skinny skis. To everyone, its been a weird year but we fuckiny rocked the shit out of this season like true Detroit players.
  3. UT and DE are pretty much wide open, with the exception of under 16's all 33 members of my family are now vaccinated and almost all of them got it in UT
  4. Marcy I've always had bad luck trying to ski it so I'm a little biased maybe but the views are better and it's definitely the classic but Algonquin is more straight up and down kinda interesting and more rocky sort of half climbing but go Marcy first if you have the time for sure.
  5. I get home Saturday i think so I can be there Sunday.
  6. Algonquin has far less approach I think and is fast to get up where I think Marcy feels alot slower and much more gradual trail. You can also easy get Iroquois and their is one on the way but it's been awhile since I looked at a map and could be way off.
  7. Got here last night, skiing DV as I can wake up at 830 and make first chair at 9. Warm, currently working overtime on my Goggle tan. Groomers were firm and smooth first thing and now turning to a delicious slush. Off trail was brutal boilerplate but maybe late afternoon I'll see if it's soft. Empty run after run and oysters at the top, fine living for a Monday.
  8. I was there around Christmas and I'm going Sunday for my cousins birthday. Hes been there for a month or so.
  9. Gotta get it while the getting is good, I'd ski everyday of my life if I could so honestly it's mostly what I have going on at work. I leave Sunday morning at like 8 or something.
  10. Sick bird ! I soooo wanted to get up this morning but work made it impossible. The lip on the left side of falls screams let's launch to the moon which is funny considering both I and Justo have gotten the business for doing just that. Even GSS sent like 2/3rds of falls somewhat by accident earlier this week.
  11. I'm headed to Utah so I'm out this weekend but I should be back next weekend.
  12. Just leaving, today was sooooo nice, I think yesterday was slightly better but low crowds and 72 degree skiing is tits Mcgee. Sidewinder, razors and challenge I thought were the best and I ran razors like 4 times. Tomorow I think is the last warm day, going to be interesting that first day it sets up. I
  13. I'm just leaving, how did we miss you ! Snow is super super super fun, hyper fast and slushy. I had to take a work call around 430 and get something to eat, walking back from the car I ran into justo and later the dude and Zack. Crowds early were a little thick but faded quick after 5. Just a perfect night out on the hill and I would have stayed until close if not for my daughter blowing my phone up.
  14. I'm up now making some turns in the super slush, loving the empty bleachers.
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