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  1. Super bee is always good runs and it's the tits Mcgee when your happy to get sun on a spring trip. Somewhere there is a pick of that timber Ridge sign in summer like 30ft in the air. Shit is deeeep
  2. Fucking titty sparkles There is not a soul in almost all of your pics, that shit alone is like a dream and your eating good in the neighborhood. Props for always keeping safety first, that spring pow is gold but can be treacherous.
  3. Peeps getting the goods at Vail, April is hoooot and your going to get it real gud 👍
  4. April has started hot everywhere and you should get some goods for sure. Where are you skiing at ? Have fun !!!!
  5. If we could ever get a group at Baker with snow that would be a Homer-esque style saga. How many of us have touring gear now and all that access......
  6. Looooooove Alpine Ghettos, such good playground style terrain and all of Tahoe has that laid backed vibe. The backside is fantastic but even without it you could spend day there. There are some legit steeps too. What's up with the interconnect ?
  7. Last dance with Mary Jane Tonight I have the redeye home so my final stop was Summit Central at Snoqualmie. I stayed at the Snoqualmie Inn Hotel America or something but I think it's a converted office building but my room was enormous and super quiet if your ever in the area. Central, East, West and Alpental form the Summit at Snoqualmie. Alpental is the real draw of course but only open Friday though the weekend. Summit was essentially a blue mtn day soaking up the sun and taking it easy and just enjoying the snow. It's not a particularly interesting hill outside that it has good views and you can hear I90 drone on anywhere on the hill. They also had they worst rental skis ever, I would have much rather been on the Jfdan pro models. I think it was one of my more successful trips with some of the best pow skiing I've done in a bit and endless adventure. The PNW definitely will hold a special place in my memories and although super finicky weather a place everyone should check out. I hope you guys had fun reading, I'll shoot for more action pics next time but I didn't have that kind of group. Until the next episode.....
  8. Korean BBQ, fondue and hot pot I think are the only exceptions otherwise i couldn't agree more. If I'm cooking it and I select my cut of beef what the fuck do I need the restaurant for ? Fire ? Napkins ? Small talk with a waitress ?
  9. WTF do I even say about Baker ???? 63" in 3 days like the ticket says. I skedaddled out of Bellingham hot to hit the Mt Baker hiway. The road while well designed with consistent low grade is at least 12 miles of seemingly constant switchbacks and was one of the more sporting drives I've undertaken while being in control. To anyone that goes, respect that road, it is no joke. I'm not a religious person but if there are those spiritual places in skiing, Jackson, Alta, Aspen, Cham, etc etc then I contend you must add Baker to the list. First of all the views are unbelievably spectacular, Shuksan alone would be unbelievable but the arm, the globular sort of hemispheres, Baker itself etc etc etc. I can't say enough about how good the place is to simply stand and look around in any of 360 degrees. At the top of chair 8 you go up and out the arm so the top of the chair looks across at the entire arm like a stadium. Some group was filming, dropping absolute bombs and you can just stand there at the top of the lift and take the whole thing in. I do it no justice either in pics or prose but it is stunning. This is the spot at the top of 8 First legit run I'm going to chair 8 and the guy next to me is trying to recruit me to go out the arm although he has zero gear and like isotoners on lol lol We settle for what he kept calling the elbow, it was maybe 15 mins of quick but mostly flat sort of skating on a well constructed traverse out sort of across hemispheres. It's entirely treeless and the snow is stupid deep and thick like a milkshake. You basically point them straight down the hill and wiggle your ass some for effect and to throw snow in your face but otherwise it's entirely effortless joy all the way to lift. This picture is from like 11am, it was 4 or 5 laps after we skied it, I don't know if it's the norm but this place holds snow. Second run I'm on chair 4 by accident some how which is like a bs feader chair but the doodle areas are also deep AF with like two groomer tracks down the middle so you build up speed and then plow into the deep until you run out of speed and back on to the groomers leaving thigh deep trenches. I get it right this time and get up six to hit the "extreme danger area" under the closed C-1 lift. We ran that 3 times in a row working across the face left to right. Face shot after face shot until you hit the flatter portions where you had to tail gun a little it was so thick and deep. In total I bet we did 20 runs essentially across from Pan Face to the Canuck run and it was all lift service cat skiing. Even when it was patching the untracked together there is so much resistance you still go full fall line just bouncing as snow is flying all around you. Now up C5 to the fabled gables a sort of side of the hill shot that is a twisting set of cliffs and little chutes. It was just as deep and just as wild. All over Baker there are cliffs everywhere, the big ones that will kill you are marked. The ones out of the C-1 zone are particularly impressive but it was like Palisades kinda playful and challenging. Jump off this, two slash pow turns around the tree and down the little chute kinda terrain which I live for. I swear to you I've never seen less powder panic. After gables we went up 8 to run a blue bullshit zone called Oh Zone that is directly under the lift and it was still patching untracked sections. The entire day it was lap after lap of pow runs and the whole time everyone is super super chill. This is from around 2pm I swear like maybe two trails over from a lift and it's still skiing untracked. It was a day I'll never forget as long as I live on what are good but certainly not the ski you'd choose skis, at a resort with maybe 2 groomers, that has zero high speed chairs, is not on any pass other than its own and must be bought in person, is 1500 vert and only 5k feet high, has no lodging or development on mtn or really nearby. Essentially Baker is the opposite of everything most of 2022 skiing is about and if you get it on the right day beyond the most fabulous thick pow skiing you see why the Baker Bros are right. That my friends is mad fucking spiritual. If you read nothing else from this report; GO TO MT. BAKER* !!!!! *when it snows
  10. Thank you all for the condolences and helping me give them an honorable send off. @JFskiDanJFskiDan Imagine the surfing turns you could make dragging the inside "tail" at a 45 degree angle in pow @theprogram4theprogram4 In some spots it's so spectacular to look at when the light first hits your eyeballs it's almost like my brain says it's not real. Parts of it are as methy as anywhere else but it's all super green.
  11. I think hirohito said it best now we must suffer the unsufferable. We are holding a service at the bar currently. Corvus, very agro but it was all stuff under the snow so it was play it safe or go for it. It's like 30" on 6" maybe, it's all a field of white so you pick your line but you hit a rock or tree and you have no chance. If I wanted I could ski the groomers only but that's not as fun and alot of the PNW is flat for that kinda snow. It's 100% my choice but until today I've always found the ski if it ran.
  12. I didn't know it would snow, that part was pure luck but the skifari was the plan. The trip idea was to ski the big dogs of the PNW if possible in a single trip. I woke up this morning at 545 no alarm, which for me is about as rare as something can get. From dinner the previous night you could feel the anticipation and electricity in the air. At 730 there was already a gondy line and thankfully I was in it. 3rd gondy and out the door I'm 400mph towards Elk Snort Bowl. With the lifts that are running it will require a 10-15 min walk which should guarantee no tracks from the day before. Patrol was still going up but cool with me going ahead so I reach the top and as far as we can see its 20" with no tracks. I can barely pause long enough to catch my breath the pull is so strong, so let them go and boom white room. It's thick, not as quite as thick as the day before but still hammer down snow. The legit pow bounce is on and its face shots every 2nd or 3rd turn. Short of Silverton/ telluride which is its own unicorn, deepest turns I've had since Rona. As fast as we can possibly go back to the gondy for another lap right back into the deep. From every corner of the hill you can hear people hooting and hollering, noobs, experts, some women in a sit ski they are all getting deeeeep everywhere you can see. Two more laps in there and then on to a different untracked zone some guy told us about on the lift. After the roll over shit was like every snow enthusiasts dream, effortless super deep. The gentlemen did not tell us of the walk out which in waist deep snow was sweaty and matters to the rest of the day. My thought was to go for an easier cool down lap in bear pits which was full of sharks but very good the day before. First 3 or 4 turns are fucking tits but a group of goobers are jerking off in the gully I want so I move over one and instantaneously the right ski is off. I sort of hockey stop but Fuuuuck the ski didn't stop, brakes are deployed but now it's really picking up speed. I track it all the way to where it stops 10 miles down the hill but by the time I can get there on one ski its been buried/moved. Friends show up shortly there after and we do essentially a body search but she dead. For me that's like loosing your dog, it has a mind of its own but that's on you and to make matters worse now I have to ski out of there on one ski in 20" of fresh. No fucking doubts but needless to say by the time I reached the lodge I needed a soda and 5. Short of teaching someone I've never done more work to get down the hill. Once my ski-less boot caught in the pow and I did two dude style whirly birds before absolutely eating shit which was very fun to watch I've been told. I got rentals and after lunch got some very good laps but my zen was off. I'm headed to Baker tomorrow and now I have to rent skis like a fucking Jerry but it will be dope and I'll forget about the skis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ode to my skis In 40 years I have never left a good ski behind. You should know that we did not abandon you in Bear Pits lightly and in the event that you are found, SP has my info. You served valiantly and fought with great valor and courage. We slayed much together. I simultaneously took the best and no care of you in the eternal struggle to slay the sickest deepest lines and I shall miss you dearly until powder7 delivers a new pair to my door next week.
  13. Copper sounds perfect and the top is flat so green blue skiers can go up there too. Don't miss the kids Cowboy village, you can ski through all the little houses
  14. Love me some Reading Rainbow, fuck sesame street I can fly anywhere, places to go, people to know...Reading Rainbow 🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Still snowing and I'm out to go get in the line up
  15. I feel like once every 10 years it's ok I was maybe 20th in line at the gondy but it stopped for awhile and peeps peaced out for Chinook so I ended up in the 3rd cabin. From the moment the doors opened and the wind tried to blow you to Kansas it was on. It's full Geordi LaForge out, I'm not sure where I'm going and its half snow half some kind of pellet that gets into the cuff of your glove but fuck it power down to lucky shot traverse and go right to Bear Pits. The only other guy going out slips off the side as everything is white and he's gone. Full speed blind traversing through 10" of thick fluff with mixed pockets of wind scour but the gate is found and we power on. Bear Pits I recall being chutey and cliffy but I can't see any of it and besides my group there isn't a soul or track in sight. I spot a middle wide sort of chute into an apron and hammer down, first turn I almost go straight over the handlebars as I'm guessing on density, second turn is wind scour and now I'm off balance and going way too fucking fast but I can see the fat snow line now and can cork up the turn where you put it all back together and it's deeeep thick fluff. Attacking snow, where you set the giver lever to 120%. Speed control is irrelevant, it's 20% water so absolute full speed hero snow where huge airs and wrecks are a poof and back at it. I ended up semi lost at some random lift which happened to be Forrest Queen which after another untouched mid angle lap led us to Chair 6. From roughly 940 to 1220 we did nothing but non stop chair 6 laps. Each time going a bit further out the traverse and each time it was the best non-blue turns I've made all season. Good thick were you can go absolutely all out of untracked lap after lap........ but at a price. First lap I hit what looks to be a lip to air but is a tree branch covered in snow and that ski goes weeeeeeeee. Second lap I find the best line of the season where between two trees over what had to be straight boiler plate I get a legit face shot. Further down that run .3 milliseconds after popping off a roller the left ski catches something and I double eject. This was the pattern all morning, incredible turns but some snakes with the low base. 1 was on me but 5 times and twice in a run a ski went weeeeeeeee and I had to go get it out of some kind of bramble or brush. Absolutely 10000000% one of the funest pow days ever even if its far lower on the quality scale. Everyone is staying on Campus to get the goods here tomorrow as its supposed to snow 6-8 tonight and then be nicer. Too many words but everytime you took the phone out the lens would get covered with snow.
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