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  1. They pulled all the moveable snowguns off the mountain. Weren't making snow last night. Looks like they are done making snow for the year.
  2. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    Yeah. It woulda been sweet.
  3. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    How much do you drink in a year? We can use you as a unit of measurement.
  4. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    I was already coming up with a contest idea where you had to collect beer cans across the mountain and the first person down the mountain with all the beer cans got a free year supply of beer. Guess that's not happening now. Shame.
  5. Those are electric. The diesel is just there to drive a generator if they lose power. Those old 60s Halls are just really loud.
  6. This is a half hour from my house so I thought, why not? Never been. Super old-fashioned little family ski hill. Lodge is from the 60s. Love the lodge. Smells like feet. Muddy gravel parking lot. Plus points. Their lifts are old. A fleet of 1960s Hall double chairs. It was a ten minute ride on the slower double chair to go whatever, like 300ish vertical feet. The other side of the hill has a double chair geared a little faster. More like a 3 minute ride. They don't clear the lift line properly and the trees on either side have pretty much grown over the lift which makes for a cool tunnel-like effect as you ride up. Not gonna be great when one of those weak-ass poplars splits and brings the lift down. Snow was great. Packed powder. Super grippy and fun. I grabbed a fat Japan air on the sweet jump they built. Fun day. Ski patrol man yelled at me to put the safety bar down.
  7. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    I tried using my phone at Jay and it said I couldn't because I was in Canada.
  8. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    Shoot. The real conversation should be who here wants to get together to buy Elk?
  9. Do they call their season passes "Camelpass" because they should if they don't.
  10. Did you have to pay for parking?
  11. EdBacon

    Sale rumors...

    I can't see KSL or Vail buying Elk. Just a vibe, but I just can't see it.
  12. EdBacon


    BB has a tubing park. Somebody said they used to have the whole mountain be a park before Vail. Wow that's a lot of tubing
  13. EdBacon


    I should try riding park tomorrow at Blue. Do they have a park open?
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