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  1. Right geographic area, but this place was closed just a couple years after Ski Cove opened.
  2. Only the old heads will know this place. I wonder if anyone here has actually skied it when it was open. Clue: the lodge is still open.
  3. Im sure there's somebody with a place in Lake Harmony that's been there since like the 60s or 70s something, at least. Maybe went to Split Rock for vacation as a kid before that.
  4. Lake Harmony area in general was a resort community going back to the 40s. It predates BB being a lightweight relative to what skiers want now. The condos are mostly newer, but it still follows from that earlier development. It's hard to just pack up and leave when the whole place has like 80 years of inertia behind it.
  5. Did you get into Dreamcatcher? There's a really nice huck in there. Dunno if there's enough snow for it yet though.
  6. So basically an Epic Pass is their way of selling you a vacation.
  7. It was like this all morning and when I left around 1pm. It cost $58. Floyd's is closed. The whole East Mountain is closed. They have one blue and T-bolt open. Plus the park and a few beginner runs. Usually JF is slower to open, but this year with BB mostly closed, and them having had a lot of snowmaking weather to prepare, they are really behind the curve. No seating in the lodge. They did say they had food to go but I didn't check to see how that worked.
  8. Oh and the barcodes they sent us for our tickets via email were useless and we had to read out the confirmation codes to the people behind the ticket windows. Through the glass and a full layer of mask/scarf. You can bet that was an efficient method of transferring info. I had a better day at Tanglewood yesterday, and they've been closed for eight years.
  9. Just got back from Jack Frost. I wish I could talk about the snow conditions but it barely registered. I have never, ever seen the kind of mismanagement, incompetence and downright negligent treatment of a ski area towards its patrons. I understand this year coronavirus has made things difficult and complicated but well run areas can take this in stride and ensure their customers know they care and want their business. Right now JFBB is being run incompetently and covid is always the excuse for bad behavior. Covid *does not let you treat your customers like garbage*. I still expect professiona
  10. It is not the late, great Snowpeak if that's what you meant. This is squarely in the Poconos.
  11. Both mountains are anachronisms in today's industry. BB should have closed down 20 years ago but found a niche with the park scene. They invested well and got lucky in that they managed to capture the park crowd. Like somebody else mentioned above, park peaked 15 years ago, so they're fighting to hold onto a small share of riders and skiers there. JF is a nice place but its still too small to be competitive as a standalone mountain. The lifts are slow, the terrain offerings are limited. Unless you get a dump of snow nobody cares that you have glades. They do draw a crowd from the surroun
  12. You can see what's left of Hahn Mountain here, as well as a lot of old photos courtesy of Jeff Z's great Hahn Mountain page.
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