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    Elk Sold

    Camelback doesn't allow tree skiing either so no benefit there.
  2. Finally got around to editing video from an area I visited months ago. Kahkout Mountain was part of the Winona Lakes development near Bushkill Falls. This was one of the many private areas that popped up across the Poconos in the 1970s. This is probably one of the larger abandoned ski areas in PA, and is pretty big in general for a lost ski area. The skiable vertical drop is about 475ft, and there's about 5 ways down the mountain including two advanced trails with a good sustained steep pitch. The area was built by the same developer who was responsible for the development Shawnee Mountain and
  3. Full video of the former Wolf Hollow Ski Area just outside Delaware Water Gap, PA.
  4. $412k at auction. When they bought the place it was still essentially a functioning ski area. But they had no realistic plans for the place and its just sitting vacant.
  5. They've been closed since 2015 I believe. Almost no chance they come back. The place was sold to new owners who said they don't want to offer skiing, but wanted to turn the place into a Harley Davidson themed biker hangout, complete with scenic chairlift rides. I don't think those plans went anywhere. Although even if/when they sell I don't see anyone else trying to reopen the area for skiing.
  6. 420 No but I counted like 250-300'. The bottom of the lift was on the other side of the golf course which adds like 100ft of vert.
  7. Here is my tour of Pocono Manor ski area, which closed sometime in the 1980s. Sadly, the grand Pocono Manor hotel burned down in 2019. This was one of the last remaining grand hotels in the Poconos, and was built between 1902 and 1949. Skiing started here maybe as early as the 30s and 40s with cross country skiing, and alpine lift serviced skiing commenced in the mid 60s. There is still a j-bar standing on the site, which is a very unique example of ski infrastructure if you're into that sort of thing. It was manufactured by a company called Larchmont in 1964, and is one of a few j-bars produc
  8. Great info! Thanks! I'd heard of both of those areas but didn't know anything about them.
  9. Larchmont j-bar, which I believe might be the only such example left in the country. I have to double check that one though. Believe this area stopped operation in the 80s.
  10. I bet its pretty in the spring with all the flowers. Its basically a big meadow now.
  11. So this one has more non-ski history, even though it hosted a small ski area for about 30 years. Tamiment Resort started back in the 20s as a retreat for the Rand School of Social Science in NY. They needed to raise money after the state of NY accused them of "subversive activity" during the first Red Scare in 1919, and the subsequent court battles damaged them financially. The Rand School had ties to the early labor and socialist political movements. Ironically they ended up founding one of the most commercially successful vacation resorts in the Poconos, and one that had a strong reputation
  12. Does that put COVID19 as the leading cause of death now? I remember a couple days ago it was still just behind heart disease.
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