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  1. You're not going to hear anything until an investigation concludes and that could take months.
  2. Regional rail is great but needs more frequent service and a few late night trains. The subway in Philly is a use at your own risk situation right now. I've never seen it as bad down there since I moved to Philly for college 13 years ago.
  3. The stain line. The plain line. The tame line?
  4. I mean tons of people do this elsewhere no problem. Amtrak isn't really commuter rail though as tickets are often prohibitive unless you're just in the office once or twice a week. I knew plenty of people who commuted from the Trenton and Princeton areas to NYC though which is a similar distance. Provided reasonable headways its totally feasible for a lot of people.
  5. Service between Philly and Allentown/Reading is where trains excel if the trackage rights and scheduling can be worked out with NS. The old Reading mainline from Landsdale to Quakertown/Bethlehem is no more but a NYC -> Lehigh Valley -> Reading -> Philly route could do well and the line is already there. It would need safety upgrades though for passenger traffic.
  6. I saw park kids from BB switch over to BC this year too.
  7. Good to hear. Place used to be packed with teenagers but seemed to be much less crowded/quieter the last ten years or so.
  8. Montage is pushing the distance from Philly. At this point leaning towards epic+indy.
  9. Blue + Indy is another way to go then I guess. I like that Shawnee gives a discount on the Indy if I go that way though and its much cheaper to begin with. Blue would be the priciest option of the three.
  10. I don't feel like giving money to Vail, but staying with epic to keep JFBB as the home mountain and then attaching an Indy Pass might be a compromise. The other option is having to move to Shawnee and get a season pass there which saves money on the indy pass.
  11. Camelback's owners also own Blue now, right? Maybe they can do a Blue/Camel multi pass for ya'll.
  12. Story was leaked and posted via NE Skiology. Reposting from there: Long story short: Vail is cutting prices by 20% next season. Although there is no word on pricing for regional passes like their NE Regional Pass.
  13. They actually have the tendency to swing in a circular motion.
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