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  1. EdBacon

    Hunter Mtn 11.21.2018

    Blockbuster at Platty is maybe steeper. Westway is legit though. I like Hunter but don't like the crowds and its easier to put together unique runs and kinda get "lost" at Belle or Platty. Better glades too when the conditions are on.
  2. EdBacon

    Big Boulder 11-23-18

    Best run of the day was ripping up the lift line under the Merry Widow lift.
  3. EdBacon

    Opening Day - Snovember 16th, 2018

    Easter bunny park.
  4. EdBacon

    Peak news

    Boulder opens today at 1:00, as per their facebook page.
  5. EdBacon

    Zee Lights

    I have this intense craving to wear zubaz now.
  6. EdBacon

    Zee Lights

    Peak can buy them.
  7. EdBacon

    Peak news

    Looks promising. NWS is called for about 3-6 inches of snow Thursday into Friday before it turns to a mix of sleet/freezing rain/rain. Saturday looks like the better day to open.
  8. EdBacon

    Peak news

    Think they can open next weekend?
  9. EdBacon

    Peak news

    Guns on at BB overnight. Just looks like they blew on Freedom and maybe the neighboring green.
  10. EdBacon

    Zee Lights

    We're on page 69 of this thread.
  11. EdBacon

    3/31 JF

    Great conditions for their last weekend. Probably better now at closing than what it was mid February.
  12. Yup I've got a Peak Pass. Will probably get another for next year since there's a chance I'll be moving to Albany next year for work. Would be easy to switch my home mountain to Hunter and Mt Snow then. Dare I choose Blue this weekend?
  13. I see freezing rain on the NWS for Blakeslee. Changing over to rain tomorrow morning but should be done by noon. If you don't mind a wet day, have at it but the woods and ungroomed stuff will probably be beat by then. I'm staying away until the weekend. I'll probably break out the Sims Blade for their last day.
  14. EdBacon

    JF 3/27

    It's been an incredible month up there. Made up for a lackluster February.
  15. People must have been going crazy last week and after that last storm. I saw tracks all over the place.