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  1. Invisible charc

    False Advertising Instances

    submitted with comment. blue for gods sake you are selling yourself shamefully short. EVERY single member of this board has hundreds of INFINITELY better pictures. of blue. Super fun days at; YOUR mountain, that you are trying desperately to attract people to; with pictures of~ what switzerland? Why don't you have contests for particular marketing needs? Betcha people would GIVE them to you to use, let alone trade them a beer or two. ((( shaking head ))) i want my mountain to be true, but it keeps on being fake
  2. Invisible charc

    No snowmaking? 31.3deg,68-72%humidity

    Why not? What possible reason could they have to not blow as much as they can EACH & every one of these dozens of cold enough nights?
  3. Invisible charc

    False Advertising Instances

    For heaven’s sake. Salty they are f’ing with you. I have seen a pasr post twice in my life before yesterday. I had no idea you eviscerate holding blues feet to the fire when they lie to us. Certainly not trolling. EVERY single sentence I spoke in both posts was simple truth. No ad hominim attacks, no calling out a single member of this board. (((( blue )))) pulls stupid 3rd grade blunders constantly. (like pretending their mountain is among the Rockies.) i poke fun at neophytic ideas like a marketing department that thinks the first public image of a “resort” can be of a LARGER place 2000 miles away. if you guys can’t make fun of holier-than-thou prissy pants blue when the blow it, what fun is putting up with it. please leave salty ant be gents- he’s a good cat with researched opinions. i asked the easy local singles lady which run it was on the main page she paused, checked. & ended the chat. just curious, my old knees want that run.
  4. Invisible charc

    False Advertising Instances

    https://www.skibluemt.com/ Blue’s main page is playing pretend again.
  5. Invisible charc

    ROFL @ pathetic maintenence

    Not a one. Blue has it hands down. Hence we all grovel to their every whim.
  6. Invisible charc

    ROFL @ pathetic maintenence

    Super-cool newfangled device called a thermometer: coupled with locality = pretty darn close estimation of temp 1000 ft higher. But we can pretend. Now that I "know" there's only been 5 nights of snowmaking weather I feel so much more in-tune to how hard blue worked to make that 1 run SO smooth. Go blue go ~ way to exceed the LOW expectations you set ♡ Good job! incidentally, I am not attacking any of you, yet you defend blue in their obvious half-assed efforts. Bizarre but whateh. I guess we collectively haven't skied enough to ascertain the line between reality & the company kool-aid. Slurping it up boys and girls. That 1/2 a run was EPIC
  7. Invisible charc

    ROFL @ pathetic maintenence

    Thank you for proving my point. They didn't WANT to be open yet.
  8. Invisible charc

    ROFL @ pathetic maintenence

    "Today was a great early opening day with more terrain than expected and they barely had any snowmaking weather to open and coverage is great. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate" "More terrain than expected.. " because you came expecting 300' vert! At least 15 nights of freezing temps out of the last 30, with 30+ nights of below zero so far.. yeah, that's "barely any." If you don't have facts - your spewing. Shiller's gonna shill.
  9. Invisible charc

    ROFL @ pathetic maintenence

    Ooooh- AMAZEBALLS! Blued again. Main St chair was open ~ until it broke. Almost 2 whole hours of "quality" shred before delapidation rears her ugly head again. Can you wait for the 6 to go down CONSTANTLY? How many hours cumulatively did you sit motionless in the breeze last year? "Yummy" stale cookies = legit reparations you can count on (while you stand with 150 others watching empty chairs cruising up the hill.) How many times have you heard "We can cover the hill with 3 days of Snowmaking?" 20+ nights of snowmaking temps + 8" of NATURAL and this is Opening Day? Highest vertical in PA! & We are Open! (Closed monday-friday until further notice) I await with reticence the common closures on forecast alone, let alone consistant closure for inclement weather. LOVE the terrain at little gap ski area & laugh at the little fauxresort that can't be bothered to run a skI hill. Perhaps we need a spot to let them know of the REALITY of our daily experiences. Earth to blue- we ride mountains all over the world & not one other ski area acts with such contempt of their organic sales force. At least they keep laughing. ~chargingARC