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  1. Maybe they're trying to reduce some of the 'tude over there.
  2. "Forbidden" Looks like it's down & out. Will paskiandride fill the vacuum by expanding the Other Mountains section?
  3. He might've made it if someone was with him. From these threads it sounds like Raymonds Cataract is basically a narrow icefall with sheer 30' drops. You won't find me on it, buddy or not. https://www.vftt.org/forums/showthread.php?32652-Skiing-Raymond-s-Cataract https://www.vftt.org/forums/showthread.php?17592-Ravine-of-Raymond-Cataract/page2&p=192630#post192630
  4. Doesn't KSL Capital already have a piece of Kalahari?
  5. I went on Saturday, sweet spring skiing + the Slush Cup pond skimming = good times 2 nites this week will be below freezing.....they just might make it to next weekend
  6. anytime, its a service we provide free of charge
  7. ....and then they leave the mountain cams going on the website to really rub it in....I'm a true Blue supporter as much as anyone, but this just ain't right! http://www.skibluemt.com/mountain-cams/
  8. The bottom pic looks like a squall's rolling in...
  9. I was there from late morning til 5:15- gorgeous bluebird day- kept lapping the HS6, got tons of vertical- conditions were excellent, everyone I talked to on the lifts were saying what a great day it was- lots of tracks in the woods, never seen so many- did you notice that the future trail next to Paradise was carved up by poachers?...….
  10. Skier can't sue Liberty after boarder buzzed him into woods resulting in horrible injuries...…"inherently dangerous" https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/02/skier-severely-hurt-in-crash-at-ski-liberty-cant-sue-because-the-sport-is-inherently-risky-us-court.html
  11. Hope your wife's ok, that looks like a hard surface. Not to mention the unconscious dude, jeez- good of you to get help- just wondering, did he have a helmet? I'm hoping to hit Platty some time in March
  12. I got some Patagonia pants last year after an instructor tipped me off about their Worn Wear site- yeah I was skeptical about the 'worn' part...but when they arrived turns out they were brand spankin new....got em for half price, great deal https://wornwear.patagonia.com/
  13. 137 Yeah my buddy says nighttime is the worst.
  14. Crappy natural conditions I meant, sorry. Places that have better snowmaking/grooming systems built to withstand this weather provide more reliable conditions imho, e.g. MC & Pa. Hopefully the next 7 weeks will deliver some natural.
  15. Too bad that one trail (Pipeline) was the best thing there- one reason I hardly ever go anymore. They've had it in their sights for a while imho. First they got rid of the lower section to make way for condos, now the upper section due to a pipeline? I don't doubt that's what they told you but it just doesn't pass the smell test for me. I will say they do have a decent snowmaking system- if this season continues to be this crappy I might be forced make a visit...but weekday only.
  16. Blue, hands down- and the trip is longer for me to Blue than MC in Jersey. Sad to say MC does nothing for me, neither does CB. Blue keeps me interested, they've made some really good improvements over the years, and the people working there couldn't be nicer. (Elk is terrific too but it's the same drive time as to the 'Cats so I usually opt for them.)
  17. Bruised ribs are no fun, can be worse than broken ones. Friend of mine got bumped into by a boarder around Christmastime, not real hard but just enough to knock him over- he thought it was nothing, kid apologized.....later that night he could barely get out of his car. Got checked next day- 1 broken rib & 3 bruised. Hasn't skied since. You had a much worse fall including shoulder & thumb. I got skier's thumb up at Huntah must be 25 years ago- high speed fall due to unmarked obstacle- still feel it on bad days. I don't mean to be a debby downer, just want to say make sure youre ok before you come back & hope youre tougher than me & my buddy.
  18. thx GSS, longtime lurker here, always enjoy reading your blue/true updates
  19. ''MICHAEL Schumacher is “still very connected to his family” despite suffering a devastating skiing accident which left him with serious head injuries, his manager has revealed.'' https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1086160/Michael-Schumacher-health-update-Schumacher-latest-condition-ski-accident No wonder we haven't heard much....
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