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  1. Picked up 2 jackets at Buckmans at the end of the season...only need to keep one. Both are brand new Picture Track jacket (yellow/green). 20k breathable/waterproof, lighter insulation Picture Naikoon jacket, 20k breathable/waterproof, more insulation than the track jacket $200 for either one
  2. We're away this weekend so I'm out. Good hanging with you guys this season, maybe see some of you over the summer
  3. Tree house in Deerfield? Jealous...
  4. Only pic I took today...my daughter was pretty excited she got a basket full of marshmallows but I was hoping for some free stuff from Blue
  5. Awesome...unfortunately we're away next weekend but if it was a 9am opening Friday I would be there
  6. You would think a brewery in Orefield would be empty but the place is packed every weekend. They don't just allow dogs, they're encouraged. My daughter kept asking me to go get more beer so we could pet some dogs
  7. Great hanging with @mute1080, @Boo Bear, and @enjoralasat the easter egg hunt. Would've liked to have stopped at the lower lot and hung out a bit but we ended up getting chicken tenders to go and went to retriever brewing for lobster rolls and a few beers.
  8. Razors and nightmare dreamweaver are ok , getting to the quad from dreamweaver is kinda muddy in one spot
  9. There has been a group of people having a photo shoot at the top of coming soon for the past hour...weird
  10. Conditions are interesting...some chunky snow, ice, and slush. Gonna ride until shortly after 3, I've just done razors a few times. Lines may get long later with only running the quad
  11. Sunday but I'll be there late morning for the Easter egg hunt. I'll bring my stuff and do a few runs. Maybe Saturday morning if its not raining
  12. Yeah, @Dirtwolf brought a keg of little sip, good stuff
  13. Good day, all the food was awesome, keg of lawsons was great Mostly stuck to razors, soft bumps and random mud patches. Would've been nice to have the six pack open to run lazy and razors
  14. I got 3 different kinds of ring bologna (jalapeno cheese, garlic, and honey), irish beer cheddar and old bay cheddar cheese, and I'll bring stuff for bloody Mary's and I made some iced coffee with peanut butter and caramel bourbon. I have cups too Anyone bringing ice?
  15. I renewed again also. Didn't really get my money's worth this year but the last 2 years I definitely did.
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