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  1. how high speed are we talkin here? high speed in the loading zone + gapers = carnage. hope they got a cam pointed at that one!
  2. we have that book! clearly that's a picture from camelback. blue mountain skiers have enough sense to wear helmets and not ski in jeans.
  3. Wtf did I just read Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. no one who can ski during the day prefers to ski at night. let's all just stop kidding ourselves
  5. can't drink all day if you don't start first thing in the morning
  6. Blue used to have a T bar. Also, I hope it's stupidly cold this winter. Then everyone will want to keep their faces covered anyway.
  7. Not quite the same scenario, but there's a lift at canyons that essentially connects two areas of the mountain, where you can take the lift in both directions. Also rode one in chamonix that just took you back and forth between two different ski areas; nothing under the lift was actually even in bounds at all.
  8. That's a really interesting analogy, which I think is pretty appropriate. However, using that same line of thinking, it'd be like the president just not wearing a raincoat because he doesn't think the rain will actually fall on him and he'll never get wet. Then he gets wet, and his cotton candy looking hair starts to disintegrate.
  9. I hope this is a drunk post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. You’re the first person I’ve seen bring this up but ya know what? I think you might be on to something here. Fake his death, move out of the country to somewhere he can’t be extradited, then surprise! He’s actually still alive! Then he can continue trying to hog the spotlight while claiming he knew it wouldn’t be a fair election, the deep state was out to get him, etc, get a show on OAN or some Russian propaganda network and live out the rest of his life yelling at clouds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. was in florida in february. daughter liked it (mostly because seashells and a waterslide), but florida is dumb. i could care less if i ever go back to that state. the seafood wasn't even that good.
  12. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Obviously the app isn't gonna be perfect, and sure there are scenarios where not everyone is going to get notified (kind of obvious if they don't actually have the app) and some people might be erroneously notified even if they were within ~6 feet of you for only 2 seconds, but if it keeps a few more people from getting sick and dying, it seems worth it to me, no?
  13. if you're trying to avoid renting a car then powder/basin are not gonna be the easiest to do, logistically. you can technically take public transit to get to eden from SLC airport, but it would turn a 7-8 hour travel day into a 10+ hour day pretty quickly. You'd be going full multi-modal with a train to ogden then a transfer to a bus to get you up to eden. There's a free/cheap bus to powder from town every morning, and probably a paid shuttle to basin, but your food options are gonna be extremely limited without a car. for car-free skiing, you can't beat PC/deer valley. i've stayed in town in
  14. not to knock snowbird at all, because the place is awesome, but if you're going out west looking for powder and you're not super comfortable skiing fresh snow yet, snowbird is not gonna be your best bet. as other said, it tracks quickly unless you catch it on a mid-day storm cycle, and in my experience is more crowded than some of the other areas. i think someone else mentioned powder mtn and snowbasin. i've done a lot of trips to utah and stayed in eden, which is a small town at the bottom of the canyon from powder mtn. snowbasin is about 20-25 minutes from there, so you can easily do both in
  15. what about sitting in a camping chair on gravel next to a pee puddle? and yeah, for all inTents and purposes, that's like thiiiiis close to indoor dining in that photo.
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