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  1. Justo8484

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    i bought a killington lift ticket last sunday.
  2. jordan's experience is probably most similar to my own. I taught in blue's explorers program when i was in college. When you're on winter break and planning on skiing every day anyway, and it worked out alright. Get there for opening, ski a few laps, check in to explorers before lessons start to see if you have a lesson or not, and if you don't get you'd get paid for an hour, then go ski with whoever else wasn't teaching. I got lucky in that I didn't teach all too many first time lessons, and usually got groups of less than four who could actually ski and had interest in doing it. There were definitely days when it was glorified babysitting though. Ultimately, there were some broken promises and what I had thought I signed up for didn't actually pan out, but I'm glad I did it. If you're interested in teaching as a way to get better yourself? I guess that depends on where you're at, ability-wise. For me, pretty much everything I was "taught" about how to ski was worthless, however, learning how to teach was useful. As others have said, there are cheaper ways to get a pass, if that's all you're interested in, and you can get last season's gear just as cheaply as you'd get things on pro form. If you're still thinking of doing it, do it somewhere that is more lax than JFBB about checking in every hour, and I would recommend working with the kids program. Sure, you get some crappy lessons, but I think overall it's more rewarding teachings kids something you're passionate about, an appreciate for being outside in pseudo-nature, etc whose parents are also probably skiers, than dealing with the craziness that is an adult first-day-on-skis lesson with 10+ people straight off of a bus from NYC.
  3. Justo8484

    Alpine Touring (skinning) vs. hiking

    Earned turns Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Justo8484

    Alpine Touring (skinning) vs. hiking

    How much vert is it? Skinning isn’t necessarily much quicker if what you’re climbing is packed down, but I think it’s less tiring because you have less weight on your back, and if you’re doing it right (unlike me) your skis don’t actually leave the ground on the way up. If you’re hiking, figure at least 30lbs in your back between skis, boots, at least some water, but also probably beer. Try hiking it in the summer with a weighted pack to test it out, then take that experience and multiply it by the awkward weight distribution factor of skis strapped to your pack. My reco would be to start scouring the interwebz for something with a pair of marker tour 10s or 12s on em, that way you’re still working with an alpine binding that you could comfortably ski on resort days too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Justo8484

    2/17-18 weekend roll call thread!!!

    sunday for me
  6. Justo8484

    Look SPX 12 - OK or terrible?

    I don’t miss using paper jigs. Assuming you used a 4.1mm bit (like you should for a ski with metal), hope you had a pozi! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Justo8484

    Whistler Trip

    That looks like a longhorn table! No fireball? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Justo8484

    Skis for the West: where to start?

    get out of here with that soul 7 garbage. the whole series are the most overhyped skis ever created, except maybe RTMs
  9. Justo8484

    Skis for the West: where to start?

    Dare i say bacons? From what I can tell, you're not really very heavy, and you're not super aggressive. The bacons got a tiny bit narrower than they used to be, with a slightly more all mountain friendly shape/sidecut than they used to have. They're still pretty soft, but unless you're in the sierras or PNW, the softer flex would probably work pretty well for what you're looking for, hypothetically. They rip turns as long as you're not trying to mach through chopped up leftovers (soul riders would be better for that stuff), and are super playful and easy to ski in pretty much any condition. But yeah, try before you buy, if that's your thing.
  10. Justo8484

    Stowe stoke thread...2018!!!

    Not a single mention of heady topper in this TR. Sad!
  11. Justo8484

    Help with Binding Mount Question?

    Yeah its kinda a bummer. Salomon’s bindings ski really well, have a nice wide footprint on modern wider skis, and have good elasticity in the toe. They just kind of fall short in regards to constantly loosening the toe height and elasticity in the heel related to rebound from quick compressions during awkward g outs. Sally, mounting skis a second time should be no problem at all. The aaattacks or however they spell it have the same gripes I have with the warden, aside from toe height adjustment. If you’re not into doing stupid crap on skis like me, they’re totally fine though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Justo8484

    Help with Binding Mount Question?

    Re: the RTM binding issue, if it is what I think it is, you don't want that helicoiled. If it came like that from the shop, unmounted, that binding should be replaced, no questions asked. Maybe too late for that at this point? Re: the wardens, that toe should have a toe height adjustment. Salomon's higher end toes have had this for years, and it's a blessing and a curse. It ensures that you get proper boot/binding contact at the AFT, but it also kinda requires you to either take your gear to a shop far to frequently for a sanity check, or you have to keep tabs on it and know how to adjust it properly yourself. Super easy to do with a #3 phillips and a business card to test boot sole/AFD tolerance, but again, just one more thing to worry about. My guardians have the same toe, and I've prereleased from that binding more in one week in cham than i have in all the years I've been riding pivots on all my other skis. I love the idea of the guardians, and definitely interested in the new shift binding, but generally not feeling the salomon binding love anymore.
  13. Justo8484


    Rosé all day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Justo8484

    Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    i dunno if disrespectful is the word i'd use. it's a pretty mediocre ski at best, but use whatever works for ya, i guess.