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  1. sounds like it's good for going fast, straight, and plowing through crud
  2. My parents definitely have a set of those laying around collecting dust somewhere in their house. I should try and find them.
  3. Binding weight and ski weight don't equate to the same thing on your feet though. A light ski with a heavy binding is still gonna ski like a like ski (assuming you're carving turns and not sliding around) until you get it in the air when you might notice the additional weight on your feet from the bindings.
  4. even being lucky with lots of natural snow this year, i doubt they were up over the previous year. that restaurant is pretty busy all summer long and even with outdoor dining, i bet they missed out on a lot of revenue especially with the high markup on drinks from the bars not helping out as much as normal.
  5. Waist width and flex only go so far in the stability game. The ski industry is in a weird pivotal place right now, and I think trends might start reversing in a few years unless there's some cosmic leap in ski construction (Renoun maybe? Haven't skied them). Wider underfoot will definitely make a ski more stable when skiing over uneven or chopped up snow, as will more layers of titanal, carbon, fiberglass, flax, cork, whatever other sort of exotic material you throw in there, but the mass of a ski plays a large role too. Stiff, wide, light skis tend to get tossed around and deflected in firmer
  6. Been a while since i've skied canyons, but i believe the tin can used to run earlier than the regular mountain lifts, as it isn't really a "skiing" chairlift but more of a transit thing to get you from the parking lot to the actual base. We stayed in the condos at the base of the cabriolet a few times and I swear I remember getting on that thing and up to the base of the ski area before the real lifts started spinning for the day. From what I've read (haven't skied them, so grain of saltyant and whatnot) next year's M6 mantra is supposed to be a more accessible/easier to ski ski than t
  7. I'm just curious to see if they can continue to get that rate when there are other options for entertainment and recreation next winter. People will be traveling to warmer destinations again, indoor dining will be less restricted if at all, people will feel more comfortable with having friends/family over at their houses, etc. Will some of the people who saw skiing as an opportunity so safely socialize with friends outdoors continue to do so in the future? Probably, but I doubt there's a 100% stick rate with that, and a bunch of people who justified that ticket price this year because they had
  8. The town lift is great for a quick lunch stop without having to pay on-mountain prices. Davanza's pizza is like right next to the lift, and used to do a pretty good deal for two slices and a drink with school ID. I assume you still keep your school ID in your wallet for such scenarios, right? There's several different waist widths on the QST series. You don't want the QST Blank. Unless it's anything from the Rossi 7 series. Then just get the longest size possible. They're all too short. I've never felt so undergunned on a 195 in my life.
  9. We bailed on this weekend for exactly that reason. I’ll ski in the rain for empty trails and no lift lines, but didn’t feel like driving and gambling that a bunch of people with day tickets were gonna be sucking up the weather because they were locked into their tickets. Went surfing instead, got more waves than I would have runs at blue, and the rain didn’t matter cause I was already in the water anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. i guess they're limiting the early purchase price by quantity, not date? or both? always a mystery... it wouldn't surprise me if they do this, but to say that generation is wealthy is kind of a blanket statement that's probably false more than it's true.
  11. hopefully i'll be up for some waterskiing at some point this weekend
  12. it was a joke... i know they're not sitting there with scales and calculating BMI on the fly if you claim you're overweight
  13. whole lot of speculation going on here without knowing the details of blue's financials that drive a decision like this. they're not here to hook us up, they exist to make money. blue strikes the balance of quality, proximity, price, and intangible convenience for me, so for factors other than cost alone, it'd take a lot for me to not buy a blue pass for next season. sometimes i even like to ski with some of you!
  14. just drink like a half gallon of water before your official weigh-in! that should put you over the top
  15. @saltyant I have a pair of these you can borrow for your trip. Might make your parking situation easier to sort out. These will fit in your overhead bag so you won't even have to deal with lugging a ski bag around the airport, shuttles, etc.
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