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  1. Pivots. But make sure whatever you get works with your boot. Gripwalk, WTR, MNC, etc had to go and make things complicated again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. almost positive that trail would be going uphill. i don't think you'd be able to get from paradise to coming soon without a bit of a hike
  3. @enjoralas might be able to speak to this a little bit more accurately than me, but it seems absurd to me that a phone company would take back old equipment, then take it apart for parts, then rebuild other potentially broken equipment. Labor to do that in the US is almost certainly more expensive than just swapping out the broken device with a new one.
  4. Like, a monthly payment for the physical device itself? Nah, my phone is all paid for. But it’s $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data, with Wi-Fi tethering included. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. yup, i ditched ATT for xfinity wifi (no, i don't get an employee discount), and i pay less than 50 a month for unlimited everything. My ATT bill was close to twice that without unlimited service. It piggybacks on verizon's network, so coverage is very good for me, with the exception of like two spots in south jersey that I didn't get good reception with on ATT either. Only downside so far is that international talk/text is pay-by-the-minute/text, as opposed to a flat rate to enable it for a week or month or whatever if you're traveling with ATT or verizon.
  6. Maybe I’m being naive here, but isn’t it somewhat irresponsible to just prescribe antibiotics without knowing that you have a bacterial infection, and not a viral one? For whatever it’s worth, your symptoms are pretty spot on with what I get for a few days if I surf a lot and end up taking a few on the head and getting an Atlantic Ocean netti pot session. Happens a few times a year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. title sponsor for the thursday night snowmobile race series
  8. pretty sure proximity/visibility from the AT was one of the major sticking points of what could actually get built up top for the condo thing. i don't remember the number off hand, but i believe any structure needs to be more than x feet from the AT if it's visible from the trail, or something along those lines. vaguely recall that that's why the proposed condos weren't gonna be taller.
  9. That's not really a problem that requires money though, at least not at a "large capital investment" scale. They've got the machines already.
  10. bear's hotel is booked solid pretty much the entire winter, not sure about camelback. but yes, hotel on premise for weddings would be a stupidly easy money maker.
  11. sounds kinda like the 700 club? but they just have a toilet right next to the DJ platform. frankford hall has a trough.
  12. probably the last time i was there as well. it was cool when they were still doing ski movie premiers there, but their beer list hadn't changed in like 5+ years as of the last i was there. food was standard brew pub stuff, nothing was bad, but nothing was really good or exciting either. can someone buy BMDI and turn it into a B&B? by that i mean bed & brewery. place would make an absolute killing during the winter, and probably be good enough to survive during the summer.
  13. A legend that says they just bought land to expand, then when explains where said land is... i'm near positive they've owned said land for years?
  14. not sure that state of the art and fixed grip belong in the same sentence. also, no foot rest?
  15. Well I know which bar I’m going to next time I’m up in Stowe! Congrats moe, sounds like VT is treating ya well. Hoping I can get back up that way this summer for a few days on the bike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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