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  1. In practice, not really. Technically, I think you need a valid lift ticket or season pass, but since the ticket window is never open before you need to start going uphill, I always end up getting my ticket after I've done the skin lap.
  2. Fun times yesterday! Only skied two top to bottom laps before getting the kids on the school hill, but we made it to the top!
  3. probably both days, won't be there right at opening tomorrow though
  4. You should probably look into closing dates before deciding. If it's a long weekend before you start the new job, stowe very well might not be open then. Same deal with any of the places out west due to potential forest service leases and/or animal migrations. Spring skiing is awesome, but conditions might also be complete trash. New Orleans is a super fun city, NCAA tournament aside. Happy to give recs if that's the route you go. I've been many times due to family there, but I won't pollute this thread til you say you want the info hah
  5. Are you really comparing blue to roundtop and whitetail here?
  6. Sure. It's after all the holidays. What you're not accounting for is flexibility. With a pass, if I decide I want to ski tomorrow, I can, and I don't have to factor in how much it'll cost me. The pass is a sunk cost that I paid last April. I've got my money's worth out of it fourfold based on the fact that a weekend ticket usually hovers around $100, and that's when I usually get to ski.
  7. yo gabba gabba is a kids tv show that brought us wonderful things like Biz's Beat of the Day:
  8. i renewed my pass as well, and i'm fully expecting it to not work when i show up to ski this weekend
  9. If my childcare situation wasn't what it is to make blue as convenient as it is for me, the big price increase for blue vs an epic pass would be a lot harder to swallow for two passes
  10. As others have said, the forward pressure difference of 1mm should be a non-issue. RE: toe adjustment, you'll only have to deal with that for salomon driver-style (S/STH bindings) or shift bindings. As far as I can remember, there aren't any other alpine bindings on the market that have any sort of toe adjustment. Happy to check em out for ya if you've got em by this weekend and we cross paths.
  11. Yup, pull up the email or confirmation on your phone, scan at kiosk, out pops card, scoot your way on over to the lift false, there was no date assigned when i transferred my buddy pass a few weeks ago.
  12. good to know i'm not alone! guess i should buy the blue passes for next year one of these days
  13. you forgot to mention your most important criteria... you live 5 minutes from blue 😘
  14. The ditch had a good run, glad I got that tree gap last weekend while it was still in play.
  15. haha yup. took the kid on paradise for the first time two weeks ago and it took us about 45 minutes top to bottom. she only fell twice though!
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