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  1. i don't think a 4th is ever going to be in the cards, one is enough work
  2. yeah you're right, catholic is probably cheaper. but then you have to deal with all the catholic things...
  3. every thread is the covid thread speaking of ski season, if anyone is in the market for a pair of pow skis for this upcoming season, you need these:
  4. $6k a year for private school is absurdly cheap. I assume this is in allentown? Schools in philly are easily $20k+ This situation is going to absolutely screw over public schools and create an even bigger education-income divide. Personally I think charter schools are hardly ever the right answer at the macro level, and I don't know how the hybrid or fully online schedule is going to work for the majority of the population. A friend of mine is a special ed teacher in the philly school district. He has no clue how he is going to do his job solely online, because so much of what he does is near impossible to replicate on a Zoom call.
  5. looks like i got a hurricane for my birthday! maybe i'll go do my best point break impression later after this thing blows through a little bit
  6. That's on the schools, not blue though. My experience is limited to the school I went to and how ski club is handled there. This past year, the number of students didn't warrant a full sized bus, since a lot of parents transported the kids themselves. Possible solution in conjunction with all those kids whose parents already drive them up is rent a full-sized bus which would allow the kids to spread out more? I dunno. I agree with you though, a bus packed with 48 kids seems like a terrible idea. I'm already thinking about how I can structure my ski time to avoid crowds. Weekend lift lines at blue are already a shitshow; I can't imagine how bad it'll be if there are enforced distancing measures in place without limiting the number of people on snow at any one time. And I can only imagine the uproar if they somehow limit season pass holders to certain hours or something to keep crowds down.
  7. As of right now, blue is still planning on having ski clubs. They are making plans on how to deal with it in as safe a way as they can given the current situation.
  8. It believe it's free, as in legitimately no strings attached free, if you have comcast internet service (maybe above a certain tier, not 100% sure about that) and rent a comcast modem/gateway. Since it doesn't use cable/coax, i believe it requires MoCa over WiFi to work. @enjoralas might know more specifics than me there. The peacock subscription i think is just all NBCUniversal content, and the Flex box essentially functions like an Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Google Chrome TV, etv, but with the comcast voice remote. It's functionally the same as a normal Xi6 wireless X1 box just without the interactive TV guide and live cable tv, as far as i can tell. Saying this all as a user of the services and my experiences with them. Check comcast's website or talk to tech support for actual details.
  9. all that talk about sports a few pages back and no mention that the NBA is back, the sixers are beating up up the grizzlies, and ben simmons made a 3?!
  10. assuming you're wearing a helmet (ideally a full face) and a mask underneath it, glasses or goggles, and gloves, i'd think your exposure risk is pretty slow. i'm guessing they're recommending you only ride the lift with someone you came with, and not just allowing random singles to hop on together, but it's blue so who knows. they change their chairlift rules every two weeks for the bike park it seems. don't go inside, keep a little bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket for emergencies, and keep your gloves on and don't touch your face. i can't imagine the "sweat trail" or whatever they're talking about (exhalation stream?) is gonna be that large and dispersed from someone wearing a full face helmet. you could also just go up on a rainy day when no one's there and any droplets fall out of the air quicker from the high humidity/moisture content, in theory? the biggest risk at blue is always the loose rocks haha
  11. the basement at metro's doesn't count as a private club
  12. If i can manage to go mountain biking in 90 degree weather for 2+ hours with a helmet and glasses on, while also wearing a mask, it should not be that hard for someone to go into a store with a mask on for 10-15 minutes. People are morons.
  13. i'm actually gonna side with doug on this one; also not a fan of yogurt on meat
  14. beaches down here are crowded, but I don't think any more crowded than normal. Yesterday was probably the most crowded it's been surfing this summer so far. Luckily, still easy to keep my distance from people out in the water. Lots of restaurants are getting creative with outdoor seating setups, but stuff in Somers Point looks completely insane. This one place called "The Point" had their parking lot completely packed the other day. It's all outdoor dining on a beach on the bay, but the place isn't that big to accommodate all those people. I'll stick to grocery delivery/pickup and cooking at home, or takeout. Beer delivery has been great, too
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