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  1. Today’s skiing was so special, but the company, food and drinks were excellent. I definitely got some sunburn, well worth it.
  2. Just got back from some evening runs. Everything in the shadow was crusting up, nice bumps on razors, main and falls. Challenge looked surprisingly smooth from the lift, but I never made it over there. Main Street has some deep holes opening up. The pictures don’t quite do it justice but the def went down a bit. A third on was unmarked and opening up my last run up the 6. It was still snowing as I left for the night. Super light crowds, an enjoying snowy spring skiing evening.
  3. I’ll bring crockpot Mac and cheese
  4. They scheduled the kids Easter egg hunt for 3/24 so I’ll be shocked if they’re still open.
  5. We went for a family night session and it was so empty. There were a few groups of kids but we had the slopes to ourselves. Soft push piles, similar to Sunday. Very nice.
  6. Got home from a fun Super Bowl night. Bumps everywhere, super soft- it was a fun but leg burning night. A bit more crowded than last years super bowl might but still skied right onto the lift. Nightmare dream and razors were most excellent.
  7. Saturday am and Sunday pm. Super Bowl night is my favorite night to ski
  8. We went out for a family ski last night around 6.... dust on crust at the top of the mountain and razors, challenge and main street looked and sounded glacial. On the the other trails there was sugar to be found on the sides and it got deeper the further down the mountain you went. Wish we could have made it earlier to run some of the other trails.
  9. Dug into the cheese today. amazing.
  10. Today’s snow was great. Did a first run with Beckyboo before wac drop off. Clearly I don’t look at trail reports and was pleasantly surprised by the new terrain open, worked my way from NMDW, challenge, lazy and main before rinse and repeat. Really fun as the trails got more bump. Lower challenge was alittle wompy from the grooming but to be expected I guess. Had fun riding the chairs with lots of people visiting for the first time year, I stuck to the OG6 all morning and never waited more than 2 chairs to get on. Crowds were light, took a snack break and then went out for 3 more runs before wac pickup. Didn’t realize how tired I was until about 1/2 way through the last fun. Becky and I were planning on a night session tomorrow but it looks like the rain has other plans since the mountain is closing at 4. Whomp whomp.
  11. Boo Bear


    The double dip this evening was…. Interesting. Nothing like the morning session. We ended up getting a drink mid way through the runs. 🥴
  12. Boo Bear


    Becky boo and I made it up around 1030 this morning. Four short runs later little one was ready to go. She was discouraged by the scrape spots she kept hitting on lazy. I had fun playing off to the side though. Headed back up for adults only session.
  13. @mute1080, Beckyboo and I went up for an evening session, met up with a friend and their little. Overall great night, snow was awesome. The drainage ditches and holes kept it interesting to ski around. Fun night.
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