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  1. That many blueberries sounds like a dream. For years my dad had blueberry bushes. He had a bush that produced berries larger than a quarter every year. That bush died a few years ago, he still has two others that are late season producers but they are eraser sized berries. Still better than none!
  2. Train the children LOL. Becky's been my garden apprentice since she was able to tottle around.
  3. I've never heard of them but that sounds awesome. I highly recommend Misty Valley Farms off of Kreidersville Road outside of Northampton, they're a greenhouse, have a farm stand and chickens. I think they grow mostly heirloom - I recognize a lot of their items from Baker Creek seed company which is one of my favorites.
  4. I love edge of the woods! I went a few years ago - purchased elderberry, mountain mint and something else (I wish I could remember what). and could have spent hours there. I have a whole list of plants / trees and shrubs I want to get from there, when we have the space. I've propogated elderberry cuttings to add more to our yard over the years... I'm forever squeezing annuals flowers in anywhere I see an open space - I've been trying out companion planting in the garden, too. I'm going to try calendula and safflower in the veggie garden this year. I really like statice , I had trouble getting seeds to germinate when I tried them in the past though.
  5. The warm weather in April gave a big head start to get the garden looking good. Last month I sowed onions, beets, kale, carrots, parsnips, spinach and lettuce. The strawberries and blueberries are are already in bloom, I noticed a rogue potato popped up the other day (must have missed it last year). I even dug the canna bulbs into the flower bed, so hopefully with the next warm up they will start to poke through. Waiting for night time temps to plant the indoor seedlings: 4 kinds of tomatoes this year, jalapenos, tomatillos, cukes, zukes, dellacata squash. This year I added two cattle panel arches and am hoping to grow most of the vining squash and vine beans off of those. I'm planning to direct sow vining lima beans, pole beans, Illinois long neck squash and per becky boo's request cantaloupe. Keeping my eyes on those night time temps. Whats everyone else growing?
  6. @mute1080 Becky and I had a great night, played around on Razors, Coming Soon and Main Street. BB got redemption from Saturday's tears on coming soon, and had a fun run down Razors with @Schif @MattEDGE and @skiincy. Becky did get up close and personal with the sign on home stretch, and got to chat with a ski patrol as we ended our session. It was a great way to spend day 50 on the slopes.
  7. Tonight was amazing, the dreams that spring skiing are made of. We had a Tuesday night kids ski club Becky, Blake’s kids, and three generations of @enjoralas. Highlight of the night was heading down razors with munchkins plowing down the slope. Core memory was made tonight.
  8. The Mute's are bringing a box of joe, I'm going to make some cupcakes and marinated meat for @enjoralas to grill
  9. Just got back from a quick afternoon session. Arrived around 1215, it was 34 at the lower lodge. The first lift was surprisingly deceptive. It looked like there was cord. First run was down lazy and it was firm, lots of dust, but you had to hunt to find it. Ended up doing about 5 runs in an hour, the wind was working against me to get downhill. Upper main was rock solid but lower had a nice little pocket on the side. We talked about double dipping for tonight but not sure.
  10. We renewed on Friday night and didn’t have an issue (surprisingly) this weekend
  11. She was so stoked to go down the remainder of the trails today. Snow was perfect for her to explore on today
  12. I like it, too. The chair itself is high for for the tiny folk in our party but hopefully in a season that won't be an issue anymore... I love the ease of access to widowmaker. We hardly ever went on it previously because we avoided the doubles. My hope for next year though is they figure out some way to ease congestion for getting on the lift - or getting off the snow. Its like a game of chicken to get through people and the sea of skis left at the edge of the snow. I love that we never wait in line anymore though.
  13. Becky & I will be there Saturday. Becky-less Sunday.
  14. Holy shit. We had to buy Becky an adult season pass this year just to not have restrictions. So pleased to see the 9 and under option
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