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  1. RidgeRacer

    Death at Hunter

    Also on my radar. As is Northern Arizona.
  2. RidgeRacer

    Death at Hunter

    Nothing wrong with the DAKs. Personally I'd consider it as a landing spot for when I eventually leave PA.
  3. RidgeRacer

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Drove past Blue today. Still a few random patches of snow but 95%ish green.
  4. RidgeRacer

    Killington April 19

  5. RidgeRacer

    Killington April 19

    Did you guys end up flying out of ABE and into Orlando / Sanford? If so I may pm you for tips on that as we're trying to avoid flying out of Philly this time.
  6. RidgeRacer

    May Day, 5/4/19

    LOL...is that pic from either JF or BB? Where's the Angry shark or whatever his name is to file a lawsuit.
  7. RidgeRacer

    Killington April 19

    Send in the SWAT team.
  8. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    WTGAI Doug
  9. RidgeRacer

    Screw Vail, when you can have Oxy!

    I honestly wouldn't mind that. A pass to Blue JF and BB wouldn't be terrible. Could care less about Hunter and Mt. Snow.
  10. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

  11. RidgeRacer

    Belleayre 4/13/19

    Props on a great season for you Ski2live.
  12. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    This thread (and PSU's) has me thinking hard about an April trip to the front range one of these seasons.
  13. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Someone's all of a sudden a seasoned skier of mountains west of the Mississippi... interesting.
  14. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Pow and steak...I'd definitely call that a great day. Nice work!
  15. RidgeRacer

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    Nice...That looks fantastic