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  1. Looks better than than it does today. Any vintage waterslide photos?
  2. The editors are taking it under consideration
  3. JF may be open as well.
  4. Woke up late. Still on Arizona time. If something is open next weekend perhaps I'll go. Otherwise it was a great season.
  5. Stellar day. Few more pics. Headed back out to the gondi in a few
  6. Finding shin to knee deep in spots. So damn good out here
  7. Light snow with pow stashes err where. Pics to come soon. Demoing rip sticks as the enforcers and weren't long enough. I miss my lines but it's tough to be mad at anything right now! Life is good...
  8. Ok back to skiing. 9 inches in the last 24. Chains and awd required for snowbeezy access road. Expecting sunshine today. Stopping at the ski shop in flagstaff to pick up a pair of enforcers for demo then plan on skiing my ass off till close for what may be my last day this season. If so…4 ski days at Arizona snowbowl over 2 trips. 30 at blue. Not bad.
  9. We went to Scottsdale and you’re right. It was a douche fest with a 3 to 4 hour wait. I learned this trip the coming to Arizona in march during spring training isn’t the wisest move. Anyway..left there and went to Glendale which was a lot quieter had no wait, families etc. but yeah really expensive. I didn’t even know they were in the east? Do they close in the winter?
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