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  1. RidgeRacer

    New Trail - Scarab

    Truth. Between Basslicker, Scab and Coming soon we have all kinds of new terrain!
  2. RidgeRacer

    New Trail - Scarab

    I may need to hit up CB for a ride on Basslick or whatever it's called.
  3. RidgeRacer


    I really enjoy P Town. That town has come a long way over the past few years.
  4. RidgeRacer

    Da Roll Call 4 Da Weekend 2/22-24

    Going away next week so this weekend may be tough. Right now looking at Sunday post rain. Not 100% out for tomorrow but looking like it.
  5. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    So many other things to worry about than a few people skiing really well and totally in control on Paradise. I have a hard time understanding it.
  6. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    You weren't the only one that got yelled at. I'm sure Doug will chime in shortly.
  7. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    The 8 o'clock hour is here. Buses are getting ready to pull out. Crowds starting to vanish. The snow is nice. This next hour should be good. Oh and Switchback is the shit. Eaf are you out here enjoying this?
  8. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    Choppy but to be expected for a crowded night sesh. I'm like an excavator tonight... digging it
  9. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    It's officially a shit show. The waffle Haus line is about 12 people deep. The six pack is almost at the turnstiles. Riding the quad
  10. RidgeRacer

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Done although there's no need. The snows good.
  11. RidgeRacer

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    With all the fresh you're getting cord must feel like a let down. I'd be happy to ski on a surface that I can hold an edge on at Blue later.
  12. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    If schools closed today (they did here) buses could be minimal (fingers crossed)
  13. RidgeRacer

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    Also hard to beat me finishing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Genesis in like two days back in the day. I was a beast on the sticks back then
  14. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    Pics look great guys. A preview of things to come for next week in Jackson?
  15. RidgeRacer

    2/21...morning moves....old pants

    The power of positive thinking Douglas. I can't wait to ski epic conditions tonight at Blue. I'll be sure to post all about it.