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  1. This is perhaps premature but I'm beginning to wonder if this will be completed in time for opening day.
  2. Webcams showing some smoke. snowbowl is saying the ski area isn't in any danger. Over 30k acres overall are gone. About 40% contained between the two fires.
  3. This is literally just off the ski area and close to lots of homes. Hoping they can contain this really soon https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/14/weather/arizona-pipeline-haywire-fires-flagstaff/index.html
  4. Or somewhere fun. A justice will marry you anywhere. But agreed....F weddings
  5. Still can't believe they're asking 12 hundy for those chairs
  6. We got a new portable jawn that I plan on testing today. Good day for it
  7. I could put it in the back yard...maybe use it as a lookout tower like they did in midevil times.
  8. It's on my radar when I go see the Patriots vs Jets in October...a little post game skiing. Hopefully celebrating a W
  9. In a complete first... They closed our school at noon today due to weather...on may 16th. It rained. Edit I didn't read all the posts above. At least I know now that our school district isn't completely crazy since others dismissed early also
  10. May daughter has been sending me pics from Iceland. The last pic is where the N American and Eurasian plates split. Neat stuff
  11. Did you at least enjoy the view?
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