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  1. Seriously we should all start purchasing extra waffles or maybe move parking lot beers to the bar every now and then to help them out. They clearly need dough.
  2. Do space heaters count? If so I'm out. Don't think it should count though IMO
  3. No...it's not great. It sucks. BTW the whole "This is great!" is dumb.
  4. So nothing new. There will never be enough natural snow to open it. Maybe CB can let us borrow one of their new snow guns.
  5. I think so. I'm gonna call them
  6. As you know I've gotten some really good deals there though. To your point...gotta pay for it though by getting there early and waiting in those lines. Only things I need/ want are gloves and maybe googles so I'll probably skip it this year. Wondering though if I can donate my prophets. I don't see myself skiing on them anymore.
  7. Blues tent sale is Oct 26th & 27th.
  8. I would, personally, be thrilled if those sold. Haha
  9. Haha! I'm wondering if Elk is planting their trees strategically.
  10. Wanted to call something out for Blue in the event it helps.
  11. Honestly if there's no chance of skiing I'm good with warm days until the first or second week of November.
  12. At least they're doing shit
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