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  1. You're a victim. I forgot.
  2. I'm not mad and I didn't flip out. He's saying I said things that I didn't. So I corrected it. I'm also pointing out that my preferences are just that, not the ten freaking commandments of skiing.
  3. I'm kinda over having this conversation with you from here on out.
  4. Salty I said I like whiteface better than gore and steamboat (I also said to you directly that I'm probably in the minority on the steamboat thing). I never said it's flat out better than vermont. My skiing in vermont is limited to Stratton and Killington and yes I'd opt for WF over those 2 any day of the week. I've yet to ski Sugarbush, stowe, smuggs and jay so I'm certainly not the judge and the jury. You're gonna get me in trouble with Moe and some other folks on here so stop acting like I'm the foremost authority of all things east coast skiing dude when I'm far from it. Go to WF and form
  5. This is why I hate coordinating these things ...some can do that Monday. Some can't.
  6. RidgeRacer

    Elk Day 2021.

    Walt and pops are gonna be in the house on Monday Feb 8th so I say we start there. Elk day may look different this year with lodge closures, social distancing etc. but never the less its a good day of skiing with the best group of skiers the keystone state has to offer. Whos down?
  7. Watch out.. Confused emoji coming your way Rummy. Haha. He could have IMd you...no excuses.
  8. 2-5 would probably work for me. That's a Friday though correct?
  9. Of course I would. I'm not disrespectful like you.
  10. Dude book it. Buy your lift tix too before they sell out. You too[mention=511]toast21602[/mention] and anyone who wants to ski up there. You should know that Cobble mountain is in lake placid technically but it's just outside of town. You're not walking out of your room and into the heart of the action. It's a 2 or 3 minute drive to food and all of that. Cobble mountain is on the way to white face...about 10 min drive. It's pretty quiet there which is good during hockey season when every high school and middle school in the northeast descends on the lp
  11. "To keep kids on the snow" was a witty take on DARE. Nicely don't to whoever coined that (@AtomicSkier )? we've matured like a fine wine over the nearly 2 decades now. instead of stickers I say we bring back the "Men of PASR Calendar" idea. We could see if the local ski shops and true blue would be interested in carrying it.
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