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  1. My bad. I didn't scroll all the way up. Only seeing the more recent pics too... like Ben said.
  2. When you got moves like this you wear a shirt. It's a rash guard btw
  3. Back when we used to get snow some of the PASRs (Toast, Justo, GSSucks?) skied the Blue Mountain backcountry. There's a TR somewhere.
  4. Skillz on the slopes and in the water
  5. Is that Captain Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean? If so that's awesome.
  6. Decided to hold off on going wider on the sick day for now. Boots (Dalbello Panterra), however, have been purchased. It'll be interesting to see how they fit. Don't necessarily like purchasing boots online but don't feel like going to a shop either. If they feel off they're going back.
  7. Supposedly they are bussing with very little changes there based on the last update from the school. I believe my district is banking on a ton of kids taking the online option so they can keep kids separate as much as possible on busses and limit classrooms to 16 per like they want...they can't do that unless a good percentage of people opt for online.
  8. I'd be shocked if schools are offering ski club this year. Sucks for the ski resorts. I encourage everyone to buy waffles at the Waffle Haus, get your gear tuned at Blue or perhaps buy chicken fings or a burger in the lodge if you can to support the true mountain this season.
  9. That my point. When I want to ski I want to ski even if I know there's a freeze thaw, sugar ice type of thing. I usually want to get out add my day into the stats. It may be tough but I think it may be prudent to avoid days that I know will be trash). Maybe it's simply more days away from Blue in exchange for more mid week days somewhere else, perhaps up north, at places where I know I'll be riding the chair alone all day.
  10. I feel like this season will be more of a quality vs quantity year. If conditions or crowds will suck maybe that's a stay home situation. Will be interesting to see if school groups show up on weeknights.
  11. Unfortunately you were correct. That's probably one of the more depressing stats that I've seen.
  12. A sales opportunity! Sell them one that gets better gas mileage.
  13. Damn... looks like people got hit bad by this. Some heavy rain and wind here but everything is still in tact.
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