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  1. Honestly with the exception of the 6 pack being closed and the quad stopping here and there...no complaints about tonight, condition wise anyway. Snow was fast and super grippy. No cookies...but I think Dan may have said it in another thread, I dont get their inability to flatten trails out, unless sidewinder is intended to be almost skier across like? Either way was fun.
  2. Evening sesh. Snow is good. Sidewinder is rollery but fun. Pleasant temps, low crowds... Good night out here
  3. I actually thought I was posting the weather thread...my bad.
  4. It is such a shitty day... nothing says stoke like wind and driving rain.
  5. Then the $20 is worth it. Tempted but I'm already taking off from work for Elk on the 7th.
  6. Thats sucks. What is up with the lift situation in the Poconos this season?
  7. If it's anything like the WMMR days no...its not worth the 20 bucks. If it's not a shit show and a normal day there I'd be interested...but I don't think these radio station days ever are.
  8. RidgeRacer

    Elk Day 2020

    I'll be there on the 7th too.
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