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  1. I found live webcam footage of laser light tubing at Camelback
  2. The forum must really agree that Saturday night fever is a classic.
  3. Getting there. The usual... deep tracks, divots and shit. Not complaining...was a fun session. A few rain drops here and there so headed out now. Can't complain at all. Had top to bottom main street with good conditions a few times. Fun day.
  4. My pleasure. Upper main, Midway, Vista are still good. Lower main and parts of lazy are getting sorta spicy. I'm ready for the valley...
  5. No creepy guys in hockey masks out here today. Excellent early morning conditions so far. Some cookies here and there but thus far more corduroy out here than an 80s wardrobe. Upper main (to quote Johnny law) is Le Tits. Lots of woo hoos skiing down it.
  6. Getting gas. Be there in about 10. You know I'm never on time
  7. It reminds me of the dance floor from Saturday night fever...and nothing says winter getaway like the dance scene from Saturday night fever.
  8. Love nights like this. Snowy, clear, cold with a bright ass moon...last full moon of the decade.
  9. Would be sweet if I had a lodge annex named after my stupid PASR handle. First the TP4 statue and now this!
  10. Why "ok"? I'm doing you a solid but starting a roll call thread on your behalf. I know it's big shoes to fill but I'll try my best to cover for you these next 4 weeks. After all, we can't not have a roll call....
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