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  1. Thank goodness for the blue mt snowmaking system taking advantage because after today the forecast is complete trash.
  2. Fun morning. Snow was better than I thought it would be early on. Paradise turned to slop. Always fun with the PASR crew regardless. Good morning.
  3. Oh I believe it. The peak is at 12.5 I think. The access road alone take you up a few thousand feet. The SF Peaks are legit. Only problem is there isn't enough of them.
  4. They haven't limited you yet so I doubt it.
  5. Hell yeah. Nice video. how do I read the TR? Side note...Vert is 2200 lift served. 2800 with the bowl open.
  6. Maybe he just doesn't want to ski. Idk. All I know is he's greatly missed. So many awesome memories with him on trips. At Blue, frost etc. For some (I'm one) skiing is like breathing. You need it. For others there are other things that can perhaps replace skiing. Perhaps he falls in that camp.
  7. I'm sure they don't remember me. It's been a minute, besides All I did was hang out with JFDan and Phillycore when I wasn't teaching
  8. I think a day trip to Jackson Frost will be in order for me this season. Been a few years.
  9. Missed you in the camping thread momskeez.
  10. Who was the big winner? Do we know yet? I'm on pins and needles over here.
  11. Elk would be a big deal. I'd consider buying one next year with elk and montage on it.
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