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  1. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    Salty is telling tall tales.
  2. 12/14/17

    Looks fantastic
  3. Blue Mt. 12-13-17

    It was so good tonight that I forgot it was Dec 13th. Great snow everywhere with the exception of upper main which was marbley. Lazy was so on point. No crowds at all. GSS, AtomicSkier, George (is he on PASR?) and the man, the myth, the legend himself... Saltyant were all in the house. Best part of the evening... Saltyant: "wow... you guys are awesome skiers!" AtomicSkier: "I know I am". Haha. Great night session fellas.
  4. Mid-week Opening

    Was kidding. Did get your refund? On the lift Doug / Jeff where the hell are you?
  5. Mid-week Opening

    Wow dude. I'm feeling some kinda way. I met you opening day at Blue. Jeff introduced me to you.
  6. Mid-week Opening

    For sure. It's certainly astronaut weather
  7. Mid-week Opening

    Can't say that I am. I spent too many years doing 476 north thing
  8. Mid-week Opening

    Gone wrap up a few things then I'm headed out in a few to freeze my balls off. Can't wait!
  9. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    Haha... All of this blue square, black diamond talk for PA is silly. Remember when Camelback used to have double squares?
  10. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    Wait till everything is open
  11. Opening Wednesday

    Ahhh I got you. I thought you were saying no albums are good (by any artist). BTW I call music coordinator for the PASR end of season party in the spring. Maybe we can hire Ski2lives band for a private performance under the PASR tent
  12. Opening Wednesday

    Not one?
  13. Opening Wednesday

    Their new album is good
  14. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    Sorry dude. They still got a good team. If it makes you feel better the Patriots sucked so much ass last night.