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  1. Technically yes. Since he is the GOAT. A turncoat GOAT but the GOAT none the less.
  2. That only works at ski areas that actually get snow. Although they could pull a whitetail and leave everything ungroomed on Mondays
  3. Looks similar to the color I'm doing. I pulled off the old posts, bought new and staining before attaching.
  4. Would you use the 120 post stain? To finish it off basically?
  5. I think I'm done with the pressure wash. Picked up a belt sander to remove the rest of the stain and smooth things out before applying the new stain. What's a good grit to use? Thinking 80 or 100?
  6. This is post memorial day too. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2021/06/pa-has-streak-of-sub-500-covid-19-case-counts-daily-update.html Pa. has streak of sub-500 COVID-19 case counts: daily update Pennsylvania reported 297 new COVID-19 cases for Monday, after reporting 321 new cases for Sunday and 488 for Saturday. For comparison, Pennsylvania twice had more than 10,000 daily cases during the worst of the pandemic in early January.
  7. Who would you consider to be hardcore PASRs? And hardcore as in hardcore poster or hardcore as in hardcore Skier? or both? I would consider you both.
  8. Working hard to get those thread views @GrilledSteezeSandwich?
  9. 580 new cases in PA today. Been a long time since we've seen that.
  10. So are you insinuating that it was created in another lab (let's say Lab A or somewhere else all together), and transported to Lab B, then accidentally released from there. I'm not understanding. If it was leaked from the lab, whether by accident or not, it likely came from there. Yes these are two different things but I think TP4 was trying to illustrate the origins of the virus, which was the freaking lab.
  11. Looks good. I sanded some but but will probably just start staining once I'm done with the pressure wash. The wood, thankfully, is in really good condition. No need for soap / cleaner from what I can see so far.
  12. It's a mess and I'm picking up the new spindles this week but here's where I'm at with it.
  13. Rain is fantastic....good bye pollen and pressure washed the shit out of my deck yesterday. Sanding the rest off before staining. Taking @JFskiDans advice and buying new spindles. Progress!
  14. We're officially lower now than we were in April of last year.
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