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  1. RidgeRacer

    Stowe stoke thread...2018!!!

    Airline complexities are worth it
  2. RidgeRacer

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    A little more about today. Snow was excellent everywhere. So nice to ski "Para.....Para.....Paradise". the Fog at the peak lifted around 10:45 or so which was great for visibility. Crowds were minimal except for the race team on Main St. Production on Challenge looks good. Overall a a great day. So far it's been dry, at least around here. Hopefully it stays that way.
  3. RidgeRacer

    12/15/18...no rain..a little foggy..PASR day.

    Showed up as you guys were leaving. Glad they didn't pull a Jack Frost cause today was excellent!
  4. RidgeRacer

    Winter Park 12.14.18

    The scenery at Winter Park is so beautiful.
  5. RidgeRacer

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    I'll be there in the morning. Probably with my kid if she gets out of bed.
  6. RidgeRacer

    the pics from today thread

    That's awesome
  7. RidgeRacer

    Weekend roll call thread 12/15-16...

    Not sure when I'll be there yet. Really depends on the weather. May try to get my daughter out at some point if it's not a wash.
  8. RidgeRacer

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Maybe a little too strong. Sorry about that. Had some speed coming off of Main.
  9. RidgeRacer

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Excellent evening!
  10. RidgeRacer

    Snowing & Scrumptious

    Will be there a little later. Hopefully you guys are still around
  11. RidgeRacer

    Skison 18/19

  12. RidgeRacer

    Skison 18/19

    JFBB changed their mind and decided that they will not be opening JF this weekend... The temps were ideal for snowmaking this past week and our snowmakers have been able to pile up the snow. Jack Frost will not open this weekend as planned due to the unfortunate rainy forecast, we still anticipate opening up sometime next week with over 70%of the mountain to be open on day one! We will announce opening day early next week so stay tuned!
  13. RidgeRacer

    Blue Sunny Skies

    Looking mighty nice. Will be there tomorrow night.
  14. RidgeRacer

    12/11/2018...making night moves.

    Well now you can compare yourself to the GOAT because of it. Not the worst thing in the world.