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  1. Would've been closer but my brothers took their sweet ass time
  2. Maybe the greatest show I've ever seen. U2 last night to open the sphere
  3. Opening night at the sphere LFG! That's not concrete or a physical wall. It's an hd led screen. Place is insane
  4. You’re welcome and anytime @GrilledSteezeSandwich. Yes sidewinder never opened last season which was a bad dream that came true. Won’t happen this season. We’ll be skiing the booters on side well into March under the setting sun. It’s gonna be grate. only trips booked / planned so far is Flagstaff in Feb, likely only one trip this year but thinking 4 ski days. Lake Placid first week in April for a total eclipse sesh. Of course plenty of Blue. Open to whatever. Likely going to Vegas in Dec so who knows maybe I’ll check out Las Vegas ski and snowboard resort while out there.
  5. Barb confirmed snow in CO, Labor day has come and gone. LFG. Where you going? What are you getting gear wise? Predictions, Plans, have at it...
  6. Isn't "about us" a game on Roblox. No thanks
  7. Posted up at the Blakeslee Wawa. Just gonna eat here. Not walking out in deluge
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