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  1. the pics from today thread

    Flew over this ski area just as we were about to descend into Allentown (coming in from the south) ... Roundtop or Whitetail maybe?
  2. Mt Snow 2.22 and 2.23

    When you ski in PA all season long Stratton feels like Everest.
  3. the pics from today thread

    Part of the beauty of Arizona is that there's nothing else like it in the world. Cactus and this type of desert environment are unique to the SW US of A. Drive north and places like Sedona, red rock country, monument valley, the Grand Canyon are just so damn cool and unique. If you want rocky type mountains there's flagstaff, snowbowl and a few other resorts for skiing etc. The bottom line is my ass wasn't built for the east.
  4. the pics from today thread

    Work this time. Possible return this summer for fun.
  5. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    I should be there at some point
  6. 3/22/18 - Day after Perder Merder

    No horse with no name. Total work trip this go around. 5th or 6th time here overall but definitely do want to come back soon though on a personal visit to hit up the grand canyon again, Sedona etc. It is pretty f'ing gorgeous out here
  7. 3/22/18 - Day after Perder Merder

    Jelly... 87 degrees here in the desert
  8. the pics from today thread

  9. the pics from today thread

    The northeast extension of the PA turnpike from 7k feet
  10. Hey Salty..

    I'm definitely no Wyoming Valley PA expert but the only mountainy feel type area semi close that I can think of is Bear Creek Township outside Wilkes-Barre and that's probably about 20 minutes away. Not sure what the rental scene there is like though (Bear Creek Village?) . Definitely no restaurants close like Lake Harmony but an easy ride into WB.
  11. Elk - 3/15/18

    Don't forget the song reference. How's this... Ski2live is like my 4th favorite Lil' Dicky feat Fetty Wap song...$ave dat Money
  12. Elk - 3/15/18

    Ski2live did you ever consider how posting up an itemized report for every facet of every damn thing you do sorta sets you up for some of this ridicule? This is a ski forum not a form 1040A. Take your kids out and post up what a memorable and awesome it was. The dollars and cents spent (and by whom) report is your business but when you put it out there you have to expect people are going to react. But whatever. you do your thing though. It's definitely entertaining.
  13. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

    Hella fun morning. Excellent conditions everywhere today.
  14. When power goes off and brakes don't work

    Or the Bangles or Buggles.
  15. Weekend roll call thread 3/17-3/18

    Thanks For The Ignore... Signed Enjorales?