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  1. I was way too tired to take pictures. Lol. Looked at it and went back to bed immediately.
  2. Woke up around 3:30, went outside and looked north. Pretty cool. blueish beams that sort of streaked from north to south and very bright. Wasn’t moving or anything like they see in Iceland or Alaska. Just a lit up sky when facing north only. Any other direction it was dark and I could simply see stars. Neat.
  3. Gonna try to get a day there next year
  4. Umm no and she flew out on a different day.
  5. Flew over Ski sunrise in Arizona.
  6. Echo canyon in Sedona. So much to explore here. I need a week alone in Sedona
  7. No that's from a spot next to Marie Coulter's lookout studio. And trust me if I weren't here with family my ass would be skiing.
  8. I’ll be out there next weekend too. They’ll be open but there’s no way I can ski 😑 I’m actually going to drive right past snowbowl road. That’s gonna be rough.
  9. 25 inches over the last 2 days at the bowl
  10. Not for me. Using regular heat means getting an oil delivery. I’m not trying to get another delivery until the fall at this point. So if it gets cold a nice space heater will do the trick!
  11. Not the regular heat. Just a space heater.
  12. Holy shit. Did you pay $17 they day you went? 52 of 55 trails reported as of today with a 71 inch snowpack reported. I fly out may 3rd.
  13. What a trip dude. Skiing at 4 different mountains in 3 different states and, oh by the way, throw in Death Valley and Las Vegas while your at it. That's how you see / ski the west. WTGAI!!
  14. Turned ours off Sunday morning and it's not going back on until November.
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