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  1. It's like going from the Waldorf Astoria to the Red Roof. (Insert obligatory Salty confused face here --->)
  2. If I had to guess I'd say the Blue agent was correct on the dual mountain pass usage. Would be shocked if it were valid at both...at least this year. I'm kinda where BenM is in that I guess it's a nice to have but option but probably wouldn't use it unless I had to. What would be fantastic is if a dual pass sent more weekend warriors to CB. Of course the opposite could happen as well which would suck.
  3. They wasted no time clearing out the trees for the new one on 534 and Old Stage. Already gone...now they can put up their Sardine can looking aluminum sided store that no one needs. PS I could see a whole foods in Jim Thorpe. We ate at Myst last night (sushi place) and it was packed for a Monday night.
  4. Are you fing kidding me? There's one right near country junction and another next to Cherry's on 209 right near 534.
  5. I feel like a PASR pickup football game is in order at either Jeff's or Toast's backyards.
  6. I meant like in November. if that's all they opened with.
  7. Imagine paying $109 to ski Vista.
  8. Mohawk and Iroquois are the two best trails there in terms of pitch and just in general. Why would they regrade or widen them?
  9. Visited Big Pocono SP high atop mt. camelback today. Great 360 degree view up there from Blue mountain to the south, Delaware Water Gap to the east and the Skillz to the north.
  10. He makes so much sense. Unfortunately common sense and logic doesn't seem to work.
  11. Because for some reason some folks liken that sorta thing to the taking away of freedoms as opposed to what it actually is...an effort to protect others and curb a pandemic.
  12. Probably in Jan or Feb. You coming to WF this year? We should do a PASR day in March.
  13. Getting closer @Ride Delaware ?the leaves have started changing. Definitively at this point looking like Blue with a little bit of Belle, Whiteface and Arizona Snowbowl sprinkled in.
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