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  1. Ordered new sole / heel replacements. Exciting I know.
  2. True but I like to do my trolling on a more micro level. I learned from my Dad who did it best when I was a teenager. He wouldn't put the cool shit that he listened to on when I had friends or a girl in the car (CCR, the Beatles etc.). He'd opt for Italian opera shit or something like that. At the time it bothered me especially as my friends laughed but, looking back, I appreciate his methods and thank him for it as he taught me the ways.
  3. Haha. Dont want to do anything too stupid since they're broadcasting the thing on TV. just trying to get around the entire 2.5 mile track if I can somehow swing that. My daughter is driving separate and parked somewhere else so I'm thinking I roll in and I'm all like "shit where do I park...maybe it's down here"...then 3 turns and 2.5 miles later I finally find the parking area. In all seriousness, not sure I want to embarrass her too badly on her graduation...if it were up to me the TV broadcast people would be like "why is there a dumbass parked in the pit area pretending to put air in his tires really quickly".
  4. Apparently at the graduation, the diplomas are going to be handed out on victory lane...isn't that where the drivers do donuts after they win?
  5. My initials are DD, not CDC Douglas. Where would one find that info?
  6. May do a little hiking at Lehigh Gap over the weekend. Unrelated...has anyone ever been up to bake oven knob?
  7. True. I just donated a few bags of clothes that I wore when I was working in an office. I'm now down to few pairs or business casual pants, shirts, blazers etc if / when I need to travel. Feels great having more room in the closet / less clutter.
  8. Productivity goes through the roof when you take out a commute, getting ready etc....I don't think I could ever go into an office again.
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