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    Green and black Smith helmet and goggles, orange Volkl Deacons or green Head Kores, Leki poles, ancient black atomic beta race boots, blue/black shell, black pants, green gaiter, red beats headphone cord, dodgy knees.
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    Saylorsburg, PA
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    Whitewater boating, mountain biking, fly fishing.

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  1. Although nothing can beat the sound of the radial engine on a beaver.
  2. I like to use this once the rounds are split in half.
  3. ECC62AA8-3649-4EB9-89CC-6B6B410D7FA9.MOV
  4. Try now. Not sure what YouTube is doing.
  5. Why does the bear cross the road? To get in front of my camper. Fortunately, he turned around when he heard my brakes lock up. https://youtu.be/qBhCgYvBe3I
  6. Coming back from Sacramento on 80. Heading thru SLC today and hopefully they will open 80 in Wyoming by the time we get there. Donner Pass:
  7. From what I see, Epic doesn’t have that spring skiing add on for new pass holders?
  8. Got some nice runs on an empty and perfect Switchback (except for one thin part visible from the lift) until about 10:15 when everyone found it.
  9. I was up pretty quick, no yard sale this time. I have a black front, green back helmet, and my son’s old Leki race poles.
  10. Really nice day. The new 6 pack was down, so it kept the crowds off of Switch and Main. Less powder on those slopes, an inch or so, so they must have groomed later than the east side. Think they expanded the bumps. Big PSIA certification day, so large groups on the slopes, they didn’t cycle thru the lift too often, so the lift line wasn’t too bad They did cut up the powder pretty fast though. The ski patrol was very nice and stayed to the very edges on their pre check, so fresh slopes for first run. Headwind up top Got there early, first in line and second chair behind stickered blue helmet guy. All set for second tracks down razors, when I hit some wind blown cord just before the lip and then buried my tips in a freshie pile and did a face plant😂 Good thing about being a geezer is that it is funny as it’s happening rather than after the embarrassment wears off. Still got tracks in the first dozen. Appreciative jlaw and DiMe didn’t spray me as they went past, but that would have taken too much time from hitting the slope, so it probably wasn’t out of their goodness of heart.
  11. Nice morning, first chair on quad and first tracks (other than ski patrol) down Razors. Good condition. Nightmare getting a little tough. Spent most of the day on the new 6 pack. All slopes were nice, got softer but never mushy as the morning on. Not crowded, no lift line. Geezers out in force. The bathroom before opening always reminds me of that movie scene from Trading Places, except with us geezers instead of young traders. Brown spots are creeping in, kind of like a zombie take over.
  12. All slopes were pretty nice, but Switchback and Razor’s were particularly smooth and fast. Very light crowd, think a lot of regulars are off on trips.
  13. Only complaints are that people only load 3 or 4 to a chair even when it is busy, and it comes almost to a complete stop when unloading, so you can’t jump off of it early with some speed like you can the quad and Challenge Express (although I noticed today they packed snow at the front of the unloading platform so you could hop off a couple of feet early with a little bit of speed). Also the limited area at top (and bottom) tends to collect a crowd. Comfy chair though, and I like the spring assist bar
  14. And doing a damn fine job of it I might add. 😂
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