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  1. C1erArt

    Peak news

    Bunch of new cams at JFBB.
  2. C1erArt

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    The old days on the lower Yough:
  3. C1erArt

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Yes it is bad, was barely able to crawl out of the boat at the end of a day. Sticking now to my RPM kayak (my leg doesn't bend enough any more). Some unbelievable slalom racing going on now:
  4. C1erArt

    Ski Season 17 - 18 thread

    Also, its almost impossible to roll a canoe back up if you flip with a 2 bladed paddle, not enough maneuverability in the human torso.
  5. C1erArt

    Loveland, the closing day

    Hopefully will get the boats out and hit the Lehigh River Saturday at White Haven.
  6. C1erArt

    Loveland, the closing day

    Other than a half day at Discovery in Montana a couple of years ago, the last time we were out was during the SLC Olympics. Got a discount at the AirB&B at Tahoe City because a bear broke into the house the week before, ripping the front door off. People are using electric fences and electrified scat mats to keep the bears out of the houses.
  7. C1erArt

    Loveland, the closing day

    Squaw Valley, not closing day. Visited my son in Sacramento, and spent the weekend at Tahoe. Was out Friday at Squaw. Took the tram up and skied Siberia Express (1st picture) and mostly backside Shirley's lake area (2nd picture). Nice bowl skiing. Snow was soft but not slushy. We did mostly groomed blues. People were skiing the KT-22 area. Good time had by all.
  8. C1erArt

    Does the PA skison have legs?

    Was there all winter, but never got out skiing - too much to do at home to stay there over the weekend. Scored a bunch of goggles for the crew and a new helmet at a 1/3 price closing season sale in Butte though.
  9. C1erArt

    Does the PA skison have legs?

    Coming home this afternoon, looks like still a lot of snow. Not going out though, time to do yard work.
  10. C1erArt

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    You guys have a good summer. I got my 2 days in at Blue this weekend in my green disguise, so I don't feel like a lurker on the Blue forum.
  11. C1erArt

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Between getting the flu over the holidays and being on a Monday to Friday out of state project this winter, I think I'll wait a couple of years until retirement before I get a local season pass again.
  12. C1erArt

    Blue Mountain Closing Weekend Roll Call

    Snuck over to the competition today (though Big Boulder is open, it's a little short in vertical even for me). Hit the snooze button too many times, and didn't get there until 11:30. Probably a good thing. First run down Racers was boilerplate, but by 1 it had softened up nicely. A bunch of runs in the area between Sidewinder and Dreamweaver and called it a day around 2:30. Nice to have the legs burning a little at the bottom of the runs.
  13. C1erArt

    3/31 JF

    No, pretty scratchy. A lot of snow on the trails, though.
  14. C1erArt

    3/31 JF

    Great bluebird conditions. Snow got a little soft as the day went on but never got slushy. Got there at the new opening time of 10 AM, skied East Mountain for an hour or so and then lapped challenge and thunderbolt. Nice fast conditions all morning, no need to scrub speed at the top of Floyds or Lower River Shot. Crowd was very light, with no lift lines. Will try to get out again tomorrow for a season closer.
  15. C1erArt

    Anybody skiing tomorrow late afternoon/early evening 3/27??

    Crowds and snow conditions keep me away. Maybe when I retire and can ski during the week. On weekends, if I get to Frost when it opens I have East Mountain pretty much to myself for a few runs.