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    Green and black Smith helmet and goggles, orange Volkl Demons, red Leki poles, ancient black atomic beta race boots, blue/black shell, black pants, green gaiter, red beats headphone cord, dodgy knees.
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    Saylorsburg, PA
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    Whitewater boating, mountain biking, fly fishing.

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  1. Keeping an eye on the Taos ski area. Jupiter rising last night.
  2. The points system for time off sounds pretty horrific for workers.
  3. Jeep Gladiator rolled off the Imogene pass near Ouray yesterday. Skiing seems a lot safer.
  4. Looks like Warren Buffet and the railroads didn’t want to take on Dark Biden.
  5. I thought I saw something whiz by me every once in a while, but it was going too fast for me to really see it. 😀
  6. $4.75 for biodiesel blend and 5.25 for the good stuff in Iowa.
  7. Bumps for Boomers in Aspen? Love their videos.
  8. Cheat sheet of the rapids on the lower. http://home.ptd.net/~ab257/m_l_leh.html
  9. There should be a drain line from the collection pan underneath the unit going outside, usually discharging underground. There should also be a second line set a little bit higher in the pan from the first line that discharges where you can see it. If that second line starts dripping, then you know the first line is plugged.
  10. Like the straight lines thru the trees.
  11. Nine mile canyon in UT.
  12. Those too, but in case you were serious, varnish is that dark coating to the rocks formed by minerals, a lot of petroglyphs were created by scratching away the varnish to show the lighter rock. Hot boater ladies were referred to as women in rubber back in the days of wet suits. Now dry suits are much less interesting.
  13. Exhausting just looking at the photos. Lots of nice varnish though.
  14. Bernard and Sons did a good job for us, we have a 12/12 pitch roof.
  15. Those were amazing. You would sit and watch it and think how long it would take you with a t square and ink to do it.
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