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  1. Ross and Eldridge twps put in prohibitions on short term rentals for residential zoning areas. Hope they can enforce it.
  2. What bothered me most about flying is the lack of control you have, especially once you get on the plane. Do what you are told and smile while doing it.
  3. Gaack. Might need KSL’s lodging experience to build their hotel
  4. The chicken pox virus you got as a kid can give you shingles when you get older and your immune system slows down. My uncle had it before vaccines were available. Pretty miserable until it cleared up.
  5. If we ever do hit 70 with all the vaccine reluctance out there. Was at the Lowe’s in Bartonsville, and there was a noticeable lessening of mask compliance. The old guy at the pool store had a bad case and retired, his son took over. Our vet closed indefinitely due to a ‘severe covid outbreak.’ They had always adhered to strict procedures. Not over yet.
  6. Apparently India thought they beat the virus and had some massive religious festivals. Noticed Monroe, Lehigh and Northampton case rates are finally starting to come down. Hope it is not just lack of testing.
  7. Yes we have, when my wife and I were dating. Actually my parents stayed at the hotel there the weekend of our wedding, 36 years ago.
  8. Her parents lived in Chestnut Hill, so she would spend some time visiting them.
  9. The cops were always nasty to the people in the pickup area when my wife would pick me up at PHL.
  10. Congrats. Probably a long haul.
  11. Sounds like another ‘meant to use the taser, pulled out the service weapon instead ‘
  12. Had a couple of high turbulence landings and a snowstorm where people clapped.
  13. We do that on purpose just to annoy you. Need a good bladder for the window seat.
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