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  1. Got there for the 9AM rope drop. Conditions were good not great. Challenge was the run of the day, nice from top to bottom. Sidewinder was also great. Razors was nice on top and better on the bottom than last week. Lazy Mile and Main Street were a little disappointing, a little sugary and a little scraped when I hit them about 10. Got a pretty good gouge somewhere. Have to do some base repair tonight. Left around 10:30.
  2. One of my best days at blue, razors top and Challenge were ok, but sidewinder and then Main Street, Switchback and Lazy were great. Probably had one of my best ever runs at Blue on Main Street. Truly JF quality snow for an hour or so. People seemed pretty considerate, but there were a lot of ‘free the noses’ on the high speeds, so I was on the slow lift for a while.
  3. Floyd’s was very lonely, didn’t take a walk over there.
  4. Back from another morning at Blue the True Mountain.... Wait, that’s GSS’s line. Reserved a JF $40 senior ticket last night. Just back from Jack Frost. Sunny morning, high teens, no wind at all. Parked slope side, got my RFID card that can be reloaded online. Got my gear on and walked 50 feet to the top of Thunderbolt to wait for 9:00. Nicely groomed soft cord on top of firmly packed powder. Spent the morning lapping Thunderbolt and Challenge, doing nice high angle GS turns. Had a lot of fun. Only a couple of runs I couldn’t ski right on to the lift. Maybe a half dozen people on the
  5. That was the first time I looked at speed all season. Can’t ski fast at Blue. Concentrating on trying to make pretty turns. Glad I got shorter skis this time.
  6. I use Slopes. Was doing about 24 when you guys passed me as I was trying to do pretty turns down the right edge. All I saw were your bright orange bindings through the fog. You guys I trust, BMR I don’t. Top speed of 34 today. Even at those speeds I was skiing by feel most of the time. Fortunately slopes were in good shape at opening. Put in some upgraded headphones in the helmet end of last year, unfortunately the iPhone doesn’t drive them loud enough, although they have really good bass. Yesterday I got the Kaiser music player app, with adjustable gain. Definitely loud enough now.
  7. Nightmare Dreamweaver was also nice. Once the 6 pack stops, the line builds up and doesn’t appear to recover when it gets going again. Miss the 8 AM weekday opening. A few blurs went by me on Main Street.
  8. Code readers can clear codes also for intermittent or problems you can ignore. Dealers charge 100 bucks just to put a code reader on. I hated that my Toyota would disable electronic stability control and traction control whenever the check engine light would come on for an emissions problem.
  9. Yes, it takes you under the East mountain lift, and you can keep going to the River Shot runout, or turn down under the chair lift if there is a lot of snow. The last picture seems to be the other end of Marks Way cutover from Rivershot runout.
  10. I think a lot of people work at JF for the passes for themselves and I think their family too. Not as valuable this year having to reserve ahead.
  11. I thought the top half of lazy mile was in the best shape, although nearly got taken out by a gaggle of BMR, one who came about a foot from the front of my skis before turning away. Switchback was enjoyable, not too many cookies or marbles. Pretty solid though. Fortunately I switched feet on the skis today so I had a fresh sharp edge.
  12. On lower paradise below dreamweaver? Maybe someone else. Definitely having fun!
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