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  1. Are they getting rid of the hot air dryers in the restrooms and putting in paper towels? VDBs (virus distribution blowers)
  2. Usually when I was on a slope I had no business being on.
  3. I think I’ve seen god more on the ski slope than in church.
  4. I’m used to it - consultants always get the blame when things go wrong and none of the credit when things go right.
  5. It isn’t the China virus, it’s the bye-bye boomer virus.
  6. I was in the choir as a young teenager, with a nice soprano voice. Had a duet with another guy my age, and both of our voices started breaking that Sunday during the song. Pretty embarrassing, The choir director always thought we did it on purpose.
  7. I was working in Fort Lee and had to travel 100 yards on Rt 4 the day of Bridgegate. Took me 45 minutes, but even I wouldn’t wish this on Christie.
  8. No, I was baptized Baptist, a deacon in the local church and have a MA in theology, although my grandfather was a founding member of the local Hungarian language Catholic Church. Let’s continue somewhere else as suggested. If we annoy GSS, we must be pretty bad.
  9. So she wasn’t a female leader in the people of praise group (not a Catholic group btw)? Called handmaidens until the Margaret Atwood book came out when the changed the title? Or is that fake news?
  10. People of Praise Handmaiden. Why are they hiding it? Is she ashamed of her religion?
  11. Who has also apparently taken an oath to obey her husband in all things.
  12. Trump ran for president because he was 2 billion dollars in debt to Deutschland Bank (i.e. Putin) and needed to get publicity for his brand, never expecting to come close to winning.
  13. Think little cliff huck is gone. They smoothed out that cut out on the left as you approach the East mountain chair.
  14. I was told by an employee that someone noticed a crack in the hanger arm for a chair, and an inspection of more chairs showed cracks in about a dozen of the chairs, so they decided that all the chairs would need replacing to run it again. Not sure if he was supposed to give that information out. It was in use for a couple of weeks last season before they shut it down.
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