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  1. C1erArt

    JF 2/3

    Floyds was nice but too short and had some red coats practicing on it with a sled. Top speed of the day though, 49.8 on my 165 cm Rossies Was out with my honey from 3 to 4, around 45 degrees and more sunny. The race was over, but Challenge was a little torn up. Challenge glade was pretty sketchy. Could have used a brush hog before the season. Tbolt was pretty soft, but got some nice turns in.
  2. C1erArt

    Looks like Elevator is open

    My opinion on where stuff is. Green is Elevator, although the upper section could be called Elevator glade, starting at tower 6. Blue is where little Cliff Huck was. Yellow is risk it. The sign for risk it was just to the right of the top of the start of Floyds.
  3. C1erArt

    Looks like Elevator is open

    On the map, I think the slope from the skier right of Telstar to the bottom of Floyds and that little connector never existed.
  4. C1erArt

    JF 2/3

    Out for a couple of hours this morning, 24 degrees, cloudy, light very flat. Race on Challenge closed the glade also. First run down Rivershot and Floyds. Snow was in great shape, Elevator still iffy. Took off around 10 when the rentals and lessons started hitting Tbolt.
  5. C1erArt

    Looks like Elevator is open

    They bulldozed little Cliff Huck a couple of years ago and smoothed over the section that was scooped out forming the 'huck'.
  6. From JF Facebook, hope it is not an archive pic.
  7. C1erArt

    JF 1/27

    I didn’t make it over there on Sunday, but Saturday morning Floyd’s was really nice, but the bottom of Rivershot had a lot of loose snow on it. Rivershot sees a lot of traffic so I imagine it was pretty scraped off by late Sunday.
  8. C1erArt

    JF 1/27

    Was out for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon also. Challenge was in great shape. Did a new restaurant open up where the Ugly Mug used to be on Main Street in White Haven?
  9. C1erArt

    1/26/19...nice snow..moderate crowds.

    Fireworks from a friend's house last night.
  10. C1erArt

    Sat 1/26

    They aren't blowing snow into Challenge glade, I guess too many other places that need it, some of the edge is covered. Elevator wall was covered from blow over off Rivershot, but none of the flat at the bottom.
  11. C1erArt

    Sat 1/26

    Nice morning at Frost. 12 degrees and cloudy at the start, but the sun started coming out. They were still grooming East Mountain until about 9, Floyds and Solitude were in great shape, Rivershot had sections of some loose snow from what was blown after it was groomed. Thunderbolt and Exhibition were freshly groomed, Challenge was like Rivershot with some areas of loose blown snow. Not too crowded, left around 11 when the little kids started hitting Tbolt. Things were in great shape after last week's rain and the radio station Friday.
  12. C1erArt

    JF Sunday 1/13/2019

    Getting ready to build Floyds. Huge piles up top.
  13. Got there this morning, and headed right over to East Mountain. Nicely groomed and got first tracks down Rivershot. 17°, no wind and sunny. Skied Rivershot until it started getting a little crowded then headed over and lapped Challenge and Thunderbolt until about 1030 when the lessons started. No snow in Challenge glade. Was on my Rossi 9S slalom skis which handled really well. Haven’t been on them for a couple of years because they just didn’t feel right. Then over the winter I did a poor man’s stone grind with a base flattener, half dozen grades of sandpaper and polishing pads, reset the edges and they ski great. Really quick going from edge to edge. Can get some nice turns without going as fast as the Rossi Experience 88s. Nice when it’s crowded out. The lodge wasn’t too crowded on my way out around 11. Some snow at home first thing in the morning, but nothing up at Frost.
  14. C1erArt

    JF 1/6

    Was also out for a couple of hours this morning. Left just as the sun was coming out. Rivershot was pretty quiet first thing. Both Liberty and Roundup race teams are using their Peak affiliation to practice at JF at times. Fortunately Demattes was closed for practice, not Challenge. No problem with my Liftopia voucher, but I was there about 7:20, so maybe the word hadn't gotten out yet. Or maybe it was my outgoing personality.
  15. C1erArt

    JF 12/27

    I think you can go over the edge and go parallel to Rivershot but you can't go straight down.