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  1. Doesn’t sound good for Frost’s chairlift repairs.
  2. If it protects hospital workers, it will protect us too. I don’t think the 2 masks that I’ve been using for a couple years mowing the lawn would be of much use to anyone. Also, homemade masks using vacuum cleaner HEPA filters sounds pretty interesting. Donnie just asked the media to investigate why hospitals that normally use 10,000 masks a year are now asking for 300,000. What a tool. CNN is ‘live tweeting’ responses to his news conference lies using ‘breaking news’ chyrons.
  3. Head of Saint Luke’s also took the attitude is that we welcome people from NY, NJ and Philadelphia for their contribution to the Pocono economy and we need to take care of them now.
  4. No, white flight from Queens and the Bronx seems to be most of the transplants. In my case flight from Bloomfield, NJ. Listening to Donnie and my blood pressure is skyrocketing. Head of St Luke’s gave a press conference earlier, and said that half the Covid patients in his hospitals in Monroe county are from out of state and they are not counted in the county totals (135 today).
  5. Route 80 corridor. Local facebook group said Shoprite in Brodheadsville was slammed with front platers. Let’s face it, if you have a vacation home in the Poconos, that’s where you want to be.
  6. Our president will probably start showing these graphs on log paper.
  7. I do, I have a couple of N95s that I’ve been using for a couple of years mowing the lawn during hay fever season.
  8. The play apparatus at our local township park is wrapped in caution tape. Hopefully the excursion day busses from NJ & NY will stop coming to the county parks this summer.
  9. There are some videos out there on how to make masks out of vacuum cleaner HEPA filter bags.
  10. Prices for everything are probably going up because with everything shut down truckers often can’t get a return load and have to deadhead back.
  11. Washington Post has an article today saying that China does not include asymptotic people testing positive in their metrics.
  12. Back in the day when there was a gnarly whitewater drop to run, I always wanted to see someone screwing up trying to run it to see what the worst case was.
  13. Got my bike stem fixed and heading out once it warms up a little.
  14. Do you shut everything down and destroy the economy? Or leave things running and accept a 4 million person death tally, but it’s all over in three months. Plus the first option doesn’t guarantee any lessening of the deaths. Our family cemetery plot in South River New Jersey, is in a fairly crowded cemetery. But next to our family plot is an open field about 100’ x 200’. When I asked my grandparents what it was, and they said it was a mass grave from the 1918 flu virus. Is that depressing enough?
  15. Fortunately when I skied JF the week after that it was deserted.
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