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  1. I try to do the clean hand/dirty hand and clean pocket/dirty pocket. I put any charge cards and cash I will need in my dirty pocket and keep my keys in the clean pocket. Soaked some baby wipes in Lysol and bring one in the store in case the store doesn’t have one when entering. Bought a UV sanitizer for when I get home. Grandkids are back at daycare, so have to quarantine from them. :-(
  2. New cases in the county Tulsa is in. Tulsa, Oklahoma 1,945 (+120 yesterday) 42% growth over the past week (+573)
  3. Scars are tattoos with stories behind them. And propofol is great stuff. I can see why MJ liked it.
  4. PA is not doing too bad. North Carolina
  5. The ordinary citizen will need to wear N95 rated masks to protect themselves when even a small minority stop wearing them.
  6. When I am hitting a bunch of stores I leave my mask on until after the last store.
  7. Lehigh gorge train may not be coming back. https://www.tnonline.com/20200502/thorpe-train-off-track-again/
  8. Do any stargazing at Cherry Springs? I haven’t been there but it is on my list to bring my 10” reflector up there.
  9. Hand coded in Windows notebook, long before the days of Dreamweaver.
  10. Www.balajthy.com. Way out of date though, with broken links.
  11. SeaMonkey is the updated successor to Navigator that still has the integrated wysiwyg editor that I use to maintain my web pages.
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