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  1. New "No Outside Food" in the lodges policy

    I see no problem with the policy.
  2. yikes - this rain....

    I have no idea. I really think they should be open for season pass holders regargless of the weather.
  3. yikes - this rain....

    I wish Blue would compensate season pass holders with vouchers/free tickets for closures during the regular season. Ray Tuthill never, ever closed.
  4. Rail Jam April 19th

    I don't doubt their own abilities. I doubt the park crew being impartial when it comes to judging friends and family.
  5. Rail Jam April 19th

    No point even going if the Park Crew and their friends are involved in judging. Just like tuesday night fever they will win all the prizes. The fix is in.
  6. How long?

  7. tickets have to be purchased at the summit lodge group sales window. that is the only point of sale for retro day discounts. FYI the piggys are watching the parking lots watch out for DUI'S
  8. How long?

    do you buy the beer at the mtn. or bring your own?
  9. How long?

    don't bother they suck too....
  10. How long?

    why don't you buy a cheeseburger here so we can stay open another day.
  11. How long?

    and you wonder they are closing....you paid 6.06 a day to ski. like i said AHOLE
  12. How long?

    Blue always maintains everything til the end. it wouldn't close if people would show up and spend some dough. why stay open for the cheapo season pass aholes. the first and last dollar they spend here is on their early buy season pass. monday's the 100th day time to f'n close. see you cheap fukers next year. btw did barb blow the skunk yet???
  13. Closing date

    Blue is closing on March 22nd at 5pm...The new owner needs the extra time to count all her money before her fiscal year closes. RIP Ray Tuthill !!!!
  14. Tuesday Nite Fever

    what a joke..tuesday night fever is fixed only the park crew friends and family will be awarded the win
  15. Is Blue giving up?

    thats funny shit... seems like they have plenty of money to spend on Ski Patrol The Reality Show