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  1. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    You mean see her besides through the binoculars and shrubbery?
  2. the pics from today thread

    Toob’d at Roundtop once or twice as a yoot
  3. the pics from today thread

  4. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    Technically, I said “Roooooooooottttt!” as you skied by me on Connector en route to Burma or Chute or Midway or whereveryouwent, right before I dropped into the glade. No worries. We're sweating like grease monkeys out there, I can't expect you up hold onto a ball.
  5. Weekend Roll Call thread!!! 3/24-25

    I'll be up solo Saturday morning. Likely Sausage Saturday this week as I think we will be at Camelback Sunday
  6. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    I said hi and you ignored me.
  7. 3/22/18 - Day after Perder Merder

    Very nice so far. Catching a break, probably look at their boots, head back out for a few more.
  8. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Stuck at work too, probably bagging out early if they don't send us home and expect to head up this afternoon
  9. CB pitching powder day without driving in it

    Haven't been to the Camelback one, but based on pics/layout and my experience at Kalahari, I think Kalahari would be significantly better. Of course, it's not ski slope adjacent, so for this use it's not as good.
  10. CB pitching powder day without driving in it

    They give a free lift ticket to each person staying in the room, good only for a day during your stay. $160 is about what the rooms go for normally this time of year M-Th, much higher F and Sa nights, and a good bit higher Su nights. might be a bit more in Jan and Feb, but still usually under $200 midweek. A good deal if you need lift tickets, especially with a full room.
  11. Wanted to get back from Maryland in time to ski yesterday afternoon, but it didn't really work out, so I was determined to ski after work today. Left the house at about 625 and was on the lift at 650. Snow was hard and fast, and even though conditions weren't really bad at all, I didn't really have a great night. Started with a Nightweaver run, and was just working way too hard. Really felt it in the legs right away, and never found my groove, every run was a leg burner. After NM/DW headed back up and decided to hit Sidewinder. It was probably run of the night, found some decent conditions, especially on the sides. Next two runs were Lazy followed by Switchback, and they were both in pretty good shape too. After the Sidewinder run decided to avoid the Falls. The slope was in good shape, but the base and runout were like and ice rink. I nearly ate shit, lol. Was completely out of control when I tried to turn. So I skied the full Mile and down trough the park after Lazy. Decided to do a Paradise run to see what it was like, and it was just like everything else, hard with patches of ice, some areas of scraped together sugar on top. Back up the lift and got off at 735, there was a patroller forcing everyone to the right, apparently they swept and closed Paradise, Nightweaver, Razors, Challenge and Sidewinder, so I decided to ski over to run lower Widowmaker to Burma. More of the same conditions, and more of the same leg burning goodness. Got down to the double double area and there was another patroller warning everyone that if they continued they needed to be parked at the bottom because the lift was closed. Sure enough, got to the bottom at 745 to find them turning people away. Six runs for a quick session. One this is abundantly clear; I need to get a pair of boots that fit before I hurt myself, lol. Hoping to make at least one more after work session this week, but not sure what night(s). Thinking about hitting Buckman's tomorrow night to try on some boots.
  12. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I’ll take snow, but I’ll be happy with anything that’s not rain. Don’t want anything to quickly diminish the base and prompt any early closing ideas.
  13. Elk - 3/15/18

  14. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

    Awesome conditions. Runs of the day for me were Razors and Switchback. Conditions were great everywhere tho, except Falls which was like my least favorite NES game, Marble Madness. Full-width, deep base on pretty much every trail on St Patrick's Day?!?
  15. When power goes off and brakes don't work

    First video on MTV