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  1. Would prefer Saturday. Can’t justify taking off work for a Friday opening. Got to prep my team for Orlando in January
  2. Salty finally with public acknowledgement of his love for Steeze’s boner
  3. Pops and I bring back two or tree trays of par-baked from Revellos when we make it up to Montage.
  4. Haoween is a Saturday next year. I propose PASR pre-season get together at my place whereby anyone who wants to can help me scare the shit out of little kids and then we can hang out after.
  5. Pops said that someone came into the counter at work last week and somehow they started talking skiing. The guy asked where he skiied and when Pops said Blue, the dude said he was a groomer there, that he groomed the park and that "They just bought me a new groomer." Only a little more reliable than the Dippin Dots guy.
  6. I dunno, I'll take a moment to admire the sick snow while cutting thru after running Burma and back
  7. Heard the new groomer was for the park?
  8. This explains why the tent sale was in the tubing tent
  9. Jesus. 377 brand new guns?!? I can’t even imagine the whales those are going to drop on the tubing hill . . .
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