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  1. enjoralas

    Forum appreciation

    I thought it was going to be about how much more the domain name is worth.
  2. enjoralas

    Ikon Pass

    Costco is selling this on their website right now at full price $999.99 with 20 percent back as a Costco gift card. Decent deal if you already spend money at Costco
  3. enjoralas

    Jackson hole 2018

    bikeflights.com Looks like about $60 each way, not counting cost of acquiring packaging.
  4. enjoralas


    Got mine in late but they’re doing pretty well. Garden is only about half full. Debating if I want to fill it out with some late plants or just let it empty. My grapes are in year 3 and are out of control. I didn’t trim like I should have
  5. enjoralas


    If you're on the sensitive side, might want to avoid the spicy dill pepper relish this winter.
  6. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

  7. enjoralas

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    Yup, manual locking hubs. 78-96 Broncos are the shit. I have an 88 sitting in Pops driveway. I should get it back on the road
  8. enjoralas

    Help Me Choose a VT Vehicle!

    There is no chance Eaf is a Gryffindor. Probably Hufflepuff with you and Salty
  9. enjoralas

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    That’s not a van.
  10. enjoralas

    Colorado Skifari 4/4-4/11...

    Dudes? Or chicks? And any particular reason they have to be burnouts?
  11. enjoralas

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I like Knoebels better than everywhere
  12. enjoralas

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Was just there for opening weekend. Nice Saturday, cold Sunday, kids had a blast. Hope to make it back before Covered Bridge Festival this year
  13. enjoralas

    Camelback Official Closing Day Thread

    Should have got Papa John's tonight: half price pizzas with code SIXERS
  14. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

    I don't miss trying to park the service van around that block(s)
  15. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

    Did somebody say Camelback?