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  1. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    Pharaoh is at least as deserving of black status as Nightmare is. Very similar trails.
  2. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    Just stuff your shirt with newspaper. Homeless guys swear by it, no one knows how to stay warm like those guys.
  3. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    But at what cost? Tubing's even open yet . . .
  4. BC Still Sucks

    Yeah, that's rough. Spring would be the closest, probably by far. It's pretty convenient off of the extension too. Not sure when they'll open. What part of suburban Philthy?
  5. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Hurts a lot less when you have a pass too, and all you're out is time.
  6. BC Still Sucks

    Sunday night special is a pretty good deal at $25 from 4-9 too.
  7. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    I didn't give you shit for preferring the crap Camelback had to offer over the crap Blue had to offer, I gave you shit for claiming it was an overall better skiing experience, which was absurd, particularly since at the time we were talking about 15 minute lift lines and not the hour plus fuckery that supposedly ensued. S'okay though, I still think your kewl. I'm glad Blue gave you a gift card refund. I think all ski areas should follow Camelback's lead with the snow guarantee. You shouldn't be stuck being out all that money for a ticket if you get on the snow and conditions suck.
  8. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    Grill's comin' out Sunday!
  9. These idiots at CB

    You know about as much about that hobby as you know about skiing. Those of us who care enough to make it a hobby don't pay nearly that much or stand in any real lines to speak of.
  10. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    It's pretty ridiculous to get angry about 15 minute lifelines on December 10th in the Poconos. Any mountain with any open terrain worth skiing would have the same lines. Camelback doesn't have any lines because they don't have anything open to draw in skiers. And anyone who thinks that skiing that shit Camelback had the nerve to open with is better than hitting the terrain Blue has open just because you can ski onto the lift vs waiting in a 15 minute line is operating with a diminished mental capacity and I seriously wonder how they could get through their everyday life.
  11. These idiots at CB

    That's retarded. You should stay with Camelback.
  12. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

  13. 12/9/17...busy..snowing..rad

    That's awful to wait in a 15 minute line just for one green route down the mountain with uphill parts that's ridiculously narrow and packed with people, on snow that wasn't groomed so has killer cookies under the fresh. Just kidding, obvs. Your options are pretty much suck it up and wait in a liftline for the only open terrain in PA that might be worth a line, or carry your happy ass back up to Tannersville and hang out in the lodge because the skiing sucks, but, hey—high speed quad!
  14. Trip Report - 12/9/2017

    Go wider than 81. You won't regret it.
  15. These idiots at CB

    Start poaching.