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  1. When there’s not really a race but you still want to shut down some slopes . . .
  2. I know that's a popular opinion, I think the opposite. If they don't get the rest of the mountain open, then the high traffic on the trails they do have are just going to have them beat to shit in 2 hours on a weekend morning anyway. They've been blowing for 48 hours, and it will be another 60+ before they have to shut the guns off. They could have expanded.
  3. I'm disappointed that they aren't trying to open more runs
  4. Will be up there Saturday while the kids ski, but not planning on skiing. Plan to have my gear all packed to leave at 430 Sunday morning. So obviously not Sunday.
  5. Will be there Saturday until at least 1230, lol. Pops under the weather so he's out this weekend. Sunday will depend on how good Saturday is, or isn't.
  6. Depends on what you could get it for. Cheap enough, and get some years out of it, the value loss doesn't sting so much. I'm starting to wonder how many more mega warehouses they'll put in Allen Township before my property value plummets . . .Maybe there will always be a strong resale market for people who work at the mega warehouses
  7. I like the red rope tow in the middle
  8. Yeah, they bought that a couple years back. They grow food there for Slopeside in the green season and gave hayrides over there to there during Oktoberfest. They have a decent amount of land over that way, more on the top than the bottom. Would have to continue to swing trails wide then bring them back for the runout
  9. I'd love to see a live cam, with sound of course, of Matt Edge's classroom for one day
  10. I like the Blue Mountain cameo in the pic on Camelback
  11. The beginning is actually Big Pocono. Uncle Bills is just the narrow bit off to the left that comes back around to rejoin Big Pocono
  12. Definitely both days. Probably not cooking with iffy weather Sunday. We'll see.
  13. Of course that's the RIGHT way to do it . . but that's why I said "at least". 😂 $20 charge after one "courtesy replacement" (if you are lucky, it seems) isn't even the least
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