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  1. I wouldn’t have thought it, but noticed it on the price card when I was pricing the Boy’s seasonal ski rental
  2. I noticed Buckmans does seasonal XC rentals, I wonder if they sell off the old gear?
  3. Correct. Officially booked, staying in a 1 BR at Village Square which looks to be a few hundred feet from the American Eagle lift. Not quite the ski to the door we had at Steamboat last year, but I suppose I’ll manage.
  4. enjoralas

    Elk Day 2021.

    Certainly don’t have to plan anything around me/Pops. We just have the day off as a “don’t feel like going back to work the Monday after a ski trip” day and the other day it suddenly made sense to hit up Elk that day.
  5. It shoots 360 degrees all the time and you can move the perspective around when you edit
  6. Quick edit of a run down Switchback from Saturday. The new Max seems pretty neat, allows for more interesting angles than a standard GoPro
  7. It looks like we're setting up at Copper with plans to ski M, T, Th.
  8. It is. I meant 2/8. Looked at the wrong approved day off from work. We’ll be enroute back from Denver on the 5th
  9. Pops and I are tentatively planning to ski Elk Monday, 2/5.
  10. Headed up in a bit to get the boy some lurnin’. Not sure if I’ll even put my boots on.
  11. I think they changed the name to pdiddy jacket
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