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  1. Yeah, that's about par for the course.
  2. And I didn't tell anyone to go there. I said I enjoyed the shit out of it and will definitely go back, and then you decided you had to shit on my opinion for no reason.
  3. No it's not. That's not how objectivity works. You could say my opinion on whether Steamboat is as worth is at other Western resorts is not as informed as yours or others, but its no less objective. It's also not what I said. In fact, I could say your opinion is not objective because you are more advanced than the terrain at Steamboat and so are unable to give it a fair evaluation as a destination for an intermediate.
  4. Has no bearing on what I posted, but thanks for the patronization.
  5. I enjoyed the shit out of Steamboat and will definitely go back, especially since my skill level wasn't even close to up to their best terrain, even if most of you don't find it that challenging. Shif, would you board or ski out west? I could be in for a trip if you're worried about having someone for intermediate/sower pace stuff.
  6. Still haven’t put any plants in. Headed out in a bit to drop in the first half dozen. Bought the gallons go grab a head start. Did pull 10 42-gallon contractor bags of weeks (mostly thistles) a couple of weeks ago tho
  7. Don't worry, if they ever come around questioning me I'll be sure to let them know Salty only *looks* 16, so you should be good.
  8. I thought he was talking about this site.
  9. I refused to turn the heat on last night. Wife was not pleased. I compromised, and shut the bedroom windows. i mean, it WAS Mother’s Day.
  10. You simply have no joy. Someone didn't love you enough when you were little, did they?
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