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  1. They want more power. Power comes from control over the people. Its not a liberal thing, it’s a politician thing. The other side gave us the Patriot Act. Control. Power.
  2. Why the fuck do people care about views and likes on a ski forum?
  3. Had the Moderna, only had some achy knees after the second shot. Could’ve been the up and down the stairs plus climbing in and out of the bed of the truck all afternoon tending the smoker, after skiing that morning. Buddy had the Moderna and second shot was Wednesday, said it kicked his ass yesterday. Pops had Pfizer and wasn’t really affected.
  4. Hmmm . . . I wonder when the cutoff to cancel Friday night rooms in the hotel without penalty was?
  5. The thing about the commute is I could nap, or futz around on the internet doing things I need to do in my personal time. A driving commute require my attention. I’d rather have an hour and a half commute with a train ride for most of it than an hour driving commute.
  6. The site has a message saying tickets will go on sale after they assess the number of trails they will be able to open
  7. Would love a commuter line from Allentown to Philly. Could consider headquarters jobs then.
  8. As mentioned, $65 per point. We bought in 2013 and the contract expires in 2057. So I add about $1.50 to my dues for that year when figuring what a room I am staying in actually cost me. Another key I feel is not to compare what I am paying to the rate I could have gotten a room in the same resort for. If I wasn’t staying in a DVC room I would never pay that, so I compare the cost against what it replaced, which would be a moderate level room. Stayed in a value resort once. Not for us.
  9. Not levels, you buy points at certain properties which equate to a slice of a unit at that property, though you are free to use them for any size unit, and any time of year, subject to availability. Bigger units=more points of course, and more popular seasons more points as well. You can also use them at other DVC properties but with less lead-time preference than home owners at the resort. Once all the points are sold (which, with very few “fixed week” exceptions they started selling a few years ago, really are just representations of a particular amount of the occupancy level) that resort i
  10. Remembered to re-up today as well. Found a gift card in my stash so was able to save $225 on next years pass, so that didn’t suck. Also picked up a valley locker. Wonder if I can fit the grill in there?
  11. Generally very true. Disney Vacation Club has worked out very well for us though.
  12. White Castle BEFORE hitting the hill just feels like a race to get the runs in. Pun quasi-intended.
  13. Great day. Triple dip session, hit 8 runs in the morning session, out for drinks and piz courtesy of @PSUFlyand then Pops and I went back for 3 more runs before relaxing in a set of the adirondacks having a drink for about 20 waiting for the boy to finish with his camp. Turns out with the schedule shuffle he ended up being the only one in the group, and got down Main Street today so he was stoked about that. We went out for 2 more runs with him and he chose Switchback and Paradise, so ended out Blue, and probably entire season.
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