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  1. Same. Also this day would be within a 2 week window, and require using a “flex” day instead of a vacation day. And getting me to use one of those this early in the year is like how I like my steak — rare.
  2. Will be there tomorrow. Sausage Sunday y’all!
  3. Yeah, went to XTU day once. Nothing like MMR days.
  4. I was going to be incredible impressed if you went from first time on two planks to getting a touring setup in 1.5 Pocono seasons
  5. enjoralas

    Elk Day 2020

    Day off is approved. I’m skiing Elk 2/7 no matter who’s there, lol. Pops is looking into getting the day off today.
  6. Em dashes — long press the hyphen on your iPhone to get it
  7. enjoralas

    Elk Day 2020

    2/7 is available for me to take off work. I would be in.
  8. It IS a bump! 😂
  9. Tomorrow if the 50/50 coin flip rain is dry, maybe head out late if the 11 am stop holds. Sausage Sunday.
  10. I ride the double regularly when I am lapping Widowmaker, which everyone knows has more powder than the Hunter any time it’s open.
  11. That place has good internet
  12. Damnit. Supposed to be died, not does. This is not grate.
  13. Suddenly not feeling well tonight so tomorrow will be up in the air until the alarm goes off. Sunday same, and weather dependent. Due to that, (and also main fridge does last night) not planning to grill this weekend.
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