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  1. https://warrenmiller.com/events/northampton-community-college-lipkin-theater
  2. Almost guaranteed! Planning to hit the Warren Miller movie next month which includes a lift voucher to Vermont’s southernmost resort.
  3. Honestly, we’d be lucky to make one weekend out of PA on the east coast. And probably won’t even do that, just talk about it a bunch.
  4. I was just looking at the site, and it looks like they haven’t hiked the price yet. That’s probably some sort of sign . . .
  5. I came close to pulling the trigger on Epic the other day before the price hike, but I think it will probably be an almost all local season for me this year.
  6. Drove by the Buckmans in Montgomeryville on the way to assist another tech in Ft Washington yesterday. Was going to check out the same on the way home but ended up down there late enough that I wasn’t willing to take the long way home and got on the pike
  7. Looks like they removed the 5 and under pass from the site. Gotta see if I can still get one of those
  8. The student pass language scared me. Just jumped on the group sales page courtesy of mute and grabbed the boy’s pass for $189 before they killed that
  9. That link said I was successfully registered after I logged in. That $25 lesson add on is interesting as shit. It makes me choose a group affiliation and when I click on it the only option is Spring Garden Ski Club so I'm guessing I just registered to your kid's school? LOL Checked the calendar and it looks like you can buy a $25 group lesson any weeknight at 4 or 6 pm. Interesting.
  10. At those prices I would start to consider the every other year, finish out the season on next years pass plan. Was a lot easier of a consideration to do so when there were affordable day ticket deals to be had though
  11. If only they would all understand, we just need two more weeks to flatten the curve.
  12. Three, counting the kid that fell off the zip line. I stubbed my toe in the indoor waterpark, but the news declined to cover it.
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