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  1. Can’t see how. If the chairs are fixed to the line they have to travel at line speed at all times.
  2. Just booked Southwest to DEN for me and Pops 1/31 - 2/5. $90 round trip, but used points. Not sure we’ll go anywhere, but since I used points it’s fully refundable until last minute. Was gonna book it anyway since it’s LUV and would have had 1 yr from today to use credit if we had to cancel, but having enough points made it a no-brainer.
  3. Putting a high speed quad on the Sunbowl is the most Camelback thing that ever Camelbacked.
  4. There is only one acceptable opinion on this.
  5. That graph is pretty meaningless unless it’s adjusted for per capita or per area.
  6. Extended to April 30. I’ll renew mine sometime before then. Actually making MORE money right now, getting 25% appreciation pay bump at work. Some might call it hazard pay.
  7. K-mart’s out of business, that joke doesn’t make sense anymore
  8. Almost impossible to lose money right now if you are looking to put it in long term. Just about any company you trust not to go out of business is down and will make you money in the next 1-3 years if you buy now. This is not investment advice because I not a licensed financial advisor.
  9. Are you saying you saw all this coming for months and still went skiing in Europe?!?
  10. Wife had a conniption when she found out what I’ve spent. Sorry guys, I’m out.
  11. Nice. @AtomicSkier I also have english muffins
  12. We need one single Blue 6 or 8 inch taper candle. Has to be blue.
  13. Giant in Walnutport had lots of bread this afternoon after skiing. No eggs, and of course no paper. Wasnt shopping for that, but couldn't miss the empty aisle. Grabbed a couple packs of english muffins too
  14. Worst part of basic economy on American is the late boarding group which often leads to having to check carry on. Having their credit card moves you up. Then the worst part is not getting to pick your seat until check in Coincidentally, just bought a small chunk of AA stock today
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