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  1. enjoralas

    Zee Lights

    Wishing I had dropped the planks off at Blue a couple weeks ago for a tune
  2. enjoralas

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Just went out and harvested the sweet potatoes
  3. enjoralas

    Skison 18/19

    Yeah, I usually go if it looks like there's a good chance they'll have something open without features. Not interested in the bonkyard, but even Tannenbaum is enough to make me drive up and get back on the snow
  4. enjoralas

    Article on PA improvements

    Absolutely what they should do. Blow the Indoor waterpark lift pod, as well as Sunbowl for beginners and early season lessons. They just don't seem to care to.
  5. enjoralas

    Article on PA improvements

    I don’t think they will ever push to open the mountain. I think the hotel has actually made that even more so. My prediction is that they will open tubing first again this year. It’s right outside the hotel, and they can sell it to the hotel guests. They had a guess the mountain opening date or something on their Facebook a little bit ago. My guess was “about a week after the tubing hill.” They gave it a like.
  6. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

    Had planned on hitting BaconFest today but ended up with too much to get done around the house before I head out of town for work in the morning. Wanted to get the garage cleaned up enough so the wife can park inside again.
  7. enjoralas

    Article on PA improvements

    Post by them on their Facebook page. Pharaoh will host a jump line
  8. enjoralas

    Article on PA improvements

    Post on Camel’s Facebook says top to bottom park is replacing Pharaoh to Bactrian. Not sure if that means eliminating some or all of the parks in the Glen area. No further mention of Scarab. Wonder if it’s just one of the old park runs renamed
  9. enjoralas

    Killington 10-22-18

    Used to use phone all the time at Wawa, when they updated the system to actually use the chip readers the next two times I tried it they couldn’t make it work. That was months ago, I’m sure they figured it out by now but I haven’t tried t since. Don’t want to be the d-bag holding up the line when it’s just as fast to use my card
  10. enjoralas

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    I feel like this is a troll, but Blue had a stack of Head RX 12 bindings with 95mm brake at the tent sale for $109. Maybe some left tomorrow
  11. enjoralas

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Light frost on the windshield this morning! EDIT: Twenty First!!
  12. enjoralas

    Skison 18/19

    Yeah, it looked terrible
  13. enjoralas

    Directions pls

  14. enjoralas


    Not gonna lie, I feel like their marketing people are a little derelict for not calling it “Elktoberfest.”
  15. enjoralas

    18/19 Season Update

    This is where it became unbelievable