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  1. It's mislabeled then. PE38 19AWG 25 PR 1/4" should be aerial 25 pair twisted pair cable with 19 Guage conductors and a 1/4 inch integrated steel messenger support cable. Certainly can be used for low voltage, but definitely telecom cable, unless the label is wrong. Interesting that they are BOTH labeled that.
  2. If Penn State - Michigan is a night game we’re gonna need an outdoor tv, lol
  3. This is the communication cable, not the haul rope, but it’s still about 1.25 inch diameter. Not sure how thick the haul rope would be comparatively. The 1599 meter length stamped on the reel translates pretty exactly to the footage, though
  4. Did you pick it up? You should start collecting cans you see to turn in and pay for your parking at Stough.
  5. I prefer to think of it as KSL has already had discussions about the expansion pod, which of course would be the East Side 😅
  6. Perhaps Nick was interim mountain ops manager and might not be being replaced per se, but that was posted just a week ago. Nick was Director of Snowmaking as recently as 2-3 years ago
  7. Might be getting another new one too? https://www.salary.com/job/blue-mountain-resort/mountain-operations-manager/j202205030223023697552
  8. I think they definitely still intend to expand east. In the board meeting where they discussed buying that farm a few years ago Barb mentioned they wanted to add slopes over there. A hotel is going to happen of course. I think with KSL in charge it’s likely to go at the base. I get the feeling Barb was super emotionally invested in having it at the top and KSL is more likely to go with common sense. Will probably have an indoor waterpark unless they think the market saturation is too much and it would cannibalize Camelback too much. I’ve got even money odds on a mountain coaster next year. That a quick, relatively cheap addition. I wonder if there are any mountain coasters that load at the top then cart the rider back up to unload? Seems like that would be the most logical way to set it up and lump it in with the Summit Adventure stuff, unless they add more base activities at the same time.
  9. Definitely tiers below Fogo, but also much cheaper. On par with Rios over in Nazareth. The meats at both are all good and tasty, you aren't going to get the top end cuts like filet. The "sides" bar at both is also very minimal and *nothing* like at Fogo. I need to go back to Fogo, lol
  10. There's a new Brazilian Rodizio in Palmerton that we ate at once this summer. It was pretty good.
  11. No, she was quite clear. It's in Pall Merr Ton
  12. New name leaked? Main Street Express. By the news reporter in the clip here, so take it with a grain of salt: https://fox56.com/news/local/blue-mountain-resort-begins-lift-renovations Another interesting read, confirms that tower footers were set 8/15: https://fox56.com/news/local/blue-mountain-resort-begins-lift-renovations Of particular interest is the last line, Blue Mountain still has some lift chairs available for anyone who is interested.
  13. If steel starts showing up, I think they can get it together pretty quickly. Like Dan said, Blue is probably mostly out of the picture at this point. If they were building it in-house, I think we'd be ready to welcome it for the 2024 winter season. But contractors wanna get paid. The footers are all in, the site looks pretty well prepped, just need the lift to show up.
  14. Definitely does. In this pic it's obvious that the station will go to the left of the building, the foundation downhill of the building is probably for the pre-fab operator house, and some (or all) of the footings on the right are for the chair storage rail @Lift Blog mentioned. They appear to be two separate rows, I wonder if they are for something else as well. And I still wonder what the three really large footings are for that are downhill of all of this picture, the zoom was too close to grab a shot of all of it
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