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  1. That was the day it took me like 7 hours to drive from Cherry Hill to Allentown
  2. enjoralas

    Weekend roll call thread 1/12-1/13...

    Will be up tomorrow, almost certainly not Sunday
  3. enjoralas

    Zee Lights

    If you ski with other people the footage gets better
  4. enjoralas

    Zee Lights

    Except McDonald's PlayPlace. The outdoor ones with the Grimace jail and the Mayor McCheese tower thingy destroyed the habitrail crap the kids these days have
  5. enjoralas

    Zee Lights

    From the Vista cam, looks like they might be blowing on Widowmaker? Or is that spray you can see in the trees on Come Around? Maybe they can get that open quick to get the race team on and keep from closing Falls again
  6. enjoralas


    They don't give out gift cards for observations.
  7. enjoralas

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    Mine too, eventually. With one I could run the Sous vide in the parking lot, dramatically increasing Sausage Sunday options, lol
  8. enjoralas


    I gather eaf was (trying) to joke about a mistyped topic where I assume Atomic had put 18 instead of 19 for the year but which he has since corrected, as it’s good to be King.
  9. enjoralas

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    Anyone have an inverter generator 1200 watts or greater?
  10. enjoralas

    1/5-1/6 weekend roll call thread!!!!

    Gotta head out to the store in a bit, see what's gonna shake out for tomorrow's Sausage Sunday/PASR 15th. Shoprite has shrimp on sale, so probably a little of that. And some of the sausage I grabbed new years day
  11. enjoralas

    1/5-1/6 weekend roll call thread!!!!

    That's a long poop.
  12. enjoralas

    Huntaaaah 12.27.2018

    Steamboat uses blue with diamonds in em
  13. enjoralas

    PASR's 15th Anniversary

    I don’t ski with anyone here, but sometimes I ski behind them 😂🤣😂
  14. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

    48 links for about 10 bucks. Great deal
  15. enjoralas

    the pics from today thread

    Looks like Blue, I think I saw that pic on their website