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  1. Agreed. Would rather ride 7 with friends than 6 with strangers.
  2. I found the page for it on the customer facing website instead of the press release, where there is an electronic version of a marketing book for it. It has this about the room discount: Special room rates: Book 7 days in advance to lock in $159/night rate for standard king or queen suites OR receive up to 50% savings on the best available rate for an upgraded suite. If that $159 rate is good for weekends as well and in the middle of winter, than I could actually see a (relatively affluent) family getting value out of it. That's at least $150 less than a room would cost on a Friday or Saturday night. But I bet it doesn't include those types of days.
  3. SMDH. In the latest installment of "Camelback's gonna Camelback" I give to you the "Pocono Premier" membership. For the low, low cost of one thousand dollars a year, you can buy yourself 50 percent* off hotel stays and 30 percent* off lift tickets & other activities, as well as a generous discounted self-parking rate of $15, among other incredibly valuable amenities. Only $3000 for a three year membership, but you better act fast because that *screaming* deal only applies for the first 50 Founding members. (Let's be honest, we know that rate sold out in the first hour.) Then it's $4000 for the rest of the peasants. These people are going to be managing Blue. God help us. Enjoy every damn minute this season. *Up to 50/30 percent off. Actual discount may vary. Full text pasted below for anyone who wants to read it without visiting Camelback's website. https://www.camelbackresort.com/2021/07/pocono-premier-membership/ CAMELBACK RESORT LAUNCHES NEW EXCLUSIVE “POCONO PREMIER MEMBERSHIP” ON JULY 23 Jul 15, 2021 Benefits, Discounts and Perks Come with Resort Membership TANNERSVILLE, Penn. (July 15, 2021) – Camelback Resort – a top year-round recreational destination with unsurpassed skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing, waterparks, ziplining, Pennsylvania’s only mountain coaster and more – introduces Pocono Premier Membership, a loyalty program offering exclusive benefits for frequent resort guests. The new program launches July 23. “Pocono Premier members will enjoy preferred rates on guestrooms and amenities, including all year-round activities,” said Shawn Hauver, managing director of the 560-acre resort. “With our recent rebranding and new look, Camelback Resort continues to push forward its positioning as a premier destination in the Pocono Mountains.” As the new Camelback Resort continues to emerge, members have much to enjoy and look forward to including the recent modernization and redesigning of the resort’s 453 guest rooms sporting vibrant colors, rustic furnishings and in-room art created by local photographers; new and revamped food and beverage offerings at Graffiti Pizza, the Sugar Shack and Berrelli’s Italian Chophouse; and the installment of Camelback’s user-friendly “contactless” access for visitors to pre-book accommodations, plan adventure itineraries, procure tickets and much more. Other new amenities and programming includes Café by La Colombe coming later this month for espresso and coffee drinks, light bites and craft cocktail program and the resort’s new artist-in-residence program – “The Creative Collection at Camelback.” “Pocono Premier members will have loyalty benefits, preferred rates, special access and VIP pricing at our waterparks, mountain adventures and restaurants,” added Hauver. Pocono Premier Membership offers: Up to 50% savings on reservations at Camelback Lodge 15% savings on all dining at resort restaurants Up to 30% savings on Camelback Mountain Adventures including ski lift tickets Up to 30% savings on Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark admission and activities 15% savings in select resort shops 15% savings on private catered events Preferred self-parking rate of $15 (valet parking remains at prevailing rate) Dedicated concierge to assist members throughout their stay Private member only resort check-in area Member dedicated email and phone number for reservations Price for Pocono Premier Membership is $3,000 for the first 50 founding members; $4,000 for other memberships. Membership term lasts for three years. To inquire and learn more, guests can contact membership@camelbackresort.com.
  4. Cause its an expensive week's vacation just for me. If I was single I'd take at least two trips every year. Hard to justify when we're a family of four and I'm the only one who benefits.
  5. Vibes to @phillycore's wallet.
  6. Gotta start thinking about where (if?) I'm gonna head out west this year. Probably should skip a year, but then on the other hand . . . I don't want to.
  7. Noice! Went Father’s Day weekend. Don’t miss the craft soda fountain instead of the Pepsi
  8. I’ve been more active on PASR than usual this off season, probably because I shitcanned social media so need something to do
  9. They were probably just surprised you weren’t coming in the back door.
  10. I feel like “Sliders” is a no-brainer. Shit markets itself.
  11. They could be counting the soda machine outside the bathrooms in the valley too. I visited that thing at least half dozen times this year once I realized I could pay with my phone
  12. Yeah, the one in the valley is now Valley Dogs and I think the one up top was completely removed.
  13. Being liberal with what I would call a restaurant, up top they have Slopeside and the food counter at the outside bar, and the caf and Last Run Lounge upstairs so 4 up top. In the Valley they have the caf and the hot dog stand, plus the caf at the tubing hut. I would give them 3 down bottom. They probably count both the bar in the valley and the bar at the tubing hut, but I don’t think either sells much more than pretzels as far as food goes. If I’m wrong on those menus, 5 for the valley. So either 7 or 9. I’m probably missing stuff
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