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  1. Does Blue typically groom everything when it snows? How about Elk?
  2. If I stealthily skinned up Blue Mountain (or Bear) Thursday morning, think I would get in trouble?
  3. Just got my hands on one.
  4. Does anybody have any telemark gear that they would be willing to give away for cheap?
  5. A good spot to check out is the DOA couloir. It is out of bounds, but a short hike from the Blackcomb glacier. It holds good, chalky snow and gets skied a lot.
  6. paolo

    Ouray TR

    The AMGA does something called the Single Pitch Instructor which is basically the entry level cert needed for outdoors rock climbing. Beyond that you can become a certified Rock Guide or Climbing Instructor. For ice, they do an ice instructor course, which goes towards an Alpine Guide certification. That experience at Ouray seems crazy! You would think they would be more professional. Where did the guides come from?
  7. ^^ Thanks Johnny Law. I havent done any exploring on the east coast yet, but I hope to soon. Ive done avy courses and first aid stuff, and Ive got a good amount of touring experience (including winter camping, although I dont have a very good sleeping bag right now). Ive been looking at the Trap Dike. Skiing that would be pretty badass. http://www.famousinternetskiers.com/trip-reports/10-11/skiing-mt-coldens-trap-dike/
  8. Anybody here into backcountry skiing? I would like to do some trips up to the ADKs or the Whites this winter if possible.
  9. Great for the larger skier wishing to explore Bear Creek's back bowl.
  10. I've got some 188 4frnt CRJs mounted with Salomon Guardians (size S). They have only been mounted once. Both have been used but are in good shape. The skis have top sheet chipping, and a minor coreshot that is pictured below. They have some scratches and dings that are normal for used skis. The Guardians are scratched but work perfectly. The setup is really surfy! $400 plus shipping or free pick up in Allentown. Pick up would be better.
  11. I wish I could ski this weekend. Skiing with PAers is always sweet.
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