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  1. I can't imagine there ever being enough snow for that trail to open. Maybe once every 5 years?
  2. I'd rather not have evil people owning mountains.
  3. I hope they lose their interests in Mt. Snow in the settlement.
  4. Ahh - the rebooted D'Angelicos....yeah, those look nice. Cool color.
  5. Is that an Ibanez Artcore series guitar? Cool tune.
  6. Nice job and well done... Cool guitar too. Not trying to be a jerk, but I'd think about giving the easel with the billboard for the CD and the tee shirts a rest. You guys are a good band, and its fun to watch good musicians do their thing. But if I were at a live show of yours, I'd get annoyed if every time I looked up at the stage I saw an advertisement staring back at me. You guys don't need that. FWIW, YMMV....
  7. Plattekill would be the place to be, but it's too far - have a thing saturday night, so need to be back not eh early side. Can't ski sunday.
  8. Bummer. Might drive to the catskills.
  9. Forecast for Blue indicates rain, but my rookie reading of the GFS model suggests it might turn into snow Friday night into Satruday. You guys understand the intricasies of the Blue Micro Climate way better than any crude forecasting tools, so....what say you? Fresh snow on the ground Saturday?
  10. tnt

    St. PASR Day

    What's happening here?
  11. I like Ridge Racer's answer way better. A Blue employee on the lift yesterday said Tuthill corp also makes snow making equipment.
  12. ah - sorry. Guy was dressed in all black and seem to remember a pic of you suited up that way. Have fun tomorrow everyone.
  13. Got it - and saw you for sure.... Will do next time...
  14. So I nearly met you guys. Was about 10 chairs behind you when you tried to load seven on the six pack. Was that Saltyant who stepped aside and rode alone behind you? Don't really know who I recognized, but definitely was sure it was at least a few I've seen ics of. Figured, this is it! Finally going to say hello after all these years.... Put the hammer down, maybe gained a chair or two. Couldn't really think of anything to yell - like "hey, you guys up there! I know you from the internet!" Ha....but what if I was wrong?!?!?! Thought maybe you guys would stop to chat at the top, but off again trying to catch you - I think blazed down challenge again, maybe razors...or maybe it was the other way around...but anyway, lost some time on you that run, then, third time in, my ticket wouldn't scan and I had to chat with the lift in tie dye. And just like that, the dream was over. Another day at Blue - maybe a season, without saying hello. I was speaking with one woman on the lift later, and she was talking about how she lives 4 miles from blue, and tailgates with people she met years ago....I was thinking...maybe ...so I referenced the PASAR and she looked at me like I was a leper. She said she hangs with the old transformer crowd. Something about a parking spot near the transformer. She was super friendly. On the way out, saw two large tailgates but didn't recognize any jackets from the morning encounter. But sounds like that might have been you guys. Early runs were bone chattering - GSS called it. Got better around 11 and was down right fun after 12. Have a good party tomorrow. See you next year?
  15. tnt

    Weekend prognosis?

    Also - 6-pack still down??? What's that mean for lines for us late risers?
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