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  1. It's all going to be moot in about 6 months. But I wouldn't mind having to show proof of vax if it meant music and entertainment venues could open up wider, faster for the summer. I'm sure they could use the business at this point. And keep in mind, the governement is already collecting this info and have issued you a 'passport' already. It's just a forgeable piece of cardboard at this point. But private companies choose to require seeing something for the safety of their staff a guests, I favor making it more secure and less forgeable than that cardboard, which you can alread
  2. What salad bar is worth all that?
  3. buy the enforcers then. Get it done. Enjoy them for the rest of the trip.
  4. Lol. Your heads up display is telling you to make a right turn....in 449 miles!
  5. happy for you guys. Blue sure is fun with a ton of snow on it.
  6. Exciting to know people getting their vaccines. Better days ahead... I know two families effected by COVID as a result of fly away ski trips, one entire family caught it. Not likely from the actual skiing, but from the lodging, travel and eating out etc...
  7. Skiing has been fantastic in the catskills this year. Hoping to get back up mid week to enjoy leftovers from this storm. Hope to see another super edit of Blue in a 24" storm.... Have fun everyone!
  8. I don't know here toast lives, but I'm going with 21" at the top of blue, so...17.5" where ever toast lives.
  9. Nice to hear. Hope that's the EC decision too.
  10. Enough snow to open blue 100%? Is the valley even open yet? Trying to clear work schedule to get to the catskills Thursday but seems unlikely. Maybe friday.
  11. Hope so - but Cuomo is pretty militant. With good reason. Just hope he keeps skiing open.
  12. Skied Belleayre saturday and sunday. Mask compliance was high. No issues riding the lift alone since I was solo. But it was empty as they were only open for pass holders. We'll see how it is net week with a crowd. Heard DeBlasio on CNN this AM talking about total shut downs coming. Hope he was only referring to NYC.
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