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  1. I don't know here toast lives, but I'm going with 21" at the top of blue, so...17.5" where ever toast lives.
  2. Nice to hear. Hope that's the EC decision too.
  3. Enough snow to open blue 100%? Is the valley even open yet? Trying to clear work schedule to get to the catskills Thursday but seems unlikely. Maybe friday.
  4. Hope so - but Cuomo is pretty militant. With good reason. Just hope he keeps skiing open.
  5. Skied Belleayre saturday and sunday. Mask compliance was high. No issues riding the lift alone since I was solo. But it was empty as they were only open for pass holders. We'll see how it is net week with a crowd. Heard DeBlasio on CNN this AM talking about total shut downs coming. Hope he was only referring to NYC.
  6. "The city showed out for us...." Is that like a local dialect thing? Showed out? Is that a phrase? Also, that is a big bowl of Covid right there. This is why the whole fucking state is gonna get locked down again. Idiots.
  7. It's also interesting that they are going to a 4 and 8 hour system. I guess the thought is, 4 hour skiers won't need the lodge. Which makes sense I think. Lots of challenge this year for sure. Hope it works out. But $109? I just plugged in a non-holiday saturday for Stowe....$109.
  8. $79 bucks for 4 hours....yikes. I hope they get it. But I think Blue's core weekend customer might have a little sticker shock at that. But maybe that's the plan? Limit ticket sales by raising the price? Find a nice equilibrium without having to have a reservation system?
  9. I run a residential design/build firm specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.
  10. I have to go in a few days a week for payroll and paper work. And our business requires client interaction at both their homes and our showroom. And we're a paper-intensive business, so setting up at home meant bringing a lot of files to my basement. After things improved and we got very busy again, I just moved everything back tot he showroom and have been in 90% of the days. So I'll have to come up with a plan to bring what I need home again etc.... Just a bit of a hassle to work out of two desks.
  11. I'm thinking of going back to WFH a few days a weeks. PA is really going crazy.
  12. starting to wonder if there will be a season. Between the weather and covid....
  13. Fucking hell. I bet 25% of the attendees are positive.
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