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  1. Zee Lights

    Ah - yeah, cold day to be working with water!
  2. Zee Lights

    What line of work are you in?
  3. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    Late by your standards. We try to be on the mountain by 9:30.
  4. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    Yeah, it was weird - did 7 or 8 day trips with my daughters and all of them were to the catskills except one to Elk. Started at Hunter on black friday - my first time there - and realized the drive was manageable. Did hunter 3 times before X-mas, including a powder day, then was told the crowds just get worse and worse after new years, so we switched to Belleayre and Plattekill for a day. Last year they just kept getting snow, which made it worth it. Tree skiing at Belleayre is pretty damn solid if there is snow, same with Plattekill, though our day there was kind of a bust. But it was odd not to spend a day at Blue or Jack Frost....not sure the conditions will warrant the extra drive next weekend, so most likely will end the streak. Seems to me the only person I've met IRL here is Moe Ghoul when I bought a case of beer from him. Maybe I'll end that streak as well.
  5. 12/10/17..best snow..biggest crowds of the year..

    Wow - you guys got 6"? That's great - thought this was more of a coastal storm. Bummer about the lift lines, but next weekend should be better if they open the valley. We might break our 'no blue for 20 months' streak and head there next sunday...unless the catskills get snow this week i suppose.
  6. Zee Lights

    Did they get upper mainstreet open? Come around? Or will Saturday just be Vista>lower mainstreet?
  7. Open Christmas Day?

    Yeah, poking around Facebook looks like everyone but Blue and JF, limited hours, like 12 to 5 or 12 to 6....
  8. Open Christmas Day?

    Anyone know if any PA mountain is open on Christmas day?
  9. Zee Lights

    It's funny that 'easy out' is a trail unto itself. Basically the unloading ramp to the lift. Be awesome if the open this weekend...
  10. Zee Lights

    I haven't been to BB since I was about 12. Is it really just about as steep as Vista?
  11. Zee Lights

    Pretty good looking 10 day forecast.
  12. Season Passholder appreciation event December 2nd.

    Crap. Catskills have consistent cold overnight for the next ten days. But the pokes are warm. Hopefully it changes...
  13. Ski shop closing

    Yeeehaw....bring on the cold....
  14. Ski shop closing

    It's called Bucks County Shops and has a sign on it that says Pool and Ski.... I never knew it existed and I work about 15 minutes from there. Very strange place. Stopped by yesterday and they had the back of the shop set up with Halloween stuff. So it seems to be a pool supply, ski equipment and rental, and halloween costume store.....
  15. Ski shop closing

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/search/sss?userid=46770016 Oxford Valley PA - some good deals here, particularly for kids. Helmets, $40 each also....