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  1. Windham was $175 a ticket for Sunday. We skied Platty for about $80.
  2. I was there. Incredible day. Somehow me and my buddy both had cash. Also incredible, we almost decided to ski Belleayre that morning because it was closer to our hotel, but then we said 'nah....platty is better...' thank god we did. Everyone else lost power.... Ski on all day in nearly 4' of snow. Second night hotel called to tell us they had no power, so they put us up in the Roxbury, which is such a trip! Following day, crowd was pretty big, and the snow set up thick. But what a storm....
  3. Who picks up dog pee?
  4. Yikes! Were they crowded this holiday week? Tough business to be in, so prices have to rise. But That's a tough pill to swallow - even thoughi 's easily the best mountain in the area.
  5. tnt

    Zee Lights

    This thread got dark. In more ways than one.
  6. Blue and CB kind of makes sense after the management merge. But who knows. They already have Montage and Shawnee in the similar area. Maybe 7 springs...
  7. sounds like nice 1st day. Belleayre was also soft, spring condition snow. 5 ways down the mountain...incredible opening day in Nov really.
  8. tnt

    Zee Lights

    is freewill 'coming soon'?
  9. tnt

    Zee Lights

    Looking good! What trails will they open with?
  10. tnt

    Zee Lights

    lol. that's fantastic.
  11. tnt

    Zee Lights

    That would be rad. You guys should get a room.
  12. tnt

    Zee Lights

    No brainer if it wasn't WROD season, where we'll be done skiing in 2-3 hours... But there are some great places for a later lunch in the catskills, so we'll probably do that....
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