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  1. I'd explain I'll easily drink as much as two normal customers.....
  2. I'd be a no, because infecting low risk people leads to infecting high risk people.....
  3. A member of my staff tested positive. He had contact with 75% of our field crew. Had to shut down for two weeks. Though of course, no one officially notified us. We were just being cautious and careful for the sake of our team, families and community. Office is in Bucks. CVS told another that they are seeing tons of positives under 25 lately.
  4. That is really what should happen.
  5. When we say we're gonna be masked, are we saying a real mask, like the cloth or medical masks we're all wearing now, or are we saying a ski mask? I don't think ski masks are as effective. Most have breath holes in them. How will people respond when people they are riding with whip their masks off after the chair leaves the terminal? Because you know that's gonna happen.
  6. years ago when our kids were little we went to bear creek on a holiday weekend. shortly after we got through the rental line, they ran out of skis to rent.... never sen such a mass of humanity as I saw in that rental building.....
  7. thanks guys. She ended up going to the AT at the water gap for a night. Her water spot was bunk, but otherwise she had a nice two days. I suspect it's much more scenic than the blue section.
  8. Nah...there are a lot of things big cities offer that other areas don't. I couldn't ever live in one, but I do understand why people do.
  9. The town I live in is seeing a huge real estate spike. We're popular for NYC folk because we are on the train line and are a nice town. I have many friends in real estate and they have told me the number one reason people are moving out of the city is because their companies have told them working from home will be a major part of the future, no matter what happens with Covid. Now, you can't draw any conclusions from this anecdote because my town is fairly affluent. The people moving here most likely live in the affluent sections of NYC, where violence isn't really an issue.
  10. Just gonna point out that that is the exact goal of the 'fake news', 'Lame Stream Media' gas lighting. Just say over and over again that all news sources (except of course the one you are watching or listening to) are wrong, corrupt, lying, working for the democrats.....until people just start accepting it, and then suddenly there is an easy excuse as to why a journalist is pointing out your failings....they are lying! You can't believe them! And suddenly, you have no 'credible' source holding you accountable. In the case of right wing media, who have been perpetrating thi
  11. Remember, JFBB is Vail now. This is their corporate policy. Seems insane to impose this on these small mountains. It seems to be designed to allow pass holders to reserve the big crowd days in advance - let them have first crack at X-mas, MLK, etc.... Then they will control crowds via the regular reservation system. They haven't announced capacity levels yet. Nor have they - I don't think - explained the plan for teh lodges.
  12. You only get 7 priority reservations. When you use those reservations, you get one back. And you can make reservations in teh general pool as well. I think. It's all very confusing....
  13. Hey all - My daughter's planning to do a little backpacking before school starts. Does anyone have any experience with the AT section at blue? Are there good camping sites if you set out NE from the trailhead? Is it a ice hike there? maybe she would go 5-6 miles the first day, 8-10 the next and maybe we would pick them up somewhere after they hike out day three. Any info on that stretch would be appreciate. Most curios about suitable camp sites. Thanks.
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