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  1. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    seems like the storm is delayed a bit? Not much here in central NJ. Sounds like 2" a hour later in the PM.
  2. Possible pow day Wednesday roll call..

    might be there for a night session with my daughter. depends on the roads I suppose. Have fun - great march!
  3. 3/18...sunny...a lot of PASRs...

    looks like more snow wednesday?
  4. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

  5. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

    Think they will leave those bumps up for tomorrow?
  6. 20-Feb bump sesh

    Dear god, what a terrible forecast.
  7. Weekend roll call thread 2/10-2/11

    got up and saw the forecast and bailed. have fun all.
  8. Weekend roll call thread 2/10-2/11

    trying to decide between the long drive to Belleayre, or a quick ride to blue tomorrow. Even thought they got a fair amount of snow, glades aren't open, so I'm thinking it's not worth the slog. And if I go to blue I can try the Snow Cross course everyone is bitching about!
  9. Weekend roll call thread 2/10-2/11

    How'd the storm finish? Here in NJ it just stayed rain. Did it turn back to snow for Blue? I think I'm heading to the catskills Saturday. Sounds like they got a fair bit of snow yesterday.
  10. February 7th powder potential roll call!!

    Hope it's all snow for you all. Seems borderline though. Catskills and north should do well.
  11. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Yikes! Heal well and fast man - glad it wasn't more serious.
  12. 1/27 - cum se cum sa

    Yeah, I was there satruday morning for a few hours. Thought it was going to get a lot warmer, a lot earlier, but it didn't. Stopped at about 12:30 and it was starting to feel like the warm air was rolling in. Pretty fun morning though - bumps were a let down, but Switchback, DW, main street were all nice...Sidewinder was death cookies. Good time.
  13. Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!

    Wow! Nice score guys! Enjoy the trip.
  14. Hey Salty..

    yeah, take a lesson for sure - don't wait for your trip. As GSS said, keep your hands to in front or you - that get's your weight out front which is ht you want.
  15. Trip Report - 1/17/2018

    Mad Taco is great. Tres Amigos in Stowe is probably good too. But I think this is a reincarnation of the the old place - they are now in the old Rusty Nail building. Or something like that. Maybe the Rusty Nail moved in with them> I don't know...haven't tried it yet. But have had Mad Taco. But to get to Mad Taco you would drive past the Prohibition Pig, and even if you don't drink beer, that would be foolish.