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  1. My kids skied liberty bowl off teh tram because they had a private lesson.. That was the only was down - low snow out there right now. Every time I wanted to ride the tram, the line was crazy or visibility was zero. so never made it. Bavarian Forest, Badlands, Dakota Gully off teh Dakota chair were all great. The bowls off powder seeker and the steeps off Challenger lift (Big Rock Tongue, 17th green) and the Headwaters Chutes were the steeps I skied. As fun as the steeps and bowls were, I thought their trees were incredible. I'm seeing flights from newark for $800 to JH as the cheapest I can find for my dates.
  2. Yeah, for you it would be killer - don't you go west twice a year? That would be a huge savings. Though Jackson Hole isn't Epic - is it Ikon? I don't know... Side note - as a family we went to Big Sky for the first time last week. Awesome mountain. That is Ikon. And the locals on the lifts all said Ikon increased their traffic significantly. Mixed bag though, because the added traffic is leading to serious upgrades in lifts, which they all appreciate. But they thought the mountain was crowded. By crowded, they meant 10 minute lines at the base I guess...singles line was line 5 minutes. Upper mountain lifts were all ski on. Second side note - couple of friends are going to JH in March and I'm trying to adjust schedule to join them - any secrets for cheap air fare? Won't have the time to drive from SLC or Bozeman. Direct the JH is pretty pricey, but I guess I won't need a car once I'm there?
  3. How much is a season pass? That would be a big negative to a buy-out. Season pass becomes the Epic or Ikon rate....
  4. Let's face it - Blue is already a zoo if there is snow on the ground and it's a nice weekend day. Epic/Icon passes definitely increase skier volume at the destination resorts and the CO reports where snow is always on the ground, and skiing on the weekend is a giving for a couple million customers. But I think in the poconos...not really sure how many more skiers your are going to attract. I guess you would pull some people away from CB or Shawnee? Maybe if you are a CB pass holder and Blue went Epic, and you fly to Break every year, you might decide to switch to Blue? But if your kid is racing, or you have a house in Tannersville....I don't know, I'm sure it would really effect crowd size. These mega corps buy the feeder hills to lock them into their network for their 1 or 2 annual destination trips. They are essentially buying access to you guys - the season pass holders - and forcing you to choose an Epic/Ikon resort for your fly away trip. I don't think they care if Blue does more or less business.
  5. Sunday is my only chance this weekend. Might come to blue. Gonna be crowded AF though....might go to the catskills if it really snows. Also, will be crowded AF....
  6. Wow. This thread escalated quickly. OP - don't let this discourage you from skiing!
  7. I'm gonna disagree with this...a big chunk of the enjoyment - for me - is being outdoors.
  8. great news. Yeah, just go an practice for another day Then maybe another lesson.....private if you can afford it.
  9. Curious to know where/how it went.....
  10. Not sure what lesson you are referring to, but if you can afford it, taking a private lesson will be much more beneficial than a group lesson. For your very first day, I really think any mountain will be fine. Shawnee will be closer to you - therefore more crowded. But it's a nice laid back place with a completely mellow mountain. Close to the Delaware River, so pretty location. Mountain Creek is even closer to you, but generally a total shit show, and IMO not a pleasant vibe. I guess I would think about Shawnee as well though.
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