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  1. I hate to let you guys down, but I'm not in prison. Or jail. I should have paid more attention in D.A.R.E. I guess.
  2. fluffy


    Uh oh. Looks like it's pick on fluffy day. I guess it's my turn. 1) I never said anything bad about KC. Just that the attorneys/powers that be probably told him to keep quiet. 2) It's not my job to walk around JF and talk to people. 3) Every single one of you jerks spends time in every single mountain's forums. I'm not allowed to be involved in the Sno forum? Since it's operations have been in question and the mountain up for sale I have had a particular interest in following it. 4) Don't give KC too much credit for supporting Sno. He inquired about employment at other mountains a
  3. fluffy


    I bet the powers that be told him to stop talking. I bet the powers that be told him to stop talking.
  4. No you wouldn't. He thinks you suck too.
  5. At this point the bank wants as many skier visits as possible. It wouldn't surprise me if they started selling tickets for $1 just to up the skier visit totals for anyone that looks at purchasing the area.
  6. The problem is that all those people only paid $10.... and since Sno outsources the F&B they didn't make any extra money off the extra business. Fail.
  7. Perhaps I can finally get that Super PoleCat for my backward like I've always wanted!
  8. You must seek out the snow. It is there.
  9. In case you were wondering...Floyd's is straight butter baby! Yay for fresh snow!
  10. Lake Harmony got dumped on! I was at BB for most of the afternoon yesterday. I was shocked at the amount of snow that fell in such a short time. My house is 15-20 minutes from BB. My house got almost nothing.
  11. Depends on what you mean by "doing well" I guess. This year doesn't mean too much. Sno will have a new owner next year. See what happens then.
  12. TTC6 isn't allowed on property. Barb is always welcome. GSS...ehhhh, I guess...
  13. I thought you said Sno could get 100% open with 24 hours of snowmaking? Lulz.
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