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  1. screw you! i cant believe you bought that! im gunna get one on sunday, i love the carbon look
  2. we are going to freeze our ballz off...so is adam in his GS suite (unless hes not ewarning it....)
  3. ill be up tomororw, ill get the low down on the down low tomorrow night....
  4. i hope to see ya up there skidude!
  5. haha have fun i will! <---thats what ill look like
  6. haha im no small guy, thats for sure, at 6'0 and with a big head, i need an XL, adult that is...
  7. at these temps, those guns are running a ideal temps (at nights they are DEFAINTLY blowing airless), HUGE amounts of snow being produced
  8. i want a full helmet too, high cut helmets are so blah
  9. The latest VSR is available at the Multimedia Page
  10. i dont think they have access to their msaccess database!
  11. park crew is a must, and as much as we all hate the rangers, my neighbor said he stopped going to cb YEARS ago before the rangers because of how bad it was....
  12. im gunna go get a helmet later tonight, leedom scream cut (best helmet they sell they say) in carbon
  13. jeez you people. Though jibo can back me up on this one, there is this kid at our school who comes up with some really interestiny injuries every year, and serious ones too.
  14. hmm, i'll see if i can get a nice one to match my jacket, id think id get the full one though, dont like the cut ones
  15. thanks for your help, im goin do some shopping for some new gloves tomorrow (destroyed my current pair) so ill try on some helmets. i still want to be able to turn my head as easily, but ill test that out in the store
  16. i'm skiing with daveyj on friday, and im gunna let him know (not telling him the URL)....he'd find it funny, where as davek would be pissed, haha, too bad, should've sent us that nasty gram... btw, moving to lounge (along with all the other dave threads... )
  17. AtomicSkier


    what kinda helmets do you guys wear? the full helmet or the notfull helmet? whatss more comfortable. I'm afriad of getting a helmet cause i like to have my peripheral vision (i hate not being able to move my head, sorta like having a hood on)....anyone have problems...what are some good companies? leedom?
  18. Just wanted to add this poll will show up on our homepage: therealcb.com
  19. ahh yes, we have digital cable too, type in skiing and itll bring up all shows with the word skiing in it, or have the word skiing in its description.
  20. DUDE THATS SOOO NOT COOL. Every year at the blue race it never comes about like 20 degrees. I don't think anyone can remember when it has. Im going to freeze my ass off And to beat Jeff with times.... Sat. Jan. 10, Chevy Truck America's Opening (M-GS), Park City, OLN, 4 pm Sat. Jan. 10, Alpine World Cup (M-DH), Chamonix, France, OLN, 7 pm Tue. Jan 13, Chevrolet U.S. Disabled Alpine Championships, ESPN, 2 pm Sat. Jan. 17, Chevy Truck Birds of Prey (M-DH), Beaver Creek, CO, OLN, 4 pm Sat. Jan. 17, Alpine World Cup (M-DH), Wengen, Switzerland, OLN, 7 pm Sat. Jan. 24, Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix, OLN, 4 pm Sun. Jan. 25, Nature Valley Freestyle Challenge, Lake Placid, NY, NBC, 3:30 pm Sat. Jan. 31, Nature Valley Freestyle World Cup, OLN, 4 pm Sat. Jan. 31, Alpine World Cup (M-DH), Garmisch, Germany, OLN, 7 pm hah that sucks! ill be nice and warm in my long underwear with fleece underwear on top of that, while your in your spandex
  21. 2004 FIS World Cup skiing is on OLN Skiing at Saturdays at 7pm ET; Re-airs Sundays at 5pm ET and Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT. Pretty cool, and some great skiing..... and how bout this weather? 3 freakin degrees friday night?! The high for saturday isnt even leaving the teens!
  22. last year i believe the park was still open (check out the snow report, with davek in it from last year) as i believe they were skiing in the park?
  23. so your not going up today? that sucks.
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