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  1. @NMSKI and I had a double hobacks day, including a top to bottom Rendezvous Bowl -> Hobacks run. Beautiful weather out there today. Sky couldn't be any bluer.
  2. Great snow and great day riding the lifts with @RidgeRacer discussing what his wife should be doing on Saturday mornings.
  3. He's the guy in the silver Civic who occasionally parks in our row with a confused look on his face
  4. @mbike-ski @toast21602 @Dirtwolf @Johnny Law Let's plan on the 16th?
  5. Down for either (would prefer SL, tho) when I return from JH.
  6. I thought it was shit today compared to last week's conditions. It was loose and chunky AF under the barely 1" of new snow. New stuff was slow, too. Sunday's conditions were much better. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Razors was good ... but Main Street was butter. Main had the best snow on the hill. I do enjoy a good Midway -> Lower Main though when she's empty, and it was skiing great today. See everyone Sunday!
  8. you know i just like getting you cranked up … it’s too easy 😃
  9. No, on Saturday AM when she should be taking your son to his appointment. Or, better yet, don't schedule the appointment at time that conflicts with skiing?
  10. Fuck that ... then give us full width main street back.
  11. The brutal honesty is airlines don't give AF about people who fly a few times per year. Complain all you want, they might give you some paltry credit so you'll end spending more money with them. Hardly "free".
  12. No, falls is not a reason to go lol It just makes Lazy suck less.
  13. Yikes…sounds like an interesting morning 😂
  14. Today was good. The most PASRs for a weekend morning so far this year, I think. Skiing was great and a nice return to form for Blue. Cant wait for more terrain.
  15. you have a TON of speed coming into Paradise, and the trail is steepest just before the merge. can go mach loony 😂
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