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  1. My first time as 1K ... so glad they switched to a revenue program, makes 1K easy with the current fares 😁
  2. i would've liked to see all the prep work done by now and left the last 4 months for installation. the lack of footings is questionable. maybe we'll just ski off the vista chair for the first month of the season! @GrilledSteezeSandwich vista talk.
  3. Spent last week at our office Vilnius, Lithuania. Cool spot. Great weather, too (highest temp I saw was 72F).
  4. im prety sure they're doing tower removal. and yes, when it's time to set the new towers, they'll do it in a day most likely.
  5. thats not the chute ... the chute and midway are nearly perpendicular to that clearing.
  6. Yes, I have thought about it.
  7. Cut your hair. It's not a good look.
  8. $1200 is probably leaving a little on the table, but still a fair price for a piece of Blue Mtn history. Who is buying one?
  9. Flying in a few hours, will try to get some pics if we have time.
  10. Few more from one of the guys ... I tried to annotate (to the best of my memory) our route down from the top (climbed/toured up right, skied down left).
  11. Tucks has always been something I wanted to do if the opportunity came along, but never pulled the trigger. After seeing the 50 Episode from Tucks, and this report, it quickly moved up my list. I graciously joined the boys @Justo8484 @GSSucks this year for the adventure and it didn't disappoint. Due to weather concerns on Saturday, Tucks was moved to Sunday, with a Stratton skin on Friday, Killington on Saturday, and then the big event on Sunday. It proved to be an awesome decision. We did a T2B skin lap at Stratton with great conditions as a gear test. Did a few beacon searches, crampon tests, etc. A skiff of fresh snow on top of corn meant you could let it run top to bottom. Awesome snow. Killington was skiing great on Saturday with temps in the mid 50s and 22ish trails. @mbike-ski happened to be camping in the area that weekend so it great to see him at Killington about to enjoy his first May ski day ever. Was pretty hard to sleep in anticipation of Tucks so we were all up pretty early, geared up, and hit the trail a little after 7:30am. Hiked for about 1.5 miles, switched to skins for another 1+ miles up to Hojos, put the skis on the pack and finished the hike up to the bowl, where we donned helmets, crampons and ice axes for the boot up Right Gulley. After a steep climb up, we were greeted by low winds, and great looking snow fields up to the summit. We threw back on the skis and skinned up the summit, climbing over 4000ft from the parking lot to the summit in 4h 45m ish. Celebratory pictures, beverages, a snack, and we plotted out descent down the snowfields with Hillman's in mind. The snowfields were very interesting snow. Super smooth, but I'd call it slippery spring snow. Fun route down through rocks, where we threw the skis back on the packs, and hiked to the top of Hillmans, stopping to have some charcuterski, and then gear up for the descent down Hillman's. I dropped in first to perfect spring conditions down through the choke. We all worked our way to the bottom, rock scrambled to the Sherbie, and then skied down to rope 7, where we put crampons on to descent the slippery Tuckerman's Ravine Trail 1.6 miles back to the car. The weather was perfect, the snow was great, and the cherry on top was getting up to the summit. No action shots from me, as I really didn't want to be pulling out my phone in some bad places. Others do, so they may end up here. Was a great experience and hope I can do it again some day. Overall, it was 10.5 miles of hiking, booting, skinning, and skiing, climbing ~5000ft in 8.5 hours start to finish. Rolled out of the visitor's center parking lot just after 5pm with 8+ hours of driving ahead of us.
  12. I swore too. They're there on both chairs. I just looked.
  13. you fell into the same trap i did ... they're hidden in the early morning light ... but they're still there.
  14. I deleted my post because I just looked at the cam now, and the light shifted again making them more visible. Both were invisible in this mornings light.
  15. Looks like they've already removed all the chairs from the Main St and Burma chairs?
  16. ... and that can't include Outback Steakhouse.
  17. lol that luxury inn and suites looks like a dump
  18. @Ski2Live Live2Ski will love Breckenridge. He'll be awed by its size and amazingly flat groomers.
  19. Forgot to mention that @GSSucks brought the easter basket again for us to pick from ... for a 2nd year in a row, I blindly picked the Bud Heavy. Thanks to the lifestyle photographer @toast21602 for the pic.
  20. you have to be up to the top before they open (8:30 on weekends) and you can't descend until they open (8:30 on weekends), so you're limited to one run, which is why we try to time it to arrive at the top right before they open.
  21. you're welcome and anytime.
  22. Skied at Snowmass today with JohnnyStyle. Conditions were 10/10 boner doner tits magee groomers. Best groomers of the year by a mile. Weather was in the high 30s with no wind, and clear skies. The blues at Snowmass are steeper than the blacks at Breckenridge 😂
  23. 5" today and I'm not talking about @saltyant. Nice day overall.
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