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  1. Can accommodate that for the sportsball fans.
  2. Late notice .... thinking October 15th ... work for everyone? Tagging some people who might not see this otherwise @toast21602@mute1080 @saltyant @GrilledSteezeSandwich @mbike-ski @JFskiDan @enjoralas @Benm@NMSKI @Johnny Law @Schif @indiggio @RidgeRacer @GSSucks @theprogram4 My house anytime after 6:30pm? Bring a wrap if it's chilly.
  3. Did Blue get a new mtn ops manager? Thought Jim's 2nd in command had a different name? Tom?
  4. Pic from reconnaissance flight this AM ... sun wasn't on the mountain when I flew by around 9am.
  5. i think @Benm posted pictures from both sides ... no windows? Unless this is just storage and they're going to use a prefab'd control room that a lot of modern lifts use?
  6. Why did they build a lift shack w/o a big window?
  7. Have been in Scotland since Sunday playing golf with my dad, brother, and uncle. Weather has been awesome, some rain forecasted for tomorrow at Carnoustie, but Friday is looking lovely again. A picture from Cruden Bay today.
  8. Does your old ass iPhone have google? https://civiltoday.com/geotechnical-engineering/foundation-engineering/219-difference-between-footing-and-foundation
  9. i don't think modern lifts have hanging counterweights anymore.
  10. Didn't JohnnyStyle and I see you at PHL airport years ago at baggage claim?
  11. I believe it is now closed or private and owned by the Hermitage Club.
  12. It's already September ... I was hoping to see a little more action by now ...
  13. wow glad to know that @NMSKI would never ignore me 👬
  14. I flew over Blue an hour ago and saw it flying around (it's just above the old main st base)....
  15. My first time as 1K ... so glad they switched to a revenue program, makes 1K easy with the current fares 😁
  16. i would've liked to see all the prep work done by now and left the last 4 months for installation. the lack of footings is questionable. maybe we'll just ski off the vista chair for the first month of the season! @GrilledSteezeSandwich vista talk.
  17. Spent last week at our office Vilnius, Lithuania. Cool spot. Great weather, too (highest temp I saw was 72F).
  18. im prety sure they're doing tower removal. and yes, when it's time to set the new towers, they'll do it in a day most likely.
  19. thats not the chute ... the chute and midway are nearly perpendicular to that clearing.
  20. Yes, I have thought about it.
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