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  1. Not for me. Using regular heat means getting an oil delivery. I’m not trying to get another delivery until the fall at this point. So if it gets cold a nice space heater will do the trick!
  2. Holy shit. Did you pay $17 they day you went? 52 of 55 trails reported as of today with a 71 inch snowpack reported. I fly out may 3rd.
  3. What a trip dude. Skiing at 4 different mountains in 3 different states and, oh by the way, throw in Death Valley and Las Vegas while your at it. That's how you see / ski the west. WTGAI!!
  4. Turned ours off Sunday morning and it's not going back on until November.
  5. Sucks about upper bowl being closed for you. Been up there once and it was memorable for sure. Hoping you got to sample some of the trees off of upper catwalk and off of the Gondi line. And yeah those high speed runs in lower bowl, log jam are worth the price of admission (upper and lower ridge too). Glad you had a great day. Pass renewed for next year so hit me up if you ever do wanna go back for upper bowl.
  6. We didn’t feel shit up here. I wonder if it is because of the higher elevation, plateau etc. not gonna lie I feel kinda jipped.
  7. Hell yeah. looks incredible. recent snowfall appears to have made things real nice for you guys. Upper bowl is open at SB and another round on snow is supposed to hit on Friday. Hopefully you timed it perfectly. Enjoy!
  8. Even if you fly somewhere?
  9. How do you eat then?
  10. RidgeRacer

    Sale rumors...

    It's official....Elk will be part of Vail resorts I'm a day late.
  11. Stop trolling salty. Ski 2 appreciate the tr. Looks awesome.
  12. You mark this on your calendar?
  13. Nice to finally meet you in person. felt cool knowing we were the only people skiing in the state of Pennsylvania today. Like we were part of an exclusive club. Lol
  14. If it's over (which I think it is) today was an absolutely incredible way to end the season. Full speed laps on a flat NMDW and Razors with great coverage and decent snow. All things considered Blue worked magic the latter half of March when things were looking dire. Mad props to blue
  15. Thanks for the pics C1! A freshly groomed NMDW and razors should be good tomorrow am. I stoked to do some laps!
  16. "Get your FINAL laps of the season in at PA's last open mountain! After this weekend, we will be closed for skiing and riding and transitioning to green season! We have 12 trails open and 2 lifts spinning. Ski & Ride Hours and Pricing Friday, 3/29: Noon-8pm, $49 Lift Tickets Saturday, 3/30: 9am-5pm, $65 Lift Tickets Have a Season Pass to another closed mountain? Show your Season Pass at Guest Services for a special $50 discounted Lift Ticket on Saturday!"
  17. Did they change it up? In the email i got it said features on Dreamweaver
  18. "One more weekend of skiing & riding. We're expecting to have 12 trails open this weekend. Moguls will be on Razor's Edge and Terrain Park features will be on Dreamweaver"
  19. RidgeRacer

    Sale rumors...

    Good. I'd buy an Indy pass if elk was on it
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