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  1. Fun morning! Crowds are probably insane now that the sun is out. Praying for cold this upcoming week. Off to put upChristmas lights. Debating on going full on Clark Griswold this year.
  2. We're always in the red for everything but snow...from wildfire smoke, to rain. Haha
  3. Today was a lot of fun. Decent conditions that got a bit better as the morning wore on.
  4. I kinda hope it's quiet tomorrow. That would be nice.
  5. Nothing new then and tidying up what was already open. Good call imo
  6. Let’s hope so. Long range last year was a complete tease. It was like Charlie Brown going into kick the football and Lucy pulling that shit away every dang week
  7. Blue will get going over the next few nights. Fri morning should be fun
  8. Thank goodness or we weren’t skiing much last year if it wasn’t for that cold front
  9. “We did get snow over the weekend but surprisingly it was scraped off and icy in spots. “ That’s a 100000 out of 10 at Blue. Lol. Looks awesome Barb. Are you spending anytime at crested Butte this winter?
  10. Dude! I didn't think you were gonna post the tr so I created it. Sorry! Mods can you merge?
  11. Fun day today. In the house were Dirtwolf, GSS, Mute, Dime, mixelplix and others. Conditions were your standard opening day day fare. Not at all crowded for an opening day. Just glad to be skiing for the first time in 8 months or whatever it's been. Cheers to the new season! Good to be back in the snow
  12. I pushed up for second chair too just to get the gift and nada.
  13. @momskeeztoo called per the instructions above and they said if the mountain opens at 8 then yes they should be open at 7:30
  14. I’m a busy man my friend.
  15. I’m in the same predicament
  16. I was being facetious
  17. Pennsylvanias largest? But I thought camelback was the biggest???
  18. Just checked. My photo is uploaded and my waivers are signed. 100% my pass won’t work Friday. At this point visiting the counter is an opening day tradition!
  19. Do share…for those of us not on Fakebook see everyone Friday bright and early
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