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  1. Yeah I just changed my kids appointment from tomorrow (where I believe she was supposed to get the JJ) to next Tues where I know she'll be getting the Pfizer. Wife got an appointment for Pfizer as well.
  2. Just got my daughter an appointment for Wednesday
  3. Just got my daughter an appointment for Wednesday
  4. Just fyi...there are a ton of available vaccine appointments at wind creek for their upcoming dates.
  5. We're short staffed in the off season but worry not...the crew is hard at work putting the finishing touches on #4.
  6. I'm kinda jelly of his hair. Maybe if I keep letting mine grow I'll get there. Ski2 do you put anything in it?
  7. Visited Pine Hill Vista today...at 2300 feet it's the highest point in the Poconos. You can see everything from Jackson Frost and Blue to the South to Elk Mountain to the north. Just a cool 360 view. Hard to do the view justice with a phone cam
  8. That's beautiful. It's overcast and rainy here.
  9. Pretty sure you can see Killington Peak from Stratton if I remember. I also remember easily seeing Stratton (and Okemo I think) from Killington Peak looking south.
  10. Skied there once a long time ago (pre PASR)...the elk analogy is a good one.
  11. Does this mean we can fill your CO thread with NFL draft discussion and pizza recipes?
  12. I guess it varies...I thought it was an immune system thing. For example if you have a baller immune system you get the side effects because it's working. Silly uneducated assumption on my part I guess. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful nor do I want to necessarily be down and out.
  13. We used to see a guy master masturbate daily from the office window. He had a nickname..."The Whacker". Then there was the homeless couple who would have sex in front of the Municipal Services Building. Smh
  14. 0 side effects so far after both shots. That makes me nervous.
  15. Not surprised. When I used to take the train to center city feces and urine were an almost daily occurrence. That experience probably pushed me into the mountains quicker than anything else.
  16. Vaccine Part deux has been received.
  17. That drive to Williamsport may have paid off big time for you. glad you're good. Sorry about your co workers.
  18. So close and the weather can be drastically different too. What's up with the whole interconnect deal. Is that happening?
  19. @mbike-ski update from yesterday https://nyskiblog.com/belleayre-not-giving-up/ Edit...sorry this is from Saturday
  20. Concur on the views from Brighton. From solitude I belive you're looking out at the back side of PC / DV...amazing how close they actually are. You'll never know by driving it. Here's a one of my favorite ski trip pics ever that I took from Brighton that I often use as my phone wallpaper.
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