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  1. Technically the Poconos are not mountains. It's a raised plateau cut by glaciers.
  2. One question though....does he live in the mountains?
  3. The red keyboard in the back looks cool. Is that a Playskool?
  4. I feel confident that our living space will be rodent free with her keeping watch. Our male cat's fat ass won't move from the couch.
  5. Will you wait at the top for the other PASRs?
  6. Are you referring to Do they know it's Christmas by Band Aid?? That's not U2. Although (fun fact) Bono has a line in it in which he apparently regrets singing.
  7. If you love listening to live music like I do then maybe you'll enjoy this.
  8. This is definitely not the ski season for vacation planners. People who enjoy flying by the seat of their pants will be just fine.
  9. I picked up fugi's at Weiss earlier...another underrated apple. Not like pink lady underrated. But still definitely underrated.
  10. Dude you're awesome. Stick around here.
  11. Tomorrow is one month away from black Friday. We may be skiing (on mountains) in a month!
  12. Blue mountain tent sale starts tomorrow.
  13. That's very generous of you. You must've seen this photo of us swirling around.
  14. So far boots and gloves. Looking at jackets too.
  15. Even though it would affect me in kinda hope there is no night skiing mon thru Thurs just to watch Salty get triggered and demand some form of compensation for it.
  16. I think the hidden message is less night skiing = less RTMs on the hill = more win.
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