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  1. Go to Whiteface. Parking is free there...and you'll save on gas $$ too.
  2. Did you notice that he alluded to this being the first step in their "master plan". Master plan??
  3. What do you expect from the mountain that called coming soon "free fall". Free fall is a ride I went on at six flags great adventure in the 90s.
  4. Yeah but there is a hallelujah hands emoji. We're good.
  5. Stay safe. Are there evacuation orders for you guys?
  6. Did someone say ski twist? (Btw Doug I have you to thank for bringing this gem into my life)
  7. Plus...Doesn't the state still need to come out, inspect and approve as well before they can let the public ride it? That's the part that worries me. The word "quickly" and the state of Pennsylvania do not typically don't go in the same sentence.
  8. Fuck off. Tell that to my family who is just getting over it, specifically my daughter who needed her nebulizer to help her breathe.
  9. Just a flight home for my daughter so far. Phoenix to Newark for $139! I'm booking my flight with points so no rush for me.
  10. Despite this, I'm wondering if the old days of parking at the top and waiting to open the valley may be over. Perhaps they incorporate shuttle to homestretch in the early season trail count? Despite the new lift situation it seems to be a new day at blue with KSL calling the shots. And in a few years perhaps the PASRs will be dining at Ruth's Chris steakhouse in the new base village. You never know.
  11. Is that a ski area? I can't tell.
  12. Not going to crack 70 degrees here in the western Poconos today. I'm wearing a hoodie. Room booked in Flagstaff in January. LFG
  13. Did JFBB put the towers in yet? I've resigned myself to the fact that the summit safari extreme deluxe whatever won't be ready for the start of ski season.
  14. I'm starting it now. PASR Day at Plattekill this skison. Let's make it happen.
  15. At an incredibly classy coffee shop in Jim Thorpe...
  16. Phenomenal dude. Awesome report from down under! Thanks for sharing.
  17. I just read the article and saw that. I misread your post. I thought it was book by 11-17.
  18. Hmm...This could very well work out. Thanks man. Gonna look into this.
  19. Or @JFskiDans cut in half snoops. Especially designed for @toast21602if I remember correctly.
  20. Airline prices seem to be going down. Just fyi. May be a good time to start booking soon.
  21. I don't have time for your games Salty.
  22. I'll text you some links. What's your preference (sound quality, active noise cancellation, comfort etc)? Best of everything IMO - Sony XM5 but they're expensive at $399. You may be able to get a pair on eBay for $50 to $100 less. Sound quality and realllllly long battery life - Sennheiser momentum 4. Good ANC but not as good as Sony. They're new so every place has em at $349 Great sound (slightly below the XM5) and ANC (again just slightly below the XM5) - Sony xm4s. You can get them for around $249 If it's your first foray into Active Noise cancelling and want great sound and great ANC - highly recommend the Cleer Audio Alpha. They're $219 but I found a pair for $149 so I picked them up and did a full on comparison with my XM5s. It was really close but I decided to keep the 5s and gave the Cleers to my wife. They're a great start up company based out of San Diego that is focused on Audio
  23. I'm really curious to know what headphones he's rocking... looks like the new Sony xm5 which is a fine choice.
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