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  1. Schedule for 2020 will be posted as soon as we are set free...
  2. Thursday evening session this week, in preparation for the resort openings this weekend. No session on Saturday, get out on the snow! Thursday 11/14 5-8 PM Skiers and snowboarders of all park abilities welcome. Don't be a Jerry on opening day with summer legs and broken tricks!!
  3. Ok, so I posted the Nov dates last week, but for some reason it did not go through. So, here they are for now: SAT NOV 2 @ 1-4 PMSAT NOV 9 @ 1-4 PMSAT NOV 16 @ 1-4 PM MORE TO COME LATER When BB opens on the weekends, we will switch to Friday evenings. When BB opens week-ling, we will close for the season.
  4. Fall is "here"! Below are some dates of our fall sessions. New UHMW topsheet on the box, rebuilt lip on the rail, and the deck has been resurfaced. Check it out! SAT SEPT 7 @ 1-4 PMFRI SEPT 13 @ 5-8 PMSAT SEPT 14 @ 1-4 PMSUN SEPT 29 @ 5-8 PMSAT OCT 5 @ 1-4 PMSAT OCT 12 @ 5-8 PMSAT OCT 19 @ 1-4 PMSAT OCT 26 @ 1-4 PM NOVEMBER DATES WILL BE POSTED IN OCT
  5. Thanks! Yes, it is not your typical backyard setup. There is constant work to be done to keep things in shape. The features are resort quality and are not cheap to fabricate. In the process of ordering a new topsheet for the box at $500-600.
  6. I get to Blue from time to time. Mostly I am at Camelback and BB. I know, right... unfortunately that was like 15 years ago.
  7. So there is basically seven months until the 19/20 season starts. Think about how much you can improve your game in that amount of time. Even if you stop out once a month, or just a few times over the summer, you can progress. You can easily add some new tricks to your bag, and have a lot of fun in the process. Check it out!Here are some upcoming dates, you can also setup a private session on just about any day.SAT MAY 11 @ 1-4 PMSAT MAY 18 @ 1-4 PMSAT JUNE 1 @ 1-4 PMSAT JUNE 8 @ 1-4 PMSAT JUNE 15 @ 1-4 PMSAT JUNE 22 @ 5-8 PMSAT JUNE 29 @ 1-4 PM
  8. Not trying to hijack, buuuut... Going to MayDay on Saturday? Why not head out to Park 1260 on Friday evening (5-8) to get all the kinks worked out, so you can kill it on Saturday. Then keep things going all summer at the weekly session.
  9. SNOW SESH 11/15 3-7 PM These sessions do not happen every season, so you might want to try to get up here and enjoy! We are scheduled to get 5-8" going into start time. Right now they are talking freezing rain around 6-7 PM, so get out here early. Try to use 4WD/AWD, or at least have some snow tires on for tomorrow. You may also consider parking on the road for an easy exit. Get some fresh runs in here, to get ready for the anticipated #bigboulderpark opening this weekend. See you tomorrow!!
  10. Changing this Friday's sesh 11/9 to Saturday afternoon 11/10 1-4, since none of the local resorts are ready to open yet.
  11. Sorry for the delay. These are the 2 features that are currently in place. The 16" double barrel can be swapped out to a 24' a-frame in about 15 minutes. The box is 20'. The rails can also go up and down, so what you see in the photo is all the way down. Each leg can then go up 36" independently, so it can be an up, a down, or a flat.
  13. Fall is just around the corner, time to start thinking about snow. Check out our dates for this fall. When the resorts start to open in November we will stay open during the week until they stay open daily. FRI 9/7 5-8 SAT 9/8 1-4 SUN 9/16 1-4 SAT 9/22 5-8 SUN 9/30 1-4 - FRI 10/5 5-8 SAT 10/13 1-4 SUN 10/21 5-8 SAT 10/27 1-4 - FRI 11/2 5-8 FRI 11/9 5-8 FRI 11/16 5-8 TUE 11/20 5-8 FRI 11/30 5-8 - FRI 12/7 5-8 FRI 12/14 5-8 FRI 12/21 5-8
  14. Planning on attending MayDay at BB on Sat 5/5/18? Don't want to look like a Jerry when you get there? Then make sure to hit up 1260 on Fri 5/4/18 to dial in those tricks and get rid of the dust that has settled on your game since the resorts have closed.
  15. Now is the perfect time to get ready for the return of the snow season. Keep your progression going from this past season, and even start some new ones. Think about it, you now have 7 months to not only keep your game going, but to elevate it to the next level before the snow even falls again. Don't be the Jerry on opening day, just trying to get used to moving your legs let alone throwing down any kind of trick in the park. Stop out every week, or stop out once in a while. Either way, you will reap the benefit for the entire next season. Skiers and snowboarders of all park abilities are welcome! Whether you are just getting started, or preparing for your next comp, Park 1260 has you covered. SOME 2018 DATES FRI 4/13 5-8 FRI 4/20 5-8 SAT 4/28 5-8 - FRI 5/4 5-8 SAT 5/12 1-4 SUN 5/20 5-8 SAT 5/26 1-4 - FRI 6/1 5-8 SAT 6/9 1-4 FRI 6/15 5-8 SAT 6/23 1-4 SUN 6/30 5-8 - Subject to change, so check this thread for updates from time to time.
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