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  1. mute1080

    Elk Day 2021.

    I’d be down. Monday or Thursday’s work best but don’t plan anything around me.
  2. Upper Main Street was crème de la crème early. Fun morning with everyone! Good to see Blue listening and put people checking masks at the 6.
  3. Was up 530-730 on Valley School with the fam. Lines at the 6 looked deep all night. I don’t know if it’s a weekday night thing but as Law said, mask wearing was poor, especially at the learning hill. Lifties and instructors didn’t say a word [emoji1304] Snow was decent and my whirlybirds are improving. I’m guessing they were able to get that groomer out because I saw a couple running on Razors when we were in the lot.
  4. Sick! Nice job @GSSucks, thanks for taking us through the process and results. I hope she has a bunch of rockets on the next pair.
  5. Correct! I leave the orange Dynafit seals on for show like the splitter guards on a Charger right?
  6. [emoji1694] We’ll find out tomorrow
  7. New boots arrived today. Last years XT 130s. Only took 6 days from Italy compared to the Edgie Wedgie that took 4 weeks from Ohio. My feet hurt just thinking of breaking them in.
  8. They tried that with rollers on Razors once.
  9. Passed Atomic and GSS on their way out and got there at 11 to blue skies. Wasn’t the greatest snow and found mostly sugar on top of ice. Quad seemed to be the easiest line to get through but then you had to go through a couple snow guns on NMDW.
  10. Skied Valley School East and West with the fam from 530-730 and it was Epic. Hurt the country club vibe seeing the buses but they did bring entertainment. Saw a kid walking with skis on pavement from rentals to the Valley school. Had some kamikaze skiers that kept doing full yard sales for fun. It looked painful and I was asking myself why would you keep doing that? Biggest improvement session for my 4 year old tonight. We have turns and stops but we need to build up her leg muscles and attention span. It’s fun to watch the progression. I’ll be back up tomorrow for a solo lunch session.
  11. Yup, that bastard is running around Dreamweaver and Razors again. He thinks he’s funny but he’s running out of lives.
  12. Glad it wasn’t frozen solid to start. Fun morning with everyone
  13. Arrived at 645 with Mrs Mute and thought it wasn’t going to be fun. 30° and raining but it turned out to be a good time. I counted 8 other people on the hill and I’m surprised they were even open. Snow was like wet sand and visibility was fine except at the peak. Skied until 8 and then the gloves were the first to let moisture in. Temperature was comfortable and snow wasn’t terrible so I’m glad we went.
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