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  1. mute1080


    Nice pics! Fun day, hoping for cold nights in the future.
  2. I’m going with “Picnic bastard that sweats the small stuff.”
  3. Great seeing everyone and fun to be back on snow. Best thing I heard today was having a hand written note as a pass to get on the lift and it worked [emoji23]
  4. Love my new lamp. Big fan of less traffic when the sun goes down. IMG in the bike thread because [mention]GrilledSteezeSandwich [/mention] would get mad if it was here
  5. Maybe Ryan did but no time for balls tomorrow for me. Liquid and out.
  6. Yell to open the gate up and you’ll go to the ticket office to get it checked. Usually good for two laps plus a bonus lap if they switch employees
  7. Interested but depends on time. My new 1200 lumens bike light arrived yesterday so I’m trying to test it out[emoji363]
  8. You’re not wrong. I have new pockets to work out tho
  9. If the mobile unit does the I’ll crack the beer for you ish, I’m out.
  10. Our’s are all signed but mine also says “joint senior” waiver is signed. I’m guessing since I bought Boo’s at the same time but also sounds like it’s not going to work first run.
  11. The drive from Vancouver to Whistler was pretty nice when we were there. Got to stop at a waterfall and get a lifestyle shot of @toast21602on the shoreline. Heard stories it could be spicy if the weather is bad though.
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