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  1. Blue employees had their interview with KSL management for their jobs this week. I heard Barb is staying on for 5 years and no real changes this year.
  2. Essential worker and medicinal smoker. They don’t check for either though.
  3. Boo airdropped me this when I told her your response
  4. Do it, you won’t. Maybe some of your fellow Jersian’s would join you (cough [mention]GSSucks [/mention] cough [mention]RootDKJ [/mention])
  5. Boo skied the next day after her second shot. HTFU
  6. My first shot had more of a reaction then the second. Arm soreness, balance seemed a little off, and felt hot but no temperature this round.
  7. Sick? No. Common symptoms that it was working? Yes.
  8. Yup, it looked fresh. Right at that 209/115 intersection.
  9. Got my 2nd Fauci Ouchie yesterday. In and out under 10 minutes. I was impressed with how Rite Aid handled the process. Hardest part was getting a time but after that they send text reminders, appointments were quick, and people were friendly(at least at the Brodheadsville one).
  10. I saw liftie Bob today(Grateful Dead shirt at 6 pack at Blue) and he said those quad chairs have 1 pin that connects the chair to the grip like the oh shit pin on a helicopter. He thinks that snapped from wear and that’s why it was able to go uphill until the sudden stop made it detach. I was trying to tell on the picture of the wheels if you can see the grips attached but I can’t really tell.
  11. Skied 545-715 with the fam. 62° when we arrived and 58° leaving with super soft snow. Got a fist bump from @antman12on our way out to the snow and the rest of the hill was empty. Most likely the last day of the season for my little one so it was nice way to end it.
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