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  1. Same, except I'll use my gift card
  2. Was watching radar and hoping the rain moved through after the heavy stuff was done but no dice. Fog was thicc on the top half and rain slowed but didn’t quit. Fam skied an hour before we were soaked through. Maybe 15 people on the hill and 12 of them were lapping the park. Snow was nice and wet but becoming dirty with the warmth. Couple skeet spots on Switch poking through and Razors was closed. No practice going on though so not sure why. Challenge is quite dark in the middle.
  3. I think it ended up 1 pitcher for each person and no one even got a brain freeze. I was skeptical too but it hit the spot
  4. I think we set the new high score for Strawberry Margarita pitchers ordered that night
  5. Hey All, It’s almost weekend, is anybody planning on skiing Blue mountain the true mountain this weekend? Looks like temperatures continue. I plan on skiing Saturday and Sunday and maybe Friday and/or Monday. Remember Monday is an 9am opening.
  6. Dibs on the tazer, body cam, and tactical belt when he leaves.
  7. I'd be happy to show him my medical prescription
  8. Started on the OG6 and Atomic, Z, Drew, Justo, Rose, and BFG crew. First run down Razors was worth the price of admission. Second down Challenge was even better. Snow was great and could let the skis run with minimal crowds for the first hour. 2 minute wait for the second hour. Longest single session with 16 runs and half of them were Challenge. They were blowing at the top of the mountain but all of it is now on the Appalachian Trail so now sure how that helped. Some marbles on the mountain where they blew which is expected. Sidewinder was still pretty firm. Lots of ski swapping between the 27.5s today which was fun to talk about the differences. I’ve never met a friend with 29.5 so apply within. Heading back with the fam shortly for a double dip. Favorite part of the day was @saltyant flying right over us on the quad. Hope you had a grate flight! Check out the epic pic.
  9. Word on the street is the secret celeb here today is Josh Shapiro
  10. Awesome day. The kid loved the fresh snow and had a good time in winter adventure camp. I enjoyed how light the snow was compared to Tuesday. Wish that band would have came across a little more north Thanks to Enjo for the delicious protein in the lot Pic2- While picking up the kid we got a kick out of tubing only making it down ~60% of the hill. Looked like more walking than sliding
  11. My hope of skiing this afternoon was quickly squashed when I looked at the web cams. I'll pass on the crowd. From what I can tell, the VIP line at the Challenge lift looks small and only a short wait at least.
  12. EPAWA called it a "southern slider" and I think it's grate.
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