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  1. No but I’ll be using that lid teather and hair under the goggle strap technique from now on.
  2. Good snow, spicy grooming. Had a squirrel run out at me going down Razors which was a new experience. He lived but we both puckered for a second.
  3. Always amazes me that they don’t swipe the season pass to get a discount and for those analytics. It’d be too easy.
  4. Tried to find the post that@indiggio was talking about but found this one instead. They were short staffed because high school was in session.
  5. I see ABE through ORD at $679. Also, PHL through ORD is $607 for those dates. Not sure what’s closer for you but it’s a little cheaper.
  6. It was the Thursday morning crowds I remember today, empty. Snow was good but coverage is really thin in spots, especially upper main. They shut down the 6 pack around 1015 and had everyone good to the quad. Lower park and Central Park were also opened for the season today.
  7. I thought it was only last week too but I saw a sign last night that it is the 6th-10th and 13th-17th. College “week” [emoji2359]
  8. Arrived at 4:45 and it was 44° at the top. Surprisingly not as busy in the top lodge as I thought it would be. Was expecting some ski clubs but they must all be at the Valley Lodge. Skiing with Mrs. Mute so it was down Burma first and then lapping lazy and Paradise. Snow is sugar but minimal push piles. Temperatures mild and crowds light. Good times. Grabbing a bite at Slope Side and then heading back out. Already pulled my pass out so I don’t forget that 10% discount.
  9. Saturday depending on weather Also heading up with the Mrs. tonight and I’ll be there tomorrow morning if anyone is around
  10. Fun times! Felt like March skiing today. Definitely won’t wear as many layers tomorrow.
  11. Hopefully. Going to be prime spring skiing and parking lot antics!
  12. Ski you there tomorrow morning. Planning on Saturday and Sunday too.
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