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  1. Plattekill is awesome when the snow is deep enough to ski the woods. It opens up a crazy amount of acreage. A week old storm can still have untracked . My favorite place! https://nyskiblog.com/winter-storm-riley-at-plattekill/ I skied storm Riley Saturday. Still having nice dreams!
  2. 👍 It was a good day. Second photo I’m trying to figure out what the neat pile of things is about a 100yds up from the parking lot. Sheaves or maybe Rebar cages for poles footers?
  3. Concrete needs some time to cure .
  4. Looks like they have quite a few slides going.Anyone try it out this year?
  5. Swing and a miss Southern Lehigh co. Round 2 in half an hour. Still a chance 😁
  6. That show was hilarious , I remember an episode where he ordered a submarine from a comic book ad and 20yrs later it showed up . He talked his dad into getting into it with him in the second floor bathtub .
  7. FB pilfer , not sure who gets the credit but Priceless! IMG_9838.MOV
  8. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the Bald Eagle that came in really close for a couple turns. I didn’t see any excavation yet for poles or terminals.
  9. Unfortunately not. Customers are paid up but working though some family stuff. Hopefully I won’t be one of the paupers parking out on Blue Mountain drive.
  10. I’ve done it when the Quad went down and the line for the 6 was Fubar . Got off the school hill and hoofed it up to the Main Street chairs.
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