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  1. I wonder how many people found out that they were epileptic after staying there. 🙃
  2. I copied from my notes ap and the font color I couldn't change . Dark mode it's tough but light mode it shows up . I didn't check the stats ,just went with Ra's numbers . He said he's skied from the summit to a side road for 5K vert . The last lift pole on the Chondola is pretty crazy high they should have a circus net .
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTB96iyLrLM&ab_channel=Sbob Arizona snowbowl 11 28,22 I had a thanksgiving visit planned to see my son and family in Az . They were going to be spending time in Flagstaff, so……..why not ski! I had been in touch with Raisingarizona13 from New York ski blog, I was looking for some mountain information as he’s local for 20yrs . He decided to come and ski with me, I was thrilled as I subscribe to his YouTube channel, and know he’s got top notch skills https://m.youtube.com/@raisingarizona13 he turned out to be a really awesome guy and fantastic skier, along with being a great tour guide. So many things could have gone wrong with my trip . I’m dealing with some chronic back issues and wasn’t sure how the ski season is going to unfold. Got to Flagstaff late Saturday ,Took a trip to the South rim of the Grand Canyon on Sunday .Monday I had planned on skiing Arizona snowbowl “for a few hours 🙃” but the wind forecast was very concerning as to being gusts of 60 miles an hour plus for Monday. The winds were ripping pretty good at our hotel Sunday night. Monday turned out to be a little less windy than I expected but figured the mountain would be blowing pretty hard. RA said probably by mid morning things would be on wind hold . When I got to the parking lot at 9 am things were actually relatively calm . Putting on my ski pants before I even made it to the ticket window I had a back spasm and was feeling pretty down. I walked around a little bit and it subsided. Got my ticket and rentals and took a warm-up lap to get used to the unfamiliar equipment. I met up with Raisingarizona13 and it was off to the races he’s a fantastic skier and loves to smoke the groomers we had a great time. I don’t recall how many TTB laps we did before we decided to have beers at the gondola base. It was sunny and calm. After a beer we were back at it again the sun softened up the snow a bit on the steep spots that had been a bit spicy . Before I knew it it was 2 o’clock ,so much for a few hours. My back was feeling great as I headed back to the base lodge. 2022/3 Day one , Best season start for me ever! The mountain is just shy of 2000 vertical feet. It has really good sustained pitch . They don’t groom a lot of trails, there’s a number of glades that look interesting. The views are spectacular and almost worth the price of a lift ticket. I’d love to return, and take advantage of all the potential.
  4. The suburban sprawl seems to start south of rt 563 . I try to avoid the area unless I have tons of altitude. Practice your power off landings , You could set her down on the top level parking deck😁
  5. Did you fly over Bear Creek ? I did a drive by last night, lights were on but no snowmaking .
  6. https://www.elkskier.com/webcams/ This is getting good
  7. Actually my season is going to start at AZ Snowbowl on the 28th . I didn't buy a Blue pass this year ,I'm dealing with major back/ nerve problems . Getting old sucks hopefully the excising will keep me back in shape , I've been feeling a lot better lately . AZ will be a test run , not expecting any bumps .
  8. A couple stray flakes at my house but some folks in NY are buried . I have a Son named Ben who's known for his Bennyisms One of his sayings is " Too much is never enough" If he lived where they got 66" and had to shovel he'd reconsider this one LOL https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=BUF&product=PNS&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  9. No ,working in Beltzville today.,Detour stoke ! Nice new coat of macadam on Blue mountain drive…. At least the Lehigh county side.
  10. Possibly some fast grass coming later this evening? Stay safe on the roads!
  11. Slight work detour. Fire on the mountain. Looks like coming soon getting some love!
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