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  1. I have more fun at night then during the day. Got there yesterday 3:45 and skied till 7:15 every run on CS . I find the light better at night. Although I have yet to do a morning session. Maybe next week. Dipped into the woods skiers left, very interesting snow , almost like a sandy beach .
  2. No can yet. Total Cluster till they opened the 6 . My last congested run though the line I’m one back from the Que . 4 people lined up, 2 go . Lifty yelled go .,Next chair one guy goes the other guy stares at him. Lifty yells go .Blank stare . 3 chairs 4 people. Unbelievable! Anyway nice night. Mood lighting was Sexy
  3. It’s Idiocracy night tonight nobody knows how to load a lift. I was in line on the quad three people dropped back and they’re not in a group.Every other chair has 2-3 people on 😖The lifty is trying his best! The snow under the quad looks like a landfill people be disrespecting blue. Fn litter bugs!
  4. Rippers Reef? I wouldn’t go there it’s full of jagged glass stay away . 😁
  5. What about tonight? Could be a sneaky peach like Yesterday. Another under the radar clipper!
  6. Another nice night,Roughly an 1 1/2” on top . Kiddies were poaching Razors. I passed up Barneys and hit the 1/4 pipe on Freefall. Rollers all over to catch you if you weren’t paying attention.
  7. The roads on the way up to blue are getting a little sketchy but they’re just starting to treat now.
  8. My only complaint about CS was there was either a light out or missing near the top of the bump section.
  9. Go into settings and disable “Overthruster”
  10. I’m not a gun geek but whatever type they are they are very efficient very little goggle stickage. The last half hour the moguls sort of lost their shape but it was still a super fun night. It’s very impressive the amount of snow they are blowing I wonder if they’re going to make a shot at April weather permitting.
  11. Sorry got it wrong 6 was down but the line cleared out.
  12. Haven’t been there. Not leaving coming soon it’s too good! Quad took a crap, damn best couple hours skiing all year and the 6 is jammed 😡
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