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  1. zzslope


    Thank you, great info, I saw that ToR place on line.
  2. zzslope


    I will check that out, thank you.
  3. zzslope


    I'm looking for advice on ski and stay places for a short midweek trip to killington sometime in the next couple weeks.
  4. Yes, I have two pair of blizzards, a set of latigos,and a set of bushwackers. The latigos are thinner with a sheet of metal making them quicker edge to edge and more damp. The bushwackers are wider without metal. Both sets are good in bumps and on the groomers. The bushwackers are better in soft/deeper/cruddier snow. Unfortunately blizzard discontinued the latigos. I have not tried them but a lot of people rave about blizzard brahmas.
  5. zzslope

    Zee Lights

    Authority is always the worst offender
  6. I skied from 8:30 to 11:00 Wednesday, the conditions were great.
  7. I was there from open to 11:30, no pond, no cement, everything was excellent.
  8. looks more like a meal than a drink
  9. Great day today, 5 degrees when I pulled into the valley lot, excellent conditions all around. Challenge should always be as good as it was today.
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