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  1. Coming down fast in central bucks area. Easy 6 inch plus.
  2. zzslope


    My rides didn't take me near little gap.
  3. zzslope


    Rode Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  4. Look on the general chat thread. There is a conversation about the upcoming forcast.
  5. The first album was their best.
  6. Definitely say something. You could easily have gotten hurt due to an incompetent, tyrannical lift moron.
  7. zzslope


    If the snow is light and fluffy at Blue like it is at my house, today should be a good snow sports day.
  8. Are you sure I didn't ski? Thank you to. Mixilplix and mute for your informative reports.
  9. Looking forward to reading the trail reports from today. If what I see on the cameras is any indication, it should be interesting.
  10. That is a precurser to what you will find on the hill, minus the cars. Be careful out there.
  11. Where in the lower lot is the paid parking area?
  12. Had one, didn't work out.
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