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  1. zzslope

    Zee Lights

    Authority is always the worst offender
  2. I skied from 8:30 to 11:00 Wednesday, the conditions were great.
  3. I was there from open to 11:30, no pond, no cement, everything was excellent.
  4. looks more like a meal than a drink
  5. Great day today, 5 degrees when I pulled into the valley lot, excellent conditions all around. Challenge should always be as good as it was today.
  6. I was. Skied with Hayata today, Good conditions all around (falls and the lower half of challenge cookied up a little) Barney's was good, nightmare bumps were icy. Light crowd, looked as though mechanics were working on the six. ROTD was switchback, with paradise a close second. Saw a horrendous wipeout on razors, guy was at mach speed close to the edge on skiers left and went down, huge yard sale on first hit, then he barrel rolled hard a few times and slid off the edge into the trees at a high rate of speed. Patrol said he sustained a shoulder injury which seemed minimal considering how fast he was going when he disappeared over the side.
  7. Cold in the valley this morning, some random snow guns running on the hill, alot of guns working on the tubing hill. Looks like the quad is the lift of the day.
  8. national weather service says 6 pm. High probability of rain until 1 pm, then lower until 6 pm.
  9. The epitome of laziness.
  10. My apologies, I didn't hear you. My hearing isn't the greatest.
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