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  1. 3-23-18

    Skied from 8:30am to 11:30am today. Beautiful bluebird day, small crowd, no problem. Most every thing was very nice, challenge was somewhat cookied up but skiable, sidewinder started with some cookies but improved as temps rose, as did all the other trails. ROTD - Razors. Really nice at blue, march has been great.
  2. Smells like cow shit

    Wanted to be but I can't make it until Friday morning.
  3. 3/21/18...pow day..empty

    Snowed hard in Doylestown, wish I was at blue but work got in the way. I was planning to go tomorrow early a.m. but can't swing it, so I will be there Friday for first chair. Great march so far.
  4. Smells like cow shit

    I skied open to 11:30am, No lines, ski on ski off the entire time. It was a little colder than you might expect for the 20th of march, quite a few people went back to their cars for more cloths. Most trails were solid and fast, no ice spots to speak of, blue is in good shape.
  5. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

    nice meeting you as well.
  6. 3/17/18...nice snow..sunny..winter

    Totally agree. Thursday A.M. was as good as today with less people. Loving march.
  7. When power goes off and brakes don't work

    Fear will make a person freeze up.
  8. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    Hope so. He would be missing a great opportunity if not.
  9. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    My wifey? Please show a little respect. Fig newtons and yogurt with the sandwich.
  10. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    Not usually. Typically in my office at the facilities center, like right now.
  11. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    Turkey sandwich.
  12. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    You're right, you would want to take more than an hour to take everything in, plus there is a movie. You could ride the cable car up the mountain to the restaurant on top.
  13. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    My sibling lives out that way and there is not much work to be had. Good place to retire and ski blue knob.
  14. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    Wear a chicken suit.
  15. Trip Report - 3/4/2018

    The Johnstown flood museum is worth the trip, what a story.