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  1. zzslope

    1/19/19...nice snow..PASR Day

    My wife and I do a lot of "parking lot picnics" at random Wawa stores during riding season, a table or two would be wonderful.
  2. zzslope

    Weekend roll call thread 1/19-1/20

    Saturday A.M.
  3. zzslope

    1/17/19. Suns out, good snow.

    Hayata will be happy to hear the crossover is open.
  4. zzslope

    1/16/19 - a whole new world

    Gss is right, I ski Burma in the morning. For me skiing it late is 10 am.
  5. zzslope

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    So does a DUI
  6. zzslope

    1/16/19 - a whole new world

    Conditions on Burma have been pretty good so far this year. I think I have skied it more times this year than I did in the last three years.
  7. zzslope

    1/16/19 - a whole new world

    Interesting looking feature
  8. zzslope

    1/16/19 - a whole new world

    All the open trails were in good shape today, Main St. and lazy were excellent. Got one run on challenge before it closed. Upper and lower sidewinder were the only trails that are still grass. The snow produced by the gun at the intersection of Paradise and Dream weaver is extra sticky.
  9. Meeting Hayata at the six for opening bell tomorrow.
  10. zzslope

    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    The pictures and T.R.s were great. Can't imagine what it's like to ski in conditions like that. What is that cone shaped thing on top of the rocks?
  11. An all day Sunday event would be great, especially for blue's bottom line on Monday.
  12. NOAA says snow, sleet, and freezing rain all day Sunday.
  13. zzslope

    1/12/19....busiest day of the year

    Lazy by Deep Purple New page.
  14. Get a permit and park in the overflow lot overnight.