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  1. Pretty cold wind chill today. Skiing was decent this morning except Razors/Razorback. One more warm day I think will do the lower half of widow maker in. Saw these skis leaning on the first aid building.
  2. Look up Deb armstrong on you tube, she has instructional videos for first day to advanced skiers.
  3. I thought lazy, switchback, and challenge were very good this morning. GSS was right about challenge looking bad but being good, weird. Razors was ok as was widow to midway. There were some very sticky spots from a couple of the fan guns. One was on main across from midway. We watched from the lift as people almost faceplanted when they hit it.
  4. Get well soon respiratory stuff sucks. The radar I saw this morning showed the Plattikill area getting a foot plus.
  5. As many times as I have talked to people about skiing, I have never been asked if I can do a backflip or a 360.
  6. The lead up to the cattle chutes at the quad was just about to the dirt.
  7. Hit the hill with Hayata this morning. Started on a smooth and nicely edgeable Free Fall, paradise from there down was a little rough, Challange up next, really nice, smooth and grippy ROTD. Scoped Razers from the lift, looked rock solid. Nobody was skiing it so we passed on it. Ran NM/DW which was mostly good, a little rough just above the big curve. Lazy was very nice left and right side. Switchback was great except the sticky spot at the very end leading to a slick boiler plate area on main. The bumps on Main were good with some fresh blown on them, but still some to the turf holes in the middle. Headed back for more challenge which was even better. Tried razors which had softened up beautifully. Great day.
  8. looking forward to trail report from breck.
  9. Epic trip, thanks for the great pictures.
  10. As hard as this winter season has tried to be on us skiers and riders, I have had some very good days at blue. Today was one of them, nice weather, decent snow. Yeah switchback was mashed potatoey, and come around was pretty slick but everything else I skied was ok, and barney's had hero bumps. One thing about Blue Mountain, it teaches (forces?) you to get used to wildly variable conditions. I think that's a good thing. I shared a lift with Matt Edge, enjoyed our conversation. Speaking of lifts, when are people going to learn to wait for their friends outside of the lift loading areas?
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