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Snowbird March ‘24


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Maybe I am losing my mind but I am kind of digging the the chalk in the steeps here.

Crew was feeling sendy this afternoon.  I Jerry landed it but one of us cleared the cat track

was hoping to hike up Baldy to go check out Livin the Dream but closed 😢

Shot of Jameson for Apres 😎



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56 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Nice report and I like chalky snow on steep pitches grippy but still fast and that’s the kind of snow I can ski a lot of vertical without getting beat up like the powder chowder push piles 

They reported like 20 inches of snow here last week but sure doesn’t seem like it up on that ridge line.   I am guessing it was very windy last week blowing snow out of the top of those lines she the bright March sun the past few days nuking the rest.  Once you cleared the drop in area and the exposed rocks it was fun. 


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Today started with a nice snow shower. I hope the crew over in Park City has a piece of that.  It softened  the surface up enough to make fir a very fun day. 

Visibility up top was pretty bad  most of the day. The mountain staff posted signs “Experts Only” so I think that scared off the tourists bad the lift lines  in Mineral were pretty short. 👍

The most fun for me was getting  into some of the chutes and trees over in Little Cloud area,

My post yesterday was a wet avalanche debris.  Kind of scary.





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Posted (edited)

Friday last day 

Another ☀️☀️☀️day.  Snow shower came through  just after close.

Nice day.  Started with some Mineral laps as that gets the sun first.  Then sone plays over in Little Cloud area. Rasta chutes etc.  The northeast  facing aspects seemed to hold that nice chilly snow during this freeze/thaw cycle. After lunch getting into Cirque Ave some other fun stuff off the path.  West Baldy, Peruvian area  lots of goodies in there. Then to finish the day with some live music in the plaza  🍺

Forecast for snow tomorrow afternoon. 😢. I really  thought about changing flight to red eye to get another day in but  honestly,  We all are pretty wiped out.  Was pretty good and fun week even though snow conditions were not what you’d expect here but weather is always a roll of dice in trip planning






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I was out here about same time last year and it dumped all week.  I stayed in Midvale.  LCC road had a lot of avy closures that week  and I was only about to get here one day. Solitude and Brighton the other days. 

So this  go around I stayed near slopeside.

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