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Golf Ball Retrievers


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Golf ball retrievers are essential tools for golfers, designed to help retrieve golf balls from difficult or unreachable spots such as water hazards, thick bushes, or deep roughs. These handy devices typically feature extendable poles, which can be adjusted to various lengths, allowing golfers to efficiently recover lost balls without having to physically enter these challenging areas. Read more

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17 hours ago, Shadows said:

Nipples. I mean Steven.

He’s a big time runner now.  I last saw him at Blue January of 2020 and he was 26 years young then so now 30…wow just wow maybe even 31…and I remember riding the old Main Street chair with him when he was a little grom and he was always hopped up on Red Bull..


nipples ridge and Papasteeze were big time early supporters of PASR..gotta give credit where credit is due.  I think he helped design some of the early stickers. I mailed my last one to @C1erArtprob 15 years ago…I remember putting 1-2 in the envelope in my office and mailing it to him and I didn’t even charge him for the stamp.  #GenerousAF 

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