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  1. Shadows

    Season Opening

    While I be sippin gin straight in a plastic cup.
  2. And tags a person who never posts.
  3. Damn. Guess our tree just wont be lit.
  4. Got all the lights on the tree yesterday and none of them work. Thinking of buying LEDs now. Whose idea was it to put filaments in xmas lights.
  5. That's a ton of snow to blow on tuts when the valley looks like it does. Gotta keep trying I guess.
  6. You know that headline is always going to start with "an altercation at Dave and Busters....."
  7. Lots of people dont even ski at mtns. Too hardcore.
  8. In a million years boulder is going to be in the mountains right? Just get pushed up the flat irons?
  9. Looks like a teen disney movie
  10. Then ride your bike down to moore twsp park and go for a run. Then ride back and get a beer at slopeside.
  11. Where was the Jake burton post? Here's his interview again https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this
  12. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    Engine was just running so probably about 170 degrees.
  13. hey @eaf https://content.knightfrank.com/research/353/documents/en/ski-property-report-2020-6801.pdf
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