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  1. Looks good barb. Nice life.
  2. I know a good building cleaning company....wink wink
  3. I didnt think they were supposed to be? Gotta pay more for the magnet frameless.
  4. the amount of overly long hyphens in that article is frustrating. interesting read though. I think 'entrepreneur' is the wrong term but ok. lets go ski it
  5. What does 3d snow look like with 4d goggles?
  6. He should be in charge of blues fb.
  7. Lapped with tp4 for a bit. Was aight. Cold.
  8. my heat bill stayed the same cause i hate being cold. i turn it on at 60 outside
  9. mine are just the regular i/o. came with one all around lense. 120$ with discount at blue i think.
  10. Weather is great for pressure washing though. We're still going
  11. I should be up tomorrow morning. And sunday.
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