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  1. Just give us a virtual house tour already damn.
  2. I must not understand real estate. 19 thousand a week is the low end. 36k is the top. How?
  3. Serenite. 19 thousand dollars a week. What bubble is this?
  4. Shadows

    The Improvement Letter

    Improved paper. Nice.
  5. glad i dont understand any of that.
  6. Eh. I've hired about 15 employees so far so definitely haven't seen everything. Always something new and surprising as far as competancy goes.
  7. Just says not accepted. Doesn't say anything about leaving them there without acceptance.
  8. well, it is good they didnt do the waterpark. Wind Creek wouldve destroyed it.
  9. Im 100% sure they just couldnt read my scribble. but still.
  10. Im still bitter about them not sending me an email update for my mug club renewal.
  11. Shadows


    Cliff always had interesting stories.
  12. Shadows


    Always interesting Sally. Have a good season
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