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  1. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    Watch reilly buy it for city center and give free season passes to residents.
  2. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    Maybe they'll put the old guns on barbs bush.
  3. Figured the train thread is the most historical place for this.
  4. I'm still down to get a season porto rental. I'll call blue soon.
  5. Yea! No more Jersey cars!
  6. If you were to see these driving down the road on a truck delivering cement what would your first thought be? Put them in a terrain park?
  7. Also saw this. Someone should tell blue. You could put it upright and burry it with snow.
  8. Not as exciting as Arizona but I saw this today. Didn't get to see it hit anything though
  9. Ain't where you been its where you at.
  10. its the same shit from previous decades. When trump started talking about the end of the suburbs I was Iike wtf is this idiot talking about. Same shit about white flight from a while ago. Its getting old.
  11. Aren't you for bringing the man down? Riots and looting have a purpose.
  12. just posting to post.
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