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  1. These people probably wear their helmets on the back of their head too.
  2. What happened to nmski? He really mad? Wasnt calling him racist... 🙁
  3. I buy 3 sets of tools for buildings. Specific set for bathrooms. Set for office desks, and set for break rooms. Minimal cross contamination.
  4. they redid the dome a while ago. that was cool to see.
  5. Sounds like Florida needs to stop testing.
  6. I'm not following covid. How the hell is Georgia that lower than florida?
  7. 3gpm? How do you take showers?
  8. I thought about making a recycling pickup service for all the splash shields and shit when covid goes away.
  9. One of each of these two. Beautiful sentence.
  10. Please. Idgaf what pasr peeps say to me. We coo Except Jordan fuck him
  11. Well this was fun. Ill see this post again during the next lockdown. Carry on.
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