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  1. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    Maybe they got cold
  2. Another girl in a 4 door wrangler....what else is new. Cherokees are dope. Like 60k though?
  3. They have decent guests but their interviews are terrible.
  4. I've just recently started listening to the podcast. He's not that great.
  5. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    I dont. Cams dont work on my phone anymore.
  6. Sounds about right.
  7. When is your lvwl interview?
  8. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    Nipples is running a 50k with us aparently. In january.
  9. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    I just wasted a lot of words. Better get one like. Yall suck
  10. Shadows

    Zee Lights

    They're just messing with you eaf. Vails offered was accepted on a funding basis only. They now own blue but didnt want to include it on their main list of resorts or offer Epic passes so as not to compete with the resorts they already bought here- big boulder and the like.
  11. Must've been a serious inversion.
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