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  1. At least you're not full boulder and have a vespa. Or a ruckus. Get your kids one.
  2. I chuckle everytime you post yard pics. Like you're the youngest couple in the burb. I'd be all about burb gossip.
  3. Because people in summit only ride 10-2.
  4. I'm proud of how clean CO is in most places though. That many people and not a whole lot of trash in the parking lot or on trails and such. even on summer hiking trails and trailheads.
  5. A non zero turn walk behind. Who's idea was that?
  6. "Its 2 o'clock on a thursday. His wife must make good money."
  7. Never seen so many firetrucks. Must be every county here. At least 9 ladders.
  8. Neat. You and toast were basically looking at each other.
  9. priority business licenses to people with previously convicted possession cases. awesome.
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