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  1. Pick me a ski

    maybe ill just get a board
  2. Mid-week Opening

    Theres a diagnoses in there somewhere salty.
  3. Pick me a ski

    Bc is just accessories no? Maybe i cant find the page. Evo and the house are really all i go to. Also...one of my clients different service provider volunteers at peaceable kingdom. Gonna be making an over due donation there shortly.
  4. Opening day 12/13/17

    Do they email you when its time to renew so you dont lose the spot?
  5. Mid-week Opening

    this is flask weather.
  6. Pick me a ski

    Also ive never been on anything other than a traditional camber so idk bout rocker/rise
  7. Pick me a ski

    Tarpon's setup i got is a 316 boot. Not sure what ill end up gettin fit into but pretty sure thats what i was in all along anyway. 27.5 Evo is where i first went. All the other shops seem to kinda suck now. Annoying to navigate. So far im looking at 90-100 waist, pretty even shovel/tail width, full twin, something more center mount oriented but not symmetrical, yet still short enough radius to not be a straighline ski
  8. Pick me a ski

    ^Just about to say....price is my deciding factor. 3-4 for skis. P12 bindings no other. Then whatever for boots at nestors.
  9. Pick me a ski

    I definitely want a setup in my arsenal eventually
  10. Pick me a ski

    Yea i know jlaw these threads are dumb and random. Just been out the gear game for a while. I know what i want just didnt know if anything new i should look at.
  11. Pick me a ski

    salo rocker2 100?
  12. Pick me a ski

    I'm excellent at picking a 100% park ski. The best. No one has picked a park ski better than me. But I don't want a 100% park ski so I don't know where to start. Skies that are traditionally mounted are boring cause you dont charge that hard at blue and I don't travel really. So still pretty center mounted. Has to be a full/half twin What ski?
  13. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    if its not sold out already. idk how the renewal works. The idea is to be told when to renew so you can have a lifetime mug. I better get my same number. I'm taking the mug home next year.
  14. Zee Lights

    you french fry, she'll reverse pizza?
  15. 12/12/17.... YOU OWE ME A MUG

    still need a mug