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  1. Shadows

    Jackson hole 2/5-2/13...

    Curious on the exit here. Chute?
  2. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Fuck I'm retarded. I think I'll take a break from living for a moment.
  3. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Jeez that was difficult to find. What the hell blue. Post correct Information
  4. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    So I'm supposed to email her and haggle for a price?
  5. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Link to the run?
  6. Shadows

    Hunter 3/14/19 - mo terrain mo problems

    Looks good. Nice to read reports broken up with pics.
  7. Shadows

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    That's cause you're used to listening to people sound out lyrics. El-a-vay-shun.
  8. Shadows

    Pi Day Report

    Seems like they're stoked. The place is now even more ikonic and they dont want you to throw away ikon passes.
  9. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

  10. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Hero snow
  11. Shadows

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

  12. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Wut?? Cement is fast. What's a guard? Soft cement?
  13. Shadows

    Weekend prognosis?

    Snow was dope this afternoon. Come on spring
  14. Shadows

    3/12...sunset session

    We're in the trees so not too many sunsets. Was great tonight. Snow sucked though
  15. Shadows

    3/12 Sunny and smooth

    I dont get what issue could create that much down time while still being certifiably safe.