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  1. It was interesting during 9/11 when scientist noticed changes in poop from whales. Maritime traffic was stopped for a bit and they stressed out less.
  2. The past couple pics posted on here have been weird AF. Like wow
  3. My hair used to be like 3ft. We'll see how it goes.
  4. call it whatever. public school is compulsory and some peeps dont have internet to take classes. plus libraries are closed. I dont care enough to continue this. just saying.
  5. we were gonna go look at buffalo at trex. probably just drink now.
  6. if public school is all online now then internet should be handled differently. I may suck at communicating but people need to follow trains of thought better too.
  7. Theres signs on 80/33 telling NY peeps to quarantine.
  8. Got my exemption confirmation today. Not like it matters though.
  9. Shantz is doing curbside. No idea about inventory.
  10. Try to find semolina floor for some extra goodnes.
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