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  1. Think positive... Ice will protect the snow from the next time it rains.
  2. you could sell boot juice to groupies.
  3. We remove ice damns too. Steam.
  4. Yea I don't get how that's a thing. No testing and going back to work lol. We done fucked up.
  5. We operate with better than minimum standards.
  6. Let me know if you need water vacs. Pro bono
  7. Riddle me this... One of my guys tested positive so he's been out for 2 weeks. Told him he can't come back till he's negative. So he's out for 2 weeks and goes to get tested. The doc said he doesn't need to get tested and is cleared for work. Doc said even if he tests positive again he can't pass it on. What? I tell him fuck that go get tested. So then he goes to schedule a test and is turned down by 3 places saying he already tested positive and won't test him again. He finally found someone to test him but wtf.
  8. Wtf. I dislocated a hip off a cliff smaller than that kid.
  9. douglas. youre in my hood and dont even say hi? I can see the casino from here.
  10. Im gonna owe 6,000$ more than the truck is worth at the end of my lease if I want to buy it. Either that or pay 200$ per 1000 miles over terms. either way the minimum I pay if 6,000$. fuckin dumb purchase. 2 years, 12,000 miles per year. I just finished the first year and Im at 23,000
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