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  1. Think little cliff huck is gone. They smoothed out that cut out on the left as you approach the East mountain chair.
  2. I was told by an employee that someone noticed a crack in the hanger arm for a chair, and an inspection of more chairs showed cracks in about a dozen of the chairs, so they decided that all the chairs would need replacing to run it again. Not sure if he was supposed to give that information out. It was in use for a couple of weeks last season before they shut it down.
  3. Not fully converted yet. Especially if I can keep getting 15 dollar midweek senior passes at Frost. Vegging out now after a nice early run on the Lehigh
  4. There are 2 actually. The quad serves blacks Challenge and Thunderbolt. The one to the west (double triple) allows easy access to Thunderbolt, but you have to skate a little to get to Challenge. Plus you had to deal with the park rats :-). From both of these trails you can’t return to that lift (which normally serves blues) but have to go over to the East mountain lift. From that lift you can of course ski East mountain, but you have to do a fairly long downhill traverse to Challenge, or do the traverse and skate a little to get to Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt was pretty deserted all last year. It wasn’t too bad to lap Challenge on the East mountain chair, but thunderbolt was a pain. Hard to get a rhythm, and for me at Frost with the slow lifts, it is all about hopping off the lift and being right at the top of the trail, and then skiing right onto the lift without any traverses. Although the bottom of East mountain is a pain with the flat runout. Plus the East mountain lift is 90 seconds longer than the quad for really no increase in skiable elevation. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you do 20 trips in a morning, it adds up. The quad is 6 minutes up, 90 seconds down.
  5. Given the lack of answers to questions on the JFBB Facebook site, doesn’t look like the quad will be in operation next year.
  6. Zero water filter travel mug. Used to keep one in the hotel room and one in the office when I was traveling. Arsenic in the south, fluro compounds, fracking radioactivity, unfortunately bottled water isn’t any better than tap water.
  7. Same with my granddaughter in daycare.
  8. Excursion train from Jim Thorpe thru the Lehigh gorge starting up. No word on the resolution to the entertainment tax issue.
  9. I try to do the clean hand/dirty hand and clean pocket/dirty pocket. I put any charge cards and cash I will need in my dirty pocket and keep my keys in the clean pocket. Soaked some baby wipes in Lysol and bring one in the store in case the store doesn’t have one when entering. Bought a UV sanitizer for when I get home. Grandkids are back at daycare, so have to quarantine from them. :-(
  10. New cases in the county Tulsa is in. Tulsa, Oklahoma 1,945 (+120 yesterday) 42% growth over the past week (+573)
  11. Scars are tattoos with stories behind them. And propofol is great stuff. I can see why MJ liked it.
  12. PA is not doing too bad. North Carolina
  13. The ordinary citizen will need to wear N95 rated masks to protect themselves when even a small minority stop wearing them.
  14. When I am hitting a bunch of stores I leave my mask on until after the last store.
  15. Lehigh gorge train may not be coming back. https://www.tnonline.com/20200502/thorpe-train-off-track-again/
  16. Do any stargazing at Cherry Springs? I haven’t been there but it is on my list to bring my 10” reflector up there.
  17. Hand coded in Windows notebook, long before the days of Dreamweaver.
  18. Www.balajthy.com. Way out of date though, with broken links.
  19. SeaMonkey is the updated successor to Navigator that still has the integrated wysiwyg editor that I use to maintain my web pages.
  20. I still have a couple of old N95 masks from rotobrushing out skis with fluoro wax, so hopefully I’m protected from people like them. That family gathering of horse racing people didn’t work out so well at the start of all this in PA.
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