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  1. Same. Plus I feel bad ditching my wife and kids for more than 1 week, and they can't swing more than a week ski trip with school/work.
  2. It's hard to get enough. I've been getting in 2 nice trips a year and I wish I could do more.
  3. Monarch is the only one that comes to mind, but depends on your definition of day tripable I suppose!
  4. You got it. Now back to the weather!
  5. I'm regretting bringing this up, lol.
  6. She wasn't exactly super hot. I deserved to be made fun of. It kind of started out as a joke to make my friends laugh and when she was going with it I was like "well here we go i guess". I'm sure her peers were yukking it up about me and that's fine too!
  7. I made out with a 49 year old once when I was a senior in high school and my friends still make fun of me to this day. Crazy to think that she would be 71 now! YIKES
  8. If I didn’t have to pay for it I would set it at 65.
  9. I can do cold (as demonstrated by my "no heat November" adventures), but I don't do hot. My AC has been set on 70 for weeks now.
  10. Im the type that doesn’t care about the best phone and I got an iPhone se a couple weeks ago for pretty cheap and it’s way better than the iPhone 7 that I finally had to replace. I refuse to have a monthly payment on anything other than my house.
  11. This is a cool interactive map where you can check out abandoned railroad corridors: https://www.frrandp.com/p/the-map.html I wasted a bit of time with this today.
  12. It's weird to see people without a mask on that you met and got to know with a mask on. Some people have pretty eyes but not so pretty bottom of faces.
  13. I guess dispo is considered a medical facility?
  14. I'm not an anti-masker shithead, but goddamn it felt good to waltz into work without a mask on today!
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