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  1. We’re going to French Creek, so not cooler unfortunately, but we do have a small AC unit in the camper plus a few small fans.
  2. We’re going camping this weekend, guess we won’t need to have a campfire for warmth!
  3. No better cure for the Sunday scaries than cannabis!
  4. I could get the little thing with wheels you stand on, but I kind of like the exercise. I got it from a buddy who was getting divorced and selling all his shit for $600.
  5. You mow straight ahead in a line, which represents the stem of the "Y". Then at the top, you angle to either the left of right at about 45 degrees. Then you back up in a half circle, ending at the top of the next row. If you don't do this with a big, heavy non zero turn mower you end up making a divot where the mower pivots on the lawn. Of course none of this is necessary to even consider if you aren't trying to make stripes. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-y-turn-mowing-56287.html
  6. I'm a big proponent of the "Y" turn since I have a big old Exmark Metro 48 but it's a non zero turn walk behind. My back and biceps get huge during the summer pulling it to make the curve at the top of the "Y".
  7. NMSKI


    Here's a dumb question - is there enough water pressure coming out of the barrel to use one of these with a sprinkler? My house has a 16 zone sprinkler system that was put in by the previous owners and I never use it because its so wasteful (water and $), but there are a couple gardens and maybe one area of lawn that I'd like to water occasionally and this could be a nice solution.
  8. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    But maybe it’s more fun having the struggle and getting your ass kicked by the mountain than not doing it at all? Your welcome to come on any trip with me.
  9. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    Schifdawg, make sure you get in the best shape you can leading up to the trip. I always notice it kicks my ass way more when I'm not in my best shape. Spending $$$ on a trip and then feeling like shit or missing out because you're out of shape sucks big time!
  10. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    If I don't get stuff on the calendar way far in advance, my wife and kids will fill that bitch up and I'll have no open days for anything!
  11. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    I already booked my house in Taos for next year like 2 months ago! Will do the flights as soon as that window opens up. I like to plan way far ahead.
  12. We were hunkered down in the basement for a few minutes here in East Goshen, but it didn’t come through here as bad as expected.
  13. Too late I think the nickname is sticking.
  14. My first time on skis as a child was at Purgatory.
  15. Just found out today that I need to replace my central AC unit. Hooray. Anyone done this lately? What am I looking at, $5-10 grand? I'm about to fucking move into a hotel like GSS, I swear to god.
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