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  1. Thank you! I had to build the rack/arms/storage/bar/plates piecemeal by setting up notifications in the Rogue app. I started buying items in early May and had everything by the end of May. I actually use an adjustable bench I got at Play It Again Sports a few years ago, but was thinking about getting a fancy Rogue bench soon along with some metal plates. I like the bumper plates for deadlifting, but the metal ones take up so much less space.
  2. I'd be up for a ride sometime soon. I haven't been on the road in months though, only a bit of MTB this summer. I'm sure I'm slow as hell.
  3. We’ve eaten in restaurants twice. It was fine but not any better than eating outside if it’s nice. Camped a couple times this summer and no mask wearing at all really since we keep to ourselves.
  4. Nice! I think we have the same rack. I definitely recommend the spotter arms so you can feel confident when lifting heavier and pushing yourself when you don’t have a spotter. They are easily adjustable for squat and bench heights too.
  5. Hopefully you don't feel attacked. Was just defending myself since you basically said I was racist. I like you as a person. Taking an indefinite time-out from this bullshit...
  6. I respectfully disagree that one can still be friends and do business with people that support different political views. I do not support Trump, but I think that a lot of people do for reasons other than racism. I'm willing to try to see the good in everyone, even though I might disagree with their political beliefs. Love and respect to you but I'm sharing the exact ethical dilemma you had and I'm the problem. I'm not loving the "then you are too" in relation to racism and hate. Keep us all posted on how finding a new supplier goes.
  7. A couple weeks ago I was picking up the keys to my camper in the office of the place that I store it and I noticed for the first time that they had all sorts of Trump paraphernalia and one sign that said "stand for the flag, kneel for the cross" or something like that. It made me feel kind of sad because I really like them, but then I have to realize that I can still be friends and do business with people that have totally opposite views that I do. Only thing that would make me stop doing business is if they were actually racist or hateful in some way.
  8. We were there camping last weekend and the pool wasn't going off yet, but I wondered when it would be back to normal. We still skipped it anyway. It's always disgusting even without Covid.
  9. Good points. I worked for years in environments with the old school mentality where "face time" in the office was important. It was very frustrating to see incompetent people who were willing to sit around until 10pm get promoted over high achieving people that got their shit done and went home. Sounds like your company is doing it right.
  10. My perception would be different I'm sure if the teachers that my kids and I interacted with had demonstrated effort and explained the shortcomings as you did above. However, they were outwardly lazy and rude, and while I'm a very patient and kind person generally, I speak out against what I witnessed because I feel it is wrong (and it pissed me off). I only speak badly of those that I witnessed first hand not giving a shit, while I applaud the hard work of those that did their best in a very hard time for all. I wish my kids had those teachers.
  11. Tough job indeed, especially in inner cities, etc. But just because its tough doesn't mean those that do it poorly shouldn't be criticized or replaced. I'll stop hating on teachers now and let everyone go back to talking about COVID!
  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some if not most teachers were working their asses off, but my kids' teachers were definitely not working their asses off. Plus the wife's friends who are teachers - definitely not as well. Teachers are UNTOUCHABLE when it comes to criticizing them. How dare we say anything bad about the heroes of society. Fuck that. Work hard, do your job and don't make excuses. Teachers are incredibly important and mostly hard working, but I laugh when people assume they are all just awesome. Plenty of lazy ones I've seen and my kids are still young. Maybe I need to do private school!
  13. My wife went ballistic on some of her friends in the neighborhood who are teachers because she was talking about how frustrated we were that our kids' teachers weren't doing jack shit the last 2 months, and their response was that they couldn't do their job because they have their own kids at home too. Those dumb bitches weren't doing my wife's job, why the hell should she be doing theirs? We are very glad its the summer and school is over.
  14. I'm not, but I'm aware of how it works.
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