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  1. Maybe instead of swimming in schools they were social distancing?
  2. You've gotta be in heaven since you are mr. analysis. Crunching the numbers for the best deal was getting too easy, now you have a new challenge with the travel restrictions!
  3. I was doing some research and I found a place near me that has rapid tests that are covered by insurance *if* you do a telemedicine appointment, or you can just pay $150 out of pocket and get a rapid test any time you want. I will probably go that route when its time to start traveling a bunch soon.
  4. Don't want to sound like a hater on Vermont but no way in hell am I quarantining for 2 weeks for a Vermont ski trip. Maybe out west, but that's even pushing it. It's stupid that you can't just get a test a day or 2 right before you go.
  5. Killington, Wachusett and Cataloochie, NC all opened today I believe.
  6. LOL, I thought it was a meme, not an actual ad that Giant put out!
  7. You can't blame them - the food is finger licking good.
  8. I've successfully broken that habit at work due to Covid. I used to do it sometimes. A couple weeks ago when I took my family out to eat I realized that my son and I were both eating chicken wings and going to town licking our fingers. I was appalled at myself when I thought about how gross that is. Didn't get sick though so all good. Next time will use a wet nap.
  9. She didn't mention and I didn't ask, but I am interested now that you mention it so I will ask her.
  10. My wife was telling me last night that she got volunteered to be on the vaccination task force at her hospital, but the interesting thing is that they have an actual timeline in which she as well as many others at her hospital will get the vaccine sometime in December. Not exactly breaking news since this is all over the media, but that its happening in real life is exciting to me. I'm jealous that she'll be able to do whatever the fuck she wants and I'll still have to pretend like I'm being careful!
  11. That is 3 things. But i concur!
  12. Me too. When you think about all the other shit we put in our bodies, this one is for the greater good. I think my wife may have to take it for work, whereas I'll make sure I'm not getting it over someone who is in a vulnerable group.
  13. Yes but it's a different league and they play on Tuesdays and Fridays so no conflict with skiing.
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