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  1. Or come heli skiing with me @AtomicSkierand @Johnny Law
  2. Traveling to New Mexico this weekend, so I'll see you all in a couple of weeks.
  3. Just gain a little weight! If its just a calculation you can put on muscle. I've been lifting heavy and eating tons of protein and put on about 5 lbs of muscle. I'm nearly obese, got about 2 lbs to go.
  4. And jacket, boots and backpack. I’m on a spending spree!
  5. The whole time I kept saying “don’t fall in don’t fall in don’t fall in don’t fall in”
  6. I accept this price. Skiing and my kids are the only thing I really spend $ on so it’s all good.
  7. I feel a special run of "milk that" hats coming up. I'm thinking $50 for a "milk that" hat would be a steal!
  8. The trails were good. The cord did not hold up though due to all the people skidding around, but still there were only a few icy spots and could be easily avoided.
  9. They were fine in the morning but got pretty long around 11 and stayed long. Didn’t wait more than 15 minutes, but they went all the way back to the porta potties near the parking lot.
  10. I was there today too, very impressed with the coverage off trail. Best I’ve ever experienced it there. Lines were long but never waited more than 15 minutes. The temperature checks kind of seemed like “hygiene theater”, as the person took all four of our temperatures in record time and never got within a foot of my son’s skin, but I will say that Montage has the best COVID situation going on that I’ve seen so far with a lot of outside eating and solid mask patrol in lift lines.
  11. Do you think Sunday is a better bet than Saturday, or not much difference? Can always do montage Saturday.
  12. YIkes! We were up there on the Jan 23 and 24th and we must have beaten the crowds to get parking and tickets. I'll make sure to get there extra early tomorrow. Don't need any rentals which is nice. Thanks for the info!
  13. Won’t make it to blue this weekend, going to Elk Saturday and Montage Sunday. Gotta get the family out this weekend to make up for neglecting them last week in CO!
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