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  1. I saw this tweet yesterday that blue was up and running and wondered what the wait was for on red.
  2. When I saw “speaking of tables” I thought you were going somewhere else with the topic.
  3. I can't tell what I'm looking at so well, but is midway and chute one wide run now?
  4. Considering all the unfortunate snafus that have happened at Camelback recently, I'm surprised that they wouldn't take the webcams down for liability purposes.
  5. Money not being left on table!
  6. It was around $1,000 per ticket. Easter weekend so basically worst possible scenario for prices.
  7. I spent the most I've ever spent on an airline ticket to Phoenix for my brother in law's wedding last month. It was a bank breaker traveling with the whole family on not a lot of advance notice in this current price environment. Worth it for a family event, but DAMN.
  8. I may need to get a third monitor.
  9. Did anyone else see the guy at the Sixers game on Monday that was turned away for wearing a plague mask? I was dying! It's actually bullshit because this mask is way better than a cloth mask, but they didn't like him being a troll I guess.
  10. I like the term “pajama class” better but I feel you.
  11. Sweet! I rode the lift at Taos with some guys from bachelor who were the nicest ever. I’ve always been intrigued by the cinder cone at bachelor for some reason.
  12. Get the mop out when Ski2Live says Co-Lo-Ra-do.
  13. Maybe will do a verbal report at blue this weekend.
  14. Fuck you guys for giving me hope when I had just accepted that my season was done.
  15. I'm still fucking pissed I couldn't be there. Would have been my last day at Blue since we're going to Vermont this weekend. Glad everyone had a blast however I am very jealous.
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