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  1. My dad is way into timeshares, has months worth but I think he actually uses it all. He'll do a few weeks in Hawaii and a few weeks in NYC, Palm Springs and Vegas. He's retired so he's able to travel a lot and actually use it. I sat through a timeshare sales pitch to get free tickets to a luau on my honeymoon and it was the worst thing ever! The sleazy sales guy was claiming it was "romance insurance", then when I said no thanks, he told me to "be a man" and was trying to emasculate me in front of my wife. I wanted to kick his ass so bad. Remember folks, whatever they are offering you to sit through the sales pitch is not worth it!
  2. NMSKI

    Zee Lights

    I get SEVERE pass anxiety.
  3. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    I bring the chorizo
  4. It's really bad when your undergoing a proctology exam and you feel a hand on each shoulder...
  5. I like the water and playing in the waves, and I like sun. For whatever reason I cannot explain i just DETEST sand.
  6. NMSKI

    Skison 19/20

    Get with the program Steeze!
  7. Going West: press buttons on computer, drive to airport, sit in metal tube, get rental car, check in at hotel, go skiing. Going North: press fewer buttons on computer, drive 6 or more hours, check in at hotel or sleep in car, go skiing.
  8. Nice! We leave on Sunday to OCMD for our annual beach trip. I'm not really a beach guy but my wife does cold weather stuff with me so I gotta do the give and take.
  9. We’re going to French Creek, so not cooler unfortunately, but we do have a small AC unit in the camper plus a few small fans.
  10. We’re going camping this weekend, guess we won’t need to have a campfire for warmth!
  11. No better cure for the Sunday scaries than cannabis!
  12. I could get the little thing with wheels you stand on, but I kind of like the exercise. I got it from a buddy who was getting divorced and selling all his shit for $600.
  13. You mow straight ahead in a line, which represents the stem of the "Y". Then at the top, you angle to either the left of right at about 45 degrees. Then you back up in a half circle, ending at the top of the next row. If you don't do this with a big, heavy non zero turn mower you end up making a divot where the mower pivots on the lawn. Of course none of this is necessary to even consider if you aren't trying to make stripes. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/make-y-turn-mowing-56287.html
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