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  1. NMSKI

    18/19 Season Update

    Maybe 1,000 from the top of the hill with the tower if you hike? I saw tracks on that once and was cracking up thinking about who would waste the effort for 1 or 2 turns.
  2. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    March 2-11.
  3. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    I just booked my flights to New Mexico and rental house in Taos. Super pumped! Now I just gotta wait for this guy to come through: PAGE TOPPER, CAN I GET A WOOP WHOOP!!!
  4. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    This is what you need.
  5. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    I'm currently struggling with this. I mow my 1 acre yard with a big Exmark Metro 48" walk-behind, but the task of mowing the lawn is getting old. I know it's going to be expensive to hire the job out, because I like it edged, trimmed and blown, and I have a few interesting features (gardens, hills, etc) that will have to be factored in to the price. Not just a square field basically. Based on a little bit of research, I don't think I'll be able to find it for cheaper than $75/cut, which would be like $2,500/year. Don't think I can justify that yet at this point in my life. Maybe if my mower shits the bed, then I'll consider it a little more strongly.
  6. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    I feel your pain on the dehumidifier. I had to replace one 18 months ago, did all the research, bought what a thought was a good one and it took a shit a month and a half ago. To get them to honor the warranty was the biggest pain in the ass, and I know it's just going to break again in 18 months. Now I'm stuck with the old one that the garbage man won't take, or I could pay $25 to get rid of it at an E Waste event. I try to keep my footprint to a reasonable size, and its unacceptable to me to put a dehumidifier in the landfill every 2 years even if I get a free one on warranty. I'm pissed! What kind of dehumidifier did you get? I'll be looking to install a permanent/industrial-type thing if/when my current one bites the dust.
  7. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    The trainer in Mike Tyson’s punch out always reminded me of Carl Winslow from Family Matters.
  8. NMSKI

    Ikon Pass

    Just saw that Taos is on there now too as of this morning.
  9. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    I had one and liked it, but our bathroom is pretty small and it was getting in the way so I sold it on eBay. Gross that someone would buy it but not my problem.
  10. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    I wish I could train myself to do most of my poops at work, but I always have to go before work and I just refuse to hold it in.
  11. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    Surprisingly I've only ever pooped a couple times in ski boots. Absolutely miserable, as you can't get the right angle with your knees and legs. Plus, I usually like to tippy toe a little bit when sitting on the toilet which isn't possible with ski boots on. Not to mention its always 1,000,00,000 degrees in a ski lodge bathroom so you sweat your ass off while throwing one through the hoop. I usually hold it in if at all possible.
  12. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    I’m the editor-in-chief
  13. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    You hear stories about Elvis and John Wayne, how they had upward of 30lbs of impacted feces removed from their colons when they were autopsied. NO THANKS I'll stick with eating some veggies/fiber, staying hydrated, and laying off the opioids so I can be as regular as a Swiss train.
  14. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    I couldn't live like that. I went to YMCA camp in the mountains outside Colorado Springs for a few summers in middle school, and one year there was an infestation of bees around the boys toilets and I didn't go for a whole week. Would not recommend.
  15. NMSKI

    Forum appreciation

    I finally got rid of that one pair that I had since 9th grade (i'm 37). I got the exact same pair and I hope to have those ones until I'm 60.