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  1. NMSKI

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Just found out today that I need to replace my central AC unit. Hooray. Anyone done this lately? What am I looking at, $5-10 grand? I'm about to fucking move into a hotel like GSS, I swear to god.
  2. NMSKI

    Is alpinezone gone?

    When my dad moved to Florida, i thought "fuck you, now i have to visit Florida periodically".
  3. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    Or just chew on some Milkbones. Might be cheaper and easier.
  4. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    Thanks for the research! I do have a condensate pump set up already, so it should be "plug and play".
  5. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    My son has really bad allergies, but mostly just use it because it gets humid as shit in my basement and sort of stinks.
  6. NMSKI

    Skison 18/19

    Well that piece of shit already stopped working again! The research into commercial dehumidifiers begins today.
  7. NMSKI

    Tuckerman Ravine

    Great report and pics! I hope to make it up there some year to check it out.
  8. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    I can't help but watch Step Brothers every time I see it come across the guide.
  9. NMSKI

    May Day, 5/4/19

    She could have aids due to a blood transfusion received during gastric bypass surgery.
  10. NMSKI

    May Day, 5/4/19

    I'm not jealous at all of your skiing, but a little jelly that you are getting some strange ass.
  11. NMSKI

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    I’m sure your car’s transmission is thankful that you do so.
  12. NMSKI

    Colorado 4/15-4/22...

    I was always taught that you should use the e-brake so you don't put excess pressure on the parking pawl, but that's just what I was told. I don't know shit about cars really.
  13. NMSKI

    Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    I'm a "no heat november" guy, but when it gets humid I gotta put on the AC. My body was built for the high desert climate. On Friday night I was dying and I ran it for about 45 minutes to cut the humidity and temperature a bit.
  14. NMSKI

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    November. I’m sure I’ll figure something out by then.
  15. NMSKI

    NJ Cannabis Legalization Thread

    Welp.... https://www.philly.com/business/weed/medical-marijuana-doctor-matthew-roman-weed-doc-license-revoked-20190417.html