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  1. NMSKI

    St. PASR Day

    Jeff: “gee I had no idea there were 7 of us on the lift, how in the world could that have happened?!”
  2. NMSKI

    Weekend prognosis?

    I’m sure the karaoke speaker could be used as an amp.
  3. NMSKI

    Weekend prognosis?

    Anybody know the story with weekday evenings going forward? I feel like they end that a week early but I don't remember for sure. Would love to get a couple more night sessions in, and thinking about possible bringing my kids up one night too. Have a buddy pass and the 4th grader card so it wouldn't cost me a dime to do so.
  4. I just stumbled across this video of Daron Rahlves skiing High Somewhere to Hidden Chute at Taos last Tuesday. Would have been cool to cross paths him that day. I must have been close because its a small mountain we were all over West Basin and we skied that same run (except I stayed off that spine in order not to risk death).
  5. NMSKI

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    Does this mean that spanakopita is back in play?
  6. NMSKI

    Blue Mountain Season Pass 19/20

    All that limited quantity talk had me worried, so I punched it.
  7. NMSKI

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    I like when they have bumps on razors!
  8. NMSKI

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    I’ll bring beer, some cookies, tighty whities, outrageous dance moves and my million dollar smile. And of course anything else that we need, just let me know.
  9. NMSKI

    Zee Lights

    I've had that too!
  10. NMSKI

    2019 Season Ending Party - 3/17

    Lorena Bobbitt is bringing sliced PP.
  11. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    It was in the men’s room, but my wife said they had the same one in the ladies room too!
  12. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    Cantero Brewing. Went to La Cumbre before.
  13. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    Taking a dump at a brewery and they have this sign.
  14. NMSKI

    the pics from today thread

    My kids spotted this rock that looks like a giant ass when we were riding up the Sandia Peak tram.
  15. Gatorades from the loaf and jug is my move. Slam a big one first thing in the AM.