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  1. The first year I bought my IKON pass I did exactly as you are describing and I hit Sugarbush and Stratton on spring access. Pretty sure Killington has spring access as well. I plan to celebrate the resurrection Jesus Christ again this year by skiing my ass off.
  2. Big news today. It's not April 1, so I guess this is for real. https://www.stormskiing.com/p/ikon-pass-adds-camelback-and-blue
  3. Yep, we will go back to Taos the following year but trying to expose the kids to a few other areas.
  4. Booked a trip to Utah in late February. All four of us have IKON passes so we'll hit 4 or 5 different resorts. Need some new intuition liners for the boots. Gonna roll with the same skis, but I'm going to get some new pivots to replace some bindings I don't like on one pair. Won't be long now!
  5. There's a whole culture of trash pickers that emerge from the darkness the night before bulk trash pickup. I'll put stuff out on Thursday night in preparation for bulk trash on Friday and it's usually gone by the morning.
  6. Great weekend. Gotta close out my season like this every year!
  7. Nice soft bumps off and under north lynx were the flavor of the day. Can’t complain about anything when it’s nice and sunny. The brewskis in VT are always on point. Had to make a stop at lawsons for a little apres and we even saw some long lost PASR family members there.
  8. Was a fun day indeed. Covered quite a bit of ground and things were way softer than I expected.
  9. Bones are for dogs, meat is for men.
  10. Since the season at Blue is over decided to use our ikon passes and head up to VT with my son for the weekend. Forecast was looking rough but I’d rather ski in shitty weather than look at it out the window. Was sprinkling off and on during the morning but not bad enough to need our ponchos. It has snowed 4-7” overnight but then turned to rain so the fresh snow was heavy but there was a lot of untracked pow, especially in the trees . Skied mostly tree runs all day since they were such a a blast. Got WARM this afternoon when the sun came out and was classic spring skiing. Might have gotten a tan even. Run of the day was “sap line trees”, just a fun flowy shot through the trees off of the gate house lift. My son is a terrible influence on me. He eggs me on to do jumps and daring things and of course I do it. I think we’ll ski Killington tomorrow, maybe Pico.
  11. They need one of those magnetic police lights to throw on the top if they want to clear a path through traffic.
  12. They are building one in KOP. I had been wondering what the hell the giant poles were and then I saw a sign. Its right where I get off the turnpike when I'm driving home from Blue. Every time I've ever been to one its way too bro-ey and bachelor party type vibe. Only been in PHX and ABQ though.
  13. What's the story on the 1 run at MRG?
  14. Glad you mentioned this. Just bought mine yesterday and I'm always super anxious about the gate not opening.
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