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  1. No, I believe she is on vacation in Europe with my aunt right now.
  2. I’m not worried. A lot of families are back in the travel sports thing after a year off, and full capacity lifts are everything. Maybe wishful thinking on my part.
  3. Hug for sure, just not too snuggly at first.
  4. My out west goggles saved my ass no doubt, but I had to make sure they were always charged and it was one more thing to worry about.
  5. I wonder if a lot of these places will start to use Clear. I got a text from rite aid to set it up for quick entry to concerts and ballgames and was considering doing it but wanted to look into it more first.
  6. Vails rules seem totally reasonable. Glad about the no mask outside thing. Last season was foggy goggle city for me.
  7. I drove past the Flying Pig in MALVERN on my way to work this morning!
  8. Nice option to have the rv. I slept in the guest room for one night and then said fuck it since I was already exposed before anyway.
  9. The kids recovered fine. My son (who has asthma and all kinds of other shit) never even felt sick. Daughter who was in between her 2 shots felt shitty for 2 days. My wife who was fully vaccinated (although early on) was the sickest of everyone and she's negative now but still coughing and shit and taste and smell coming back. She feels all right. Somehow I dodged it at home. On Monday I got a call from my jiu jitsu school that someone I trained very closely with had covid symptoms, but I'm still feeling good now so I guess I ducked it again. I still wear a mask where required for the safety of others but I'm fully accepting of the risk to myself at this point.
  10. This is crazy! Would have been nice if we nipped it in the bud when we had the chance, but I guess if you haven't had it you're gonna get it. Vaccination will keep you from dying, but won't keep you from getting it. Might as well do what our parents did when we were kids with chicken pox and get it over with already.
  11. Got it. Like when my wife get's "reverse mad" at me when I'm mad for something she did and then she's mad because I'm mad. Then I get mad because she's "reverse mad".
  12. I'm glad they are changing the name, I found Coming Soon offensive.
  13. You reminded me of the Simpsons monster truck rally episode.
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