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  1. All the flights I'm looking at are still going up! Glad things are looking good for you though!
  2. If I were a potential bidder, the last couple years of uncertainty regarding traveling across the US/Canada border would make me nervous about buying Jay. Gotta figure that a good portion of their visits come from Canada.
  3. Don't be so sure! I don't know about all this flying business...
  4. Haha, no I like Salty, but it was just too time consuming to go through all the posts. If I didn't enjoy your sense of humor I would ignore you too (no offense), but I get some giggles as I'm sorting through the noise.
  5. If you put him on ignore, you don't even have to think or know what is going on in his head! Plus you save about 30 minutes each day not having to scroll past.
  6. I got an email with the coupon code on Tuesday. I also got another email from "marketing" telling me that I got an email with the gift card.
  7. Can you use the newly received $50 gift card on the chairs?
  8. After working in the yard all weekend I'm done with summer. We grilled burgers last night and I even ate inside.
  9. Well my work productivity just went in the shitter for the foreseeable future.
  10. When the cabin’s a rockin don’t come knockin!
  11. I'm sure this has been posted but I was too lazy to check. Enjoyed it very much. So sick when he goes through the little ice cave.
  12. Someone with a pickup should mount this in the cab and turn it into a "Brat".
  13. I saw this tweet yesterday that blue was up and running and wondered what the wait was for on red.
  14. When I saw “speaking of tables” I thought you were going somewhere else with the topic.
  15. I can't tell what I'm looking at so well, but is midway and chute one wide run now?
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