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  1. Our NJ schools haven’t closed for the rest of the year yet but it’s coming. They’ve been out for just about 4 weeks now and were due to go back the week after next. That’s not happening. My girls have online instruction for a few hours in the morning and assignments in the afternoon. My oldest loves school and isn’t happy missing it. They are both bummed about not seeing their friends and missing softball.
  2. Mt Laurel. Like i said it wasn’t bad today but this weekend could be no fun. I normally try to get our shopping in early anyway. I’m going to look at their curbside pickup for next weekend. Will probably need to put that order in by Monday.
  3. Wegmans by me in SJ started limiting store access yesterday. You line up outside and when one comes out one can go in. Got over there this morning to do our weekly shopping and it wasn’t bad. Actually nice in a way with no crowds inside. While I was waiting outside I took a swig of water and had some go down the wrong pipe. That resulted in a coughing fit that I’m sure scared the shit out of everyone around me. [emoji83] If you have Netflix check out pandemic. It was filmed last yearly and is frightening how it predicts what we are go through now and how we’ve screwed up by ignoring the signs.
  4. I remember always wanting to poach runs on my flexible flyer but go stuck with the local golf course and dodging cars on our streets.
  5. Thats it. I grew up in that area and I can’t recall ever seeing anyone on it. We got measurable snow in Philly maybe once or twice a year. The lifts were still there. Apparently still going as of a few years ago. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/local/skiing-the-slopes-in-conshohocken/74155/
  6. I drove by one in Conshohocken the other week. Totally forget it was even there. Think it was a private club. I’ll try to get a pic whenever I get back by there.
  7. What I read is that it is 1200 for a single filer and 2400 for joint plus an extra 500 per kid up to 1000. The phase out is from 75k to the cap of 99k for single and 150 to 198k for joint reduced by $100 for every $5 of income over. That’s based on your adjusted 2018 income. It will certainly help some folks short term. Bigger aid is the extra 600 per week that the feds will kick in for unemployment for up tom4 months plus the tax incentive given to companies to not lay off staff. Devil is in the details though so I’ll be curious about them.
  8. If you can work from home you should be fine. This is aimed at keeping people from gathering not shutting down the economy entirely although the effect might not be far off.
  9. A lot of companies do that. Just look at the deals cable and cell phone companies offer new customers to bring them in. Not saying it’s right. Glad I bought mine last night.
  10. I got an email about the 399 deal a week or two ago and I think it referenced that I had bought a 3 pack for my daughter. Received another email today regarding the offer but it didn’t have any stipulations with it. Might as well pay up now.
  11. Bummer finally was going to be able to take off some time off mid week to ski
  12. Hmm was debating whether my girls to Blue tomorrow or Sunday. Been raining most of the day right?
  13. I’m pretty sure I got a sunburn yesterday riding the quad from the reflection coming off Razors.
  14. That’s switchback. Had a couple of good runs on it this morning. Hit it around noon and man it told me it was time to sharpen my edges. Took one last run on it around 3. Couple of people on it that definitely shouldn’t have been. Watched a kid on the last bend completely out of control go off into the woods. Was pretty impressed how far he got riding the dirt. Luckily he came out unscathed.
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