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  1. My neighbor two doors down has one of those generators that sounds like a diesel truck. He probably can’t hear it because his windows are closed running his AC. I had our widows opened to deal with the heat and it kept me up until about 2 when thankfully our our power came back on and we could fire up the AC. For the first ten years at this house we rarely had issues with our power going out. Maybe an hour or so every other year including during Sandy when it just flickered. The past year we’ve had two outages that have lasted several days and it has me thinking about investing in a generator.
  2. Yep we’re in that same boat in SJ. Power not scheduled to come back until Saturday. There are power company trucks from all over here so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  3. I walk my dog several miles a night and have yet to see anyone wearing a mask. Plenty of people walking but we can just give each other a wide berth. Stores are a different story... everyone in masks and many wearing gloves. Every saw a woman with a face shield on at Wegmans last week. I just wear a buff.
  4. Took my girls to the softball field for a few hours, then took the dog for a walk and swim, and jumped in our pool with my youngest... not quiet swimming weather yet!
  5. Been wanting to take my kids up there camping for a while. Things settle down here in a few weeks we may need to make the run.
  6. I’m independent and have probably voted republican as much as democratic in my life but how people continued to rationalize this guys dribble is unbelievable. They will though. My wife watching the conference on her phone last night and when I overheard it I assume it was an SNL skit.
  7. Don’t forget the light.. you know inside the body.
  8. Problem solved... just vape some Lysol while laying in a tanning bed. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-suggests-injection-disinfectant-beat-coronavirus-clean-lungs-n1191216
  9. mikes781

    Boot Fitters

    Ended up seeing Billy Kaplan’s name mentioned in a few locations and had a nice long talk with him this morning. Going to set up an assessment with him later this summer assuming we get out of this virus situation.
  10. mikes781

    Boot Fitters

    Thanks for sure can’t get anything done in the near future. I did get a costume footbed done from The Boot Pro in Ludlow, VT two years ago and it helped stabilize things. I have one foot is a little larger than the other and was sized based off of it. Probably should have gone with what fit the smaller foot and had the boot for the other one punched out. They aren’t too far off each other but I’m starting to notice a little movement with less than 30 days in them.
  11. mikes781

    Boot Fitters

    Anyone have a boot fitter that they like in the area? My boots are starting to have a little play in the heel and I’d like to have my alignment checked.
  12. mikes781

    Mounting Bindings

    Thanks they are Stockli Stormriders with head attack 2 13 gw bindings. I was going to pick up the correct size stepped bit, 4.1 x 9 mm, center punch, and a tap for the metal topsheet. I have a good set of digital calipers to mark out the centerline and a drill press. I did find the correct paper template and was able to print it to scale. Doesn’t seem like you can just but a jig? I’ve came up empty in my search for one unless I want to spring for one of those jigarex’s and plate.
  13. mikes781

    Mounting Bindings

    Anyone mount their own bindings? Picked up a new pair of skis this week and was interested in learning to do it myself. Been reading a up on TGR and a few other places. I’m fairly handy and it seems pretty straight forward with proper tools, patience and care. Measure, measure again and measure again before drilling. That being said I don’t want to f up a brand new pair of skis. Am I underestimating the difficulty?
  14. Went food shopping this morning and was surprised at the number of older people who were out and about. I’m sure some don’t have family close by that can shop for them but I would have thought they were the minority. My in-laws were still running errands a week ago and my father-in-law had just gotten out of the hospital after being in for 3 weeks and dropping to 105 pounds with some serious health issues. [emoji20] Thankfully they got them straightened out and are staying home now.
  15. Our NJ schools haven’t closed for the rest of the year yet but it’s coming. They’ve been out for just about 4 weeks now and were due to go back the week after next. That’s not happening. My girls have online instruction for a few hours in the morning and assignments in the afternoon. My oldest loves school and isn’t happy missing it. They are both bummed about not seeing their friends and missing softball.
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