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  1. Was in the keys last week. Got to the Miami airport Saturday night ready to change in to long pants and shorts for the flight home. Took a look at the forecast back in Philly and decided to just stay in a tee shirt, shorts and sandals lol. Mid January [emoji2957]
  2. SW wind in central NJ will cause an upwelling and dirty the water. NW or light NE will bring that clear water. Really need light NE to get the temps up this time of year.
  3. Just got back a little while ago. Had a great day with my kids and a couple of their friends. Spent most of the day looping Main Street and Paradise. Did one run down lazy and it was meh. Surprised to find no crowds at all until around noon. Ready for a few more runs to be opened up.
  4. Liberal counting of nine open now. 7 more tomorrow? Challenger, falls, paradise, home stretch, lower sidewinder, bruma and shuttle?
  5. Vallet parking, nice spread of food, fridge full of beer and seats on the 50. Going to be hard to go back up top after that lol. Buddy’s wife hooked me up big time.
  6. This was a different way to watch a game than I’m used to.
  7. I got a couple hours in this morning and just about everyone I rode the lift with mentioned how bad lower main was yesterday. I had a great time lapping main and lazy while trying to avoid the racing program herds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Was thinking about taking my girls Sunday morning if it was still 40. Not going to spend 70 for them to lap vista and Lazy Mile. I do have 4th/5th grade pass for one and a 3 pack for the other but I’m not sure if it’s worth burning them. Looks like I’ll be solo.
  9. Hopefully they have the both Burma and Main Street lifts running.
  10. Looks like the started on tuts and lazy mile this morning.
  11. I coach both my daughters travels softball teams and we go from March into November with a few weeks off in August. January and February has some indoor training that can be skipped. It’s killed all of my fishing time but I only have a few years of it. I’ll enjoy it while I can. Last year they both talked about doing basketball over then winter and I told them it was either that or skiing. Thankfully they chose to ski.
  12. Are they blowing on Upper Main also? Looks like it from the cams.
  13. I’m going to do my best to get out this weekend. Softball season just ended yesterday and I’ve got a long list of things to get caught up on this weekend including closing my pool .
  14. Guns are blowing on Main Street.
  15. I think I’m going to set my alarm just to see if the lights turn off in the morning. Very exciting lol.
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