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  1. I’m going to do my best to get out this weekend. Softball season just ended yesterday and I’ve got a long list of things to get caught up on this weekend including closing my pool .
  2. Guns are blowing on Main Street.
  3. I think I’m going to set my alarm just to see if the lights turn off in the morning. Very exciting lol.
  4. I am Blue pass holder and have zero interest in JF/BB or getting an Epic pass because of it. If it had been Blue that they purchased it would have been a no brainer.
  5. I did both my AC and furnace at the same time a few years ago and I want to say that it was in the neighborhood of 10k with a few add ons and higher efficiency units.
  6. I’ve been thinking about getting one but have always been skeptical that they actually work. I opened my pool a month ago and up until last week it was in the 60s. Didn’t stop my girls from jumping in. Sunday it was in the low 70s and felt good after doing yard work most of the day. Are they much trouble getting on and off? We’re in it just about every night after practice during the summer.
  7. Florida certainly does win the award when it comes to batshit crazy but it’s hard to beat their fishing.
  8. Thanks no Vail if that is how it actually plays out...
  9. Excuse my ignorance but who/what is jaindl?
  10. I love me some tarpon! One of my favorite fish to catch.
  11. Yep I used to burn the midnight oil chasing fish when my girls were little but now they’re both playing travel softball and I help coach both teams. Bye bye free time March through November. All good pretty soon I won’t have this time with them and I still sneak out once in a while. Even got to ski on this trip in December
  12. Used to fish those back bays a lot during the day running from bridge to bridge and in my yak. That of course was before kids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Fishing the Delaware or did you head for the salt?
  14. There is always Spring Mountain or maybe resurrect Belle.
  15. I did look to see what Vail did with Okemo pass holders when the bought it last year and they did offer an upgrade option. https://www.epicpass.com/info/new-epic-resorts-faqs.aspx
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